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Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Daniel Craig &  Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!

Check out these new pics of Hollywood hunks Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in Keith Huff’s Broadway play, Steady Rain (as captured by‘s Joan Marcus) .

A Steady Rain is a two-man play about two Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they become involved in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood. The play opens officially on Tuesday night at NYC’s Schoenfeld Theatre.

FYI: Hugh has been sporting a fake forearm tattoo for his role as Denny in Steady Rain.

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228 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: New 'Steady Rain' Stills!”

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  1. 151
    DC Girl Says:

    My tickets just came in the mail today. Not the best seats. Row J, center mezzanine nd I had to pay more for them since I went through middlemen. Oh well. Loking forward to it. Can nyone recommend nice reasonbly priced hotel in NYC this clean? You know – no bed bugs clean bathrooms nd linens please…
    There will be four of us gals traveling up there in October and it’s been awhile since I’ve been up to the city. My sister-in-law is looking at a loft in Soho that is being rented for $500 night. Not sure it will work out though. Any suggestions Guinness or any one else that has traveled there recently?

  2. 152
    video snippet Says:

    The guy has recorded the complete show, TMZ only showed the little snippet.
    I know it, because the guy was sitting two rows in front of me, well at least I think it was that guy, because the perspective was the same and it was the same evening.

  3. 153
    DC Girl Says:

    Damn. The a on my keyboard is not working. Sorry for typos. I really must replace this board.

  4. 154
    @150 Says:

    I doubt they would do this and that won´t save the day for him, if indeed the critics give DC a slight advatage in the acting department. Hugh is the showman, the entertainer – nothing Daniel could pull off ever – but he is the ACTOR and the stage is home turf for him, wherever in the wolrd that stage may be.

    Lets wish them both the best for tonight and maybe concentrate on the reviews more than on the gf.

  5. 155
    Mexico Says:

    Guinness, you know about Mexico? I plan to go there next spring and am open to where to go. Any suggestions?

  6. 156
    Guinness-opening NIGHT! Says:

    good luck guys!! I am sure you have a plan for the disruption…be as suave as you have been, and people will cheer. Taser the fruits with the phones….or ignore them…or somehow ignore them…or just look at them and don’t do any talking to them -just get silent-that will shock everyone. that is how they get their jollies! don’t acknowledge them. And for those of you who haven’t been in the venue…it is really dead quiet except for those on stage. It is really intensely quiet and to have an interruption as a cell phone is just plain stupid because we are told 5-6 times upon entering to the curtain pulled up to turn them off. so for all you naysayers…that is why there is such a big deal when idiots acting like adults don’t folllow social rules!! ahhhhh Oh, great, now i am writting to them….woooo hooo! well, Dan–getting closer to Tony. I will be proud of you if that makes any sense!!

    what news is out there today about the opening?

    anyone want to see the fall foliage up here? i got some great ones…like from a magazine! and maybe they can use them when they do the movie for Dan who is supposed to be living here but the movie will be shot in CANADA!!!

    be back~G

    Mexico? don’t go to any city or town that is guarded by a check point!! Or get into a taxi, or look like you have money, or walk. Maybe Puerto Rico?? they need our money……..

  7. 157
    Guinness-dc gurl Says:

    Congratulations! I am excited for you….and if one of those tix don’t get used, let me know, I will be down in 8 hours!!! As fo your seats….perfect….you will know what I mean after the show(actually, any seat in that theate is great). And go back to the thread where I gave ideas out on how to get pics after the show. DIH is seeing the oct 1 show, so come back sat or sund to read her review!! good for you.

  8. 158
    DC Girl Says:

    Thanks Guinness. I’m really looking forward to it. My sister is the Hugh fan, while I’m all bout Dan. Just wish I could be close to see those baby blues, but at least I’ll be able to see him walk around the stage. Mybe I should bring some opera glasses ,huh? Any hotel recommendations?

    Enjoy the Fall foilage. I used to live in Vermont and this time of year is breathtaking. If you get a chance, take photo of it and post it here. If you can stick poicture of Daniel in it. Ha!f (I could never do that, not that capable with computers…)

    Wouldn’t it be lovely taking a stroll with Daniel in the autumn woods? Pulling the leaves out of his hair. Mmmmmmmm….
    A blanket and picnic lunch.

  9. 159
    b.s. Says:

    Strange how the cell phone incident was just before opening night. What better publicity as now it’s all over the international news as well.

    Couldn’t buy better PR than this (two actors staying in character) and then Hugh turns up pumpkin patching with his kids. The press were waiting for him in NY to leave and then they were at the pumpkin patch in Connecticut when he arrived.

    Two things here: His Wolverine DVD needs plugging and after the cell phone problem, they need him to appear smiling and not grumpy.
    Glad to see Daniel not taking part in such charades (this time) although we will see he and Satsuki doing their forced bit tonight.

    Not too sure who are the biggest fools here, them or the public for falling for such crap. BTW, how was all of this filmed when filming is banned in the theater?

    Little too convenient.

    Bottom line: all about the big $$$$$$$$$$.

  10. 160
    Guinness-not good news MGM Says:

    If mgm doesn’t file bankruptcy, it will just be delaying the enevitable….and getting further into debt 2 years down the road. And the credit companies should be stopped from doing this just like in the public domain…that is why the economy is crap!! Why is this not being seen? if I were a bondholder I would get my money and invest in books–Dan Brown’s new book is really good so far.

  11. 161
    filming banned??? Says:

    LOL, how naive are you? I have been at three shows until now and there have been several people filming at least little snippets with their nice little Busbi cams of whatever they use. They dont’ search your bags when you enter the venue, so it’s not that complicated. Only thing is to make sure that your display is not illuminated.

  12. 162
    Guinness-conspiracy Says:

    #159…. umm, it was a cell phone that was filming…and they allow that in the theater…and did you see the reaction of Hugh? i dont think it was a PR stunt for them. well, if you read you already know my opinion about the matter. And Hugh being followed on a private trip with his family for PR?? AND the play being sold out doesn’t need any more publicity so that doesnt make sense. and i am NOT looking forward to seeing the happy couple either….great.

  13. 163
    Guinness Says:

    these guys have climbed the chart quicker than Billy and Wicked and have grossed more than them in as little as 2 and half weeks? Yikes. hhmmm, how many weeks can they stay on top?

  14. 164
    Darja Says:

    Oh, PR, yeah, sure. Hugh and Daniel are professionals and the play is practically sold out. It doesn´t need any publicity. The fact that this video is floating around net just shows how media approach differentla to certain things. When is it good for them (have a story), they don´t care.

  15. 165
    mendel Says:

    Filming is banned in theatres, same as taking pictures, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing it. But like Guinness I also don’t think it was a PR stunt for the actors, but whoever did it was hoping to make a few bucks, and seems to have succeeded – it is all over the news.

    A Steady Rain is already getting really good reviews, here is one from Good Day NY:

  16. 166
    mendel Says:

    And here’s a good article on the problem of mobile phone interruptions from the Guardian:

  17. 167
    Mad Gina Says:

    I found perfect term for Daniel’s an ugly s l u t : “maschia”.
    Italians say this word and that means: woman with masculine behavior.
    Satsuki has raising tits and there is somebody who believes that making love to a woman without breasts is like riding a bicycle with no handlebars. She is hideous clump of warts.
    I showed to my cousins plenty of pics of Satsuki on Saturday and they said at every pic this: “ugh…. ugh….. ugh….. ugh…..ugh…..ugh….. how can HE live with her? How can he be with her?”

    By the way, when I look at new pics so I see Daniel is a macher. I love his finger raised into the air, he does it like a boss and he looks like a chef cookman. I read he does Bikram yoga with Satsuki, hey I tell you that’s her idea!!!!! Most Aries does bikram yoga! At the beginning I was surprised that many Aries does the same – bikram yoga, it has to do something with their mind to do any sport or rather yoga is good for their nerves and calm their jealousy than to find a rest and peace. Satsuki don’t work, she is not busy so she don’t need yoga. really she needs to calm her nerves because other women are determined to steal Daniel..oooh. I bet no yoga helps her to keep Daniel to her and if there moves some woman around Daniel so she forgets for that yoga.

  18. 168
    re; 167 Says:

    I read he does Bikram yoga with Satsuki


    Care to share that article?
    If it’s real that is.

  19. 169
    happy gonk with dan Says:

    wonky gonky in venice

  20. 170
    Nails Says:

    @happy gonk with dan:

    I noticed she always always has red nails.

  21. 171
    re: 170 Says:

    I noticed she always always has red nails.


    Does that mean anything? Red means fire, passion, temper? I don’t know about nail color.

    I’ll be honest, some people have open faces, some people don’t.
    She has one of these faces that looks very shifty and conniving.

  22. 172
    Guinness Says:

    thx Mendel. for the article and your infinite wisdom :). I want to see wolverine or j. bond give the stare down instead of reacting and giving the “miscreatant” his jollies of getting recognized during the play. It will happen again so be ready and hopefully no chairs are tipped or thrown (no props to really go wrong)…and to see Poirot eyeing me down would give me the nillies! I watched every Suchet episode—he is Poirot. Brilliant, I would die to see him on stage.

    whoa, Dan is onstage as I type for his opening. He is already a Broadway star. I hope he returns….it is where he really belongs and lives. Photos! Photos! I envy those in Schoenfeld……

  23. 173
    re: 172 Says:

    whoa, Dan is onstage as I type for his opening.


    So where are the pictures on the carpet with Satsuki? Surely there would be some. There are none on Rex, Getty or Wenn.

  24. 174
    Bashir Says:


    yes, and Craig is neither good looking, nor is he James Bond. There is no blond Bond!

  25. 175
    re: 174 Says:

    yes, and Craig is neither good looking, nor is he James Bond. There is no blond Bond!

    Well no, but he did a good job in CR. QoS, on the other hand, was atrocious.

    If he didn’t return as Bond, I wouldn’t be that upset frankly.
    Gone off the man for many reasons since his heady climb to international fame.

    Lone gone is the “common” man of earlier works and appearances.

    Pity what fame does to a person.

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