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Hugh Jackman Hits Pumpkin Patch

Hugh Jackman Hits Pumpkin Patch

Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman pulls a wagon full of his kids — son Oscar, 9, daughter Ava, 3 — while visiting Silverman’s Animal Farm on Monday (September 28) in Easton, Conn.

Looks like the kids had a blast picking pumpkins, apples and vegetables. What a cute family!

Also pictured: Hugh‘s wife Deborra-Lee Furness.

Hugh and Daniel Craig currently star in the Broadway play, Steady Rain.

10+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman hitting the pumpkin patch…

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hugh jackman pumpkin patch 01
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 02
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 03
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 04
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 05
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 06
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 07
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 08
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 09
hugh jackman pumpkin patch 10

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  • lizzie

    1st. But I don’t like him. His arms scare me, he looks like a wolf !!

  • Jeni

    that picture of him holding the my little pony type of things is classic. it just makes me smile.

    this family is so heartwarming. they just seem so normal. the kids are adorable.

    I just wish the paparazzi weren’t so close. I prefer the long shots to the up close ones (like the one in the gas station store). It just seems so wrong to be all up in people faces with your camera. Especially when you’re making money off them. So uncomfortable to look at. Hugh seems good-natured about it, and that’s the only thing that makes it kind of okay.

  • Mistral

    @lizzie: Looks like a man…
    Are better those men so effeminate and hairless that it seems to embrace your sister? Finally a man with hair and muscles as should be a man not a manikin of Harrods. Two thin arms don’t protect a woman.

  • gold

    he is sooooo yummy!!!

  • Clara

    Sabrina Sato is a lucky woman!

  • crazy legs



  • der

    Mr. Poser

  • Vusi Sibanda

    its so interesting to know about celebrities life.

  • Chilly

    This guy is becoming the epitome of cheese and fake-ass. “Hey kids, look, it’s cameras, smile for my career.”

  • hum

    #9, I couldn’t have said it better. Fake Fake Fake Hugh and that smile. Yeah, smile for my next X-men movie and my $20+ million Manhatton house…

    Cute pic though. Ahhhh, family of three generations, kids’ grandma, kids’ dad and the two kids. Sooo sweet…

  • wed mother

    Considering that the papz were called to take photos before they left Manhattan, and that the papz knew in advance exactly where the Jackman family was going, I’d say this was a total PR set up.

    They even traveled by chauffeured limo to the farm for their photo op.

    Jackman, the gay family man… hamming it up for the cameras, again.

  • @#11

    hahaha.. you caught it. classy isn’t it. couldn’t have been more obviously a pre-arranged PR photo stunt than this. do they need more evidence of proof of what a “family man” he is? yeah yeah we know this is needed to push sales of his wolverene dvds. it’s all about $$$ right hugh?

  • jessalyn

    Really wed mother? So he’s pumping gas into a limo? Wow! He must be quite the amazing customer!!!

  • ga

    Love him no matter what. But will have more respect if he is not such a fame whore. The pictures are so obviously staged.

  • Dana

    Are you blind? It´s SUV, not a limo. He even drives it by himself (him or Deb). And that he allowed the photographers make few photos? So what? At least his family looks happy and he can prepare his kids for his popularity and to teach them react to the cameras that will be always there (even not allowed). Should he be as Tom Cruise, who never lets his little doll girl walk by herself, is always followed by a bodyguard and his wife looks bored to death? If he wouldn´t allow them to do that, they would follow him anyway. Or he should run, hide and make it stressful for the kids? Wake up. Try to live in a constant spotlight and you´ll learn to live with paps. He at least can do that as a nice and classy guy. And it´s always fascinating that when you *hate* him and his wife so much, why do you even bother to look at them? Is it too much for your shallow brains that some man can actually love a woman for who he is and not her looks (she looks very good btw.).

  • famous


    why the ranting? what was pointed out here is that this “outing” was a PR stunt. HJ is as guilty as any other celeb. as to being a famewh##re.

  • Darja

    I don´t want to idealize him but since this place they are is public, he either had to deal with paps or kick them out. And as classy as he is, he kept smiling and obviously ignored them. I would like YOU to be followed by paps everywhere – I bet you wouldn´t be able to smile and ignore them as he can do that.

  • What’s your problem?

    He’s a HUGE superstar. He’s supposed to smile and be fake. You guys are the same people who when see a star that doesn’t want the cameras and the paparazzi and tell them to beat it, you go ”Boo! Diva! Who does he/she thing he/she is?” just to have something to type in celebrity blogs like this one because you don’t have anything better to do. Or maybe because it’s harmless and funny. Now that you see a star that is polite and smiles and talks to the paps as if they were his buddies, you complain again. It’s pointless.


    This is my conclusion: the BIGGEST a star is, the BIGGEST the hate is. It’s the same type of hate you’ll come across under Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise threads. I remember a time that Jackman wasn’t the superstar he is today and everyone would post the kindest comments here in jj and in other blogs as well. Now that he is a such a big star and people recognize him instantly and the media go crazy for him you so often come across nasty comments like the above. The same old story: a star is born, everyone loves him, he reaches the peak of his career, then comes the hate (see Kidman, Cruise, etc) People are never satisfied with anything.

  • Joey

    They’re cute. STOP HATING!!

  • Bashir

    I love them and they are cute. So what’s the problem with you? Monday is his free day from the play, so he is out with his family.
    He tries to be as normal as it is possible as a celeb.
    So stop posting such shit.

  • Terry

    Well, I have to admit I watched a tmz video from this and it was no PR thing. The paps followed them without any idea where they are going. I think anybody else would want to lose the paps, Hugh was chatting with them. classy
    I agree with 19. No matter how great actor or a good person the actor is, people just start to hate them for no reason. I am not a big fan of Angelina or Pitt but they are doing good things for charity that not everybody knows.
    Same with the others. We really don´t know them , it is just an irracional hatred.

  • #19 & #22

    Nice said, people!

  • Chilly

    @What’s your problem?: You’re so wrong. Cheese stinks.

  • Sham

    @HATERS: Yeah, and I bet YOU post nasty comments on other threads just to get a reaction, don’t you? Get over it. People can say what they want. Stop whining, you do it, too.

  • Melonator


  • giveitabreak


    you’re sooooooo right…

    I feel sorry for all of you who have need to hate someone just because he/she is famous and earns a lot of money. They stole your place under the stars while you weren’t wathing and used up your 5 seconds of fame…

    get a life
    don’t live lives of others trough lame paparazzi photos