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Kate Gosselin & Johnny Weir: Stars, Stripes and Skates!

Kate Gosselin & Johnny Weir: Stars, Stripes and Skates!

Kate Gosselin and figure-skating champ Johnny Weir strike fierce poses together before the start of the 8th annual Stars, Stripes and Skates event on Saturday (September 26) at the Danbury Ice Arena in Connecticut.

The night benefited The Heritage Foundation of 9/11, which is an organization that teachers America’s youngsters the values of patriotism heroism and volunteering.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin and Johnny Weir with their Stars, Stripes and Skates…

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kate gosselin stars stripes skates 08
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Photos: Douglas Healey/Getty
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  • Kasey

    kate looks so out of place with people like these. They have talent. Kate G is a loser.

  • Auntie Belle

    Kate; please go spend some quality time with your children. No cameras, no nanny, no baby sitter; just you spending time with your children. Do it for the children.

  • anon

    Kate defrauded Christians to get rich.

  • Meggy

    Kate Gosselin goes and spends time doing a benefit for other peoples kids and leaves her own suffering at home, with nannies. Her poor choices and insensitivity to her own kids is destroyig them while she fulfills some narcissistic fantasy of being famous. She is a disgrace to parenting and the human race in general.

  • Tina

    She has no sense of style My mother has more style than her and she’s 55.

  • Tina

    She does everything for attention.

  • Tina

    @Meggy: I agree with you all the way.

  • M

    She seriously needs a stylist. If she has one, they need to be fired. She’s not a person who can can wear short dresses. Her legs are too stocky. I agree, she needs to get her rear end home and raise her kids and stay out from in front of a camera.

  • boo

    Ewwww! Why does JJ like this troll??????

  • ughhh

    Cankles on Ice

  • Rhonda

    Heard the ratings for J&K are in the tank and that Kate did film a talk show pilot with Paula Deen. So she’s looking hard for a new job. Can’t believe Paula Deen is that hard up for another show. Paula will be the loser, you watch.

  • nikomilinko
  • Linda

    Patriotism, Heroism, Volunteering
    Kate DO NOT go together
    is there a scammers convention somewhere?

  • andrea

    Does anybody else besides me find it ironic that people come on here and say that Kate is harming her kids by not being home with them, and saying other nasty things about the family – and not realizing that THEY are doing horrible damage to the kids by coming online and being so negative?
    Any permanent damage done to these children will probably be from all the morons who take pleasure in going on the internet and talking trash about this family.
    Guess what folks? It’s not your call to fix the Gosselins! Here’s a new idea, forget about them and spend the time with your own (probably neglected) families.

  • Rhonda


    you think those kids are reading just jared? you think they gotta go on just jared to know how much they don’t like her? the mommy dearest books are gonna be huge!

  • maria

    @andrea: Kate is the one that has done her kids harm by exploiting them. Don’t blame the people that post comments on here.
    Kate needs to cover her fat legs. They look like they are getting bigger. Why isn’t Kate spending the time with her “multiple ble$$ings,” instead of trying to get more attention on the road. Kate is just turning into one BIG loser.

  • Jackman2369

    Great comments, Maria…but may I say Khate turned into a loser after the 1st season of their “pimp my kids 4 profit” show…along with her husband, of course! She made a complete ASS out of herself on the view. Whoopee looked like she wanted to crack her upside the head.
    Disappointed in Paula Dean fort aking on this no-talent, control freak PYSCHO! GO HOME 2 the big mansion that’s ‘ALL YOURS” MS. GOSSELIN!

  • anon

    Looks like Kate’s PR team are trying to raise and sell a different image from the how in order to sell the new talk show. Good luck…I still wont buy into this charade.

  • anon

    Re#18…ignore the typo..meant so say different image from the J and K show.

  • anon

    @andrea: News flash this is a celeb tabloid gossip site where the goal is to create buzz and marketing for celebs and whatever they happen to be selling. Kate chose to make her private life public a long time ago and has chosen to continue on that path and the consequences good and bad that go with it. Im sure is well aware of this. IF she does succeed with her new show and raises her celeb status her exposure will also increase. If the comments on sites like this bother you, YOU can also choose to change the channel so to speak and ignore them. Just saying.

  • andrea

    If any of you people think that the Gosselin kids aren’t already or won’t soon be Googling their names to see what people are saying – you are delusional.
    What possible good can it do to bash the family over and over online, and to create the hate blogs?
    Anybody who says anything negative about the Gosselins is just adding to the problems that the kids might have in later life. Even if you do believe that the parents aren’t doing their job, why make it worse for the kids? Two wrongs don’t make a right.
    I’ve read a couple of the hate blogs. They claim that their purpose is to stop the show and get the kids out of the spotlight, but that really isn’t the case. Easily 75% of the comments are (badly spelled) nasty, snarky remarks about (mostly Kate’s) clothing, body, cooking ability, demeanor, lack of decorating skills, parenting ability – the list goes on and on. Name calling and foul language is typical. What does that say about the type of person who hangs out on these blogs?
    How creepy for the kids to know that people are searching their parent’s private financial statements, divorce records, their school and church, real estate holdings – all of these things and much more.
    Just because a family chooses to reveal about 22 minutes a week about it’s life does not mean that we have ownership of everything else that goes on in their private lives. I see comments like “knowing Kate…” , and “Mady always does this…..” Guess what? You DON’T know Kate or Mady or anybody else. All you know is a carefully edited and scripted TV show and what you read in the press, much of which is fabricated.
    If you all do care about the kids like you profess to, why not just stop watching the show, forget about the Gosselins and get on with your lives?

  • andrea

    I wonder why Maria thinks it’s appropriate to discuss Kate’s legs? Who is the real loser here?

  • killurtv

    Go away you selfish, attention- seeking, child neglecting, dog abandoning, fugly hag. And the kids are probably better off with the nanny.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?

    I cannot add anything else ins response to what you all have said to andrea.

    Is this woman,Kate the celebrity,ever home?
    She loves being a celebrity.
    For you Kate fans,I know your tranfer from her your problems,with being divorced,etc. Kate IS NOT LIKE YOU.
    Kate needs to quit and go home.Sell her Maryland retreat home and go home to Penn.

    Jon needs to quit being a celebrity and go home to Penn.He needs to sell his NYC apt.
    Jon and Kate each have made enough money.Their 8 kids have made enough money.

    I know you Kate fans transfer Jon’slife to your exhusband.Jon,the free,college boy living divorced dad,who is not making as money as Kate is ,IS NOTLIKE YOUREXHUSBAND.

    Jon’s 8 sperm cells are community property and this is how he supports his kids. Oh, Kate’s 8 eggs is how she supports herself and her kids.

    Jon& Kate are united on their marital assests,family busines,which is their 8 kids. Sell!!!SELL!!!

    Sad.Pitiful.Those kids are going to be so screwed .Just wait and see.,

  • dani

    Well, unfortunately good or bad, the reality of being a star of any type in America these days is the cruelty and the meanness of bloggers and those that comment. JJ is always very nice to this pimp–DListed and Perez Hilton and dozens of other bloggers are not. If I were you I’d focus your ire on them–their headlines and stories jump right out.
    Let’s be truthful. Kate does not want to go back to being a “normal” mother. She and her disgusting counterpart (Jon) have gotten used to the fame, the money and the power that comes with fame and money. If she genuinely cared about the kids, she would take herself out of hte public spotlight and focus on their needs as would Jon. She and Jon would have saved some of the ridiculously high salary TLC paid them as well as money from appearances so that she could, he could go back to being a parent instead of a pimp.

  • linda in nm

    A cocktail dress and stiletto heels? When will she learn to dress appropriate for the event? Stilettos don’t go to the grocery store or an ice rink.

  • sofia

    What is Gosselin doing there? I just don’t get it. I wish she would just go away. And that chubby ex, too.

  • Anne
  • Anne

    Hey Andrea. Is Kate like your bff? You are overzealous in your defense of Kate. It is to the point of nauseating.

  • sleepynb

    This is the first time I am jealous of Kate Gosselin. I would have loved to be at this skating event! Must say, I’m not sure how skate and Kate go together, but oh well.

  • anywhere

    I think Kate would rather be anywhere than with her children. Her children are nothing to her besides a way to be famous. She loved the attention when she was pregnant and has forgotten that now she is a mommy and not the center of attention. Get over yourself Kate.

  • anon

    @andrea: Why take a tabloid blog so personally and waste life energy on it? If the blog comments bother you so much dont read them. Enjoy the pictures and move on or dont read the blogs at all. There are blogs like who do not cover realty celebs like Kate so maybe go there. The posts are not going anywhere.

  • Jan

    MILLIONS of moms work 40 hrs. a wk, and clean,cook, and do errands after work. NO ONE attacks their efforts and tells them to quit working and living and STAY HOME. It is NOT the 18th century. . Kate shares her success by giving back to the community and you attack her. It is not her Saturday to be with the children according to the custody agreement. She could just hide away while Jon blows the money she has earned on new cars and women BUT she chooses to continue working doing her best to provide for her children. Do you want her on welfare???

  • Jan

    Did Kate and Jill from Housewives of NYC talk to each other? Jill and her husband had dinner with Jon Gosselin and Kate Major(x star reporter that claims Jon and she slept together) in the Hamptons this summer. Jill should invite Kate for a visit and ask Kate to guest on her reality show.

  • Jan

    @Kasey: Do you feel this way because Kate is conservative???

  • New York Housewife

    Kate looks like crap in these pictures. But then again, Kate always looks like crap. Her days are numbered. People are getting tired of her fraud games. Taking money from church people, how low can you go Kate? I hope that all of her kids have nothing to do with her when they are grown.

  • Shemp lugosi

    Johnny Weir’s pose is more feminine than hers! He’s the most brilliant male skater in the word right now, but still such a queen.

  • to Jan


    Jan, it’s wasn’t Jon’s Saturday. He attended a walk to benefit Autism in Philadelphia. Get your story straight. Kate blows her money on boob jobs and stilettos. What’s the difference? Do tell!

  • ava rose

    Kate has the face of a mother who loves the attention at the events she goes to and would rather be there than take care of her 8 kids. Just sayin…

  • hossa

    Gee is this woman ever home anymore? Everytime i flip a channel she is either on a talk show or flapping to Larry King on how much she wants to be a normal mom. She complained numorous times when she did the Dude ranch show about the paps, but here she is in the cameras flash. I think she loves getting away from the kids and getting her picture taken no matter where she goes. When one says she is sick of the paps then they steer clear of publication, not run into it every chance she gets. Enough with her ridiculous fame and really lady focus on the kids, take the high road back to PA and remember you have 8 kids, not the nannys.

  • lisa

    Kate is now trying to prove that she doesn’t need her little moneymakers in order to make a living…..doomed….only her stretched out uterus ever had any talent.

  • she’s a money ho

    She’ll do anything for the appearance fee and I would not be surprised if she eventually accepts Playboy’s offer to pose when her “career” spirals down the crapper.

  • too bad

    Too bad her kids couldn’t come along. Looks like they would have enjoyed the show. I guess they were home alone with the nannies, again. I wonder if Jon and Kate wish they could send the kids back like they did the dogs.

  • ava rose

    @hossa: I agree w. everything you said. yeah, kate is the biggest hypocrite:
    - she says how much she wants her life to be “normal”, yet she goes on numerous TV appearances, magazine interviews…
    - complains how upset she is that the “media” is way “into” her family and jon’s divorce and how “for the sake of her kids”, etc… yet she keeps blabbing and complaining
    - she complains of the paparazzi yet puts herself out there to have her pictures taken. Any protective mother would shield photographers

    I hate how much she dresses up to run errands and stresses how “pretty” she is with that possum hair of hers. On “the view”, they gave her a compliment on her hair and said, “oh isn’t it cute?” where are your manners kate! Say, “thank you!”

    Jon’s no angel but i’m glad he got a new lawyer. He hasn’t done anything crazy in a while. Don’t like him but I know out of the 2, he truly does love his kids

  • Jill

    @andrea: Kate’s children can barely talk; so I doubt that they can read. The twins are having an emotional breakdown and Kate could care less. She will let nothing stand in the way of Kate the celebrity.

  • stop the show

    @she’s a money ho: Kate pose for playboy? Why? She has the body of a man. Only in Kate’s dreams would she be in Playboy. They don’t want her, she’s to old. I think the chances of seeing Jon in Playgirl is more like it.

    Then again, Kate might try to get it on with Hugh Heffner. LOL…

  • smdoss

    Why is Kate any different from any actor or actress with kids? Think they aren’t working away from home? What about parents who travel with their job and spend a good part of the week away from home? This is her job. She has never denied that she is abrasive or that she does these things to make money to keep her kids in the lifestyle they are accustomed to. She has never tried to paint herself as perfect. This is my first comment. I couldn’t take it anymore. Amazing how quick everyone is to throw stones.

  • Lordy bee

    Kate is a lesbian. She doesn’t care about her kids. Not one of them. With Kate, it’s all about Kate. It always has been and always will be. Jon is so much better off without her and he knows it.


    As usual, Kate looks amazing

  • pp

    Kate is just like a celebrity————seps not one shred of talent————– her fertility doctor is the real star.