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Samantha Burke: Back From The Hospital

Samantha Burke: Back From The Hospital

Samantha Burke, the mother of Jude Law‘s child, leaves her home in Pensacola, Florida on Sunday (September 27).

The 24-year-old protected her baby Sophia as she took her out for the first time since returning from the hospital. Sophia was born on September 22, 2009.

“Sadly, Jude will not be able to see Sophia until he finishes work on Hamlet on Broadway in December,” a source told the Telegraph. “Jude is keen to see Sophia and will make sure that he visits her before he returns to Britain.”

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  • carrie

    i ‘ll say something idiot but what big breasts!

  • Lalique

    Jared, get into the 21st century, would you? There’s no such thing as an illegitimate child anymore.

  • Lauren

    Thank you, Lalique. Children are never illegitimate. Their parents may be bumbling idiots, but that’s them, not their kids.

  • fiona

    Excuse me Jared i never read this word when you are talking about Pitt – Jolie children!

  • me!

    Lalique and Lauren—Thank you!!
    You took the words right out of my mouth.
    Almost choked on my morning cereal when I read the word “illegitimate”!
    Get with the program Jared!! When I try to write the correct word for the male anatomy, my comment must await moderation, but when you use a word like “illegitimate”, it just sails right through despite the fact that it conjures up such ugly connotations.

  • mattchew

    Agreed with above comments about the word illegitimate. Bad form Jared :(.

  • Pole

    Illegitimate child? WTH?!?

  • d9

    illegitimate??? You’ve got to be kidding!
    What about all those Jolie-Pitt kids?

  • mary

    Jude was so stupid not to use protection!!!

  • tse

    Why is anybody singling out Jolie-Pitt kids? y’all have a problem with the word, “illegitimate” but it’s ok to single out Jolie-Pitt kids? Somebody has “high moral” grounds. Half the kids in Hollywood are “illegitimate.”

  • amy

    i bet she’s so cute

  • amy

    i bet she’s so cute

  • uglyyyyy

    ugly pig is out abd abt already

  • fat

    Wow, she got really fat.

  • WTH

    @fat: LOL . . .she just had a friggin baby, of course she is going to have some weight on her. Do you think you automatically deflate after a childbirth????
    I will agree wearing something as unflattering as this after childbirth does not help.

  • ls

    Why is it the male is always solely responsible for using and carrying protection? Don’t be so naive.. this stupid “model/aspiring actress” knew exactly what she was getting into.

  • Raven

    Guess she’s getting ready for the photoshoot / tell all interview.

  • jess

    poor child has two parents totally stupid.

  • LeviKlein

    The child can’t be illegitimate, Jude isn’t even married. It’s not like if he cheated on his wife and had a baby with another woman. They were both single and adults. People should just leave this baby alone, it’s not her fault.

  • Jimmy call

    God I hope Jude won’t see her in the near future, he might shag her one more time once he sees her huge melons ! They seem so tasty, I would gladly suck them until I die

  • Darkest locks

    Lol I guess Jared removed the word “illegitimate”. EVERYBODY love to kissing the Jolie-Pitt a$ses, Jared included, so they won’t call those children that. But anyway, I have to agree with the first commenter, WHAT HUGE TATAS SHE GOT!!!!! Though I know she can’t deflate fast after giving birth….she must have always had big breasts. Women who have naturally big breasts get even bigger ones when they give birth. Wow.I’ve already seen much bigger though, so she’s ok. I also think it was their responsibility, BOTH OF THEM, to protect themselves. It’s not Jude or Samantha, it’s the two of them. Stop the friggin’ double standards!

  • Jose

    Damn she’s ugly!

  • helen w.

    why is she relevant? i mean, not that any of them are but at least they’ve DONE something. all she’s done is get knocked up by some major cute-looking hollywood actor. like that’s hard to do.

  • Amnda Dubs

    Those are very unflattering pictures.

  • ha

    she doesn’t look anything like those pics she put on the net. she got very big for one baby

  • Heidi’s used tampon

    The bastard child will be dead by the age of 20.

  • edna

    She was left with a big belly, no wonder he wants to forget about her.

  • Gasol16

    I know you don’t deflate right away after having a baby but, damn!! She only had just the one baby. By the looks of her she gained at least 50-60 pounds. She is not only big in the tummy but, everywhere! Jude defiantly does not give a cr$p about her!

  • cutiemcfreckles

    I feel bad for her situation. Seems like Samantha doesn’t mind, but what is no relationship with daddy going to do to the little girl??

  • miapocca

    I feel sorry for her…Obviously Judd Law can go drinking and clubbing in NY but cant be present for his birth of his child even though the mother happens to be a virtual stranger…his PR firm is cleaning up his behind for him so he doesn’t look bad to the media as not to have his movie flop….but the guy had no interest and this girl better stop her little publicity sniffling to get his PR firm to release statement,…its pathetic…if you can open up your legs for a on night stand with no protection, you can also woman up and provide for your child without blackmailing some irresponsible alcoholic a–rs–e….
    Obviously the DNA test was perfomed as soon as the baby crowned..ahahahhah

  • miapocca

    @Darkest locks:

    Unfortunately double standadards exist, because it falls on the woman to carry and take care of the child…the mother has to give up a lot more than the father, therefore she bettter learn a more effective way to gold digg…she may learn a lot from Wendy Murdoch!!..find an old wringly man and pump up his ego and dont glue your legs together till he can leave his wife and marry you…that simple samantha!!

  • rae

    It hasn’t even been a week people. You try stretching your stomach out for 40 weeks and see if your goes back to normal in 6 days! What stupid people you are. I only gained 24 lbs with my 1st and 30 with my 2nd. I lost all of it within 6-8 weeks and my stomach was back to normal at my 6 week check. Your UTERUS is stretched out and it takes time to shrink back…not just your stomach! Try an anatomy class!! Nursing (which I see her milk has come in) will help get the weight off and shrink her uterus.

  • azlyn

    tee hee.. she does look big..she has a big frame tho..and its mostly baby fat..but she is up n about n my custom a mum is not allowed to touch the ground for 44 days after giving birth..haha..thats tough..!

  • Sadie Frost

    The woman is huge!!! Much bigger than me !!
    Yeah yeah yeah! I know ! ! she just gave birth but… never the less… it feels good :D)

  • Kim

    Wow this woman is BIG, she gained a ton of weight with that baby. And no wonder she wants to protect the baby from photogs, she has to save the baby for the huge payout she is going to get when she sells the baby pics.

  • dabu

    She isn’t protecting the baby. She is hiding Sophia because she sold picture rights to some magazine.

  • pup

    Good for her. Another gold digger. ~_~

  • Frida

    Anyone complaining about her ‘being big’ should open their eyes to the real world, she looks like any woman would after pregnancy. You’ve clearly spent too much time in Hollyweird were women get liposuction and are back to being anorexic a week after they’ve had their baby.

  • k

    my god she is fat!

  • LuckyL

    Oh God Oh God Oh God

  • LuckyL

    Jared probably meant “Jude Law’s bast*rd child”

  • LuckyL

    …that he won’t acknowledge either in a domestic partnership or a marriage.

  • Kim

    I have had 2 kids, but she gained 75+ lbs. I was big after I had both of my kids but not that big and I gained 50 lbs with each pregnancy. She was not a skinny minny to begin with either.

  • mattchew

    To Darkest locks and tse: the problem with the word “illegitimateā€ isn’t about using it selectively, it’s about using it at all to describe a human being, let alone a child.

  • maddison

    Gawd she’s hideous. NO amount of plastic surgery will correct this glob.

  • wow

    I never want to give birth now.

  • haha

    I’m guessing she regrets getting knocked up now that she’s fat and hideous.

  • gingerbreadmama

    Wow, she is only 24??? Her face looks way older than that! Girl needs some good skin cream.

  • ashley

    Hey she doesnt look that bad for just having had a baby. I cant wait to see what Sophia looks she is adorable. If she has Jude’s eyes..oh yeah! =)
    Shame she is going to milk Jude for all he’s got now..I thought she wanted “privacy” and now she is going to do a tell all intereview about their affair???? and sell pictures of Sophia???? What a hypocrite!!!!
    Poor kid is going to be the brunt of all of this. She didn’t ask to be born. I hope Jude does stay in her life, no matter how big of a tramp this Samantha is, the baby deserves her Dad, and deserves all the happiness in the world.

  • lakers fan in boston

    u no after seeing nicole richie and this chick, it amazes even more how nicole lost that weight
    this chick is pretty average imo, under tbh
    i still cant figure out why jude hit this, was he that drunk cuz i dont see her appeal at all