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Rihanna: Through The Looking Glass

Rihanna: Through The Looking Glass

Rihanna and her BFF Melissa visit the island of Murano in Italy on Sunday (September 27).

Murano lies about a mile north of Venice and is famous for its glass making, particularly lampworking.

Afterwards, the twosome were seen taking a boat ride along the Grand Canal. They were last spotted taking in the sights in Berlin, Germany.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Rihanna’s crazy cut-out boots — HOT or NOT?

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42 Responses to “Rihanna: Through The Looking Glass”

  1. 1
    Jill Says:

    Never mind the boots — the whole outfit is messed up.

  2. 2
    becca Says:

    She’s worn those before.

  3. 3
    just asking Says:

    Is that a bra or did she just come from swimming?

  4. 4
    Yily Says:

    barf! barf! Rihanna looks like a man.

  5. 5
    LuckyL Says:

    Already seen on Lindsay Lohan.

  6. 6
    guest Says:

    street walker chic.

  7. 7
    blackberry Says:

    What is it? Crack ho of the month contest? Why do these young celebs dressing like ******?

  8. 8
    Yily Says:

    I’m convinced that Rihanna is not a woman. She’s a dude! She looks like a stripper and not a high class one at it. Cheap looking as always.

  9. 9
    Woohoo.. Says:

    @blackberry: because if they wore normal clothing they wouldn’t get the same attention. I have nothing else to say, she’s the one who is going to let this over exposure ruin her career..

  10. 10
    twin peaks Says:

    Three dudes having fun in Italy:

  11. 11
    cupcakes Says:

    She has nice skin, pretty eyes but a thick neck.
    The short hair doesn’t flatter her as much. A bob would be cute.

  12. 12
    WTF Says:

    Looks like they pasted a man’s head on a woman’s body

  13. 13
    citgo Says:

    The boots are the least of her problems.

  14. 14
    mike Says:

    What did Rihanna do to her hair? Is that a wig?

  15. 15
    GiglioSwan Says:

    WOAW! Rihanna is in Venice! I live 40km far away from it :) Really nice to see her visiting the city!

  16. 16
    Onyx Says:

    It’s like Prince and RuPaul had a baby.

  17. 17
    dianad1968 Says:

    I am not trying to be crass here, but was she this visible before Chris beat her up? Does she think that because she got the public’s sympathy, that means we have to be bombarded by her EVERY SINGLE DAY? She is now another Lindsay Lohan. Congratulatons.

    And I hated the song Umbrella. There I said it. LOL

  18. 18
    fresh Says:

    The paps even found her in Venice. Her publicist is earning her paycheck.

  19. 19
    AOZ Says:

    Most of her songs sound like Umbrella and this chick swagger jacks everyone’s style. Michael Jackson, Prince, Adam Lambert and now Lindsay Lohan.

  20. 20
    not anonymous Says:

    hi, anybody reading this
    pick a number 1-28
    and comment me back pls

  21. 21
    Dr. Who Says:

    @dianad1968: No, she was less visible then and she was actually touring and promoting something besides herself. I wonder where all these photos go. I think this is the only blog that covers her so extensively.

  22. 22
    ebony Says:

    Her boots are cute but they don’t go with her outfit.
    She looks a mess.

  23. 23
    dianad1968 Says:

    @Dr. Who:


    I think this is a classic case of believing your own press too much. BTW, is she channeling Dionne Warwick?

  24. 24
    dieter Says:

    I used to wank to her poon until I realized she was a guy!

  25. 25
    G-UNIT Says:


  26. 26
    lizzie Says:

    She’s going to be forgotten soon.

  27. 27
    skittles Says:

    wow. news gets around quickly. im in asia and eve n though i loove the boots, the whole outfit just makes somebody throw up. if they manage n0t to, then congrats rihanna, you just mentilized somebodys brain.

    she has an awsome body, but the way she plays around with her clothes is jussst messed up….

    To: not anonymous

    my number: 3

    if i am not supposed to tell u, the n im thinking of another number

  28. 28
    skittles Says:

    ok my number is 28

  29. 29
    ANOP Says:


  30. 30
    Mousse Says:

    she tries too hard to be “special”.

  31. 31
    omg!!!! Says:

    have u even seen that girl with no makeup ?? she is pretty with makeup but when shes not NO COMMENT !! and why in the world would someone wear something like that ?

    PS : im not gonna tell u my number but i picked one =)

  32. 32
    mary Says:

    shes cute

  33. 33
    enoughalready Says:

    When this chick does finally comes out with something )God forbid) and has to endorse (again God forbid) it no one will be glad to see her cause that’s all weve been doing is seeing her in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. There is nothing special about this girl anymore and still the only thing you can say is that she looks like, depends on the person, cute, bad, nice, ugly, and so on.. I truly dont see her coming back with nothing but some more lip sycning music for her stans…Rihanna is so yesterday…

  34. 34
    rihanna is soo blah.... Says:

    why dis dumb hooker still relevant??her friend outfit looked way betta than hers..its a shame!

  35. 35
    PJ Says:


  36. 36
    Tealeaf Says:

    Okay this time she is wearing a bra,but Why does the public have to see it..She looks like a hooker

  37. 37
    liz Says:

    She needs to go back to black with the hair. Love the cut though. Ahhh, Murano, what a great place. Hope she took a private tour of the glass factory. Glasses and pitcher on my buffet in the dining room. The only things I bought on a trip to the factory.

  38. 38
    Shakera Says:

    Rihanna is so beautiful. Only ugly females hate on her.

  39. 39
    Jen Says:


  40. 40
    tan Says:

    i think only ugly guys hate her not females hunny! im BEAUTIFUL and i hate her !( hate 2 bragg but its true )

  41. 41
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    this outfit is so cool

  42. 42
    KiKi :] Says:

    hatin ass people! i love ri’s fit…maybe not for sight seeing but the concept is very nice for a night out…….cruel people

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