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Chris Brown Debuts New Song -- I Can Transform Ya!

Chris Brown Debuts New Song -- I Can Transform Ya!

Chris Brown has debuted his smooth new song “I Can Transform Ya,” featuring Lil Wayne and produced by Swizz Beatz.

I Can Transform Ya” is the lead single from his upcoming album, Graffiti. It’s also the first official song to be released after his altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Sample lyrics: “I can transform ya, I can transform ya/ Anything you want, I got it, I can get it for you/ You my baby girl, so you know I get it for you.” And some more: “Shoes, you got it/ Bags, you got it/ Cars, you got it/ Money, you got it/ I can transform ya, anything you want, I can get it for you.”

Listen to “I Can Transform Ya” at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Chris Brown’s new song — HOT or NOT?

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  • Angela Cullen

    like I care!

  • sky

    good luck chris

  • mb

    He can definitely transform ya, after he beats you up!!!

  • he suck

    He is abusive. Everything he does sucks now.

  • Chantel

    like it.

  • christina

    all you haterz need to hop off his nuts because if you did what he did you would want people to forgive you right or wrong ; put yourself in his shoes im tired everyone talking about the same shit over and over like get over it rihanna did i dont see ya punishing rihanna for not being a role model


  • hmmm

    it is horrible generic crap. I thought Jayz killed autotune

  • amy

    the song is hot. i love it 2 death. its about time we here something difffrent. am gonna buy it on itunes 5 times for my self and my family. haters kick rocks

  • amy

    the song is hot. i love it 2 death. its about time we here something difffrent. am gonna buy it on itunes 5 times for my self and my family. haters kick rocks

  • erica

    Is he for real? I am not buying crap from this abuser!

  • http://yahoo lil d

    its kinda good its not hes best work but hes tryin so …. i cant wait for his album i bet its goin to be good=]]]

  • Mercedes

    Great song!!.. sounds unique and different
    Everyone make sure u buy it and request on the radio

  • Jogn

    whether he was abusive or not. you need to listen to the song objectively.. i have and its mediocre at best. sorry but he shouldve came way harder than this …

  • fanofMILEYCyRUS


  • karen



  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    jared, i cant believe you even posted this. how can you support this prick?!? that makes you a prick.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    oh yea… ladies, he can “transform ya” face to a bloody mess with his fist

  • hmm

    sounds like a soulja boy sound.
    …and that’s probably not much of a compliment.

  • alzykayten

    i will forever and always love him.. the autotune hasn’t bought me quite yet. but the longer i listen to it, the faster i realise my heads actually boppin slowly. joke (:

  • Vickie

    Garbage, just like him.

  • carolina

    he is definately a douche what a bad song …its like I was bad but I can give you bags and cars

  • R&b

    this song is HOT as hell… I don’t care if no one likes it, all u haters he is back, so step away and let the boy do his thing. It don’t matter what happened, he said sorry, he can’t please everyone, just like if you made a mistake you couldn’t please everyone either. Earth 2 y’all he is human, and we all make mistakes, and I bet if you did what he did you would want someone to forgive you 2. Another thing in the bible it says: “Forgive, and forget” and its like none of you can do that, and another reference in the bible it says: “He who has not sin, shall cast the first stone” And guess what no one could cast a damn thing, so n other words neither can anyone else. Oh just to end this: what if you were n a fight, most of u were, what do u want to bet that you wouldn’t be able to come to your senses to like you realized a few minutes later that you had done some damage? and any of y’all who say that you would notice or stop is a LIAR! like I said lay off cuz nine out of ten all of you have done much worse! LOVE U CHRIS!

  • julie

    HMMM. Don’t really like it. Doesn’t matter who sings it. Should have tried harder since this is sort of a come back for him.

  • susanist

    Sorry Christina

    Its really not about Rihanna alone. Apparently its OK for a man to ‘transform’ a woman into a beaten pomp. Now the problem is too many people like Kanye West have the balls to rush onstage to confront Taylor Swift but not enough to kick Chris Brown’s arse. He has discredited all around him for their lack of manhood. Remember, these are role models. So barring the law its OK for a man to go upside a disobedient woman’s head to keep her in line without fear he has an ass whipping coming. This song’s title is like a Freudian slip as it shows if given a chance he will transform you just like he did Rihanna.

    All of those who have come within a foot of Chris and not have ‘transformed’ him or continue to work with him are punks. But then the pimp is a role model for a lot of you isn’t this true?

    The entire forgiveness game is the crap by which oppressors want those who they oppress to forget and forgive. Did the US forgive Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull? Yet the message to the native Americans was to forgive Custer.

    This is about all those other anonymous women who on Chris and Rihanna’s example are getting their asses kicked without the hope there’s a celebrity camera which would try to bring justice. Rihanna’s a fraud because she was not doing enough to think about those others who will be victimized and point to Chris and his treatment as justification.

    If a man ever ‘transforms you’ before you go to the police just recall what you wrote. Chris Brown has shown the dysfunction of an entire genre in lacking any qualities of manhood other than being misogynist thugs who can be counted on to beat and kill each other, beat the defenseless but be cowards when the time comes to stand up for anything truly important.

  • rpatzfan

    he sucks as a person but the song is hot! idk if i would buy it

  • susanist


    Amy. Its called ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ Look it up. How pathetic.

  • susanist

    The punk is admitting he feels no shame and his apologies are false. The title and lyrics celebrate his treatment of Rihanna and some still don’t get it. But he’s surrounded by punks posing as men even gangstas and pimps so we shouldn’t expect anything ressembling integrity from this crowd. We can expect a punk like Kanye West to get in Taylor Swift’s face. So the beatings will continue. The elderly will continue to be victimized by thugs rocking the beats from these punks. For all you women claiming to love Chris do society a favor and destroy your Voter’s Registration Cards as you are not worthy of the right or the struggle to give women full adult and Constitutional status.

    As for u males well its apparent in your ‘boywear’ clothes you are stuck between juvenile and manhood. This only amplifies the punk within you.

    Where is Chris Brown’s transformation? Who within striking distance is going to transform him? Shaq? Puffy? Jay-Z? Kanye? Gangstas huh? What about your relatives Rihanna? Where are your cousins?
    How come nobody’s beat this punk’s arse yet?

  • R&b

    @susanist: what r u even talking about? look he said sorry, so if you did what he did, you wouldn’t say sorry? he said sorry, and is trying to make amends for his wrongs? He said sorry, we all have said sorry for many things we’ve done, but we can never erase what we did… he can’t do that, he can’t erase anything, but he can live another day, and try 2 start over. As for manhood, okay we have men who have done way worse,we can all comment on Kanye for what he did but say he is the shit when he makes music, and forgive him, but when it comes to Chris we can’t even forgive him. most people r hypocrite’s… he said sorry he didn’t beat u did he? and guess what? she still loves him… we may not forgive him but she does.

  • ivanka
  • becca

    Won’t be listening to this or supporting anything he does.

    I DO hope he gets help, though.

  • emmaa

    @mb: LMAO :D

  • karen


  • karen


  • Trans

    It sounds good to me!

  • Cristobal

    Hypocrites get it together. Yes, Chris was totally out of line for beating Rihanna, I am not saying it is all right at all. However what I don’t understand is why everyone is on his ass when she knew how he was in beginning and still to this days decides to speak/date/see him on her on. When someone is as drunk as he was they do things they will later regret and when you’re pushed to your limits drunken things are bonded to happen. What I sit here and find interesting is that a lot of you are pretending as though you’ve never done anything they have later regretted, no matter how out of control. At the end of the day guilt is guilt on both parts. Back to the subject at hand, I kind of like the song, but the beat is too much for me.

  • Hmmm

    omg! some of you have really bad taste in music. It’s not about who he beat up… it’s about his crappy song. The song sucks hardcore!

  • anon

    the song is just another club banger.. nothing innovative or exciting.. god music sucks so hard these days

  • julia

    EVERYONE SHOULD HATE HIM!! We should all try to get him out of the music industry, to make our best to spread the word that he’s a beater and i hope he doesn’t sell anymore albums, and that no record label hire him never ever again
    Let’s make chris brown disappear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • natasha

    oh God, I’m reading this comments “he’s abuser” etc.. and what about people who used drugs. if you look in that way we shouldn’t listen their music too. you should care about music and not about someones personal life. I agree, he made a HUGE mistake, and a really hope “transform ya”…

  • chelsey

    WOW Lil Wayne is on the track. Shocking. What song isnt he on?

  • tmj

    @Julia….Are u boycotting Sean Penn out of the movie industry because he hit Madonna “with a bat”? Musicians who choose to dabble in drugs..and they know it’s wrong and not role model behavior…should they be pushed out the music industry because they did something wrong too?

    Celebrities are regular people who in spite of money and fame can still make bad decisions. I believe everybody is capable of redemption..and if I do anything that would be usually out of my character..I would hope people would forgive me too as long as I repent and get the necessary help. Chris Brown seems to be doing that…

  • umm

    like it,i will not hate chris again,,rihanna is not sayin anything,it been 7months, she have heal long time,,she only trevels around the world,,actions speaks louder then words.both are abusers,
    i use to say he abuse a woman,but why is the woman not talking.
    not a fan of both.

  • cutie pie

    i still love your music and dance Chris… You arent near as bad as that Roman P, who sodomized a 13 year old and skipped thr Country And never went to jail since 1977.. what a damn abuse of the Justice System! That right there is a damn shame.. stop making a differnce in races and id rather be around a person who slapped a broad then to ever be in the same room with a 13 year old child molestor!!

  • cutie pie

    now Chris Brown if you had of made her stay in a tent for 18 years and raped her and had kids by her after kidnapping her, and even after going to jail for the rape of another woman, THEN i would call you an abuser,, Dont worry Chris you still got the main ones who will always support you. hell half of hollweird is supporting this rapist of a 13 year old .. Roman P, who ran out of the Country for 30 years. What i mis-use of Justice and what a abuser!! Plus he got her drunk and high off drugs before he sodomized a 13 year old.. talk about sick and an abuser .. theres one for you.. leave CB alone , if Rhi aint complaining. you need to get on somewhere!!

  • umm

    @julia,really,i’m not a fan,but one thing i know is he have strong supporters,chris stans huh ,his record label won’t drop him,cuz if they wanted to they could have done that in february.

    anyway good luck to makein chris disappear ,which i doubt cuz i know his stans will beat you to it. GOOD LUCK.

  • Jaylah

    i luv it!!da beat is fiyah.

  • RiseUp

    Chris is back hatazzzzzz..Transform ya is the shittt,definately a Chris Breezy’s joint, they are already playing it on the radio, along with Esta Deans’ drop it low and Stronger with Mary J. He’s headlining a concert and his video coming out soon, he participated in the Labron James celebrity basketball game **** Kick rocks hatazzz…..You can’t stop nothing! Do your thang Chris….

  • RiseUp

    Chris is back hatazzzzzz..Transform ya is the shittt,definately a Chris Breezy’s joint, they are already playing it on the radio, along with Esta Deans’ drop it low and Stronger with Mary J. He’s headlining a concert and his video coming out soon, he participated in the Labron James celebrity basketball game **** Kick rocks hatazzz…..You can’t stop nothing! Do your thang Chris….Whit3 people chill…

  • mdo

    lol at the cover art having the same blue bow tie
    as for the song, it actually grows on you after a few listens.

  • apO

    I would say something bad about Chris but i’m scared he might read it and come to my house and transform me…transform me into a bloody pulp