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Vanessa Hudgens & Hayden Panettiere: Fresh Faces Music Benefit!

Vanessa Hudgens & Hayden Panettiere: Fresh Faces Music Benefit!

Hotties Vanessa Hudgens and Hayden Panettiere pose together at VH1 Save The Music Foundation’s Neutrogena Fresh Faces Music Benefit at Jim Henson Studios on Saturday (September 26) in Hollywood.

At the event, Vanessa told that she can now lift 155 pounds thanks to the training of her new movie, Sucker Punch.

Vanessa told JJJ, “We don’t really bench, we do dead lifts. I’m at 155 lbs. Jamie [Chung] came into training a little bit later than I did, so there’s no real comparison on who can do more.”

FYI: Vanessa wore a Camilla and Marc dress , platform pumps by Giuseppe Zanotti Design, a Double Happiness necklace and Decolette bracelets. Hayden is wearing a Melinda Maria ring and Loriann Stevenson bangle.

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vanessa hudgens hayden panettiere fresh faces music benefit 01
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Photos: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
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  • Stacy

    they both look short

  • Nahla

    I think it is Hayden who’s short. I’ve always found her pretty short. And this picture proves it. Well, I guess Vanessa is too lol. I like Hayden, she’s funny and seems nice but I HATE Vanessa. There’s something so b!tchy about her look…about her. Her attitude and everything about her. She pretended to be the wise little beauty in HSM and then the nasty and naked pics came up. Have you guys seen her pics where she licks her lips and all? She looks like she is a ho. But well, maybe I’m wrong who knows. I just don’t like her. My hatred for her is almost as huge as Angelina Jolie’s!!! ha. Maybe she’s the next one. She said she admired her. You always try to imitate your admirations!

  • peggy


    Your an imbecile and you need to see a doctor since you have reality issues Gabriella was a character not a person and further I wonder what we’d find if we went on a little hunting expedition of your life and computer.

    People who hate people they don’t know are usually trying t make themselves feel better a out something they’ve done.

    So I gues we should be asking you what have you done you’re so ashmamed of.

  • jazmin

    Both are gorgeous and beautiful.

    Can’t wait for Sucker Punch.

    Thanks for posting JJ!!!

  • yets

    thanks JJ for this i just miss vanessa.
    nice to her again i cant wait for her movie.

  • jazmin
  • j

    never EVER compare Vanessa to Angelina Jolie.
    Angelina actually does things for the world whereas Vanessa’s just prancing around doing stuff that only benefits for herself.

  • jazmin
  • me(:

    Love both.

  • nikomilinko
  • curious

    EWWWWWWWWWWW! This girl again? UGH Jared, why don’t you just kiss her ass literally? You do it anyway! She just sounds so conceited all the time! Really hate this girl. Love Hayden tho


    geez , she’s HOT HOT HOT , good 4 her she’s a talented girl

  • BIA

    vanessa is a great person. i love her. and she is gorgeous. i think some of you don’t know the word respect. you know NOTHING about her, about her life, what she does or not. if she smiles, she is pretending, if she cries, she is pretending too. OMG. i’m not saying that you NEED to love or like her. i’m just saying, if you don’t like her, or hate her, you don’t have to say things about her that is NOT true.

  • LuckyL

    How the f*ck did Hayden still manage to put on a dress belonging on a 40-year-old? I ALMOST thought she took tips. Vanessa looks great and age appropriate and it’s obvious why she made Best Dressed this year.

  • kgg

    @Nahla: You sound like an immature person if you can’t tell the difference between a role that someone plays in movies and real life. The truth about those pics has come out and its not Vanessa’s fault that someone else stole her pics, so we won’t go there again. I don’t see what’s wrong with having Angelina as an idol. She is a strong, beautiful woman who happens to be very talented and is helping the under-priviledged people in this world. SOOOO, tell me, what have you done lately for the world? Are you just occupying space and hating on people just because they have something you don’t have…whether its beauty or talent or maybe a hot bf? Step back from the computer and take a long, hard look at your life because you are obviously lacking in some major area to cause you to bash others so harshly.

  • LuckyL

    Hayden has stubby legs and therefore looks out of proportion. Short people also don’t wear dresses that length either because it cuts them off and makes they appear even more stubby. Her Tyrannosaurus Rex arms are disturbing once again.

    Anyone who thinks she looks good needs to read up on styling tips.

  • love-kristen

    dito :) thanks hahaha this girl is just sooo annoying -.-

    @curious: thank you :) like my words hahaha
    she should stop pouting ..she will never be “cool” or anything ..she should smile like she ever does ..and ever looks soo awful with it -.- like “i’m a supercute girl and everyone loves me”haha yeah i love her nudepics hahahahah >.<

  • notyourbusiness

    @LuckyL The only thing you can be lucky about is the fact that this is a close to anonymous internet based talked… Because you seriously have no idea about Hayden at all! Screw you about her arms and legs comment! Hayden is gorgeousness all over and if you can’t face that than you are seriously in need to get you checked up! and once more, Hayden is not even the smartest, most mature and most beautiful young actress out there, she is as well one of those kind of ppl who don’t give anything about ppl like you talking nonsense!

    after all I love Hayden and Vanessa together for Neutrogena! Seriously They knew that combo rocks and I really like seeing these two girlfriends back together again :)

  • Gossipgirl

    How tall are they? Especially Vanessa…

  • Carol

    I love V!!
    She looks so beautiful!!
    And those legs! Hot !!!

  • lovevanessahudgens

    GOOOOD vanessa is sooo HOT, and SEXY! she looks amazing! love her sooo much! she is the BEST!<33

  • kgg

    Some of the comments on here are so pathetic as to be almost funny. First of all, no, Vanessa has not reached the level that Angelina has as far as being generous in giving to others, but just give her time and Angelina’s earning power. She does support some organizations that help others and will be a bigger donor in the near future.

    Curious—-Please, your jealousy is showing. Vanessa has not been on JJ or JJJr. on a regular basis for moths since she has been filming two movies in Canada, FYI.

    Most of the haters on here don’t really know Vanessa, so if you want to make an intelligent comment, please go to her blogs and read up about her. You will be pleasantly surprised. BTW, that is not arrogance you see, but confidence…there is a difference.

    Love Vanessa!

  • apples
  • yets

    @ Kgg i agree 100%

  • zanessa4life

    V looks gorgeous as always :)
    I love her!

    Go Zanessa!

  • yeti

    Too short, too fat, too ugly. Where did all the pretty girls go?

  • Vhudsupporter

    I love them!
    V is my idol!

  • night BT

    hah some of the Comments here is funny , the girl is fine and half of the hollywood stars have a need pics so no big deal at all , she’s hot talented lady with a bright future

  • magic_moments

    Vanessa looks great. I love her hair here – no bangs yeahh … bangs doesn’t look good on her. Cute outfit, too.
    She looks really pretty here.

  • ejo

    ugly girl,

  • big ass

    so hot i want to have threesome with them all day.

  • o

    venessa = terrible actress

  • lol

    @kgg: and you know her?? lol, if you don’t then there’s really no reason for you talk as if you do. Not everybody is a fan of this girl, accept it.

  • yeti

    I dunno tho, why the trend for short, fat, ugly girls now? What happened to tall, slender, beautiful, elegant girls? These chicks are so unattractive.

  • lexy

    I don’t see any short ugly fat girls in these pics…perhaps you’re looking at your school year book or something!

    I see 2 young pretty slender girls in the pics on JJ>

  • Remy

    Um of course you can’t compare them, Angelina is how old? You think when she was 21 she was adopting children and traveling to poor countries? No. So how can you say “Vanessa only does stuff that benefits herself”? You don’t even know what she does on her own time.

  • I agree

    Wow, they both are short. I always knew both Vanessa and Hayden were short but they look the same height standing next to each other. What are they 5’0 or 5’1? Anyways this is just proof about how short both these girls are. I dont think they are fat but I dont really think they are to skinny, for short girls they look healthy,lol, obviously not model height. :p

    I never likes Vanessa hudgens or Hayden to much, but I do think Hayden is a better actress by a inch. They both aren’t that great but for me Vanessa has this annoying thing about her that makes you not like her, I dont know what it is her lips and the way she prises them up for a picture or her mannerism in red carpets. But I never was fond of Hudgens or her acting. Bad choice for that new film she is going to ruin. lol

  • sterling


  • Cougarx

    So basically I read Vanessa saying “I am a lot stronger than Jamie, but I don’t want to embarass her.” Vanessa is cool.

  • big ass

    vanessa need more ass

  • Jess!

    Vanessa is sooooooooooo Gorgeous!!!

  • http://msn Justgrowup

    for crying out loud, don’t judge other people. :) and hell yea, not all are her fans, but geez. she’s still a human being. you guys perfect? :)

  • Trina


    You sound VERY young. Once you have lived a few more years and experienced the real world, you will become less judgmental. Because when you are out living in the real world, people will be judging you, too.

  • ashlee


    you just revealed your stupidity and lack of info on vanessa. she does volunteer work for an organization called best buddies that helps people who have learning disabilities. right here in the usa. and she’s been doing it since she was 17. what did angelina do when she was 17? mostly drink and drugs and cut herself. she didn’t start any charity work till she was in her late 20s after she had adopted a child.

  • CarlaD

    Each person lead his life, we all make mistakes the thing is to learn from them…Angelina also had many mistakes like any actor/actress in Hollywood. Now she’s trying to make things right…We can’t be here typing and talking like our life were perfect..We’ve many mistakes but we aren’t famous so most people don’t know about them.

  • ashlee


    if you’re not a fan, why are you on here? wasting your energy hating someone is not good for your health. you sound like a very bitter, unhappy person.

  • vanny

    i love vanessa sooooooooooooooo much
    she is my idol
    and she is one of the prettiest girls on the whole planet
    i love her soooo much and stop hate her


  • lala


  • may

    i love vanessa,she is the besttt

  • Althea

    They both look incredible.