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Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Boston Bunch

Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz: Boston Bunch

Cameron Diaz runs for her life as co-star Tom Cruise watches from behind the camera on the set of their new movie, Wichita, on Monday morning (September 28) in Boston, Mass.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the movie centers on “a lonely woman (Diaz) whose seemingly harmless blind date suddenly turns her life upside-down when a superspy (Cruise) takes her on a violent worldwide journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source.”

FYI: Cameron is wearing Aldo “Brendal” boots.

20+ pictures inside of Bridgewater bunch Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz

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tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 01
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 02
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 03
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 04
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 05
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 06
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 07
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 08
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 09
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 10
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 11
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 12
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 13
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 14
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 15
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 16
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 17
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 18
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 19
tom cruise cameron diaz bridgewater 20

Photos: WENN, GSI Media
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  • james

    Can Tom Cruise do any characger besides a spy? Pretty sad that he has no range of skills……

  • tina

    Cameron must have got triple her usual pay in order to risk losing her career altogether to be in the same movie with Tom “scientology maniac” Cruise.

    There aren’t many people who would take the risk she is taking.

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest cruise

    people can be so mean tom is a great actor all you haters back off

  • next

    two overrarted has beens trying hard to get back… one gives a damn about theme OVER.

  • jenny

    Why doesn’t Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes work in a movie together? LMAO ROFLMAO Can you imagine? It would be the worst selling movie of all time. The crazy cult would go broke buying up tickets.

    They could call it “The Bomb”. lmao

  • JS

    Wtf is this old woman wearing??? she looks ridiclous, plus boots in summer?

  • Claire

    This man is a genuine person.

  • TOM CRUISE who?

    Talk about cheaters Tom cheated on Nicole with Penelope
    Vanilla Sky the other movie he did with Cameron Diaz..Isn’t just great
    that it is just the two of them.. he is running ..from who>>at least Ben’s
    movie has more than 2 characters and the same with Mark Walberg
    who was also filming a movie in Boston..

  • ace11

    isn’t this girl married yet?

    no kids either?

    jeez..may never happen

  • Justjard-admin


    Tom in Tropic Thunder was really Good.

  • heyme

    She doesn’t want children. And she said it

  • 007

    Eww old hag and tiny boy do not match at all, she is almost 40 and always act like a teen.

  • To “justjard-admin”

    First of all, why the hell would you attempt to make people think you’re an admin around here when you are clearly not. I have flagged your post. What you’re doing is wrong. I would think JARED knows how to spell his own name. Lying is disgusting.

    Secondly, how would you know who’s posting and whether it’s one person making all the comments? YOU DON’T so stop with the nonsense.

    The only reason you would accuse people of that is if you have done it yourself. Anyone who uses the owners name and claims to be an administrator of the blog is a deceitful creep and a total NUT.

    CUT IT OUT AND STOP CLAIMING SOMETHING THAT IS NOT TRUE. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF. People are entitled to their opinions and to not be attacked by obsessed, crazy, lying, deceitful, crazy fanatics!!

  • Lyndsey

    This is a bomb in the making. Cruise is a total has-been at this point and Cameron can’t open a movie to save her life. I guarantee this film never makes it’s money back and becomes another nail in the Cruise career coffin.

  • kara

    Ewwww. Tom Cruise!! I wouldn’t see that freak in a movie if they paid me. he’s a total lunatic.

  • Deanna D

    I used to be a fan, but I haven’t paid to see a Tom Cruise movie since 2005 and never will again. After I heard his attack on women with PPD and his ignorant comments about Psychiatry being a Nazi Science, not to mention his ridiculous attack on Matt Lauer, I realized Tom is a total nut case. His rant was totally uninformed and ignorant, not to mention an insult to every woman who has ever had PPD. He was out of line and ignorant.

    I’m not giving Tom Cruise one penny in which to donate to a cult. If he wants to be a member, that’s his right, but I don’t have to contribute to it.

  • Cristobal

    I like Cameron Diaz however I don’t care for Tom Cruise.

  • Ania

    he looks better when he was with Penelope… like Brad looks sexier when he was with Jennifer

  • Kristy

    I don’t care for Tom Cruise.

    Not many people do these day. I don’t like him either. Cameron is OK but I won’t see this movie because of Tom. I really can’t stand him. He’s an arrogant jerk.

  • twins

    Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston are similar, they are both old, insecure, unstable, they change mans every week, they stick with the same hair style, same kind of movies, they both had nose jobs thought Diaz had more than Aniston.

  • loyal

    Tom Cruise is the finest actor of our time. What he does in his personal life is up to him and not our business. When I go to his movies, I know he will be giving 110%. He is a fine actor and loving father. Anything else he does or doesn’t do, who cares? You freaks need to back off. You don’t know the man, I don’t know the man. I do know his professional work is first class.

  • jenny

    Another movie I will NOT watch. And those lifts he is wearing must be around 5 inches! Cameron Diaz is a tall gal, there is NO WAY he could tower over her otherwise. He is such a joke

  • dabu

    You have an opinion about his acting skills. Personally my opinion and those of many others is that he is just an okay actor. He has an extremely limited range. He was good in Risky Business and Top Gun and Jerry McGuire because he played himself. He was awful in Born on the 4th of July and A Few Good Men. He ruined those movies with is third rate acting. If an actor of Matt Damon’s caliber had been in those parts–they would have won the Oscar and all sorts of acting awards.

    But you are entitled to your opinon as are we that feel he sucks as a “GREAT” actor. Personally my opinion is that it must have been really hard for him to have been married to Kidman who’s acting skills are way above his. He must have cringed to see her reap in award after award.

    But like I said, that is MY opinion. You are welcome to yours although I think you are wrong as do many others on this thread.

  • Crazy midget

    I can’t stand that crazy lunatic cruise!!! Cameron Diaz is okay, but I still wouldnt watch the movie because of him.

  • dani

    Ughh the 2 fugly whores that i dislike the most, putting together , i’ll not watch this sh*t even for free.

  • Dieter

    Cam Diaz is the most talented and hardest working actress in Hollywood. When Nicole Kidman had to drop The Reader because of her pregnancy Cam Diaz would have been the obvious choise – Kate Winslet has a very nice personality but she basically got her acting skills from Cameron when they were together on The Holiday. To the best of my knowledge, Kate Winslet openly admits that Cam taught her acting !!!

  • Sal

    I couldnt have said it better #17.

  • wtf


    In your dreams, pizza face is the most overrarted actress with an extreme limited range , she plays herself in almost all of the crap she does, Kate Winslet got her acting skills from the retarted teenager of Diaz?? are you high?

  • ania grow up

    Brad and Tom weren´t sexier before , they were youngers , that´s different , move on , they sure did.

  • #22 is just plain NASTY

    I swear that Cruise has the nastiest, most obsessed fans on the internet. They think nothing of attacking anyone who has a differing opinion of him than they do. They’re as crazy as Cruise is!!

    I find Cruise’s acting to be only fair and I’ve always felt that way. He’s overrated and his heyday has long passed. He has 3 emotions. Smiling like a fool, running and looking constipated when he wants to convey sincerity. Beyond that, he’s a one note actor who gives the same performance film after film. He’s certainly not “great”. LOL!

    Cruise fans: Get a grip or a life or something of that nature! If Cruise is as “great” as you claim and others are “freaks”, his box office will prove that on this upcoming film. Lions for Lambs tanked (deservingly so….it was horrible) and Valkyrie did only fair business. Cruise’s days of big box office are gone and I bet this film does poorly. People have had it with him.

  • Dumb comment Dieter

    What #27???? Are you nuts??? Kate learned how to act from Cameron?? You are high. Don’t you remember a tiny little film she made years before The Holiday called TITANIC?????????

  • http://Buzznet Michelle


    This scene was not filmed in Bridgewater it was Boston on Purchase street. I was there watching it. I seen them both and that is the scene I was watching. Please update to correct information.

  • lakers fan in boston

    boring pics
    they look like the ones of last week
    cameron looks so plain in these pics

  • One

    This is the 4th time he’s played a spy in nearly 30 roles, #1. Hardly an example of a lack of range.

    Cruise has plenty of fans in and out of Hollywood, #2. People like him more than you want to admit.

    These two are FAR from has-beens, #4 and #15.

    He said he was sorry, #17. Forgive and forget already.

    What does an actor’s personal life have to do with anything, #20?

    You don’t know these women, #21.

    Diaz isn’t much taller than Cruise, #23.

  • lisa


    I agree with everything you said about Tom

  • I LUV You Tom!

    And that’s all I wanted to say.

  • ?


    You just stole words from my mouth! what the hell is this garbage she’s wearing? it’s ugly, she has no class.

    Are these media hos has been gonna send us piece of pictures of the same scene each 2 days?

  • jackee

    wait he’s not a spy…just a delusional mental patient (or is he playing one)

  • Is ONE back again?

    He said he was sorry, #17. Forgive and forget already.

    You can forgive and forget. I’m not. He NEVER said he was sorry for saying that a whole medical science is not valid or that it’s a Nazi Science. He’s a clueless, obnoxious, loud mouth jerk who thinks he knows it all. He called Matt Lauer glib, acted like an idiot spouting incorrect information and in general acted like the arrogant jerk he is. I’m not going to spend my good money paying to see him. He’s a fool and frankly, a crappy actor. His day has come and gone.

    Besides, who the hell are YOU to tell people what to think. You’re as arrogant as cruise and you obviously need to get a freakin life. We’re ALL entitled to our opinions and we don’t need YOU telling us what to think just like we don’t need Cruise’s idiotic ranting to tell us Psychiatry is a Nazi Science. Get a grip

  • Shauna

    Ho hum. Another Tom Cruise movie. Who cares? Not I. Wouldn’t waste my time seeing anything he’s in.

  • One

    So what if he believes that nonsense about psychiatry, #39? Last time I checked he
    had a right to believe anything he felt like believing in no matter how silly it is. Do you boycott things that creationists believe in then? He apologized to those two people. They forgave, you should too.

    I’m not telling anyone what to think.

  • mi

    Born on the Fourth of July won Cruise an oscar nomination. A Few Good Men was known for Tom’s incredible acting and range. Some of you people are reaching, but at least use common sense so that you don’t sound completely ignorant, though that’s really hard for most of you.

  • One is a NUT

    Hey One….you’re insane. You are absolutely trying to tell ME what to think. I never said didn’t have the right to believe what he wants, but I also have a right to believe he’s an as*hole for saying what he said. He did not apologize to everyone. He insulted every woman who ever had PPD and he spouted all kinds of ignorant BS. I don’t like him. He’s as arrogant as you.

    If a creationist actor got on a major TV show to spout off like a jerk, yea….I wouldn’t watch is movies either.

    Tom Cruise is an ignorant idiot and I’m not about to forgive him for anything. Thats the way I feel.

  • Anna

    It looks like a great movie!!!

  • pr person

    By the way…. he apologized to Shields for dragging her into his craziness… NOT for what he said….. Don’t forget HE has studied the history of psychiatry (really? I’m thinking a hack sci fi writers ‘history’ doesn’t count. Go to college, earn a degree, then come back and state that you have studied the history of psychiatry). In that ‘crazy’ leaked video… he said “go to guns” in regards to ‘getting rid’ of those that treat mental illness. Isn’t that just a nice guy?! Crazy can believe anything that he wants….be it violence against a profession, believing that he ‘knows’ everything about mental illness, that he has super powers, etc., etc…. But I can believe that he is CRAZY and that I won’t be spending any of my money on any movie that he is in or is a part of.

  • Red Hot Couple

    Tom and Cam are o SEXT togther! Makes me wonder what’s happening of set. Tom didn’t even hop on his jet to attend Katie’s fashion line opening. Reminds me of him not celebrating Katie’s 30th birthday with her… Clearly, the marraige is over. Wonder if he will marry Cam next

  • @one

    Forgive? His ignorant comments about PPD? About ritalin being bad no matter what? About him knowing more than doctors?
    I don’t think so. Tell me why parents and women everywhere should listen to one thing he says? He lacks all credibility.
    For a woman who has PPD; his comments were totally off the wall and hurtful. Jumping up and down exericising and taking Xenu herbs doesn’t make it go away.
    And like others have pointed out–he did not apologize for his views which is okay, BUT he did not apologize for insulting and hurting women with PPD or who have had PPD and their families nor did he apologize for insulting and hurting parents with children who need Ritalin.
    It just goes to show how much crap the wonderful publicist Pat Kingsley had to put up with him before he fired her and hired his looney toon sister. Pat kept him in check and made sure his image was managed right down to the last penny. His sister and the Church of Scientology managed to undo all of her great work within a six weeks or so.
    Do you honestly think all of us are gullible enough to think that this hypocritical midget has changed his views? That he no longer is a nut case?
    Some of us have an open mind and have viewed the YOuTube videos featuring his crazy a*ss. He hasn’t changed a bit.
    And I’m not watching anything with him it nor will I ever purchase anything product like Holmes/Yang clothing, etc. knowing that the Cruises donate millions of dollars to the crazy Xenu church.
    If I want to support craziness, I’ll find my own causes.

  • Sorry, but

    this “high fashion” pic looks like kate is going to pick her runny nose. YUCK!

  • Jo

    Yup, this was in Boston, not Bridgewater. I was watching from across the street, too. Although it was on Congress St., not Purchase St.

  • bianca

    he is hot