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January Jones to Congress: Pass the Shark Conservation Act!

January Jones to Congress: Pass the Shark Conservation Act!

Mad Men actress January Jones is lookin’ classy in a nude ensemble as she leaves the Channel 7 ABC News offices on Tuesday (September 29) in Washington, D.C.

The 31-year-old blonde beauty is in town to urge Congress to pass the Shark Conservation Act, which hopes to protect sharks from the cruel practice of shark finning (cutting off sharks’ fins and throwing the sharks back in the water, often while still alive). Congress banned this practice in 2000, but enforcement is complex and there is room for cheating. This legislation closes a loophole that currently permits a vessel to transport fins obtained illegally as long as the sharks were not finned aboard that vessel.

FYI: January is toting around the Jimmy Choo “Blythe” Bag.

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  • Rhonda

    longer school year kiddies, Obama says YOU are not keeping up.

  • asdf

    looks good

  • teri

    For real this is all she could support?

  • anna

    For real this is all she could support?

    are you for real? if so then you have no idea what is happening to the sharks; so let me tell you how it is. watching fishermen catch live sharks then, while the poor things are still alive, cut off their fins and throw them back into the water. and yes, most of them are still alive at that point.

    how would you, teri, like someone to come along and cut off both your arms, while you are still alive, then throw you into the ocean? not much, i’d bet. remember this, the shark has existed in one form or another for more millions of years longer than man has been on this planet. they have as much right to to this earth as we do.

  • omg

    I am sorry is it me or does she look a tad masculine in these pics?? Does not even look like her.

  • Kat

    I don’t like sharks.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    To tell you the truth i don’t care at all about sharks.

    If a shark came in contact with a human it would have no problem ripping us, our children or our friends to shreds.

    There are so many humans in the world that are suffering as well as gentle creatures that are being tortured. SO i have no sympathy for sharks at all.

  • LadyB

    January Jones is stunning. I just wish she knew it..or dress like she knew it.

  • CassALee

    I don’t like sharks, heck I’m deathly afraid of them, but this sounds really cruel. Sharks do get a bad wrap since the only way they can feel is with their teeth. Kudos to January for standing up for the creatures that scare the daylights out of me.

  • Rachel

    “If a shark came in contact with a human it would have no problem ripping us, our children or our friends to shreds.”

    Sharks only go near humans when they smell blood in THEIR territory. Shark attacks on humans happen very very rarely. How about you do some research?

  • Marieme

    This is a wonderful cause and I sincerly appreciate her compassion. Yes, I would kill any creature in a second if it threatened my life or the life of someone I love; however I do not condone the mass slaughtering or even hunting of ANY animals. It is cruel, selfish and beneath contempt. We’ve encroached on the lives of so many wildlife” Less land, less food, climate change! Jeezus! They need our help for survival and deserve our collective compassion.

  • meh

    this is what dumbass alba should’ve done instead of slapping shark posters that had no words and conveyed no purpose onto united way’s signs.

  • SubSub

    She looks like she stole that outfit from the Mad Men wardrobe.

  • jill

    Go January! Sharks are an important part of our ecosystem. I think sharks are amazing. In fact, I like them better than some humans. :)

    Also, I think January looks great! Dressed for business…

  • jill

    omg – it’s you.

  • groundcontrol

    Are they shooting Mad Men into the future. That is a 1980s suit with the shoulder pads.

    Well, good for her for using her celebrity for the environment. Well, sort of good. I’m not a fan of the shark. Sort of like if someone tried to save the snakes I would be on the other side to slaughter all snakes.

  • stacey

    Don’t really know her but I am so glad to hear about her work and lending her voice to these magnificent and truly mis-understood creatures. I care about sharks (as well as any other animal) and it is so wonderful to see a celebrity who is setting an example to be followed. What “we” do to sharks is so shameful and an utter disgrace!!! Can you imagine having your arms cut off and thrown aside? Forget 911 – just leave you there to suffer!

    “Just because we CAN, doesn’t mean we SHOULD”

  • stacey

    @groundcontrol: I’ve seen footage in countries where they are slaughtered for human consumption, etc. that their skin is literally ripped off them while they are alive. Would you support this or support humane slaughter?

  • Catherine

    Well, for all of you who know nothing about sharks… just know that the moment you rid the ocean waters of it’s top predator, all of those other “sweet, adorable” creatures living in that ocean will also be wiped out. there is something to say about the order of things, once you mess up that order everything becomes unbalanced. Anna, you are absolutely correct – sharks have lived on this earth for 400 million years – humans (the way we are today) have only roamed 2,000 + years – how audacious can we be? and for what? a bowl of shark fin soup that is used as a status symbol in Asian coutries to show that “you’ve made it…” C’mon! We humans have lost respect for life… speak to anyone about sharks and their only ignorant response is that “they attack humans.” A completely FALSE statement – we invade their home, and unfortunately, we HUMANS are in the wrong place at the wrong time – more humans are killed by cars, dogs, cancer, etc everyday than by sharks. SHOW SOME RESPECT. Also, most of our oxygen comes from ocean water, if you distrub it’s life, inevitably we’re cutting our time here on earth shorter and shorter… YAY for January Jones. If any of you would like to learn more about this subject – check out a documentary called Shark Water, it gave me perspective.