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Angelina Jolie: Dart Gun Girl

Angelina Jolie: Dart Gun Girl

Angelina Jolie turns heads as she takes her son Maddox, 8, for a grocery shopping trip at a supermarket in Brignoles, south-eastern France on Tuesday (September 29).

The mother-son pair naturally had to have security escort them out into the parking lot.

Angie, 34, stopped to sign autographs for fans and was seen carrying a newly purchased toy dart gun.

10+ pictures inside of dart gun girl Angelina Jolie and son Maddox

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angelina jolie dart gun 01
angelina jolie dart gun 02
angelina jolie dart gun 03
angelina jolie dart gun 04
angelina jolie dart gun 05
angelina jolie dart gun 06
angelina jolie dart gun 07
angelina jolie dart gun 08
angelina jolie dart gun 09
angelina jolie dart gun 10

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  • Rita

    She looks like Olivia Wilde in that main pic

  • boo

    Mother Daughter outing???? Did Maddox get gender reassignment?

  • Lovely

    “The mother-daughter pair naturally had to have a security escort them out into the parking lot.” Maddox is a boy

  • Shantea

    Oh so ugly. My goodness, what a witch! All her kids are gender confused~

  • lettie

    wow she looks amazing!

  • dani

    Love how this family dresses so normally, does normal family things with the kids, and spends such quality time when them!

  • Gigi

    Why doesn’t she just wear a full on burka? She is a hot damn mess! Where are the twins????

  • sissysissy

    Angie is so cool!!!!!!!!!

  • Pokeman

    wow! so many hateful comments already.

    love the JP. angie is beautiful as always. i am so glad she wears the same color again just to piss the haterz off. you go angie.

  • khristi

    I swear you guys must sit around and wait for new posts-alot of you must be unemployed like myself. Sucks don’t it? The only thing you can do with your life and sit around and comment on people doing really mundane things. What a life!!

  • simona

    Love, love, Angie !!!!!!!
    Votes for my lovely son in Gap contest would be very appreciated, you will receive a 20% off coupon when you register :)

    Thanks a lot ! Love to all !

  • nop

    i cant stand this bitch. does she only own 1 outfit?

  • lime

    Don’t tell me she is pregnant again. But what is that dress???

  • Yep

    nop @ 09/29/2009 at 12:58 pm
    If you can’t stand it, why even look at it. You must love torturing yourself IDIOT!!

  • minimie

    Why was Maddox in NY???????????????

  • earl

    She’s is so ugly. Not at all attractive in any way.

  • stepho

    she is a goddess. i missed little maddox, adorable like always.
    where are the twins?!

  • boo

    @khristi: You’re right! I get so sucked in to JJ and celebitchy and I need to stop!!!!!!!

  • alice

    She is the most beautiful woman in the world.

  • real fug

    I saw chicks dressed just like that at the airport selling paper flowers

  • Hey girl hey

    Yay! I always hate when we don’t get a lot of pics of her…DAILY :) She looks great and OMG is that a half smile on maddox? I knew he was much happier with his mom… just like the rest of the kids… except Zahara.

  • dory

    wonderful humanitarian! god bless angie and her family.

  • hot legs Jen

    Hiding her pasty skeletonized sticklegs?

  • Divine Master


  • Hey girl hey

    Angelina can wear Black 24/7 because she’s Angelina. besides being famous she will be known for her black clothing. Just like the Man in Black… MR Johnny Cash! WOOT!

  • Not impressed by JA

    Look at the faces of people around, all smiling. She is beautiful and doesn’t need to dress like a hooker to prove it.

  • dressed like a monk

    anything—– But hot

  • Pokeman

    earl @ 09/29/2009 at 1:04 pm

    i am sure this is not the 1st time you seen her ugly pix but you keep coming and keep looking at her pix and make the same comment every time. stop torturing yourself. admit that you love angie and you think she is beautiful. that’s why you keep coming back.

  • krung krung

    whoa, Angie really love thar dress y’all.

  • breezy

    I admire this gorgeous lady,beautiful inside and out.
    Angie and Brads little boy is growing up.Love the Pics.
    But i hate for these beautiful pictures to be wasted here
    with jealous haters.Love the pics Jared but most
    of JP Fans are gone to other sites.

  • 100mph

    OH!!! these tools are working, question is who benefits the most
    from these quick attempts to ‘Set It Off’ thread after thread?! ..And!
    why it it so easy for the name changes and high jacks?? IMO
    something in the cream ain’t clean…… just saying.
    (On Topic)
    Angie and her oldest son are a joy to see.. errrr! thanks JJ

  • corrie

    simply beautiful !

    but with brains too.

  • validate

    Could the reason she wears almost only black because she is depressed? Those sweet kids have to look at an undertaker for a mother. She has such beautiful facial features(body not so great) why spoil them by drawing down her energy in black.

    It’s fine for formal occasions or if you’re fat but she wears it like a uniform. The women in the refugee camps had more of a glow and meat on their bodies than she. Eat up and brighten up Angie!

  • sharon

    Angie looks so cute.

  • karen

    good for Angie and Brad.. I have seen pics all week of Hugh Jackman out and about as well as Jennifer Gadner with her daughter.. no cries of a photo op on either of these people. But everytime Brad/Angie are doing everyday things with their children.. it is called a photo op.. the double standard is the part that makes me mad and upset.. I don’t care if non fans like her/him.. but stop attacking them when they are doing what everyone else is allowed to do.

    Just hating her and him for the sake of hate. nothing more..

  • evelyn salt

    Angelina looks sooooooooo young!

  • rosie

    Amazing Angie… so young and yet so accomplished.

  • Pokeman

    Just hating her and him for the sake of hate. nothing more..
    that’s very true. nothing they do is good enough for the haterz. that’s why i am so glad brad and angie don’t care. they speak, do, travel, express, and dress that way they want and don’t care what any body says. good for them.

  • aeg

    Love her, she’s a talented actor! And all of u HATERS should stay home and watch urselves aging!!! Yes, she dresses in black cos it fits her more than any other color.

  • krisie

    Go Angie Go!
    we support you all the way!

  • lc

    LOVE Angelina!!! She is so cool and beautiful. I love seeing pics of her with her kids. Thank you!!!

  • Angelina_real_fan


    Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world!

  • Ang

    I haven’t paid a visit to JJ for quiet some time and apparently have not missed much. Same old, same old post from the trolls. If they at least once in a while would come up with new comments, but they all sound like a broken record player stuck on repeat.

    I swear all these haters must be closet angie fans. Why else would they spend so much time on the thread of a person they supposedly hate.

    Isn’t it time for all of you to stop pretending to hate this woman and just admit openly that you admire her like the fans do? I promise the admission will not be painful and will be very liberating.

  • Hey girl hey

    hey, did I miss another thread? I found this and angie has a short skirt n showing off her fly as hell legs. So what? where are these pix? Shiloh looks cute wearing Angie’s UNHCR hat and of course Brad is carrying Zahara

  • the emperor is naked!

    If Angie cut two arm holes in a Hefty bag then slipped it on, her brain dead sycophant fans would say she looked amazing.

  • Jenna

    There are so many haterz on this site becauze so many of the real Pitt and Jolie fanz have gone to instead. It’s a real fan site where it’s more positive and you get the same great picturez.

  • breezy

    Angelina Jolie is so Elegant and Graceful.
    Her complexion is always so beautiful.

  • Hey girl hey

    @the emperor is naked!: of course we would. I love me some Angie. So deal with it. I don’t care who you like and I don’t tell you who you should find attractive. Ok? I never understand people who get mad because someone likes Johnny Depp and Angelina JOlie. Suck it up!

  • 100mph

    Hey girl hey @ 09/29/2009 at 1:24 pm
    hey, did I miss another thread? I found this
    awwwwwwww!! thanks!! Hey girl.. for the pictures, sooo adorable.