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Kristin Cavallari Earns $90,000 Per 'Hills' Episode

Kristin Cavallari Earns $90,000 Per 'Hills' Episode

Want to know how much the stars of The Hills make? The Daily Beast has a round-up of how much each star makes per episode:

Kristin Cavallari, $90,000
Audrina Patridge, $100,000
Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, $100,000
Heidi Montag, $100,000
Spencer Pratt, $65,000
Brody Jenner, $45,000

Before Lauren Conrad left the show after five seasons, she made $125,000 per episode (or $2.5 million a year).

As a comparison, the stars of The Real Housewives franchise reportedly make $30,000 a show.

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Photos: Miranda Penn Turin/MTV
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  • lexy

    It’s a disgrace that these untalented idiots earn this much money – even $30K for those stupid housewives is too much. These people a disgrace to actors everywhere!

  • Tico

    That shows you how our society has evolved…regular folks even with good education struggle to make ends meet and those people are paid a ridiculous amount of money to stare in each other eyes on TV!!! The worst part…..we created those monsters!!!!!

  • Lydia

    HOPEFULLY people OPEN THEIR EYES, WE ARE THE “dumbasses” that actually make this people who they are, while we ought nothing in this world after hardcore work and studies, this punks dont even give a shit about us.

  • alex

    holy shit!
    i wish i could get payed for doing nothing.

  • H.

    I can’t believe anyone actually watches that crap. Let alone that these famewh*res makes so much money. Sad, so sad.

  • kate

    FVCKING SAD! people work their a$$ off n they dont even get that much for a year

  • brittany

    this is the world we live in.

  • Aqua

    that show sucks anyways.

  • bella

    Are you kidding me? No real talent and no real career and they are making that amount of money. That is so sad. @brittany: agree. Hardly worth the money, and with the way they spend it they will be bankrupt by 30.

  • casey

    holy molly i love this, who need to go to school this days………
    fonna teach my daughters how to be strippers and homewreckers so watching this show……………

  • holy

    Holy c.r.a.p they get that much? They’re not even good at acting!

    My dad’s a multiple sclerosis researcher and he only earns $50,000 a year. He works 12 hours a day and produces 14 {20 page} articles regarding his experiments every year. It’s a disgrace how people who actually benefit the world are getting horrible paychecks while talentless actors are becoming mega rich.

  • paige

    all you need is the hills. to make this world a better place for you and for me and for all our future kids.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?

    These people are paid these amounts.

    For WHAT?!?!??!?!!?

  • mike

    @holy: you mean famewhores not actors, they were never actors.

  • yessiricanboogie

    and on the pic they don’t look happy at all! lol…I d be smiling from ear to ear and share with you guys, if I do 100k per episode.

  • dk

    and now go get a boob job kristin. i love ya

  • eimear

    @holy: Thats a perfect example of this screwed up unbalanced world.. your dad could be saving ppls lives, and these ppl are just self absorbed disgusting human beings.. makes me never want to go to LA.

  • Marieme

    I stopped watching after Audrina went psycho on Lauren about Justin. I thought she was the stupidest person alive for accusing her friend and felt like an idiot for watching. It was actually pretty easy to give it up as you can imagine. Now that Lauren is gone I can’t for the life of me figure out why this show is continuing. Bringing in this dumb troublemaker is an insult to Hill’s viewers. Yeah, they actually do think you’re that dumb and that you’ll watch anything.

  • janice

    why do they get paid so much ?!?!
    they are not doctors. MTV IS JUST WASTIN MONEY ON A BUNCH OF LOSERS.

  • wtf

    Disgrace, disgrace, disgrace! End of story.

  • Ashley

    Are you kidding me!? Ugh, they don’t do anything worth that much money. It’s a STUPID fake show. No one in the “real world” cares about them.

  • lala

    @ eimear:
    Oh believe me I was there this summer, let alone Laguna Beach, and it was a shame how many stuck up people I met from there.

  • Frida

    This is f*cked up.

  • lolly

    i knew the show’s fake, so i’ve never seen one single epi. my roomie used to watch it tho. LOL@ people who are shocked to find out how much they are making. yea….thanks to the idiots who watch the show. bcos of you guys, i know who these cun+s are eventho i don’t watch.
    these f8cking cun+s are everywhere. super annoying

  • Leigh

    This seriously disgusts and upsets me. You have people, YES INDEED, who work their assses off, and don’t even come closeeeeee to how much these worthless, untalented, spoiled brats are making. Society is getting sadder day by day. This makes me want to throw a shoe at anyone who even takes the time out of their life to tune into this joke of a goddam show.

  • dundies

    bitches are set for life

  • oh my

    My mom only earns $90,000 a year, but she’s a doctor. She spent 10 years after college to become a doctor and was in residency and everything.
    It really sucks that bad actors and actresses earn $100,000 per episode. All they really do is say a few lines and look hot.

  • Fergie Rocks !

    OMG ! Does someone want to tape my life?

  • rinella

    That much money? Realllllly? Um maybe if they had a brain and weren’t so ditsy (especially Audrina), had some talent, did something WORTH making that much.. then maybe, just maybe that would be a whole lot more reasonable!!!

  • eimear

    @lala: yeah im gonna have to stop watching it now.. definitely. and stop watching MTV altogether, its their fault in the first place, why bother puttin the word “music” in there title anymore..

  • Cassidy

    @ rinella:
    Lmao I know Audrina is the friggin worst. Nobody can possibly be dumber than that girl

  • Sar

    We need to start a petition to get these idiots off the air.

  • jackee

    MTV has more viewers anyways.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn, no wonder these losers are always spending
    i personally dont think they deserve it since they’re not worth it but i wont be jealous, they got the money for some reason
    i can never hate on how much a person makes, even if they do nothing, it just shows they’re smart in “someway” 2 be pulling in that money

  • jm

    Great idea Sar
    NOW lets do it..

  • Mrs.Beady

    Uh huh. Shocking. @@ Nooooooo comment.

  • joanne

    Doctors and teachers etc. should be getting paid that much. what a sad world we all live in. I respect them much more than any actor out there.

  • karen

    Welcome to Hollywood

  • Rattlesnake

    Wow what a waste of Money … they pay these idiots this amount to do what ? ? And they cry when the paparazzi try to make a few bucks off their photos ! !

  • Anonymous

    When you think about men and women who risk their lives everyday, law enforcement, police, firemen, soldiers…they barely make $35,000 as a base salary….
    and then we read everyday unemployment is on the rise..AND still people watch that pathetic garbage of a show aiding those idiots to receive that sort of money per episode..No wonder America is slowly on a decline.

  • Tands

    You all understand why they make the money they do, right? They make money because they make MTV lots of money. If you make a company millions, you deserve to be fairly compensated. One doctor by him/herself does not generate the hospital millions of dollars, so they don’t get the compensation The Hills’ cast does. Get it? Sure, it’s unfair that’s how life works, but it’s the way it is. If you make people money, you make money, otherwise you’re going to be average.

  • anna


  • lexy

    I’ve never watched this show and I’d certainly never buy any clothes or perfume or anything endorsed by these losers – even some of the more famous losers – like Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton. Also love Christina Aguilera but I wouldn’t buy her perfume.

    Hopefully this is a wake-up call for some folks to stop watching this garbage and helping these idiots make a whole lot of money for acting the fool.

    They probably aren’t even paying their fair share of taxes – if they were perhaps the state of CA wouldn’t be broke – considering these folks are actually residents of CA.

  • Samantha

    You know what seriously ticks me off? It was reported that GG actors Blake Lively and Chace Crawford make 50 K, and they actually work. Yeah, that’s still a lot, but seriously? GG cast/crew is much more deserving that a bunch of spoiled kids who were lucky enough to have been able to weasel their way onto the show. UGH!!!!

  • ava rose

    That’s crazy. For those of you who have parents who’ve earned their degree or in the medical field, it is shocking to know that “psuedo celebs” make more, considering the fact that they have not worked hard for anything, haven’t sacrificed time and hard work and money for a degre…it’s such a shame.

    oh! and don’t forget all the talent fees they get paid for by promoting the show, the magazine and print ads, and paid apperances…and if you’re a “celeb”, for some reason you get free stuff so you can endorse stuff. It’s unbelivable. Hmm…maybe we can do something about this? Put this into writing and make it a new law? Increase teachers wages and decrease “celebrities’” salaries

  • Mrs.Beady

    I wonder if any of these people get secretly sick of their lives. I mean once you get past the mansions, elaborate vacations, and the like. It must suck to live in a fish bowl filled with paparrazzi and superficial people offering you superficial relationships. Where everything goes back to the bottom line. Hearts shaped like dollar bills and all that jazz. I wonder if they feel empty. Maybe some of them do so that is why the try to do charity work and good causes.

  • diana

    doctors, firefighters, teachers, hell even plumbers deserve to get paid more than these knuckleheads

  • kd

    how depressing…what i earn in 2 years, they make in one episode.

  • Mrs.Beady

    And they all like to date and marry each other too. So even past the money they must really love all parts of it. Amazing. Just wow.

  • Mrs.Beady

    Oh I am sure *some* of them work hard. But probably no harder than your average doctor, educator, or whatever. Some of them work harder than others as do some of us regular folks. It’s not even the money really, it’s all the fakery that goes with it. Managers, agents, red tape, PR, back scratching, politicing, networking, fast talking, slick talking, double talking, trickery, fakery, false flattery, ass kissing, pretend lives they live too. Ick?