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Megan Fox on Saturday Night Live -- VIDEO!

Megan Fox on Saturday Night Live -- VIDEO!

Megan Fox hosts the 35th premiere episode of Saturday Night Live on September 26th in New York City.

The 23-year-old actress tried out her comedy chops in sketches like Grady’s “Burnin’ Up The Bedsheets DVD” (with Kenan Thompson) and “Your Mom Talks To Megan Fox While You’re Getting Ready” (with Kristen Wiig).

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Megan’s hosting abilities — YAY or NAY?

Click inside to watch all of Megan Fox‘s comedy sketches…

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  • ELLe

    i wanted her to be good, but i wasnt too impressed. half of the time she was just playing a hot chick that had to stand there and not do much. i wanted to see her bring out all the funnies…

  • Verónica

    Megan Fox = The best of SNL.
    SNL: Sucked!

    I wanted to see Megan being funny and was funny. Pity, that the script was really bad.

  • Ckayed

    I thought she did an okay job – SNL didn’t give her much diversity in any of the roles they had her portray – everything was just the “hot chic stuff” and I think she is capable of more…

  • apples
  • Rhonda

    SNL is over and done, if liberals can’t find a way to make fun of themselves. They have no problem dissing conservativies and conservatives think most of it is funny. I wanted to watch SNL, it just wasn’t funny at all, some chick said the f word and that is the highlight of the whole show.

  • Ashley

    She did as good as she couldve done with the horrendous writing.. its a shame that they didn’t let her venture out and play other characters other than the hot girl.

    SNL was a big fail last night

  • Bwah

    SNL hasn’t been funny in like 15 yrs

  • megan


  • lovey

    well, I don’t like Megan Fox, but she looks pretty here. I love that dark brown lipstick she’s wearing..

  • LuckyL


  • Kay

    I thought her performance last night on SNL was absolutely HORRENDOUS.
    At times she just looked plain uncomfortable and for most of her sketches, she kind of just stood there as if she was some sort of prop. It was the biggest waste of time. She wasn’t even funny.
    I found SNL really boring last night with the exception of a few sketches all thanks to the OTHER SNL members since they did a great job.
    But Megan was just awful. I thought it was going to be really good but it was the complete opposite and I found her “performance” really dissapointing.
    She’s never going to be taken seriously. Everything she’s ever done including Transformers just portrays her as eye candy. And she let SNL do the exact same thing to her. I know they ended up cutting a lot of stuff out since Megan wasn’t exactly being “funny” or any good for that matter and the some sketches didn’t work out. But what we did end up seeing was hardly any better. I thought it was a disaster and she just further proved that all she’s good for is to be stared at…..not anything else since her acting skills continue to plummett with everything she does.

  • LuckyL

    God, remember when she had saggy boobs?

  • Rhonda

    they had no problem making Bush and Palin funny! Obama and Biden have given them loads of material, they just won’t use it, michelle and all her get-ups would be pretty hilarious if she were only sarah palin! they just won’t laugh at dems until they are out of office (Bill and Hill)

  • Julie

    It wasn`t too bad and she looks gorgeous as always. I love her blue shoes. I have the same pair.

    Don`t have Megan`s salary so I got mine from an online store

    But overall she`s stunning. Her acting is okay, but when you`re that good looking who cares :)

  • night BT

    horrible actress

  • lol

    This episode was the worst

  • love derails

    SNL has not been funny since Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell. Now, they are just trying to be as funny as they think they are. Bad cast, just not funny. Terrible writing. And also, in the past, you had to be a top-rate actor to be on SNL – now Megan Fox can get on there. I am fascinated that this show is still relevant. it is such crap.

  • love derails

    And will the Repubs get over it? SNL and TV in general is more of a Democratic medium. Lorne Michaels is a big time Liberal. So are almost all the SNL famous cast members and the Writers – and heads of TV studios. If you are conservative, this is not the show for you. Most people in Hollywood are Liberals. Usually you find artists, comedians, writers, studio execs, and actors are – it lends to their kinda different lifestyle. So stop whining, go watch O’Reilly. That’s a comedy.

  • Autoz

    Pretty simple.

    Megan was lousy, SNL was lousy.

    Can we stop pushing this crack-whore-looking, tatted and moley bag?

  • Gorgeous soul

    I don’t like her at all. But she is pretty. Fake but pretty. I love the lipstick color she has on. She’s a horrible actress though! She can only be the “hot chick”.

  • Jess

    She wasn’t good, but she wasn’t bad either. And sometimes she did look pretty uncomfortable.

    Plus, it has been said, the writing was bad and SNL really has lost its appeal. Having said that good acting can always rise above bad writing, but Megan simply doesn’t have the acting chops to pull that off. I think she did the best she could with her very limited acting capabilities.

  • layne

    I think the SNL stint further proved that she is just eye candy. She played “hooker roles” in most of the sketches – blonde with Kenan, Live Lounge, Russian bride. She pretty much just stood there looking pretty – which she is, undeniably. Being it’s the premiere show of the season, it didn’t launch with a good start. There were funny moments but it was because of the SNL cast members, not Megan. She was not funny.

    SNL probably booked her thinking her movie, Jennifer’s Body, would be a box office hit with all the hype and media exposure and that of course, she’s “hot”. It was very funny how she didn’t mention the movie at all in her opening monologue. Also, she made fun of the naked pictures of herself in the internet saying she never posed without clothes. But she is pretty much half naked in most of her magazines pictures and doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

  • kenza

    I like the skit with Kenan and the airline one, the rest were okay. But, it wasn’t even like it was Megan’s fault, the script was just bad.

  • SubSub

    I think the writing was really bad. Like….really, really bad. Again, I don’t know if it’s Megan’s acting, or the fact that she attracts the worst writers in the industry. Her lines were horrible.

  • Nah


    she rocked!!!!
    best SNL EVER!!!!

  • jaylasoul

    Megan KILLED it! She rocked! She was as hilarious as the script allowed her to be…everyone saying “oh she’s just the hot chick, “well give it up…she wasn’t the one who wrote the script, if it was up to her, I’m sure she would of played a lot more diverse characters. GO MEGAN GO MEGAN Everyone LOVES you..those who say they hate you, are just jealous! Obviously.


    All I remember was how fresh the injections on her lips were, they were humongous just like in Transformers 2. Any-who the only thing people will remember was the F-bomb that was dropped. Sorry Megan, it was a great opportunity for you but you did not have all the tools.

  • Harry

    That was my first FULL SNL episode EVER!
    and I was not impressed. Skits sucked!
    Was that just an off night or is that what I should expect from them on a regular basis?

  • seriously,

    you call that acting?

  • Brandon

    I was very underwhelmed. I thought the whole show was not funny, both because of Megan and because of the writing. And I agree with others who said that SNL writers can make some hosts funny. The election skits were hilarious, so it may have just been an off week for the writers. But, my money is on Megan not being able to deliver the lines in a funny way. Let’s face it, this girl is famous because of her looks, which are not that great to me anyway. She is a dime a dozen. Set a timer because her 15 minutes are almost up.

  • LMAO

    She should do p0rn. It’ll surely sell and will not bomb like her current movie which she claimed she showcased her real acting talent.

  • mel

    She has a goiter. Look at her neck here and on Fallon. Big huge lump on her throat.

  • cutiepie32

    I didnt watch it purposely because she was on it. She’s a beyotch! Everyone that has worked with her says she’s a huge beyotch.

  • jdub

    YAY!!! Megan was awesome! she had me crackin up with “the winds are blowingggg…the winds are blowing”. and when she was the flight attendant. her accent was on point

  • Joey


  • Mercedes

    I liked it it was good, but I agree they have to get better writers becuz some of the sketches go no where, it seems like they do them to fill up space or like the writers aren’t even trying anymore
    When Tina Fey was on there, every night was hilarious!!!

    But I love Megan Fox, she’s awesome!!!

  • Lowest denominator

    EVERYBODY has to bring something to the table @ SNL.
    Fox is not known for her acting range, so…
    They have prewritten ideas AND write new ones around the host/-ess, and none were that good.
    This was the same thing when Paris was on there. She just played various versions of herself. But even DeNiro’s and Walken’s first runs were awkward.
    EVERYBODY’S execution was strictly average.

    And at this point, Kristen Wiig is carrying the show.
    And Andy Samberg’s Digital Shorts.

  • Megan Fox JJC

    For more Megan Fox updates, go to Megan Fox JJC at .

  • Gen

    I blame the scripts. I really think megan has the potential to be funny. I’ve seen her being funny in intereviews

  • Rhonda

    @Lowest denominator:

    wiig is that the one during update, the travel agent?

  • Angelica

    lol at the plane skit (x

  • m

    I saw ‘Jennifer’s Body ‘
    Her acting was terrible … facial expression change ..
    And I was disappointed to Adam Brody.
    but Amanda’s acting was good

  • erica

    I think one critic described it best when he said “Megan Fox is a mildly talented actress.” Let’s face it, she cannot do a lot as an actress, though she is not the worst there is out there.

    For SNL to cast someone like her was not a great move (SNL has made a lot of bad moves recently), because it doesn’t really work. She doesn’t have the skills she needs yet to handle comedy properly.

    And just because a person is funny in interviews doesn’t mean they’re a good comedic actor. How do you even make this kind of connection? Actors are themselves when they are being interviewed, whereas in movies they have to act. You can be funny person in real life and a pretty bad comedic actor.

  • ee

    I liked her. The show was pretty funny. Much better than previous 2 years.

  • Rhonda

    It’s all political, I’m just saying. Liberals can’t laugh at their own, they gotta have a conservative to diss in order to be funny. Hard to believe with Obama and his telepromter and 57 states and thanking himself, and Biden and all his brilliance and Pelosi they couldn’t make SOMETHING funny.

  • missme

    I was only half watching last night, but I think she did okay given the material. She is gorgeous though, and looks hot no matter what color hair she has-not an easy feat to accomplish!!

  • ee

    I do agree that they had no jokes about Obama and his administration, and the show was pretty disconnected and without reference to current poilitics and how Obama is doing.
    I think they could have done something about how Obama promised equality for gays and forgot about them, how he keeps taking vacations, and how his sycophancy to the Iran and the Muslim world didn’t change anything and didn’t really worked.

  • Najah

    She did the best with what she was given. Megan’s sketches weren’t well written and the funniest one was the the first one with the airplane. She is funny and could have done a better job if she were included in more sketches that were actually humorous.

  • Brit

    I thought Megan did well, it was the writing that was bad. I thought she did really good during the plane scene. SNL only seems to be funny when Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg are involved. Overall, she did well, it’s not her fault they wrote her scenes the way they did.

  • Kayla

    I think that it is the truth it was negan and the snl writers because it was all just awful.Sometimes snl can be funny,but last night was the worst.Megan not the best actress, she just beatiful people just need to understand that.