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Rachel Bilson: Ferragamo Front Row!

Rachel Bilson: Ferragamo Front Row!

Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez sit front row at the Salvatore Ferragamo show as part of Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010 on Sunday (September 27) in Milan, Italy.

When asked what some of her favorite trends for fall were, the 28-year-old actress told, “I don’t know yet! Something warm. I’m really looking forward to it getting cold again so you can start layering stuff and wearing tights and doing all that cozy cute stuff, ’cause that’s what I like. I like comfort!”

Pictured below: Rachel with James Ferragamo (and his daughter), whose grandfather is designer Salvatore Ferragamo.

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Photos: Venturelli/WireImage
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  • Jena

    Buy SELENA GOMEZ AND THE SCENE’S album “KISS & TELL” out in stores SEPTEMBER 29th

  • Carronline

    Buy SELENA GOMEZ AND THE SCENE’S album “KISS & TELL” out in stores SEPTEMBER 29th
    @Jena: great idea!

  • Robert A. Booey

    Well, well well….Wow looking sharp and gorgeous there……..Rachel looks okay too I guess…but damn…..James’ looking hubba hubba.

  • stacy

    She looks great! Come back to tv like misha, oops.

  • Here we go again

    Jared, WTF has this “nobody” ever done to get so much attention from you? And how can she afford to go to Italy when she doesn’t even work! This fugly midget sure has the life! While most of the world is struggling in a recession, she’s jetting off to Italy with her stylist! I’m so disgusted!

  • Here we go again

    BTW, why is this idiot at a fashion show for spring/summer wear if she’s “really looking forward to it getting cold again, so you can start layering stuff and wearing tights and doing all that cozy cute stuff ’cause that’s what I like”. What a moron!

  • Rachel Bilson

    Hey everyone! Its Rachel Bilson and I’m unemployed and untalented.
    I hope Hayden doesn’t dump me! hehe!

  • VOR

    @5/6 maybe because once she leaves Italy she may go to a place that is starting to get cold cough cough-Canada.

  • @8

    Cause she really needs to dress up all stylish on a farm??

  • missme

    Wow, James is HOT!

  • Natural breast enlargement

    Rachel looks awesome as always.. she needs to do more tv shows!

  • VOR

    @9 nah cause she can dress comfy

  • joel

    Rachel Bilson, as usual, doing something relevant. What a productive member of society.

  • selena

    Remember last year Mischa Barton was spotted attending Milan Fashion Week and all the other fashion weeks instead of trying to improve herself as an actress. Looks like Rachel is following in Mischa’s footsteps.

  • lizzie


    Exactly. Spoiled child she is.

  • ANakin

    Much better Rachel, huge improvement from that outfit with the big whatchamacallit around your neck

  • me

    She’s never going to canada. haven’t been there so far,She just went to see if she could get something out are him.She messed up herself up there in fashion week.There is nothing to bring it back.Hyaden always leaving her alone.Maybe he already dump her.Why don’t she they have problems like everyone else.It sure look like they are. With all this traveling she’s doing to these fashion shows,You would think she would be following him around. something is up with that.she can’t back home with nothing again. I guess you what comes next ( break-up) Maybe it will come out later that they they’re over. JJ tells her everything.And it does get cold in california sometimes

  • lexy

    I guess it was too good to be true – JJ was on a roll with talented actresses like Kate Winslet & Jennifer Garner – now we’re back to Rachel and Ashlee Simpsom – the bottom of the celebrity barrel.

    It doesn’t really get that cold in CA so what the heck is she talking about? Is that what her “stylist” told her to say? If Rachel is such a fashionista why does she need a stylist??

    I agree, instead of running around to fashion weeks she needs to be at acting class. Why didn’t she and HC go to the film festival in Canada – you know where the other talented actors were??

  • Anonymous

    Her stylist is the spit of a dog I once had! People used to stop me in the street and say ‘Jeez that’s an ugly dog’, truth. Poor Jasper!
    @joel: When was RB ever relevant, ever. She has always been a small, shallow, self-obsessed ‘faketress’. It’s not as tho the OC was ever relevant.
    @me: You can stop worrying coz statistics show that their showance has no hope of surviving long term, married or not. They are in the worst case scenerio re divorce rates. Cohabiting, come from a broken home, between 25-35 yrs in age, troubled childhoods. This puts them in the highest band for divorce rates.

  • Maria

    Someone should have been kind to her and pointed her in the direction of the little girls room. She really looks like she needs to go, badly.

  • Anonymous

    @lexy: Could be something to do with the word talented, there. Just guessing…. (odd tho, coz you’d think they’d be plugging NYILY).

  • jessica

    this girl knows the meaning of the word “work”? I never see it working, just not doing nothing, is sad.

  • lexy

    Anonymous – you may have a point – I forgot – talented and RB aren’t really words that go together. I mean Natalie Portman & Jennifer Connley were there so RB would have been out of her league.

    They probably want to actually sell tix to NYILU and using RB to promote it won’t do that. They’ll probably use some of the more known stars of the movie to do that – like Blake Lively, Natalie Portman, Shia LaBeouf or Bradley Cooper – you know household names. They’d probably use HC but since he’s become a package deal with this chick it’s not worth it.

  • NativeNYker

    pretty girl. But where is that hotness of man of hers?

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • liz

    Rachel again? Why she’s wearing the ring on events now? Oh yeah, I forgot, she not wearing it to gain attention, now she can’t draw more attention with it. Rachel, why do you not forget the underpants? I think you would gain more attention. And Rachel, please, stop wearing ridiculous clothes, just make me laugh.

  • gilmorie

    You cant really missed this dark hairy mouse who ceaselessly cant get any acting job that’s why she opt to settle to attend every opening of an envelope event just to stay relevant – sheesh!

  • tonie

    She doesn’t know what the fall trends are ? That is funny since she supposedly writes a fashion column and the issues are done in advance. Maybe no one has told her yet or she is waiting to see what everyone else is wearing. Judging by last fall and winter’s wardrobe comfy means dumpy. Some fashionista!

  • someone

    I really would not care if Hayden was with Rachel if she does not wear their relationship to get attention. I thought was cool that he is with someone like Rachel at first time, but now you’re looking for things about Hayden, and Rachel always appear, it’s sad see that her life and career became just Rachel.

    There are only new photos of him when he appears with Rachel, he is only going to events with Rachel, he stopped to make several films a year, he’s not more beautiful as it was, the only news we have about it is about him and Rachel or when they talk about how bad he is as an actor, it’s sad. I think if he did not Jumper it would be better, he would not have known Rachel and would not be considered an actor so bad.

  • amaranth

    “Authentically” popular & talented celebs draws movie offers & even branded/first rate advertisements or just simply to say more “work”… others who “pretends” just deliberately & consistently draws paparazzi, gossips & hype.

  • searlus

    A Khloe KardASShian’s microscopic twin sister – icks!

  • kloekARDA.

    Even with my phat ass, I’m prettier than this chick. At least I can get a man marry me!

  • lou

    @Here we go again:

    Can you read? She was asked about some of her favorite trends for FALL. That’s why she was talking about fall trends.

  • Anakin


    Too bad about The Beautiful Life, who could have seen that coming?

  • lou


    Her next movie has been delayed according to this article:

    She has been seen going to studios over the last months and no one knew about Project Runway until it aired so I don’t think I’ll take anyone’s word here on JJ about whether or not she’s working.

  • Ted

    A full year is a long time for a project to be delayed. i like how she has a relaxed appraoch to her work. Yet never fails to get papped.

  • lexy

    At least Mischa can say she’s had a job and she got it on her own merits :-)

  • rb

    @ 34

    Maybe Hayden is slow to cast her in another of his movies. I can only imagine the reviews she will get for the New York one.

  • Viper

    Hayden himself is barely working he is just as lazy if not more so then Bilson. All Bilson is in hopes for that some big name desginer will make her his muse. She can’t act well enough to get a job as all the studio hopping is in hopes she can get work. Obviously all she can do is sales for dollar store shampoo and sun tanner. If she was woth anything in HW then she would be getting endless roles offered to her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks ok, dont really like the dress
    and what’s up with those gloves…they look like the 1s emo chicks wears
    i think her stylist looks better, shame her body isnt that great tho

  • Anakin

    Mischa’s problem is poor judgment, she would have been better served on Melrose Place. TBL was DOA from the start, even Cavemen lasted longer than this. Promise me, Mischa no more Kutcher collaborations.

  • liz

    rachel in another event, and she was dressed like a s.lut, she spends more time with her stylist than Hayden, she turned lesbian?

  • liz

    rachel in another event, and she was dressed like a s.lut, she spends more time with her stylist than Hayden, she turned lesbian?

  • lexy

    Mischa’s not the only one with poor judgement! Clearly someone thinks Ashton Kutcher is meant to be a producer. This isn’t his first show that was cancelled – though that show about the teacher had a great cast and was pretty good. Melrose is headed for cancellation too. And I don’t think Heather Locklear can save it. I don’t know why she’d even try but perhaps she thinks she’s doing fans a favor.

    Hayden isn’t making good choices either. Virgin Territories – not sure why he took that. A movie with Chris Brown – even before the Rihanna drama – that was a bad idea – especially since it seemed they were pimping Chris as the star – even before Hayden and Matt Dillon.

    He probably can’t get other roles b/c he’s become a package deal with Rachel.

  • Here we go again

    lou @32, yes I can read. Doesn’t matter what she says, she still sounds like a clueless nitwit! Poor Hayden, love is blind!

  • Anakin

    HC and MB both made bad choices when it comes to Virgin Territory LMAO. That movie should have been a silent film, it would’ve done way better, the only thing it had going for it was the scenery. I agree with you there about MP, it isn’t going as well as the powers that be thought. I think his next film won’t have Rachel in it ( and if I’m wrong then you’re absolutely right about them being a 2 for 1 deal), the one called Darkness or some like that.

  • Marieme

    @Here we go again: #5

    Lol! ITA

  • lou

    Ted, what are you talking about? What project was delayed a year? There was nothing in the linked story about a project being delayed a year.
    @Here we go again:
    Who is more blind? Looks like you are blinded by your own bias since you could only answer my post with a personal insult to Rachel. She answered a question about her favorite fall trends. Nothing wrong with her answer.
    I’m not even a big fan of Rachel but some of the people on these boards are way beyond rational when it comes to making sense.

  • lou


    WHAT! That dress is absolutely classic and she looks great in it.

  • lexy

    Let’s hope she looks nice – I mean she’s standing next to someone she PAID to go out and find her a dress and dress her.

    Anakin- actually HC and MB’s roles in VT were the only thing that made sense in the movie and was watchable. The rest was like a salute to those old Porky’s movies in the 80s that were only about T &A.

  • Here we go again

    lou @47
    Yeah, Rachel’s answer to the question about fall fashion was fine, if you’re talking to a bunch of teenagers! She’s 28 years old and has the vocabulary of a 13 year old. Like, wow! BTW this is an open board and I am entitled to express myself anyway that I choose!