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Jon Gosselin: Pier 1 Shopping

Jon Gosselin: Pier 1 Shopping

Jon Gosselin does some shopping at Pier 1 on Sunday (September 27) in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

The 34-year-old reality star’s girlfriend Hailey Glassman underwent breast augmentation surgery on September 16, Star magazine reported.

Hailey was photographed walking out of Natural Images in Plastic Surgery in Nyack, N.Y., with her mother, Lauren, and father, Dr. Lawrence Glassman.

10+ pictures inside of Jon Gosselin going Pier 1 shopping…

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  • bella

    They have nice stuff at Pier One . . .must be nice spend your kids money on expensive dishes. . . .oh and a boob job for your slu tty girlfriend. What an a** truly a he is a disgusting human being.
    Kate is pathetic, and a terrible actress.

    Those poor kids are going to be so screwed up for different reasons by both parents.

  • jeannette laframboise

    Why is this man news? I just don’t understand it. I think both he and Kate are ridiculous and should put their focus on the well-being of the children-period.

  • karen

    this guy is such a loser!!!

  • whatthehe__

    Okay, he is a loser!

    Bella your an idiot if you think he paid for Hailey’s procedure. It was at HER FATHER”S clinic! Do you really think her Dad’s associate charged her?

    Also, if spending less than forty dollars for a set of bowls is expensive, your budget is in trouble.

  • VanM

    EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW….He looks stoned…Kate you are so lucky to have gotten rid of this STD infected douche……Just keep doing what you your doing to support your kids and Karma will come back and bite this waste of space’s a**, just kick back and enjoy……Team Kate…………..Oh and if you don’t like my comment then may I suggest that you not read the comment section…………..

  • SubSub

    D.a.m.n. is this dude getting fatter? Quit eating the children’s college fund.

  • boo

    He’s really cute. It looks like he’s picking up on being a celebrity and just keeping his emotions inside while being photographed. He always was the even keeled one on their show.

    Pier1 is a pretty cheap place to buy kitchen stuff for those that are worried about his spending habits. I’m impressed. With that cash, I’d be dropping it on place settings far more pricey.

  • annie

    He is at pier one and bought a few bowls, no big deal. Rumors that he paid for a boob job. The other reports said she had a cyst removed. All rumors, guess you can’t believe everything you read.

  • blah blah blah


    In any case, Hailey got it for free.

  • blah blah blah

    What about the charity work he did this weekend/ JJ? He Tweeted about it a few times.

  • lolly

    lol, kate used to make him go to gym. this’s the biggest i have seen him since the show aired.

  • Adrienne

    Why blame Jon for the cost of Hailey’s boob job? Her father is a plastic surgeon and it was a freebie. Most of us can afford Pier 1 kitchen stuff…what’s the big deal?? Some people just love to b.itch about anything as they have no life of their own and are usually unattractive and miserable.

  • wm


    Are you serious? You think he’s cute? He’s yucky to the max!

  • Darya2000

    What a douche! He is such a loser now. At least he is not wearing those ridiculous Ed Harty shirts! What a TOOL!

  • leela


  • boo

    @wm: Yeah I do think he’s cute. He’s got a few extra pounds but so what? I just think he seems like a cool person (except for the part where he hung out with lohan) and is doing the best he can after getting out of a really bad, probably sexless marriage.

  • Tubbo

    He should join KFed’s deadbeat dad weight loss program. They are both tools.

  • facts

    Dude is getting fatter by the second.

  • sandy

    God, he is getting FAT! What a lazy pig!

  • Julie

    Okay people, so he put on a few pounds. This is why here is tons of diet pills and weight loss programs. We grow out a bit and everyone gets mean. This is what happens when someone is content with their lives and don’t have a wife yapping at you 24/7. At least no one mentioned where are the kids, remark. It seems like whenever you see the parents out by themselves the posters think 8 kids should be trailing behind them.

  • Lauren

    At least Jon is there for his kids!!!!!

    Where is Kate??????

  • Cambel


    Soooo, it was ok for Kate to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lipo, a tummy tuck, breast lift and all the other work she had done, but him going out and spending $30.00 on dishes is somehow wrong? Are you deranged?

  • Beach Lover

    Just saw the picture of Khate at a skating event. She is posed next to a guy. Remember the song with the words “dude looks like a lady”? Every time I see Khate I think “girl looks like a tranny”, don’t you? She looks completely underdressed for a skating rink of any kind and has that square body and tree-trunk legs that just don’t look good in dresses. Get a clue.

    Have to say I don’t seriously care what she looks like. If she wasn’t such a hateful bitch I wouldn’t comment on her looks. But I so despise what this woman has done to her family that all bets are off.

  • mia

    If I had a choice on who I could hang out with it would have to be Jon. He seems more laid back and real than his fake wife Kate. I like pier one and he has great taste when it comes to decorating than Kate. She is clueless about dressing herself, those fugly looking shoes she parades in have to go, and them hats too

  • aska

    fatty patty boom boom, ewwww

  • mama

    I have to agree about the legs, they do look like tree trunks. She is better off covering them up. Good thing Fall is here and we will see her more in slacks. Her feet are huge!!!!! She does not look feminine, and that fugly looking hairdo needs to go…ughhhhhhh


    VANm he doesn’t look stoned he just looks Asian.

  • VanM

    yeah…I guess hanging out by your fence and talking to the paps is what people consider being there for your kids…..mmmmmmhhhhhmmmm…..Kate has always and is still doing what she has to do to make sure her children have what they need…..Writing books, and talking at seminars she is a GREAT MOM……Team Kate

  • Cathey

    Do you think anybody really cares where he shops!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!!
    Stop watching this show and stop supporting these two!!!!!!!!!

  • VanM

    Kate you look beautiful, just let the haters keep hatin and laugh loudly when you deposit those big a** checks into your account………

  • VanM

    I thought the tummy tuck and lipo were free………….Hailey’s Mom is such a giver….Get the facts correct

  • Sam

    Holy Cow!!!! who are the haters that Van keeps talking about. Seems to me that when you talk about Jon you are a HATER too. Team Kate is so old school, time to come up with something new Van

  • VanM

    Ugghhh Sam is it???? Kiss my A** I can write whateverr I want if you don’t like then don’t read my posts…Hater

  • VanM

    I’m stating facts, I said he looks High which he does and he walks to the fence a lot which he does… and there are a lot of people hating on Kate and there are…….If you don’t like my comments then don’t read them…..Hater….

  • Sam

    Van you are the hater!!!!!! You seem to kiss the red carpet that Kate drools on

  • VanM

    And I like it……….hahahahahahahhahahhahahahhhahahahhahahahah

  • VanM

    oh and SAMMY this one is for you baby GIRL……. Team KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam KateTeam Kate.>….>hahahahahahahahahaahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahhahahahhahhahahahhahah

  • Sam

    Van please take a break and take your meds.

  • Lauren

    Kate has a hulk of a body and she should dress appropriately. Maybe some black slacks, heels and a cute top. Forget the boob revealing dresses.

    I guess the alcohol abuse is turning around and biting her in the butt. I hear she works out 2 hours a day but she is still pretty tree trunkish. It must be all the alcohol she is putting back. Her legs are so gross!

  • lara

    Has this man actually WORKED at any kind of job lately? What will he do for an income when the show goes off the air?

  • jen

    How many of you took a pic that was unexpected……you all probally looked stoned too. I doubt he is spending any of his kids money……JUST LIKE KATE YOU KATE FANS NEED TO GO SCRATCH YOURSELVES….you are in the minority

  • sam

    Wow, the haters are really fixated on Kate’s body and legs today. Got nothing else to bitch about? I’ll bet 90% of you aren’t in as good shape as she is,
    I thought this article was about Jon shopping?

  • pup

    He needs to hit the gym !ASAP!

  • mela

    maybe Jon can borrow Haley’s old bra’s now that she won’t need them.

  • Van

    I love Jon!!!! He has good taste shopping at Pier One. Woohoo, Team Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Van

    Jon is a great dad and goodlooking too. Kate has those fugly looking legs, they do look like tree trunks, thanks for observation everyone

  • VanM

    Dear Sam…….You sure do sound a lot like someone that writes posts on OMG…The take your meds comment is something that A63 over at OMG writes all the time……..So if anyone on here doesn’t like Jon you get all crazy well….Opinions are like A**holes everybody has one………I happen to likeKate and you don’t…You happen to like Jon and I don’t….Seems to me like you should take some meds yourself begfore your head explodes…This will be my last comment directed at you SAMMY GIRL……….I love it when my comments hit home….Se ya LOSER

  • samvan

    now now sammy & vanm lets play nice we all hate Jon

  • Anonymous

    Is Jon high on MJ? he sure does look like he is. I guess a girl would have to also be on some kind of drugs to be with this guy, Kate you must have been thanking God when he left.

  • Trish

    Jon looks like he’s about to have multiples himself. And he even has the MOOBS to suckle them. What a loser. Next he’ll be doing The Biggest Loser… though he already is!!!!!!!