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Heather Locklear: The Face of Melrose Place!

Heather Locklear: The Face of Melrose Place!

Heather Locklear makes her long-awaited return to Melrose Place and is seen walking around the set in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 29).

The 48-year-old actress will reprise her role as the dramatic Amanda Woodward character. Despite mixed reviews for the new series, the cast is hoping that Heather‘s return will inject some new (old?) energy into the show. Original series co-stars Laura Leighton, Josie Bissett, Daphne Zuniga and Thomas Calabro will all be making an appearance.

DO YOU THINK Heather Locklear’s return will save the new Melrose Place – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Heather Locklear, the face of Melrose Place

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heather locklear melrose place face 01
heather locklear melrose place face 02
heather locklear melrose place face 03
heather locklear melrose place face 04
heather locklear melrose place face 05
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heather locklear melrose place face 07
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  • Shari


  • Shari


  • dundies

    i love the new melrose place. theres nothing to be saved. but does anyone know the day & time when the show actually airs its episodes? thanks in advance

  • sarah

    I don’t think the show needs to be saved. The story is good with or without Amanda Woodward.
    But if she can bring a little bit more of an audience that actually give the show a chance – why not….!?
    Even though I doubt that La Locklear is CW material and can bring the target group the network is looking for.

  • christmas

    Sorry Heather, I don’t think your coming on the show will help any. Find another gig…

  • bubbey

    She looks good for an old broad. Id give her a try….

  • rosie 89

    She’s trying to look like she’s still twenty. Cover up your baggy knees!!

  • yowza

    She looks very pretty. Amanda was a true b.itch so she should be a fun addition to the show.

  • lexy

    Run Heather, Run Fast! Keep auditioning for those roles on prime time TV and movies – fans love you! No need to join this show with those losers like Ashlee Simpson – you can better!!!

  • Zoe Moon

    Wooo Hoooo, I am so happy that Heather will be coming back to Melrose. She is looking fabulous. I am so happy for her. OMG, I can’t wait to see her on there again. As far as I am concerned Heather is Melrose Place.

  • LadyB

    Why Heather? Why? Stay away from thiS MP. MP was an original classic. Don’t help them ruin a classic. Anyway, the show will be cancelled soon. I heard the ratings suck big time.

  • Rhonda

    She looks good! Good luck, Heather!

  • One

    9:00 P.M. on Tuesdays after 90210 on The CW, #3

  • Cobbsalad

    Heather was great as Amanda. But the writing in the new show is just awful. Maybe if Heather and Ashlee Simpson catfight. Heather;s getting a little long in the tooth and Ashlee is tough as nails. So I dont think the fight would end with Heather on the ground.

  • Mary

    Love Heather, Love Ashlee! Like the new Melrose and can’t wait to see Heather!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pooter

    still a beautiful lady. Love her eyes,.

    she should not wear such very short dresses…..shows her knees sagging. Should not try to dress like a 20 year old.

  • Perri

    I am probably in the minority but I liked the original MP more before she joined. After, it became all about Amanda.

  • youbugme

    Heather looks marvelous and healthy. Hope she can stay clean and sober from now on. I like her.

  • Shemp lugosi

    She looks great after all these years but those flip flops are taaaaaacky!

  • kim

    The first 3 episodes were good….last night’s notsomuch. I think the show will do okay if it picks up some speed. They are definitely putting too much time into who killed Sydney.

    I think Heather (Amanda) will be a great addition to the show. I loved the old Melrose. They’ll have to have some other strong actors for other characters though. Katie Cassidy is cute but not experienced enough to pull off the Amanda-type character. Only Heather can do her justice. When I watched the first episode I figured that Katie’s Cassidy’s character was supposed to the the “new Amanda”??

  • Anakin

    Wow, this is the best she’s looked in awhile

  • me

    She looks AMAZIng. Stunning woman.
    HEr body is incredible.
    I can’t believe she is 48 years old.

  • mary

    Heather really wowed me here. She looks gorgeous!!! it looks like she got rid of that restyline or botox crap she was pumping up her lips with. Thank gosh!!! SHE’s BAAAAACK!!! YA!!
    Watched Melrose last night…………..amanda better watch out for violet. violet’s sneeeky!

  • mh

    @Zoe Moon: I totally agree with you. Amanda Woodward made Melrose, cant wait to see her back!

  • mh

    @Zoe Moon: I totally agree with you. Amanda Woodward made Melrose, cant wait to see her back!

  • jerry

    Nothing can save this show- unless they get rid of all the new characters. The show sucks as it is right now. Get rid of the new crappy people & just bring back the old characters. Then it will be watchable.

  • jenny

    Will Jack Wagner rejoin the show too?? He and Heather are still engaged, aren’t they?

  • charlie wilkins

    I think the return of Heather Locklear will totally add to the show, I think the show’s super great and doing fine, I’m hooked… the return of Heather Loacklear (Amanda) will add to the sparks and totally make the original merge well with the old…… As I said in other comments, it adds to the fun of Melrose and shakes things up.

    I can’t wait and neither can all my friends.

  • rossrich66

    Before there was The Hills and Gossip Girl…before there was Reality TV, before we were inundated with cell phones and Facebook and Twitter and everything digital, before us Gen X’rs had to actually grow up….there was Melrose Place. It rocked and EVERYONE watched it! It was an addictive guilty pleasure when it was a lot easier to get anyone’s attention. But the old Melrose Place got our attention and it was great.

    Fast forward to MP 2.0. I see it as a great experiment in merging the old with new. And despite its target demographic, (those who weren’t really old enough to watch and appreciate the original series), I think its the original fan base who know the original back story, might just appreciate the new series more. I think of it as the same show in new garb and just a continuation of what has been on pause for 10 years. So in that respect, bringing Amanda, Jane, Michael, Sydney and Jo back are key. They will strike the balance between the MP 1.0 and MP 2.0.

    And on other hand, it really hasn’t been that long ago that we watched the last episode. But the world is completely different and its great to view Melrose Place through this new lens…I look forward to a lot more.

  • JR

    YAY!!!!!! Heather will work her magic again… I heard that she will be Ella’s boss. That will be a Cat Fight waiting to happen every episode. And, maybe Jane will be Amanda’s landlord…now wouldn’t that be poetic justice?

  • (LL)

    shes really pretty for herr age tbf goo heatherr!!

  • razor

    god I hope she gets naked. she’s hot for her age. please let the clothes just slip off!

  • case35

    I think she will get the show signed for more years on the network, in the 90s she was named for all the years it was on as a guest star, she boosted the ratings to where everyone was watching it in clubs, and the adds for MELROSE in the 90s she played the best bitch ,she will be great for Melrose, she is what made MELROSE, its awkward watching it with out the research for what she did for the show in the 90s before being rude about her

  • Soleil rose

    YES! If Amanda comes back to Melrose Place, it will be better for sure & then I will start watching the new show! I hadn’t started watching yet until Heather returns! I hope she stays for good on melrose & it’s not for a couple or episodes! She looks fantastic for her age! she’s got the fountain of youth on her side! I love her to bits, she’s a doll!!

  • Jen

    I hope Heather kills Ashlee and her freaky little stink eye looks!!!

  • Sid

    The show is the best of the fall and will only do better with Heather on it. Can’t wait!!!!!! Melrose Place 2009 is the best show!!!