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TLC Drops Jon Gosselin, Relaunches as 'Kate Plus 8'

TLC Drops Jon Gosselin, Relaunches as 'Kate Plus 8'

TLC has decided to drop Jon Gosselin from their hit reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8. The show will be relaunched on November 2nd under the new title Kate Plus 8.

The program now include a deeper focus on Kate‘s journey as a single mother. TLC will continue its exclusive relationship with Jon and he will continue to appear on the show, but on a less regular basis.

“Given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family. The family has evolved and we are attempting to evolve with it; we feel that Kate’s journey really resonates with our viewers. Additionally the network is in development on a Kate project for 2010″ says Eileen O’Neill, President and GM, TLC.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Kate’s journey as a newly single mother raising 5 year-old sextuplets and 8 year-old twins?

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  • Shakirakitten

    Kate is a good mom and we’ve just about had enough of her philandering ex. Good riddance. More Kate.

  • Denise

    The best thing to do would be to pull the plug on the whole show, and let the kids hopefully have a normal life.

  • Catalina

    Thank you TLC ! I will definitely start watching again when loser Jon is gone. Bravo TLC, bravo !

  • c

    I use to really like Jon, I thought he was a good guy, but he let the fame blind him and turn into a jerk. I didnt like or dislike Kate but now I think I going towards like more because she has shown herself to have grace and class and also be a strong woman. Jon could have won if he didnt act like a ass but he wanted the spot like and lost everything. I wont watch but I am happy she is getting the show.

  • Zoe

    I will definately tune in if Jon is not on the show. Who wants to watch him act like an ass all the time. Can’t stand him.

  • Pathetic no-talent witch

    Kate’s “journey” hahahaaaaaaa- to make as much money and gain as much attention for herself as she can at the expense of those little moneymakers she brought on to this earth. Disgusting !!! as are her sub-moronic fans.

  • Bostongirl

    Great Idea TLC!!! Kate is the reason I continue to watch the show, and I look forward to watching her journey continue. Watching Jon on the show was becoming more and more painful as time goes on, he was not even listen to what his kids are saying. And although they haven’t mentioned it, I like the focus on Kate over even the kids as it allows the kids to just be kids with cameras around.

    Can’t wait for November 2nd!!

  • ********

    Definitely not!! Show went to shit a ways back. Time to move on…. Cancel the show

  • Bella

    Its too hard to watch with Jon on the show, so I’m very happy he and his douchyness will be moving on. I can watch again without getting the dry heaves/

  • Dena

    Yea,…. having only one pimping parent on the show changes everything !, Bwahahahaaa……zzzzzzzzzzzzzz….now failure can be all Kate’s.

  • cutiemcfreckles

    this is a great improvement! I believe kate is a good mom.

  • gaby


  • gaby


  • Lexie

    Are they gonna make the kids say “On this episode of KATE PLUS EIGHT” now?? How sad and traumatizing for the children…

  • joanne

    goodness gracious. why can’t they just cancel the show already. this just shows that Kate isn’t ready to give up the spotlight and continue to exploit her kids

  • Cherie

    Both Jon and Kate are attention-seeking people who have put money and fame above the interests of their children. I’m so glad that the ratings for the show have tanked this season. I’m betting the new version of the show will be more of the same. They should just pull the plug and let these kids be. But, oh wait, Kate wants to milk it for every penny she can get! Whatever.

  • Terre

    I hpoe this is true! Jon has shown himself to be a true loser and will be broke in less than a year.

  • kate plus 8 plus jon

    Why change the name of the show if Jon is on it.. that is stupid or what..
    Have to laugh when you see in print Exclusive..what is the tabloids have more on him ….

  • Rhonda

    the end is near, ………………………………….. I saw a bit of one of the shows the other night, the girls were talking on the couch, TLC, really don’t need Kate either, think about THE 8, on their own, I’d watch that.

  • Paula

    What world does Eileen O’Neill live in? Kate Gosselin does not “resonate” with anyone. The ratings for this show have dropped like a bomb since it’s been all about Kate. And TLC is coming up with something just Kate? Are Eileen and Kate having a fling or something?

  • gravytrain

    I stopped watching the show long ago because of Kate… I couldn’t take her nag, nag, nagging… she reminded me of the dad from OC Choppers & why I stopped watching that show also. TLC needs to cancel the show altogether…PERIOD! Imagine the questions those kids are going to have… Mommy, why isn’t Daddy on the show anymore also? I don’t care for Kate, she may think she has the kids best intentions at heart but in reality money is ruling her decisions. They have made more than enough for college and royalties they get/will get from their books & videos. Is Jon making stupid decisions as far as his personal life?.. Absolutely! But he is a good Dad and maybe in the end him being off the show will be the best for the kids. At least they will have a relationship with ONE parent that doesn’t have the cameras around constantly. Also, I would imagine that he would need to give his consent for HIS children to be filmed even if he is not on the show given he is their parent also and he may end up having the last laugh.

  • Halli

    I was hoping they would just cancel the show.

  • psychic

    I smell big stinky bomb as the universally disliked Kate stumbles and falls in her already played-out stale storyline of a show about a mother who had children for what they would bring to her, instead of the other way around – natures way; to nurture and give way to your children. phewwww

  • Kasey

    No, I will not tune in..who wants to watch Kate do nothing except be a selfish Mother who will not let her kids live in peace? Not me and not a lot of people will. Just admit it. The show is OVER! GO AWAY KATE!

  • linda

    same old show with Kate’s monotone narration and boring story lines ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ zzzzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z z z z z z

  • e702

    I’m sick of Kate and her greedy ways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Find a new poor family to help out TLC. This family has had their time in the light!!!!!!!!!

  • Why?

    Cancel this show already.
    No, I will not watch Kate milk her kids for money. Cancel… Cancel…. Cancel. Both….Kate and Jon are bad parents.

    “Kate plus 8 Little Money Makers”

  • elle

    I agree. jon is BAD for the show. What on earth is wrong with him anyway??? Shock treatment anyone?

  • big no

    If this was the only show on television I WOULD NOT WATCH IT! TLC should stick a fork in it ’cause it’s done! Let those Gosselin kids live in peace. Amen.

  • Jon wanted off

    Steve brings his kids to live at Club Gosselin with Khate and then you have a show, otherwise – played out as is the transparent Khate.


    NO WAY in GODS green earth will I watch. I stopped watching after they made their divorce announcement.I HATE how Kate speaks down to ppl and how horribly she treated Jon. She wonders and whines about being a single mom. GIMME a break. She has an entire team helping her and if the cameras arent on she doesnt do sh it. She is a horrible mother GONE 20 out of 30 days. The ratings have already proven no one wants to see her anymore. it went from 10 mil to 1.7. OK that just isnt going to work.

  • Sarah May

    Why complain about Jon not being on the TV show anymore? I mean, he’s only using the money he earns to party it up in Vegas and buy his weird-lookin’ GF stuff. He is probably going to beg for spousal support once the divorce finalizes.

    It would be cool if the kids didn’t have to be on TV, but seriously people. It’s a huge family. Yes, they have money now and some coming in from her books, but it won’t last forever with so many kids. Kate is supporting her family with the show.

  • Donna

    She is such a money grubbing trailer trash loser that I cant stand her. She herself even said when she was on the View that 75 grand IS NOT ENOUGH. WOW what a low life statement that is. CANCEL THIS SHOW ALREADY

  • Abby

    I hope this show fails til the bitter end. That way, those children can start to have some normalcy in their life. Kate now needs to go away!!

  • bonnie J Wortham

    I have no problem with Kate having he show alone with the children.She and the children are the stars. Their future and lives now, is the news that we are intrested in. not John’s new dating life. These children have been short changed as it is and they do not need to be made aware of their father’s mid life crisis. I pray that Kate and the children move forward and that their future lives are happy.

  • kelly

    Soooo, Jon can pimp from the sidelines and Kate can pimp 24/7 as usual and the show will be different how?——– we don’t have to look at Jon’s belly is about all I can come up with.

  • Lenno

    We have people who pay handsomely to attend pro sporting events featuring pro athletes who cheat on their wives continuosly, have babies out of wedlock, and do not spend time with their kids. There has not been the criticism of these athletes as there is this constant criticism of Kate. Kate is not perfect but who among you out there is?

  • sasasa

    I hope my kids to be as good as those… I love them!!! lol

  • Darya

    Jon will go after her for child support and be like K-Fed, living off his ex wife. She probably will have no choice but to pay him thousands each month from the money she makes from her new show and other endeavours. Jon, meanwhile, with his lifestyle after splitting from Kate, will probably be hired by nobody. He did it to himself. Instead of taking the high road like Kate has, he instead chose to act like a douchebag.

  • kim

    What is Jon gonna do for a living? Are they paying him to not be on the show? this show has run it’s course cancel it with a little dignity.

  • erica

    Good! Now Jon can do what he does best; chase women, while Kate will keep mothering her children.

  • Eva

    Yeah, it was the right decission.

    I think there are many women out there whose partners go from being “normal men” to acting like lunatics. Watching Kate will give those women hope that there IS life after that.

  • Paulie

    I wish they would all disappear. This creature’s 15 minutes must be up by now.

  • Beach Lover

    No, I won’t be watching the tranny & 8. Haven’t watched since she ignored her sweating, crying little boy in the furniture store so she could get free stuff. She is a terrible person and a terrible mother. I have five at home and none of mine act the way her children do because, guess what, I am a mother to them. She does not have the “mom” gene.

  • dear sweet Jaysus

    I pray Kate flips her SUV and we never have to see or hear from her again. Amen.

  • Mike

    Why don’t the TLC people ask the kids what they want? why is it Kate & 8 it’s like the kids no longer have a father! Leave it Jon & Kate plus 8 and be done with the show in a year or so.

  • Lillianne

    I would watch “8″.

  • lisa

    Can’t wait to see possum head fail. She is hated by most,with the exception of lesbos,manhaters and ugly lonely shut-ins,her base,so to speak.

  • good for kate

    You can’t blame TLC for dumping Jon. Jon’s bashed them, bashed the show, bashed Kate and continues to act like a irresponsible teenager and if anyone disagrees with what he’s doing, he WHINES about it. The only thing this guys can do is WHINE AND BLAME EVERYONE for everything. THIS GUY IS SUCH A LOSER. Well now TLC are cutting their losses and Jon is going to feel it when he can’t afford all the Ed Hardy gear, sports cars and supporting his crack ho. Kate’s going to have the last laugh. Yes, she’s a pit bull, but you know what SHE’LL BE THE ONE WHO WILL SAVE UP FOR THE KIDS FUTURE’S. Do you think this guy will ever think of that? HELL NO. He just thinks of Jon, the NEXT PARTY AND NEXT HO.

  • anon

    One of the best times on the show was when those kids were catching their fish with their Dad.
    Same old Kate with her controlling, narcissistic ways. She is not a single mom, she is divorced. There is a difference. No one wants to hear her bad mouth Jon anymore and she certainly should not be doing that in front of her kids.
    Stop with the freebies, TLC!

    Bring back Clean Sweep!