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Aishwarya Rai: Oprah Sit Down!

Aishwarya Rai: Oprah Sit Down!

Bollywood’s most popular couple Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan sat down for their first national interview together on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Monday (September 28)

The couple shared that they share a home with Abhi‘s parents.

“It’s normal,” Ash says. “It’s absolutely natural to us. … I lived with my parents before we got married, so it’s a natural thing.” Abhi says his grandparents also lived with them before they passed away.

Click inside to watch the interview..

Aishwarya Rai – “The Oprah Winfrey Show” #1

Aishwarya Rai – “The Oprah Winfrey Show” #2

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  • Chau

    Aishwarya is gorgeous. Lovely couple. =)

  • joy

    love them! thanks for sharing this.

  • erica

    Aishwarya is absolutely beautiful. Truly one of the most stunning women on the planet. And they are both very talented actors and they make a gorgeous couple. Kudos for reporting on this!

  • anon

    They are supposed to be the most beautiful and most popular couple in the world. How nice for them.

  • Pining for Chris

    She is ridiculousy beautiful.
    Of all the HW stars hyped up in the media to be the most beautiful…I really have to agree.

  • flawless man & woman

    I just adore this couple, what a beautiful woman and that man is just flawless!

  • Tealeaf

    I think Fredia Pinto is more naturally prettier, without needing light eyes to stand out. But anyway..I want to see the interview

  • Pandora

    She’s stunning, for sure. Beautiful + exotic.

  • emma

    She is so beautiful

  • Misty

    So feminine compared to combative agressive American girls. Husband respectful too not like the honk honk I’m out in the car waiting for you guys.

  • Hrh

    @roo: Could you be anymore ignorant?? They are beautiful. Way to be racist, you pig!

  • Jeff

    I’ve seen Aishwarya in person and she’s just other worldly… I have no other words to describe how gorgeous she really is.

  • Jeff


    Uhm, they’re hindu

  • brush yo teefs!

    @roo: since when are indians considered pakistanis?

  • dundies

    @ roo
    sit down

  • marainsconset

    India is such a beautiful country, beautiful people inside and out , and extremely rich in history. Alexander the Great fought his last battle in India where he was fatally wounded and died later under heat & exhaustion. I have several Indian friends and they’re just wonderful, very friendly, and most of all Indian food is spicy delicious!!!!

  • fam

    what is her ethnic mix? she has beautiful blue eyes so I assume she is half European?

  • Tom

    I love that dot head. Want one of my own.

  • Shemp lugosi

    When I first saw the headline, I thought Aishwarya was telling Oprah to sit down! Too bad it turned out otherwise, because it’s about time somebody told Oprah to sit down AND to shut up!

    Aishwarya is quite beautiful but Abhishek is not my type. #5 roo is just an ignorant racist and people like him are vanishing from the earth, so let’s just ignore the ignorance and eventually the racists will all die out.

  • hmmm

    am I the only one that think she kind of looks like Nicole Richie?

  • dollhouse

    @fam: No she’s not half european. alot of indians in the north have green/blue/grey eyes. my grandmother had green eyes…my grandfather has grey…it have really light hazel eyes..i guess it just depends where in the north you’re from.

  • aly

    She was so beautiful on the show. She seemed like a fun, nice lady. The part when the polo player flirted with her was very funny.

  • Sahil

    Beautiful couple, i love the episode, both were down to earth and funny!

  • Sahil

    Haha, agree! the way he turned to her was so priceless! he got shock of his life to see such a beautiful eyes.

  • wateva

    That was kind of……………awkward. So………strained. Oprah was trying waaay too hard. I know the big O has set her sights set on conquering India next, seeing that her show is waning in america. But does she really have to suck up that hard? Kinda embarrassing.

  • kidsdoc

    Aishwariya is not from North India. She is from South India… from the state of Karnataka. You don’t have to be from the North of India to be beautiful. For example, very beautiful Indians are from South India and include Padma Lakshmi and Freida Pinto. Thank you very much.

  • dundies

    her husband is really funny- i like him. i feel bad aish, though because oprah seems to think she should wake up every day thinking “damn”

  • Nippleston

    take away her green eyes she just ordinary. that’s the only part of her feature that’s beautiful. it bring out the rest of her features.

  • Indian girl

    Aishwarya Rai is a South Indian. It is true that a lot of people from the Northern states of the country have fairly light skin and eyes. But there are a few parts of the south where it is normal to see people with green / light eyes. She hails from Karnataka a southern state.

    As for the interview I thought he husband was hilarious ! Super witty guy !

  • clyne

    #27 you are right !! Most of people think fair color in india means North India and it is wrong.
    Aishwariya is beautiful but not a natural beauty. Her blue eyes have always been in a center of dilemma in India some will say she has brown eyes some will say it is lenses. In India actresses are wearing a lot of lenses to have a more european image on the screen so … And it is very well known in India that the image that she is giving to the media and the audience is not the real Aishwariya. She is someone who had big ego, rude and arrogant.
    Her marriage to the Bachans the big movie star family in India has nothing to do with love … It was an arranged marriage.
    In India elders are saying in an arranged marriage love come after !! Ya when a girl get married in India 80 % of the time they go to live in their in laws ‘ house. There is nothing new here surprising for western culture but not for indians.
    Their marriage is more like a merger nothing else unfortunatly !!
    Still the myth is going on they are nice, beautiful, and bla bla !!
    Amazing how these people are behaving when they are in their own country and when they come to a foreign country especially on a show like OW !! It is day and night !!

  • Lisa

    Madhurai Dxit is so much better!

  • Lee

    #31,@clyne, stop telling false stories. Come on Aishwarya’s eyes are real. Do you think Oprah does not know when someone is wearing contacts? Many makeup artists have said she is one of the rare natural beauties in the industry.

    Also the marriage was not arranged. His parents are big time movie stars and very progressive not old fashioned in their thinking. If she wanted an arranged marriage, it would have been to some billionaire type.

    Plus Aiishwarya is not rude and arrogant. She is known for being too polite and disgustingly politically correct. The media would prefer that she be more outspoken to give them sound bites but she refuses to change and maintains her reserve and silence.

    Why do haters feel the need to make up stories? Just be honest and say you don’t like the person without losing your credibility.

  • Pokeman

    it doesn’t matter what this family do, wear or say the haterz will analyze it and make it 10 times worse. that’s their job.

  • Pokeman

    oops! wrong thread..duh.

  • dollhouse

    Clyne, you’re just jealous. You sure sound jealous. Yes SOME beautiful women are from the south but the majority with green/blue eyes are from the north.
    her wedding was not arranged…nor is she wearing fake contacts…stop making up crap.

  • Black

    what I like is the fact they still live with their parents; lot people just throught them in a nursing home. By living with them as suppose them also have their own independance.

  • just me I guess..

    She is amazingly her eyes. but the show was boring.. her husband did not seem to want to be there at all. I agree.. Oprah seemed to be forcing the issue on the American viewer that they are the most popular in the world. I guess it is true. but I found the show not very exciting at all.. I think Americans need to be made aware of other celebs in other countries.. but sorry I did not find them that fascinating at all.. Beautiful yes… fasinating.. not so much…

  • missme

    Wow, her beauty is absolutely breathtaking. What a lovely personality she has, as well, and they make an adorable couple!!!

  • amara

    haha everyone like she luk exotic..that how are ppl luk lol.aishwarya is an amazein actress if u have the time to see her movies. luv her saree as well.her husband a great actor as well.
    its true they are the biggest like “IT couple” of the bollywood industry lol. and there wedding wus amazing…my family lives in india and saw parts of it

  • love derails

    how is it that the most beautiful woman in the world ends up with a dweeb? i find him soooo unattractive. yet, she is drop dead hands down gorgeous. this, my friends, is true beauty. but him? blehhhhh! ewww…

  • love derails

    ppl ask about her eyes. north indians have light eyes. it is un-pc to state this but the reality is, blues eyes are european genetic traits so somewhere down the line, if you have blue eyes, you had european blood. that is what science confirms. in this case, india was an english colony for a long time so it most probably comes from an unknown british gene. there is no other way around it. science confirms this. but with her skin color and beautiful indian features, the blue eyes really pop. she is perfect really.

  • Laxmi Devi

    Oprah, when someone says Aishwarya is fake that is because it is extremely difficult t for that person to believe that God created such a beauty. She is one of a kind beyond comparison. I would love to see Prince Abhishek India’s Prime Minister and our most beautiful Princess Aishwarya First Lady. It is just like our President and First Lady.

  • love derails

    and also, i am a big bollywood fan, and i can confirm to you the industry NEVER casts darker skinned indian women in lead roles. never. always that north indian euro-indian look. in this case, how can you blame them? she is perfect but a lot of indian girls who are dark don’t get acknowledged.

  • great

    Please read after give your comments !!

    like # 32 LEE said His parents are big time movie stars and very progressive not old fashioned in their thinking !

  • Lee


    LMAO – good try. That is a false claim and has been discredited already.

    The family challenged the person making the claim to come forward with the priest who conducted the ceremony and eye witnesses. No one ever did come forward

    Why can’t you people give it up? You expend so much energy with your false stories.


  • jax

    So Clyne, you are saying that Ash is wearing contacts to make her beautiful? So if she had brown eyes she wouldn’t be gorgeous that way as well? Dream on, no matter what color that woman’s eyes are she would be stunning. Go soak your jealous head because you are really transparent. Also, every person who has interviewed her say she is gracious and kind.

  • edna

    He is not the best looking man but he is not that bad.
    She’s beautiful indeed! I wish we could see her more, but in a way is better not to see her everywhere because that would take away the magic.

  • jj

    wow she makes 15 million US dollars a movie! She incredibly stunning and professional. Just love them

  • shoot me

    I thought she was stunning, her husband was average and kinda creepy….

    now that polo player on the other hand…..whaaaaaaaahhhhhh…….

  • Aisha

    Wooow. Thanks for sharing this. My most favorite couple in America on Oprah. Sooo cool. I love both of them. Seperately and together. Both my fave actors. Thanks again for sharing this wt us.