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Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Soccer 'N Shopping

Eddie Cibrian & LeAnn Rimes: Soccer 'N Shopping

Eddie Cibrian and his estranged wife Brandi Glanville cheer on their son Mason, 6, at his soccer game on Saturday (September 26) in Los Angeles.

Before the game, Eddie, 36, was seen stopping by Sports Authority to pick up outdoors folding chairs and a soccer sideline umbrella.

The day after, Eddie‘s 27-year-old girlfriend LeAnn Rimes was seen shopping for kitchen supplies at Williams-Sonoma.

15+ pictures inside of Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes‘ soccer ‘n shopping…

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eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 01
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 02
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 03
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 04
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 05
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 06
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 07
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 08
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 09
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 10
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 11
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 12
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 13
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 14
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 15
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 16
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 17
eddie cibrian leann rimes soccer shopping 18

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  • Rita

    Why do unfaithful celebrities get attention like this..? Why do we celebrate it, condoning this act? Nobody cared about these two until they both cheated on their spouses.. this is just plain ridiculous.

  • anon

    Why did Jared mix LeAnn Rimes’ pictures in with Eddie’s family at the soccer field? It is to give the illusion she was there. JustJared likes to stir the sh!t and cause trouble. There isn’t a kid JJ won’t exploit either.

  • elodie

    Eddie will be on Regis and kelly next monday!hope you can record it Jared!

  • elodie

    eddie will be on regis and kelly next monday!

  • gwen

    So we are supposed to believe that he is a good sad because he went to his son’s soccer game? Why did he have to buy soccer chairs, if this was a regular thing for him wouldn’t he already have those soccer chairs. Eddie is on the “I love my family” tour. So those photos of him on tour with LR really didn’t help him at all. Just like he used Leann when he needed free publicity for his show, he is using his kids to get him out because being “hot” wasn’t enough to get him out trouble.

    If he really wanted to show people that he was a “devoted” father, he would have made sure that his mistress didn’t stage any gloating photo-ops and put out more info about how they are living together. This man is disgusting and will use anyone.

  • Mark

    LeAnn you must pay attention to what Jared is trying to tell you. Eddie’s kids have to be your next target. If you have to, pick them up at school and give them a day of hugs, fun, and presents. Once you have stolen, I mean developed a wholesome and loving relationship with the kids, momma Cibrian will have no choice but to capitulate to your plan. Also you must give CD’s and free concert tickets to the wives of Eddie’s friends. Take them to lunch so they know what it is like to hang around a super star. You must win them all over and momma Cibrian will come crawling to you on her knees. You’ll have to be cautious because these women can sense a manipulative female a mile away and after the crap you pulled in the last six months you smell like a skank farm.

  • carol

    JJ please quit giving these cheaters any attention. Leanee looks like she is just loving all this attention she is now getting. What about these kids whose lives have fallen apart because of their dad & his gf and their selfishness? Don’t reward their behavior by giving them anymore attention.

  • carol

    Oops. . . typo! Should read LeAnne not Leanee!

  • Becky

    I love the picture of Eddie and I hope LeAnn’s PR team is paying attention. When ever you see Eddie with LeAnn he is wearing blue jeans and a Tee shirt that looks like it hasn’t been washed in days. Now he’s well dressed with a conservative style. LeAnn, this makes it look like you are someone he’s just having a good time with. It is disrespectfull to you. LeAnn’s PR team has to set Eddie straight about the proper way to dress when he’s with LeAnn. Come on LeAnn, jerk that leash so Eddie understands that you are in charge.

  • Tommy

    Would someone tell Rimes that booobies are not to be worn like under arm dress shields.

  • Jan

    Rimes must be sucking down shots of booze like water to see Eddie with his family. I know Eddie and Brandi will get a divorce but I’m glad to see this for the children’s sake. As long as Eddie is seen with Rimes in public, he will forever be known as one of the most vile males in the country. I can not think of Eddie or LeAnn without thinking of how Rimes manipulated this terrible mess and Eddie let her make it all so public. God bless Brandi, her children, and Deane.

  • eddie is coming back

    the screaming just wanted to say that ..

  • cheaters are everywhere

    Oh and as if Dean McDermott who was married with a son at the
    time he cheated on his wife Mary Jo Eustace..on the set of their any different so why not give Tori the same verbal abuse..

  • Barb

    Such a great looking family! I’m very sad to see such things come to an end. Brandi, you are a terrific lady to put your kids first when Eddie has been such a terrible role model. I hope Eddie will give this broken family time to adjust by waiting to marry LeAnn. No one should jump from one marriage to another and especially when children are involved. Eddie should wait a year. He and LeAnn can shack up and do anything they want so why bother to get married. Neither one of them values a marriage certificate for anything more than just a piece of paper.

  • Stella

    Eddie looks almost human in these pictures. Its as if he knew such a picture would make him look good. Eddie, did Rimes PR team call the paps for you or did you call them? Great PR Eddie. Keep it up and in ten years people might stop referring to you as a magggot.

  • uglyyyyy

    Eddie is stupid

  • Mary

    I want to be just like my role model, LeAnn Rimes. I want to be able to write a book about my honest and open marriage where I have no secrets from my perfect husband while I’m sleeping with a hunk like Eddie. I want to have the courage to setup restaurant videos and hotel pics with my lover and then after the sex is over, share room-service with the guy who helped me set it up. I want to have the guts to make myself out to be a wholesome and family values oriented person while I’m sucking on my lover’s….fingers and letting my husband humilate himself by writing songs for me or promoting my book. I want to be so arrogant that I can disrespect my fans by canceling a concert so I can continue to expose my affair to my lover’s wife. I am going to be just like LeAnn and if she bad-mouths me or steals my limelight I’m going to plant my Louisville slugger right between her “headlights” and used the splintered timber to give her a recktal examine.

  • james

    Somebody please tell me that that’s not Eddie’s wife in the soccer photo?

    You mean he left that gorgeous woman for horsemouth Rimes?

    Not only does Eddie need a shrink, he needs glasses.

    Lee Ann Rimes is disgusting. Why is she so arrogant?

  • jenny

    Is she pregnant? Looks like the beginnings of a bump to me.

  • Steve

    So Rimes’ PR staff has set up a fluff piece for Eddie on Regis and Kelly? Rimes did the same interview when she was pushing her book of lies so its obvious Rimes has connections with the show. I’m sure Rimes has coached Eddie as to what to say. It will be quick and intriguing no doubt. While the PR staff is trying to scrub Eddie clean, let us not forget who this guy is. Eddie took his mistress on vacation and bought her expensive gifts while his wife was at home 9 months pregnant and taking care of a three year old. At one time, Eddie had at least two mistresses while he was married and god knows how many one night stands. Eddie is still married but shacked up with a mistress. Eddie has publically humiliated his wife and children by vacationing with his married mistress in Mexico. Eddie was in marriage counciling and still sleeping with his mistress. Eddie is such a coward that his mistress has to tell him to leave his wife and he sold out his family for a tv show and a has-been country singer.

  • anon

    Gwen developed multiple personalities. I think Gwen needs some professional help for her heartbreak so she can move on in her life. (Eddie many have bought the soccer chairs but he is not sitting in them, interesting. His ex doesn’t seem to mind sitting on the chairs and under the umbrella.)

  • Jill

    LeAnn doesn’t have a baby bump. She has a puch that she sucks in or covers with her hand when she’s in a bikini. When she gets pregnant, she’ll look like the Michellan Man. It won’t be pretty. Momma Cibrian should keep in mind that LeAnn is a very vendictive person and after her second divorce, Grandma will not be allowed to visit LeAnn’s children. Rimes’ is just that mean spirited.

  • gwen

    Lydia (aka anon, validate, cat, stacey, jen)

    Hey, how was that algebra test?

    Because being fixated on other posters to the point where you post about them every 30 minutes, means that you are sane, right?

    Let’s all take a moment to welcome the new fan that Lydia created by typing in yet a different name. So just because you have multiple personalities, in your mind that means I do too. But wait, didn’t you say that JJ has filters that won’t allow spamming, so by your logic that means that I can’t have mutiple personalities because JJ. You also said that JJ would know by the fact that I would have to type in an email address. So by your logic that means that JJ is lauging his butt off because you think that I have written all of these posts.

    Well since your husband cheated on you, doesn’t that mean that you are the one suffering from heartbreak? Which brings me to my next question, what is this vendetta that you have against BG? Seeing as how you and she were in the same position, one would think that you would have some empathy for her. Are you jealous because EC went out his way to buy some chairs so that BG could sit in them? It just breaks your heart to see EC in the same picture with his wife, doesn’t it. The sad part is it’s damage control, you are upset over a photo-oo that was designed to whitewash his image. First the stories about his mother not liking LR and now he appears out and about with his wife. It’s just killing you isn’t it?

    So we are only seeing these photo-ops because he needs good publicity for Regis and Kelly. Keep adverstising for CSI because everyone wants to know who he is having chemistry with on that set. You know things are not looking good for him when these “I love

    PS-Since you are still posting under different names and still can’t respond with anything other than name calling and insults, that means that you need to get some professional help. Or perhaps you are getting professional help, that would explain why you are always bringing this up.

  • gwen

    cheaters are everywhere

    1) Where in this thread have people condoned Tori and Dean’s affair?

    2) This is the LR and EC thread, so why would anyone be talking about T and D?

    3) Just because people are not talking about a T and D in a LR and EC thread it does not mean that they condone their actions.

    4) So bringing up T and D is just a deflection tactic, it’s an attempt to change the subject.

    5) So you are asking people to ignore what EC and LR are doing because everyone else in HW is cheating too?

  • lydia/validate=13, 14, 22


  • facts

    Celebrity cumm dumpster.

  • Lau

    once a cheater always a cheater so they deserve each other but why with her his wife is so much better looking,

  • validate

    It’s nice to see Eddie and Brandi mutually supporting the kids. It really does look like it will be an amicable divorce. Believe me If not she would not show up at the same time. He could attend one game, she could attend the next one. Shows they are handling it with maturity. Good for them!

  • validate

    I wonder if that is her family with them under the umbrella. That would be great if all sides would be understanding and supportive of whatever unfolds.

  • Twinsies

    She’s like a 7th grade tweenie. “Look you guys, I stole bla bla’s boyfriend. Am I important now? Wait. What? Why does eveyone hate me? No one ever noticed me before. You guys…don’t walk away from me. I was just doing what I thought you do to get noticed” Stupid girl.

  • ruth

    #29 You are absolutely right! Brandi shows great strength and intelligence in ensuring that her kids see their dad despite all the public humiliations he put her through!

    As for Eddie, I don’t think that it is fair to say that he is just going to his kids’ football game for PR. I am sure that he loves them very much and this has NOTHING to do with the fact that he is a cheater and has reportedly been one for most of the marriage.

    JJ, I agree with those who question why you have added pics of Rimes to this item about the Cibrian family. TMZ has the item completely dedicated to the family without showing “Miss Piggy” as well. In addition their pics of the estranged couple show Brandi very clearly – all I can say is that he must really love Rimes/or her money very much if he left such a goodlooking woman for her.

  • MEL

    Don’t expect to see Leann and Brandi picnicking together. That’s not gonna happen. I ‘m sure all side’s understand exactly how this went down. The continual lying and denying….the prancing around for the camera’s without a care for the spouses or kids. The constantly rubbing BG’s nose in the affair(Leann). Eddie doing what Eddie does best in this situation which is absolutely nothing. Now that he realizes OMFG this could hurt my career he is is on the “I love my family tour”. To late AZZ HOLE!!! Mr. Loving and devoted father he ain’t. The Mexico pics put the nail in that coffin. Idiot

  • MEL

    He might like her but he loves her money and lifestyle more.
    He’ll cheat again.

    JJ show some respect. Pics of Leann have no biz being mixed in with the Cibrian family.

  • validate

    The Cibrian, Glanville , Rimes and Sheremet families may be very mature about this and actually in time, or even now, deal with each other as human beings and not enemies. Wouldn’t that set a good example!

    We just don’t know the full. story but this soccer game is a start in the right direction

    It is heartening.

  • validate

    If Brandi was so furious or put about she wouldn’t even show up at the same place at the same time. They would alternate like so many other ex-couples in a similar situation do.

    Ex: Denise Richards and Sheen for one

  • anna

    If Brandi didn’t want to be photographed together with Eddie at this football game then she wouldn’t have done it. She is doing the right thing – trying to maintain some kind of civil relationship with the father of her children despite his appalling behaviour towards her. Her kids can only gain from her positive attitude.

    Both Rimes and Cibrian are using her PR machine to combat the public backlash to their blatant and cruel behaviour. They could have been discreet and prevented such public humiliation of their spouses and media exposure of such a private matter. She is obviously overjoyed at the successfully manipulation of her lover and forcing him to leave his wife, something he obviously didn’t want to do. Somehow I feel that he will bitterly regret his decision in the future.

  • validate

    Brandi doesn’t look like the angry, scorned wife.

  • Chau

    Both people are lame losers.

  • validate

    Neither Le Ann nor Brandi are beautiful women. Eddie is so gorgeous he could have a Jolie as he has better features than Brad and will probably keep them into old age.

  • validate

    I don’t think she’s preggers. Dean said she has an enormous appetite so maybe she and her friend just had lunch before they went shopping.

    BTW It’s nice to see Le Ann out with her friends.

  • validate

    I sense disappointment here. Isn’t it better that the involved parties deal amicably with one another? If Eddie marries Le Ann his kids will be at their home and if Le Ann and Eddie have kids all the kids will be brothers and sisters.

    Mixed families are as common as regular families today in America. Our divorce rate for 1st time marriages is around 43%, 60% for 2nd marriages and 73% for 3rd marriages.

  • Jake

    Brandi, I hope you read this because Rimes and her PR team are using you and your children. I don’t know if Eddie realizes this because he seems so stupid but I’m pretty sure he is in on it. The other day Rimes gets the story to People that you want an “amicable” divorce. By saying this, it makes you look less of a victim and Eddie less of a scoundral. The pics at the soccer game with you are only PR to make it look like everyone is “amicable”. We never see Eddie because the paps can’t find him but now all of a sudden they have pictures of him wearing nice clothes and buying lawn furniture for the soccer game. Jared is playing right into Rimes plan. Eddie and Rimes told the paps where they could find him and where he was going. Now they are going to try to clean up his image on Regis where he will say the divorce will be “amicable” and he hopes to remain friends with you. This is all to try and clean up his image. If you want to know when Eddie is going to marry Rimes, the date has been set for late October or early November and the place is Las Vegas. Las Vegas is where Rimes is performing at that time and she is going to use the wedding as publicity to bring customers to her performance. That is just how much she values marriage. Brandi, if Eddie denies that he knew the paps were following him you must remember he is a “compulsive liar” and he and Rimes are using you and your children to clean up his image. Don’t let this happen again. Question for you; does Eddie usually wear nice close to soccer games or does he wear his blue jeans and t-shirt? That should tell you a lot. Momma Cibrian, you should be ashamed of your son and reject your future daughter in law, unless of coarse you are no better than Rimes. Love you Brandi!!!

  • validate

    This gets even better. It was just reported that those are Brandi’s parents with them at the soccer game.

    Goodness gracious!

  • validate

    Those are Brandi’s parents at the game with Eddie and Brandi.

    What is going on? Has Eddie returned home? Or does everyone really like each other?

    This is turning very interesting!

  • validate

    @ Jake……

    I have a question for you……..why would Brandi’s parents want to help out with Eddie’s PR ? I don’t get that reasoning.

    If this is only a PR stunt for Eddie why would Brandi and her parents be participating on Eddie’s behalf? I don’t get that. Maybe you can explain.

  • cat

    LOL!….#22,…that is funny you hit it just right!hahaha

  • MEL

    I’M BEGINNING TO THINK WE HAVE BEEN HAD. Didn’t Brandi and Eddie go to a Bruce Willis wedding a while back. Ashton Kutcher was there HMMMMMM. Most parents would want to burn him at the stake for what he did to their daughter not cozy up to him at a soccer game.

  • validate

    Is Eddie going to announce he and Brandi are together on Regis Monday?


  • validate

    I can see Brandi’s mother sitting in the chair behind Brandi’s dad. She has dark shorts on but Brandi’s dad is standing in front of her and blocking her upper part.. I can see Brandi’s resemblance to her father.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?

    Good luck,LeAnn.You’re gonna need it.Eddie is no prize you got there by default.

    Can’t wait to see LeAnn’s high road when Eddie dumps her next year.
    It is real cute,them shoppping at Williams-Sonoma for their lil love shack.

    gwen,,less and change your name.