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New Moon: More Movie Posters Revealed!

New Moon: More Movie Posters Revealed!

Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) embrace each other in this new poster for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, in theaters November 20.

Also pictured: Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Dakota Fanning, Michael Sheen, Cameron Bright, Jamie Campbell Bower, and Christopher Heyerdahl.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the new outdoors art for New Moon — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures and posters inside of the much-anticipated vampire romance…

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new moon movie posters 01
new moon movie posters 02
new moon movie posters 03
new moon movie posters 04
new moon movie posters 05
new moon movie posters 06
new moon movie posters 07
new moon movie posters 08
new moon movie posters 09
new moon movie posters 10
new moon movie posters 11
new moon movie posters 12

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  • vennie

    i looooooooove it :)

  • marebear

    I LOVE ALL OF THEM! I especially love that JANE is in the front – Dakota Fanning is perfect for the role of JANE! Good casting!

  • rpatzfan

    they are great ,i love the 1st one

  • H.

    I don’t know why they do their best to make Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) look his worst. I guess they don’t want him to outshine Rob. Jackson is a gorgeous person in real life but it seems like they do their best to take the pretty away for Twilight. Jokers.

  • Anna

    Soo cool!

  • awesome


    I agree with the Jackson comment, he is totes dreamy! I can’t wait to see Dakota Fanning as Jane, she’s gonna steal the show!

  • Amalie

    HOT!! Sooooo HOT! I adore them!!!

  • paty (brazil)

    Robert and Kristen together are so HOT!!! Just love them…

  • mary

    I don’t see what is so aluring and sexy about Robert Patinson!! And the twilight movies, are the pits!! I tried watching one………….SO BORING!! Can’t get into it at all!

  • San..

    Ok.. is it just me ok “Bella” looks funny :S her shoulder is like superbig :S i dont know … IMHO!! dont like them…

  • Anonymous

    The Rob and Kristen poster look like a cover of one of those 70′s paperback romance books…

  • Halli

    Looks like crap.

  • berries

    The Taylor one is my personal fav…..prrrrrrrr!

  • All Women Stalker

    Love the Jane one. My fave.


  • black

    The poster looks kind of cheap to me…..

    Like something out of a telenovela. Very romance driven- over the top- cheesy stuff.

    But the camerawork and the effects looked worlds better compared to the first movie!

    Plus— I think that this movie gives all those young adults a great opportunity to shine and show their potential.

  • ….

    very true. i really like jackson rathbone but these pics make him look hideous.

  • Chloe

    Why did they even bother taking pictures of these people? Might has well started from scratch on Photoshop.

  • annie80

    Robert Pattinson is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!!! Love him to death….. <3

  • jesse

    Wow, can’t wait!

  • g!na

    dakota Fanning looks gorgeous! she’s surely not a little girl anymore! The boys will be chasing this one! lol. she’s going to steal the show! such a great actress!

  • Chris

    Love Edward/Bella. Embrace is perfect and should just be them alone.

  • Katie

    Kristen always looks as she almost fall asleep, with her half closed eyes and the open mouth. Not pretty. But not only in this pictures, she always looks in that way.
    The Volturi looks great.

  • Aisha

    Loved all of the pics. But my personal favorite is the wolf pack. That is absolutely delic. They all look gr8. But Taylor loobed the best. Then Alex(Paul) then Chaske(Sam). The other 2 look aite. Can’t wait for this movie to come out. TEAM WOLF BABY!! Love the Volturi also. And most of the Cullen clan. Jasper, Emmett, Alice, Esme and Carlisle. Can’t wait to c them all on screen.

  • muppet

    I agree with #4

  • emmaa


  • liza

    I loveeeeee them!! especially the one with rob and kristen!!

  • katt

    great pics of NM :) WOW the movie is going to be awesome, so much better than the first one for sure …
    Love the pic of edward holding bella …

  • katt


    i doubt jane will steal the show, lol

    she is just a minor character … anyway, dakota is ok as jane, though i had imagined someone much younger …really blonde like a doll
    so beautiful and cruel .. at the same time …

    bella is going to rockass ….

    as for jackson, well, jasper is handsome but not like edward handsome, and he’s abit odd you people really should read the books..

  • katt


    that’s your view, for us fans, of hers, we think she is awesome .. with her sexy bedroom eyes …

  • Jessica

    Is it just me or do they look photoshopped to the EXTREME? I mean I know everything is photoshopped, especially movie posters and all but I think they went a bit to far with the photoshopping and now it looks extremely cheap and unnatural. Not hating – I love twilight but come on- easy with the photo editing.

  • Claudie

    Completely HOT!

  • Liaha

    Taylor is the best of them all, then Alex and Kiowa. Sorry, people but that is the simple truth. I agree Jackson is absolutely handsome, but they can’t allow him to show how beautiful he is especially near Edward. It would be weird if Edward was seen as less attractive then Jasper, even if thats what happen in real life. Taylor and Jack are the hottest, of each of the groups. Fact.

  • pan

    I’m ALMOST tempted to acutually pay to endure this.

  • me me me

    they really overdid the photoshop, looks ridiculous.

  • Audrey

    I agree with #30

  • tawi-tawi

    to photoshop haters.
    are you kidding?
    it’s a fantasy movie about VAMPIRES, it is that time when creators can use photoshop to any extremes they like to…i love how unrealistic all of the characters look.
    good job!

  • jessie

    hey i love the pics

  • vamp.girl


  • vamp.girl


  • mecabigail

    OMG!!!! It’s so hot hot hot!!!!! I’m lovin’ it!!!!

  • kathleen.k

    well..rob & kristen r hot!
    they look so attractive & romantic~~!
    luv it!!
    the vampires one looks cool too!

  • df


    yeah right i read the book… i thought bella is someone plain and rosalie supposed to be drop gorgeous!!

    can’t wait to see dakota…

  • New Moon Movie

    I have to say the best looking poster is of Jacob with the wolf gang. He deserves to be on the front for all the hard work he has done :)

  • kelly

    Can’t wait for the new movie! It is going to be legendary!

  • roman

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    diversión, cuando Julieta se despierta y encuentra a su reciente
    esposo muerto.
    —He de admitir que le tengo una especie de envidia —dijo
    Edward secándome las lágrimas con un mechón de mi propio
    —Ella es muy guapa.
    Él hizo un sonido de disgusto.
    —No le envidio la chica, sino la facilidad para suicidarse —
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    principio cuando se dio cuenta de en qué se había convertido…
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