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Gerard Butler: Pastis Pigging Out

Gerard Butler: Pastis Pigging Out

Wearing a rooster cap, Gerard Butler hops into a cab after lunching at Pastis in the Meatpacking District of New York City on Monday afternoon (September 28).

On Friday, the 39-year-old Scottish actor was seen sitting between two women at the NYC hotspot, Rose Bar. Neither of them was Jennifer Aniston.

Gerry is currently prepping for his big hosting gig on Saturday Night Live on October 17. Musical guest of the night: Shakira.

20+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler pigging out at Pastis…

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gerard butler pastis 01
gerard butler pastis 02
gerard butler pastis 03
gerard butler pastis 04
gerard butler pastis 05
gerard butler pastis 06
gerard butler pastis 07
gerard butler pastis 08
gerard butler pastis 09
gerard butler pastis 10
gerard butler pastis 11
gerard butler pastis 12
gerard butler pastis 13
gerard butler pastis 14
gerard butler pastis 15
gerard butler pastis 16
gerard butler pastis 17
gerard butler pastis 18
gerard butler pastis 19
gerard butler pastis 20

Credit: TakeOver Media; Photos: INFdaily, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Mr. Giggles

    Is it safe to post here ??????

  • yeah

    no crazy posting please

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Love this guy. When he smiles like above you get to see a glimpse that he is enjoying his day. Good for you Gerry.
    I think it is safe to post now. I know the crazy troll has been shut down. At least I hope it is. he he
    Again Mr. Giggles, thanks for having a calm plan of action for the posters that wanted to escape that crapfest. You were cool under pressure. Good for you!

  • twitter…..

    the comment by jj about gerry sitting between two women, not ja came from twitter yesterday. it was sent directly to him. twitter is becoming central in celeb gossip.

  • -

    Uhhhhhhh You get tired about these comments. How many times do they have to say they are just friends, so why wouldn’t he sit with other women. Let it go allready. Ger and Jen are not dating.

  • Lily

    What a cutie..Best always

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    Hey posters. If the insane one makes it back and starts posting using your moniker, flag the comments immediately and tell Jared. Let’s not let that happen to another thread of ours.
    Again, I am looking forward to LAC. It seems to be the most promising of his three movies opening lately.

  • outfit

    Is he wearing the exact same outfit (hat, manpurse, shoes and all) that he had on last Thursday?

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @outfit: I suspect that the pictures may have been from the same day IMO. Everything is exactly the same including how the manbag is drapped over his shoulder. I believe this is the same when he hopped in a cab to get away from the paps.

  • moobies

    The moobies are back.

  • outfit is different

    @ManLESSton, I likely:

    The shirts are both grey but have different collars. Different day, same look.

  • ct

    Love this guy. He sure is walking down them streets like everybody else, were people aware of his presence?? lol

  • WTF???

    Where are the pictures of him “pigging out?”
    I expected to see pictures of him eating…he isnt eating.
    And it is not uncommon for jerry to wear the same thing another day. lol

    get rid of the manpurse. lol how stupid! the two women at rose were friend/manager. hello people wake up – if you saw pics you’d notice they werent exactly into him and he wasnt exactly into them – at least not in that way.
    lol u people can be exasperating! the man is single and for right now – that works for him!

  • ManLESSton, I likely

    @outfit is different: D@mn you’re good. I stand corrected. I didn’t notice the collars.

  • Concerned Reader….

    As long as the two lunatics from that last thread stay far far away we are doing ok :) lol my goodness what was that!!

    And one of them had some weird speech impediment or something….like english was her second language? where are these people posting from??

    I havent seen a thread implde like that since Skaarsgard! lol

  • Mrs.Beady

    I like Gerry. He has a funny personality in interviews. I like the fun celebs and the ones that aren’t afraid to be outspoken and the ones that do something good with their star power. Gerry is really humble and I read he was really intelligent too. Love his accent!

  • linky

    @WTF???: the two women at rose were friend/manager. hello people wake up – if you saw pics you’d notice they werent exactly into him and he wasnt exactly into them – at least not in that way
    if you’ve seen pix of him with these gals plz provide a link so we can all have a looky

  • Yikes!

    Gerard needs a diet!
    Dude – you dont want to show up to events looking too far removed from your better days….
    Look at Clooney, Clive, Craig, Jackman….they all look great!!!
    .KEEP IT TOGETHER Ger, Jeez!!!

  • cubedweller

    He looks great – love the jeans.

  • lola

    I don’t get the “pigging out” part.. he looks fit to me. Rose Bar is great as is Gramercy Hotel. Very exclusive and they keep a gorgeous and stylish crowd.

  • anon annoy

    @moobies: Maybe that’s why he was at Pastis……..he needs them!
    (haha pasties)

  • lilac

    I think he looks great as well.

    In my opinion, he’s better than all those mentioned above. It’s the IT factor.

    I’ll have to check out the collar. I could have sworn they were the same pictures!

  • cj stjohn

    I’m going to assume he is sporting a messager bag…probably contains a laptop and papers..

  • b-cup

    More than a handful there, Ger…….

  • wow!!!!


  • murse

    A murse and moobies.

  • Kramer

    He needs a bro.
    Where’s Kramer?

  • Francie

    for all of you that are either blind or just constipated and really mean… that said Gerry was fat ……Make sure you see his new movie Law Abiding Citizen…He has a nude scene that will have you eating your words…maybe then you;ll get rid of that nasty bout of constipation and you won’t be so mean!!

  • not blind

    He’s not fat, but he has moobs. (-:
    And sometimes carb face.

    He’s an enigma.

  • Jill

    He isn’t fat at all, just out of shape. Definitely needs to hit the gym.

  • no wonder you’re single

    what a pimp.

  • somebody

    @Francie: A flash of a microscopic peenis can cure my constipation? wow. When is this Law Abiding Citizen flick released cuz my rectum is carrying a brick and I can’t take much more of this hobbling around.


    Find a gym FAST ger!
    Why doesnt he have his handlers make him go to the gym???

  • comp

    Not a big fan of the hat. Did he wear it hoping nobody will recognize him? Come on Gerr. Wearing clothes of defferent style/color may be better disguise IMO. I still think he is hotter and sexier than Clooney, Clive, Craig, Jackman etc. (can you tell I am a fan?) but I agree some sort of dieting regiment may be beneficial. The more weight one gains the harder to shed so he should watch his scales closely.

    I love his interviews given over the years. He was so cute in them and I never get tired watching them. I saw LAC commercials on TV during football games. This one is a biggie for him.



    HELLO FRANCIE!!! Wake up an smell the SCottish house blend!
    Can you say BODY DOUBLE???!
    It’s TIM’S body! Doh!!!

  • oh my

    Bitch tits!!!!
    Please continue to amuse me with your horrible outfits, Gerry!!!!

    This is the man who poses for photos in a very sweaty shirt at an art gallery opening. You can’t make this stuff up…….

  • dirty

    Does he just pick his clothes off the floor and put them on?
    I bet he doesn’t shower every day either. )-:

  • Fan Fab Fan

    He needs a diet regimen. He will not be able to lose gain 20-30lbs over and over again in between each movie at age 40+!!!!
    If he wants to be a leading man, and not jump into “character” roles like the other fatness, VAUGHN, he better start caring about his package meaning his overall presentation.

    Russell Crowe said he will never ever do what he had to do to keep robin hood interested in him. Lose 30lbs??? Men arent “easy” like Bale with the weight loss thing.

    Gerard! Find a treadmill for your own GOOD!!

  • oh my

    b/tch tits!!!!

    (can’t believe they bleep out b/tch)

  • Ridic

    Boob and a man purse. Whats next?
    Gerr is seen in heels with a blonde wig?

  • body shot

    @DAMN SON:

    I remember reading that his body double (Tim) had to go back after Gerry’s shooting to reshoot that scene. I wonder if the final cut is Tim or Gerry?
    Guess you’ll be able to tell if it’s a flat a/ss with cellulite/dimples – then it’s Gerry. He showed that in RocknRolla.

  • Eyewizard

    Pitiful. You people have no lives.

  • Your Fans!

    Ger we love you but we expect a lot from you for years to come….
    DONT BURN OUT and let yourself go only to fade to oblivion!!!!

    You are a big star now – time to act like one! No more acting cute for the paps! no more nose-picking at lunch and absolutely no more flirting with dumb girls you have zero interest in just so you can squash gay rumors.

    Just ignore rumors, hit the gym and start acting like the star you ARE.

    That “vag*ina” quote makes me want to slap him silly.

  • Your Fans!

    @body shot:
    What? Gerard has a flat ass with cellulite and dimples in it??? OMG gotta go rent Rocknrolla now!
    I’m a fan, but I dont lust after him – I just thnk he is mega talented.

  • is he a lazy pothead?

    I read that smoking weed gives some men manboobs if they don’t work out.

  • Jill

    Eyewizard @ 09/28/2009 at 11:58 pm
    Pitiful. You people have no lives.

    And yet here you are.

  • Um


    Thank you for saying that. Eyewizard, people who live in glass houses….

  • Carb LOad

    Yeah not fat just soft and out of shape.

  • papee

    If he has gained some weight, how come the old clothes he is wearing still fit him perfectly? The clothes he wears look like the old ones he has always worn and they certainly do look brand new.

    Gerr def. needs to take better care of himself or he could easily slip into the shape of Vaughn and Crowe because they are men of similar built, unlike Bale who is naturally a slim person.

    I bet he has been under considerable pressure worrying about b.o. numbers of his movies. People tend to eat more and sleep less when anxious and pack on pounds as a result. At time like this he particularly needs to pay attention to his own health and well being.
    That’s enough role playing as a mummy for me for tonight.

  • Jill

    Fan Fab Fan @ 09/28/2009 at 11:52 pm
    Men arent “easy” like Bale with the weight loss thing.

    When Bale lost all that weight he was still in his 30s. Once you hit your 40s it’s a whole new ballgame. Your metabolism goes south and your weight goes north. You don’t burn calories as efficiently as you did when you were younger so you have to eat a lot less just to stay at your ideal weight. If you eat the same while your metabolism slows down, you won’t burn up the calories the way you used to and you pile on the pounds.
    Diet and exercise. Works every time.