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Jude Law: You Don't Play Hamlet, Hamlet Plays You

Jude Law: You Don't Play Hamlet, Hamlet Plays You

Jude Law discusses his return to the stage after a seven-year hiatus in the latest issue of Vogue.

Last summer, the 36-year-old British actor dazzled critics and drew adoring crowds with his charismatic portrayal of Hamlet in London’s West End. The production is currently on Broadway with a 12-week run at the Broadhurst.

“Someone once told me that you don’t play Hamlet”Hamlet plays you,” says Jude. “He demands such a reveal of your inner feelings and thoughts that you have to open yourself up to him and see where he takes you.”

Jude adds, “You see Hamlet struggling with these questions about why we’re here and what the work of life is, but ultimately, as with all great writing, the answers are really left up to us. At the heart of this character is someone we all recognize as ourselves.”

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  • erica

    Great actor! I heard about his great reviews in London and I am trying to get tickets to see him in New York. Jude Law playing Hamlet is something that shouldn’t be missed!

  • sheryl

    We’ll be there next week, Jude…..woohoo!
    *winks at Jude*

  • elle

    thanks Jared !!!!

  • alex




  • Nathan

    Watch Jude on Jimmy Fallon tonight with Felicia Day!

  • saloongirl

    Actually, Hamlet is identity performance – he assumes the pose of an insane man and acts from that position. Hamlet’s true nature is what is not written – it exists between the lines, off-stage. Contrary to those hardcore “we are our performance” people I do think Hamlet doubts his position in society, but I also think the “depth” he assumes is part of his strategy-of-madness.

  • Eloisa

    Thanks JJ! This is the kind of news about Jude Law that I want to hear. He is a great actor and is all that the public should care.

    Bravo Jude!

  • juanita

    Jude’s portrayal of Hamlet was exquisite, and should definitely not to be missed. I saw it twice in London and am sad that I won’t be able to see it again in New York.

    Thanks for the nice article Jared.

  • lol

    “You don’t play a model from Florida, they play you!”

  • Felicia

    Set your channels to Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight 12:35 a.m. ET.

  • Felicia

    I mean it, watch it!

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    yes, i will watch Jude on Jimmy Fallon show tonight.
    Brave Jude!!

  • Brenda

    Good interview.

  • For real

    Garbage is fame seeking ho’s sleeping with men to get money and fame. Then expect the man to play daddy to their little cash cow.

  • gemma

    Saw Jude play Hamlet in London and NY. He gives a commanding performance that can be matched by no other. He is a great actor and stage actor. You could literally feel the raw emotion in the theater.
    Jude is perfection. See the play if at all possible! I would love to see this production go to film. Unbelievable.

  • sheryl

    @gemma: It’d be awesome if they did release a DVD of it, Gemma. They’ve apparently filmed it, since some of the footage was shown in a recent interview with Michael and Jude, so by all means they should just put it on DVD.

  • dolorescraeg

    oh jared,
    i so appreciate your posting this…i saw jude’s hamlet in london. he tore the house down. michael caine had seen laurence olivier and richard burton portray hamlet. caine said that by far jude law was the best hamlet he had ever seen. i’m going to fly to new york to see jude again at the broadhurst theatre. this is truly a once in a lifetime performance. jared it’s a pleasure to see that you’re featuring a post about jude’s great acting ability.

  • Marieme

    Oh my god, he’s absolutely right. I believe that you go whereever that role takes you. Some people see Hamlet as weak; others see him as mad. I think Mel Gibson did a fabulous job as Hamlet. I loved his interpretation.

  • nadzster

    Guess I’m gwana hafta see this play!

  • Barns

    Jude effin Law reading Poker Face on Fallon, effin hilarious.

  • mery

    I saw Hamlet`s Jude in London. Great performance, brilliant.
    I enjoy with the good reviews the his job. His play is amazing. He has great acting hability, he asume risk in this career.
    Good luck, Jude!!!
    And very thanks for the pleasure of your job.

    Jude job very hard since a long time. I respect him for his job. he is a gentleman. He never sell interviews over his life or his kids. He never talks over his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend and he assume his acts in his life. He isn`t perfec and I think his problem is his bad taste with the women.

    He is a great actor, I enjoy with his job and this is all I have righ to ask.

  • Daphne

    @mery: Agree 100%.

    I believe this is a performance that will be remembered years from now. I have always thought of Hamlet as a brooding anemic wishy washy sort of weakling but no, Jude’s perf changed all that. Anyone with a chance to see Jude’s Hamlet should go. You’ll be seeing something very special.

  • vinnyblue

    I saw HAMLET in NYC, Sept 18, 2009.
    Jude Law was fantastic, energetic, powerful as Hamlet.
    can’t believe he remembers all the dialogues.
    I don’t familiar with Shakespeare thing, but his performance helped me to understand Hamlet’s pain.
    I wish I could see it more than once.

    Go Jude!!

  • dolorescraeg

    from his astounding performance in hamlet to the jimmy fallon show jude’s talent knows no bounds.he was funny as hell yesterday. jude’s sense of humour and good sportsmanship just shone….he’s got enough charisma to feed the world. then jude plays a tyransexual in rage. then he’s dr. watson to robert downey’s sherlock.
    what came through yesterday on jimmy fallon’s show is that jude is sweet ,funny, accommodating laughs at himself ,a great sport and unbearably handsome and sexy. other than that i don’t know what all the fuss is about. yeah right.

  • outlander

    do any of you know if i can see any of these shows he´s been on (late night etc) online?
    i´m not in the US so unfortunately couldn´t see it..

  • jami

    Jude Law baby! love it!

    He was great on Jimmy Fallon last night….
    Loved him fencing with Jimmy and reciting “Poker Face” as if it were written by Shakespere. :)
    Jude rocks! Can’t wait to see him as Hamlet Oct. 10th!

  • Fiona

    What’s jimmy Fallon? I’m in the UK so never heard of it….have to see it though! I studied Hamlet at Uni and it is a really complicated play…I remember the part where he goes mad because he keeps seeing the ghost of his father…..he must be so talented!

  • Pole

    Thanks Jared!

    I’ve seen Jude’s Hamlet twice and he’s quite simply amazingly good. IMO there’s really not much more to say. Some of the supporting cast were disapointing IMO but overall I found the production very modern, relevant and fresh too.

  • outlander

    @ fiona
    i´m in the uk as well (not english though so sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes)
    it would be great if you could let me know where you can watch it in case you find out,,i´d really love to see it

  • sheryl

    Jude’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon totally rocked! The “Poker Face” “poetry reading” and the sword fight were awesome. I loved Jimmy’s impression of Jude speaking on the phone…cute!

  • Sara ☼

    @outlander: Try it here.
    It worked for me, and I’m from Brazil.
    A bit too short, sadly, but you can have an idea on how it was.
    I hope I have helped.
    And Jude performing Lady’s Gaga “Poker Face”, this is the coolest thing ever.
    Love Jude ♥

  • Fiona

    Sara, thanks! He is so cute. Didn’t realise the words for Pokerface were so funny lol!

  • Fiona

    Sara, thanks! He is so cute. Didn’t realize the words to Pokerface were so funny lol!

  • Daphne

    @Sara ☼: Thanks Sarah! I couldn’t see the show either. This bit is too short but still great. He’s so charming and funny I never knew Poker Face has such sophisticated lyrics. *snort*

  • outlander

    Thank you sara : )
    it´s really funny indeed!
    too bad you can´t see the whole show though..

  • Sara ☼

    @Daphne: My name is Sara, with No H, but it’s okay.
    You’re all welcome!

  • dolorescraeg

    great that you posted it sara. now our friends in other parts of the world have a chance to see the great sense of humour jude has..he was a knockout on jimmy’s show. they had such a good time.
    by the way if any of you can manage to get tickets to see hamlet at the broadhurst in new york city….run don’t walk…the performance by jude law is a once in a lifetime treat.

  • outlander

    sorry for all my stupid questions..
    but on
    you can apparantly watch the whole episodes..does anyone know if that´s for free? and do i need a tv licence for my laptop if i watch it :/ ?
    sorry again and thanks in advance

  • isabella

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  • angie

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  • dolorescraeg

    what’s number 39′s problem. her middle name must be hate..poor thiong…imagine going through lifel ike that. what a tragedy.

  • isabella

    Old news??? the baby that he made with Samantha Burke is an old new??? You even know what you are talking about!!!
    Don’t worry about me… I’m very well! You’re confusing things, YOU are one of these obsessed people who live their lives believing in something that’s not true!

  • Isabella

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