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LeAnn Rimes Goes Country Mart Shopping

LeAnn Rimes Goes Country Mart Shopping

LeAnn Rimes goes on a day of shopping, stopping at the Brentwood Country Mart to pick up a thoughtful item from Sugar Paper on Monday (September 28).

The 27-year-old country singer has been a busy shopper lately, picking up some kitchen supplies at Williams-Sonoma the day before.

Eddie Cibrian‘s divorce from Brandi Glanville will reportedly be as peaceable as possible. “Both sides are hoping to settle their divorce amicably,” a Glanville source told People last week. Eddie filed for divorce last month and is also seeking shared custody.

15+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes going country mart shopping…

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leann rimes country mart shopping 01
leann rimes country mart shopping 02
leann rimes country mart shopping 03
leann rimes country mart shopping 04
leann rimes country mart shopping 05
leann rimes country mart shopping 06
leann rimes country mart shopping 07
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leann rimes country mart shopping 09
leann rimes country mart shopping 10
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  • jj

    Still driving around in his Porche to show the world she won the prize. Such a loser.

  • validate

    It was the friend she was with yesterday who did the shopping. Doubt if Le Ann is much into cooking. At least from what Dean says she doesn’t cook at all.

  • anon

    What? Someone bought LeAnn Rimes a Porche to make her look good?
    Who was this good fairy?

  • validate

    She lives in Brentwood, Brandi in Calabasas and Eddie? Some one said in Bev Hills.

    Whatever, where ever – it was good to see the “warring” parties together yesterday. Couples do divorce and remain friends. I know some and read about them and think that that is possible when both people realize the relationship has outgrown its purpose.

  • validate

    Since I’m not a car person I can’t tell what type of car it is. I see some lettering on the trunk in one photo but it doesn’t have a P so it must be a model of Porsche. Can anyone read it?

  • enough!

    Enough of this tramp and her need for PR.

  • jj

    EC has a Porche and by driving it shows the world he is hers. Yuck :(

  • validate

    Turbo Porsche. It looks like the more expensive one at about $155, 000.

    Who knew Eddie made that much money off the soaps or is it on credit?
    Le Ann owned a $150,000 Ferrari when she was a teenager. Something else in common…..a love of very expensive, sporty cars.

  • mailey

    I dont think she’s a tramp. Her husband was gay. People fall out of love and in love with other people. That’s reality, that’s how it goes.

    She always looks so comfortable. She wears natural, comfy outfits. And she looks happy. Good. At least someone is. Sigh.

  • validate


    Just want to warn you that most posters here will flame you for that comment so stay strong. I get attacked a lot here. We do have free speech still. ; )

  • lucy

    Probably because most people have a moral compass and yes Leann is a tramp. So Eddie is seen with his family and now we see pics of Leann getting into Eddie’s porche. Brandi is going to be in Eddie’s life until death do they part due to the kids. Leann better get used to it, if she lasts that long I think not.

  • Ruth

    Here comes the daily PR posting for Ms. Rimes, the sweet, innocent young girl who was trapped into marrying a gay man and has finally found love with a charming goodlooking Latin actor. Oops, he is also married but what does that matter? The important thing is that THEY are happy and in love and the fact that they have thoroughly humiliated their spouses over the past six months with their public lying and private cheating is completely irrelevant.

    The divorces are none of our business. However the constant PR campaign to whitewash her behaviour is our business. She is a singer and relies on the public for her career. She is now fighting the public backlash to her career and especially the manipulative way she behaved towards her own spouse and Mrs. Cibrian, who was made to look a complete fool by her husband and his mistress.

    I would certainly call her a tramp and also a fool to believe that he won’t do the same to her.

  • lucy

    Agree Ruth. However ya can’t convince the sheeple of this.
    Trainwreck is coming guarantee and yes Leann is a tramp.
    She better keep him on a tight noose ooops I mean leash.

  • jenny

    Amen, Ruth! You said it, sista!!!!

  • MTA56

    I am a big Leann fan & admit she is wrong. Why is everyone blaming her entirely for this?? Greasy MAGGOT cibrian is the one with a LONG history of fooling around!! LeAnn never has before! Crater-faced MAGGOT man is the one who easely turned his back on his children! Don’t worry you jealous ‘dizzy broads’, MAGGOT man will hurt Leann after he uses her for sex & money & then move on to his next victim. I hope he will run into one who will give him a good shot of some serious desease. Better yet may his next victim have a father, grand father or uncle who is a big figure in the Mafia & MAGGOT man will crap on her. I hope then they find this greasy half-breeds tortured body floating in a pool of water. Finally I wish all of you dizzy broads find & marry a worthless scum-bag JUST LIKE MAGGOT MAN! Hope you get knocked up & he leaves you!!! That is ALL you ‘Girls Gone Wild’ tramps deserve. Better keep your ‘pole-dancing skill up to par as you will need them!

  • validate

    I haven’t seen a sign posted here saying…

    “Only anti- Le Ann posts and sentiments allowed”

  • validate

    This is mild compared to the acrimonious things posted against Angelina. People wish her terrible accidents and for her children to die. Just truly horrid things. We’ve had a little of that on here but not to that horrific degree….yet. Lets hope it doesn’t devolve to that sub-human level.

  • Maggie

    The Porsche is Leann’s. You are so busy trashing her that you didn’t look at the license plate. I’m sure Eddie went to Nashville to buy his. I don’t agree with what they have done, but it’s not up to me to judge. Since all of you have never done anything wrong or hurt someone, go ahead throw those stones, hope you don’t live in glass houses.

  • validate

    @ Maggie……..good post. No I didn’t look at the plate but I will now. I heard Eddie had one but I also know Le Ann loves sporty cars.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • validate

    The license plate on the car is a TENNESSEE one.

    It is Le Ann’s car ! NOT Eddie’s.

  • validate

    I see the license plate frame says “Nas………” that is probably Nashville and I see the TENN…well I see a part of the 2nd N on the plate itself above the numbers.

    Good eye!

    She also owns an Audi Q5. Is she in debt or does someone invest her earnings smartly? She seems plenty.

  • Trish

    She looks cute!!! She has the right to lead her life, whatever her choices are! Be happy LeAnn!! Eddie is a Hottie! Love CSI.

  • Soldem

    Sometimes married people, especially people who married young fall out of love with their spouse and happen by chance to fall in love once they get older, when someone FALLS in LOVE there is Nothing one can do, (ITS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!) I Used to say the same, but NEVER say NEVER, and never Judge someone because you may find yourself being in a similar position unexpectectly. I Wish them Luck in their Life togther and May their love bring them long lasting happyness ;)


  • Seldom

    I WIsh you Luck LeAnn & Eddie in your Love Life!!!

    PEOPLE!!! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!
    We’re not here to judge, there is only ONE peorson who can Judge us!!! Things Always Happed the way they do FOR A REASON.

  • LeAnn Fan!!

    LeAnn Don’t let these evil!!! unhappy/misserable people’s comments affect you in any way!!!


    Good Luck LeAnn & Eddie you guys make a Wonderful Couple, Especially in your Vacation to Cancun you looked very much in Love and Happy.

  • Halli

    This is exactly what she wanted. paparazzi, attention and more fame.
    Do not give it to her Jared. She has destroyed her image in the normally goodie-goodie country music industry. Its over for her, she just doesn’t know it yet.

  • Love

    Shop Away girl!!! Make that Love Nest a Happy One.

    You and Eddie make a Beautiful Couple,

    Don’t Let Negative People affect your life…

    Being in Love is the best thing in the world!!!!

    Unhappy people should stop talking smack and go experience it for themselves!!


  • validate

    I have never seen anyone on here defend the manner in which Le Ann and Eddie went about the breakup. People say her PR(that means anyone who won’t condemn her to the realm of the devil) defends their actions. But I have never found evidence to support that accusation.

    Yesterday’s pictures of Eddie with Brandi and Brandi’s parents sent them reeling and got them really riled up.

  • validate

    If these mundane outings are photo ops for Le Ann then every other celebrity must do exactly the same.

    If you can admit they all do this most of the time then we’ll concede she does it too.

  • T-bone

    Here’s a little observation for all of obsessed nuts on both sides of this issue: she is wearing her favorite jacket. That jacket started it all. It is the same jacket she was wearing standing on the sidewalk directly under the security camera. It is the jacket with the little blue dove on the left shoulder. It also happens to be the jacket she was wearing when Deane was kissing her the day after she was sucking on Eddie’s fingers. Perhaps I to am obsessed.

  • xxx

    @ mailay and @leann fan
    She is a man /horse faced woman and doesnot look good.Brandi is muchmore prettier and really beautifl plus she is a full time mom.They are not her parents but they are his parents who knows they are trying to reconcil and atleast divorce will be sure to postpone.
    Eddie is never happy when pictured with her and still says that he loves his family I am sure he will come back to Brandi,they have two kids together.Leann is dumped by Eddie.Her husband Deane Sheremet is not gay go and read deansheremet and brandiglanville on twitter,both are nice people and see in a few days u will hear that eddie is back with his lovely family

  • validate

    Her shopping bag says “Sugar Paper”

    Sugar Paper is an LA stationer crafting letterpress stationery, invitations and announcements for an upscale and celebrity clientele.

    That is their advertisement.

  • validate

    Those are not Eddie’s parents. Eddie is darker-complexioned and the father in the picture is much too light and Eddie’s parents will be good-looking too. The parents at the soccer game were not very good-looking and take a look at the one picture of Brandi where she is walking alone (not at the soccer field with everyone else). In that one Brandi resembles the elderly father in the soccer field photos.

  • T-bone

    I agree with Validate that those were not Eddie’s parents. Eddie’s parents were not at the game because those beautiful people don’t give a fig about their grandchildren. Eddie’s parents care only about one thing and that is the money that Eddie gives them. Those stupid ugly Glandvilles have nothing better to do than love their daughter and grandchildren. What fools! Eddie thinks the Glandvilles are so foolish that he expects Brandi to pay him spousal support for all the years he cheated on his family. Eddie’s mother probably wants his child support to go to her. Now are these statements stupid enough for all of you!!!! Geez can’t we at least have some interesting or humorous comments from you people. Try a little creative writing.

  • validate

    @ T-bone

    You first…something interesting or humorous.

  • cat

    love you leann and stay strong.things will work out just let it ride.and just keep on singing!…

  • Amber

    Everyone needs to leave LeAnn alone…A person is only so strong–….I have been married for 14 years and NEVER cheated on my husband….but If I was doing sexy love scenes with Eddie Cibrian……I can’t say I could hold back my feelings….a physical attraction to someone is hard to ignore when u are having virtual sex scenes with them too—Give her a break……she is only human. And he is just candy for the eyes……I couldn’t resist!!!! It’s not we live in this world of that no one ever divorces… U live your life…..and let those two live theirs!!!!

  • VDL666

    Jerry, are you on this site today or have you grown tired of fishing?

  • Jerry

    I’m here. Who wants to know?

  • VDL666

    I thought you might be here and your question is irrelevant to my purpose. I am just interested if you are still fishing and I can see that you are. You said something the other day on this site that indicates you know things that should not be made public but you don’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. I am here to caution you about such comments.

  • Jerry

    What are you talking about?

  • VDL666

    You have a pretty goog idea what I am talking about. Perhaps I’ll meet you here or on the other site under your name Turnbuckle at another time. You should give up fishing. The fish is this pond are very large and they could bite you. See you later.

  • Jerry

    What do you mean when you say you are cautioning me? Who the hell are you? How do you know I’m Turnbuckle?

  • Jerry

    Are you still here?

  • validate

    Slow news day though just saw something on TMZ about Brandi taking part in a “reality show” but I couldn’t understand whether it’s for real or not. Kinda confusing to me.

  • validate

    We’ll have to wait to see whether what is in the bag is invitations to a house-warming, baby shower, wedding or none of the above LOL

  • cbme

    @Ruth: Ruth and Lucy: What do you think will happen to this ex-wife as she grows older if she did stay with this man? I can tell you – I have been there: you lose what self respect you still have; people look at you as a joke and laugh behind your back. When the thing is over, it is over. Thank God, I was still pretty young when mine left the last time. My life today is a far better life than it was before. There is a saying that things happen for a purpose – I believe that.

  • MEL

    Val why should it be confusing to you….didn’t you say you want all parties to be happy? If there is a reality show in the works and it makes Brandi happy, then you would wish her well wouldn’t you? By the way I do believe she is friends with Jennifer Gimenez from VH1 Sober house. Jennifer is also a producer HMMMM . I think Brandi will be just fine, I mean she did just shed 190lbs of idiot and turned him over to someone more stupid than he is.

  • validate

    @ Mel

    What confused me was the way it was written. I couldn’t come out with a clear understanding of whether the episode was completed or not because it said Brandi pulled out of packing Eddie’s stuff up and loading it into the moving van.

    Pulling out of packing it up……….. was that part of the skit? Or did she actually get cold feet? Because of the way TMZ worded the title…something about Brandi not being ready to dispose of him.

    How did you understand it? BBL

  • Marieme

    Skaank watch 2009 continues it’s ugly parade. Balding muskrat, tramp.