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Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Daniel Craig &  Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Check out these new pics of Hollywood hunks Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in Keith Huff‘s Broadway play, Steady Rain (as captured by‘s Joan Marcus) .

A Steady Rain is a two-man play about two Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they become involved in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood. The play opens officially on Tuesday night at NYC’s Schoenfeld Theatre.

FYI: Hugh has been sporting a fake forearm tattoo for his role as Denny in Steady Rain.

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hugh jackman daniel craig steady rain stills 01
hugh jackman daniel craig steady rain stills 02
hugh jackman daniel craig steady rain stills 03

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  • Getty and Gonkin GOnk

    It really is impossible to see the so-called ‘smile’ that was mentioned above.. Perhaps there is something caught in her teeth and she can’t remove it without sticking her entire hand in her mouth. ew.

  • to 201

    There are two lovely pictures of satsuki on getty by herself.

  • dress not flattering

    The dress is pretty and unique, but maybe not the right style for her. Originally I thought I liked the dress on her but on second thought, there seems to be folds and bunches of fabric in all of the wrong places.
    It could be that it does not fit her properly, but the dress does not look right on her. If she stood up straighter and did not hunch over, it may look better but it seems the dress is folding and bunching up around her hips.
    It does not look like she is comfortable wearing it.
    Maybe if she wore a pair of Spanx hose, the dress would possibly lie flatter and have a smoother look.

  • to 202

    @to 201:
    Maybe from a few years ago, but all of last night’s Broadway Steady Rain Getty pictures are with the group or with Daniel, and there are no pictures by herself (from the Getty link posted above).

  • to 204
  • Steph march looks pretty

    Stephanie March looks very pretty. And there was a whole article written recently (I think it is on the omg! site) on Ellen Barkin being a ‘cougar”! LOL! Ha ha It is obvious why Ellen Barkin went to the Steady Rain opening tonight!

  • DEb and Sats

    Looks like Deb is holding Sats’ hand in one of the photos coming out the door. The must have bonded over this time together

  • LOL

    You think Sats and Hugh got it on? LOL

  • stella

    Satsuki looks lovely but a bit washed out, i think she needed to wear a bit darker lipstick to give her an injection of colour.

  • leo

    deborrah has to wear this platoes for medical issues she has a back problem so she needs the platoes to stand straight, my teacher wears this shoes also it’s often for older woman
    I’m sure dan told sats not to dress up just normal that’s why she looks so pissed but this dress is not even a normal nice dress-what is this?! well she is no celebrity and she was to often on the red carpet- no highlight anymore for me- but how tim craig said she wants to be in the cage dan not..

  • crazy legs



  • crazy legs



  • Guinness

    Holy crap! My computer at work crashed…I found someone else’s….Whomever is posting all the pics—thank you thank you thank you.
    1. Jeff Goldbloom will always be close to my heart.
    B. who is “stephanie” and why is she always at the play.
    C. Seinfeld finally seeing Dan in his medium instead of being accosted at the bar by him and his lurking gf.
    3. Are certain celebs “invited” or reminded or asked to come by the talent agencies to view them for future projects?
    D. Did anyone’s phone go off?
    4. Sorry, naysayers….Sats looks fantastic in that dress and I love her hair…loathe that she is NOT happy and all over the sexiest man there. what crack is she smokin not to be touching him in loving ways…she doesn’t need to be preverted, just touch his hand, his back, talk to him with a smile, make a silent joke with him…Dan does it with HUGH in the one photo…so cute!
    F. There is something not right between the two…frustrating….
    G. moving on…. James Lipton!! Dan has to go on his show!! His friend is there…some day.
    5. Laura is Dan’s personal assistant, and if I were her, I would be taking a fricken vacation from him and his lifestyle while he is on broadway. Laura has been with him since Heike–she is in pics since then.
    H. um. Mendel…I am loving this, I hope you get to see this… I have lots of photos to doctor…coming right up. but I can’t figure out what to say. It will come to me.
    In conclusion, Dan looks fricken spectacular-He loooks MARVELOUSLY Delicious. The man can wear a suit. and is Hugh wearing makeup.

    Mornings stink. ~g

  • dan’s the man


    My computer crashed at home. So relieved to get up and running again – have been like a mad woman, going frantic.
    Some mixed reviews abouth the play itself but all positive about Dan.

    Check out press conference vid on broadway buzz. Dan is relaxed and looks real cool. Sorry unable to link it, computer won’t let me.

  • Guinness

    I love this pic. Can’t get anything on it with somone else’s computer.

  • Guinness-told ya again
  • Guinness-impatient

    told ya so, told ya!! amazing. no one will do it after them, no one did before them. I was a part of history–as welll as anyone else. Good for you Dan, you will be taken seriously by those who matter. Congratulations. I hope your soul is just as well.

  • Guinness-agreed

    Hugh is ok, but Dan “is” his character. This is a good explanation of my thoughts…
    “Ben Brantley of the New York Times was more modest in his praise: “Mr. Jackman often seems to be presenting his character more than inhabiting it. He is an incorrigibly likable entertainer, naturally at home M.C.-ing the Oscars or starring in musicals. Here his polished charm and clean, expansive gestures keep us from ever recoiling from Denny, no matter how destructively he behaves. Mr. Craig creates a more complete portrait as Joey, who emerges as a constant worrier, born with a sense of guilt and a fear of offending. Playing small, drawing in on himself as if hoping to become invisible, Mr. Craig’s Joey still registers large and lucid. And it’s amusing to watch him and Mr. Jackman as carefully contrasted, yin-and-yang studies in body language.”

  • dan’s the man

    Guinness, have you checked the press conference vid yet on broadway buzz. You will love it!

  • Guinness-cant find it!

    I am stupid. cant find it DTM!!, then what?

  • Guinness
  • dan’s the man

    Thats it , just scroll down to where it says press conference and press read more. you will find it.

  • Guinness-thank you

    Ahhh! I am borrowing a computer without any software–idiots here!! BUT I found one….and it was awesome that they put it over the internet as an untraditional interview…it was wonderful to see Daniel in motion and his British accent again. It was great that they included the director and the writer…. little props, big acting. He is always “in character”. the graphics behind them still don’ t need to be there… whtevr. thank you!! great find DTM!!!! ~g

  • dan’s the man

    @Guinness-thank you:
    Glad you found it!

  • Guinness-new thread
  • to Guinness

    Sats looks fantastic in that dress and I love her hair

    yes the dress itself is fantastic but it is the wrong color for satsuki; her hair though is great. but why does she look so darn unhappy. another poster has noticed the distance between both satsuki and daniel; wonder why it is. one of my friends, who admittedly is a conspiracy nut, thinks that it’s because satsuki has been hidden away from the press all this time and, to top it off, is still not married to daniel. as i said my friend is a conspiracy nut; she thinks there’s a hidden agenda behind everything and everyone.

  • Daniel is hot

    Hi, just got in from NYC and am dead tired. I can only say : Dan was marvelous, great, sexy, cute and wonderful. I am in a daze from seeing him and I got some great pictures of him. Will say more later. By the way #183 Laura did not get the boot, I saw her. She came in a taxi and gave the theatre doorman a large duffel bag and took off back in the taxi. The doorman knew she was coming, as he came out as soon as the taxi arrived and she say something like “I was hopping you were coming to help me” in her nice British accent, and left. More later, have to go to bed and dream of Daniel.

  • to 226

    she thinks there’s a hidden agenda behind everything and everyone.


    Your post strikes me as you believing there IS something going on, nice reverse psychology there.

    You know if enough people think he same thing, then it must be true.