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Rachel Bilson: amfAr From Over

Rachel Bilson: amfAr From Over

Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez stay classic in black at amfAR Milano 2009 red carpet during the Inaugural Milan Fashion Week event at La Permanente on Monday (September 28) in Milan, Italy.

The 28-year-old actress wore a column Ferragamo dress, clutch and shoes — topped off with Bulgari jewels. Nicole wore a Gucci gown with a plunging neckline and a Ferragamo clutch.

When asked if she has an upcoming projects on the horizon, Rachel told, “Yeah, I think I’m going to start another movie in October, but I don’t know the details about it yet so I’m not going to talk about it. Soon!”

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Photos: Stefania DAlessandro/Getty
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  • lou

    Absolutely classic and beautiful!

  • jamie

    she got a job? o/
    what? in the Disney studios? LOL

  • mimi

    don’t be surprised if rachal doesn’t have any movies. she can’t act her way out of a paper bag!

  • lexy

    Disney wouldn’t hire her! They look for nobody’s they can turn into somebody’s – not has beens. Thursday is Oct. 1st so what’s she waiting for?? Why wouldn’t she know if she was in the movie – perhaps she’s hoping Natalie Portman or Kate Winslet will drop out of a role and she’ll be next in line for it.

    Do you think Rachel knows what Amfar stands for or that it’s a charity event? LMAO – she probably was upset b/c she was expecting to see a free movie! She was mad as hell when she realized she was at an event that was to benefit OTHER people and not herself!

  • ivanka

    she is so beautiful , nice dress

  • lisa

    I don’t think she will be starting a movie in October

  • liz

    she’s lying, she always lied, I bet this movie don’t exist. she said this because she would not answer that she don’t get scripts.

  • Mrs.Beady

    She looks really good here. I love her hair and red lipstick!

  • Funkey

    Seems she has the hots for her stylist she now show up everywhere with Rachel. And basic black on this woman makes her look drowned out. Not to mention we are back to several shots a day again what JJ paid again by her agent to keep posting this woman.

    J.O.B. please her with a real working job that would cut into her shopping and soliciting for free clothing. Plus brightboy is supposed to be working come Oct isn’t he. Or is it she wants to pan off anything he gets as some package deal.

  • #1fan

    is she really still an actress? i haven’t seen her in anything in years

  • tonie

    Please don’t let that movie be Vanishing on 7th Street. That one sounds like it could be decent.

    She actually looks nice for once.

  • mia

    wow, i didn’t realize so many people disliked her.

    anyway, i think she looks great. i think it’s refreshing she barely wears any make-up. she has a very fresh-faced girl next door look and i like that she’s not ashamed of her freckles.

  • Voice of reason

    JJ is at it again, taking comments and making it look good. For once I agree with Funkey to a degree, if someone was going to start a movie in 3/4 weeks they WOULD know about it.
    This report comes from Rachel making a comment that a movie has been put back, she did not mention the production or the title-but again it’s also came from a blog-but at least more a fashion one.
    I actually like what she is wearing very classic and the line looks good on her. Also like the drop ear-rings.

  • Here we go again

    Funkey @9, I agree with you. Rachel is probably trying to get a part in Hayden’s movie that starts in October. If she’s talking about a different movie, then I hope it’s far, far away somewhere so that she can’t get papped so often!

  • searlus

    Always been a copycat or a late trendsetter… Alexis B.started off this trend (sporting bright lipstick) since 2008 or much earlier.
    What a self-claimed freakshionista!

  • Amelia

    I have watched Jumper several times and each time before I watch I try to convince myself that Bison wasnt THAT bad, but then after the movie I just shake my head at what a terrible actress she is. Although she does look very pretty in these pics. I hope she has been steady taking acting classes.

  • @ Searlus

    @ Searlus,
    The red lipstick with wearing the black has been going on from the age of time. It is elegant to wear with black.

    This dress black gown may be an improvement for Rachel from all the trashy hooker garbage she has been sporting lately. Big whoop! The dress makes her look even shorter. She can’t get it right. It is either too short or too long. She does not know how to dress her body type. She should take lessons from Natalie Portman who knows how to dress her small frame into the much more classic styles then Rachel can ever fill her microscopic size 5 shoes in. The drop-earings? So what? She is wearing her jewelry better this time then, the ugly space necklace she wore a few weeks ago. It could be why she got a stylist now to help learn how to dress for events like this since, no one cared for her hooker space costume a few weeks ago. Proof…. She needs a stylist but, it don’t mean they don’t have a magic wand. LOL! Rachel looks the same but, wearing red lipstick and a dress that is too long and accentuates how short she really is. I would think a girl that is on the short side already would not want to make herself look even shorter?

    The red lipstick has been going on for years and Bettie Paige wore it better then Rachel.

  • searlus

    IMHO, Id still say that a NON vertically & visually challenged like Alexis is much more “suitable” to wear that bright lipstick compared to that diminutive freakshionista.

  • S

    Her best look ever, in my opinion, very classic.

  • @ Searlus

    @ Searlus,
    You obsoletely right! Rachel’s look very classic?? Yeah…If midget’s are your thing S! LOL! If you desire Freakshionsta or Fartshionsta’s expertise that is clearly up to you. I say still a miss. The Freakshionsta is trying but, still cannot get it right. She is trying to look tall and fouled OUUUTTTTT miserably.

  • lou

    @@ Searlus:

    Nonsense! You shouldn’t be judging at all with your obvious bias. I don’t know what your computer screen is doing to the images but my first thought was that this dress made her look tall. Long waisted, tall and very proportionate.

    She was a guest of Ferragamo and dressed head to toe in Ferragamo. They did a great job too.

  • aberfitch

    RaTchel vaguely stating that she got an unidentified new film coming up in the coming days (truthfully & on her own merits) is like saying “I’m a true-blue movie actress, a fashion designer & a very private person… YO”!

  • ness17

    Okay, NOT her best look
    I’m so over her! Can someone tell me why she’s still famous???

  • lexy

    Her PR people pay JJ to post pics of her – she’s really only famous here. I mean she’s at an AIDS benefit and comments on a movie she might be making. No comments on the cause – b/c she probably doesn’t know she’s at a charity event.

    #14 – interesting HC starts filming in Oct and Rachel thinks she has a job that starts filming in Oct. This man is so whipped. His career isn’t doing that well to begin with. Chaining himself to this loser isn’t going to help.

    Let’s hope she looks nice – again, she’s standing next to a woman who she PAID to dress her for this event. Just shows that she needs this woman to move in with her and dress her EVERY day for EVERY event.

  • Anakin


    “Let’s hope she looks nice – again, she’s standing next to a woman who she PAID to dress her for this event. Just shows that she needs this woman to move in with her and dress her EVERY day for EVERY event.”

    Hell has officially frozen over, you said she looks nice though you I’m not shocked you even found a way to compliment her without complimenting her LOL

    Rachel you look great once again, now the only thing the haters can hate on you is your career and your fiance, at least they have that

  • lexy

    Anakin when you’re paying someone to dress you it makes sense you look nice doesn’t it? I’m not talking rocket science here. You go to an Italian restuarant you don’t expect them to serve you Chef Boyardee – you expect to get your money’s worth. Considering Rachel considers HERSELF a fashionista and wants us to take HER fashion advice it’s strange that she only looks nice when someone else picks out her clothes.

    BTW, let’s not forget – RB probably thinks amFAR is a movie premiere and doesn’t know it’s actually an AIDS charity – so we can hate on her stupidity too. Afterall, she’s got no comment about the fact that she’s AIDS event and that there’s still no cure and that millions still die of AIDS every year. She just talks about possibly riding her man’s coat tails….again…

  • Anakin


    Will her stylist take the blame for that outfit from the Flavor Flav collection, you can’t give credit to her stylist when she dresses good and not give the blame when she doesn’t. Rachel gets the blame for bad outfits and her stylist gets the credit when she looks great, can’t have it both ways.

    As for the AIDS event, I see no place where RB talks about possibly riding HC’s coattails, but if her movie is the same one her fiance’
    s which coincidentally also starts in Oct then I’ll eat crow.

  • liz

    Is very difficult to see pictures of some celebrity in Detroid, maybe Hayden already started filming (?)

  • me

    She might look nice but she is still a nasty person. She only did it because natalie did it.As a hayden being her finance’ that’s lie in it self.How can you can say that no.25 and others when don’t be with her in LA anymore..This just another cover for not talking about her relationship about hayden not being with her.Ther nothing to talk about her anyway. She is a fraud and everyone know it but you all here.There is no projects for here i looked all about her new movie “wAITING FOREVER ” suppose to be coming out soon.She always copying out are natalie all the time.And why hayden was with mischa instead are her at his lacoasta fashion show and she turn up later the next day.And she allow him with other girls now?So need to stop saying that’s her fiance’ when other people know better.

  • Jose

    Hahahahaha she’s such a loser.

  • sotruetoo

    She has the dumbest expression on her face. It is amazing how stupid this retard looks to me. I don’t know what to do, I tried so hard to change my mind but can’t, after what she says and does, it is all in her eyes, she is incredibly stupid.

  • lexy

    I think I’m missing something Anakin…I presume she pays her stylist per appearance. I imagine she payed her stylist for this appearance. I don’t know who picked out the Flavor Flav outfit. Either way if her stylist picked it out or she picked it out herself it was bad. Your stylist doesn’t force you to wear her choices. She could have showed RB this dress and RB said it looked awful and wore a potato sack.

    In this situation she took her stylists advice and she looks nice. However she is at an AIDS event, don’t you think she should comment on it. I mean we all know RB isn’t big on charity and doing stuff for others. She could at least pretend to know what AMFAR stands for and instead of talking about a fake movie mention how she’s there to promote AIDS awareness. Of course it would be a lie but come on – even those idiot Simpleton Sisters would pretend to know about the cause. LOL! Look at that idiot Ashlee – talking about the economy when she hasn’t a clue!

  • @nobody

    According to last week’s issue of Production Weekly, Rachel is attached to a film called “Criminal Empire for Dummys”. The film had a September production date on location in Atlanta. Harvey Keitel and Chris Evans are also attached.

  • Whateva

    Whats with all the hate??? I think she looks great. Please everyone saying she looks like crap, post a picture of yourself up here and let us all comment on you. What a bunch of catty b*tches who have nothing better to do than criticize celebs on an internet blog. LOL at the haters. I cant believe JJ is so popular with miserable housewives.


    Actually there is no real evidence that HC is doing this Vanishing it’s rumored and the production isn’t set in stone. Cast barely even casted yet those mentioned were rumored as well.

    I seriously doubt RB can land a job on this movie and with HC’s brother said to have a hand in this with his issues going on I again doubt it will be filmed. She is a bad actress and many directors know this to be true if she was any good she would have endless jobs and working. Looks like she wants jobs but, is not able to get the final call back for it. Good chance that is what she is hoping for a call back on some role.

    As for her look she looks like an extra from True Blood the black makes her look washed out and the red lipstick might be elegant, honestly not on her. But will agree it’s better then the stripper or hooker look she loves to sport around.

  • ocsethummer

    Rachel is listed, appears female lead – what were they thinking, no other actress would take the role?

  • Anakin


    Compared to Adam Brody of course who’ll take anything, see the epic disaster Jennifer’s Body for example

  • Anakin


    We don’t know what sort of arrangement she has with her stylist, does she use her all the time or some of the time. I’m just saying if she looks good, give her credit and if she looks terrible, same thing. Stylist or no stylist.

    And I really don’t

  • liz

    my god I was right, I think there is a rule between hayden and rachel, he can work only when she also work. this happened last year and will happen this year too, I hope she is in love with chris evans and let hayden alone.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she “thinks” she’s gonna start a movie, if she does it’ll probably be really low budget
    anyways, she looks really nice
    she actually makes the long dress work nice for some1 so short
    and she’s looking really skinny =]

  • Diana

    Rachel’s the best…she’s beautiful and has a great style.
    I don’t know why are you talking about her like a bitch…you’re just jeaolus…that’s all.

  • uh ok

    jealous of what?

    style? no
    looks? hell no
    intelligence? ROTFLMAO
    skill? no
    talent? wrong again

    this girl has good pr team!! to keep her in the tabs for doing nothing! wow! i will compliment that. keeping this little toad relevant. of course she does pay off JJ. to do so

  • lexy

    Jealous of what???

    #34 Hater housewives???

    What exactly are we jealous of again??? Is she shacking up with her baby’s daddy Brad Pitt?? No that’s Angelina. Is she getting acting roles and critical acclaim for her work and accomplishments at such a young age – no that’s Natalie Portman. Is she an example of a woman who manages to have a successful film career (without the help of her husband/boyfriend), good endorsement deals, be a great mom and get involved in things like domestic voilence, helping poor children, or any sort of charity – no that’s Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Garner and even Angelina Jolie or Kate Winslet.

    Just like I don’t make stupid comments when people post negative comments about Angelina or Jennifer Garner. If people don’t like these ladies – who cares? Welcome to America – it’s their right – just as it’s my right to adore them!

  • crapshack

    @ Criminal Empire for Dummys?!
    I freaking love the title itself. It accurately suits her ( just in case its really going to push thru). Looks like that those some random casting agent or producer couldn’t think of any wacktress that they could attached the word “dummy” but no other than Crapchel Bilson herself. So AMEN to that – lol!

  • @ Lexy

    @ Lexy!
    Bravo! What is their to be jealous of? Angelina Jolie is at least beautiful and is with a legend like Brad Pitt and does devote herself to charities and her family. Plus, she is tall and has an amazing figure unlike, Rachel trying to make herself look taller only causing her to show up her saddlebags. All she does is go to fashion shows now is to gain free clothes and the media spotlight. What Rachel does to get attention is almost criminal. Perfect role for her then. Criminal Empire For Dummy’s. She would not be getting any popularity if, it was not for her (husband/Boyfriend) that is basically is a has been.

    Rachel has accomplished nothing except landing her b/f. Unlike accomplished actresses like Natalie Portman her age and is now directing movies. She will never make the ranks of Kate Winslet or Angelina Jolie. Jealous of what? I think most know what true beauty is and what it should look like. If, Hayden was with a super model I could see feeling a bit jealous. Rachel looks like a short annoying midget trying to look taller in real life. She has non-existent beauty and some need to put their glasses on from what it sounds like. Plus, get a real man and real life themselves instead of defending the loser midget.

    If, Crapden wants a dwarf midget of a brainless twit of a woman that lacks talent. I guess he may have pedophile traits or, is gay and she is his beard OR, lacking mogo self esteem b/c other much more attractive woman have had the gut’s to reject him! LOL!

  • omg





  • Anakin


    Is this the same Chris Evans in those 2 sucky Fantastic Four movies? I really hope there will be a 3rd, really!

  • trendsetter

    Heavy, primary red lipstick isn’t a good idea with any color. It makes her look like a blow up sex doll. The dress is truly a classic, beautiful, elegant, showy, but she looks like she daren’t move or breathe in it. She looks uncomfortable. She tries so hard to get it right but always mucks it up somewhere along the line…shame, b/c this really is one of her better efforts.