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Suri Cruise: Leopard Print Pretty

Suri Cruise: Leopard Print Pretty

Katie Holmes carries daughter Suri Cruise across the street after shopping at Crate & Barrel on Tuesday afternoon (September 29) in Boston, Mass.

The mother-daughter pair was seen playing at a the park along the Charles River.

Suri, 3, wore a pair of leopard-print flats and toted around a handbag with a leafy-greens print. Katie, 30, carried around Suri‘s toys in a Hello Kitty bag, including a stuffed animal.

10+ pictures inside of leopard-print pretty Suri Cruise

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suri cruise leopard print 02
suri cruise leopard print 03
suri cruise leopard print 04
suri cruise leopard print 05
suri cruise leopard print 06
suri cruise leopard print 07
suri cruise leopard print 08
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suri cruise leopard print 10

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108 Responses to “Suri Cruise: Leopard Print Pretty”

  1. 1
    toya Says:

    Awh Suri is so Cute, shes growing up fast!

  2. 2
    Wow Says:

    Big frickin deal. Still ugly and freaky.

  3. 3
    go sox Says:

    What a pretty mother and daughter. They look like they have such a nice bond!

  4. 4
    Fashionista Says:

    Why doesn’t she just put her in a pair of jeans, comfy t-shirt and a pair of mary janes and stop trying to make her look fashionable. She’s 3 for goodness sake! I think Katie is a bit clueless and should stop parading her around…it’s not right for a 3 year old to pose in the street. Has she ever heard of peodophiles?!

  5. 5
    kara Says:

    Have you ever seen a leopard JJ? ahaha

  6. 6
    jesse Says:

    She’s so cute!

  7. 7
    no dummies Says:

    She’s very cute, and even smiles sometimes like a regular kid. Very nice to see.

  8. 8
    jaxon Says:

    Why can’t they put a barrette in the kid’s hair? She is always holding it out of her face and her stupid parents cannot get a clue.

  9. 9
    rainbow Says:

    #4, Suri’s wearing leggings and a flowing top. It looks pretty comfortable to me. Why does she have to wear jeans? Some people are more comfortable in leggings.
    Geez, people will find anything to complain about.

  10. 10
    Anna Says:

    Aww, how cute! She’s pretty:)

  11. 11
    emma#2 Says:

    Loveliest mother and daughter combo in Hollywood, always pretty always stylish..can’t get enough of these 2.

  12. 12
    Halli Says:

    She’s beginning to look like Emile Hirsch.

  13. 13
    Nina Says:

    aww,dressed up as the prized pig is being shown off again in another fashion statement.
    so superficial. She’s a Xenu brainhead.

  14. 14
    LisaJane Says:

    Awww, soo pretty.

  15. 15
    annikahansen Says:

    Katie looks pregnant in the photo of her inside the shop. The 4th photo.

    I hope she is!

  16. 16
    lioness Says:

    I don’t think Katie is ugly by any means, but she is just not all that attractive. She is just a plain Jane, even when she’s dressed up. And I’m sorry, but she really doesn’t have a clue when it comes to style. I would love to dress Suri and the first thing I would do is put a barrett in her hair. She looks like a little homeless child. All that money and she looks homeless.

  17. 17
    g!na Says:

    I’m a Shiloh fan but i admit Suri looks cute in these pics! I love how opposite Suri & Shiloh are! Suri is all girly & prissy and Shiloh is an all american tomboy whose so bad*ass! lol. Both have cute personalities! I would love to see a playdate with Suri & shiloh!

  18. 18
    shamrock Says:

    Suri reminds me of my little girl, so girly girl with stuffed animals, purses, accessories. It’s FUN being a girl and Katie embraces this with Suri, as well as taking her on little different adventures here and there.

    Good Luck to the familia~

  19. 19
    jenna Says:

    Suri has turned out to be quite unattractive. She was a cute baby..but then again most babies are.

    Katie is a brainwashed robot-bad actress.

  20. 20
    Gyna Says:



  21. 21
    Pook Says:

    Suri is so pretty! Such a cute little girl!

  22. 22
    SoCalmom Says:

    Suri has such a pretty face. It would be so nice if Katie would take the time to put a barrette or pony in her little girls hair.

    Why don’t celebrity Mom’s take time to style their little girls hair?

    Shiloh and Suri need braids, clips, pony tails…. like we style our daughters.

    Sorry just an observation.

  23. 23
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    ..unlike shiloh suri actually wears clean girl clothing that fits her. ahahahaha.. and she has all her teeth.
    oh look, kate combs her hair too.

  24. 24
    annika hansen Says:

    Stop comparing one innocent child to another. It’s sick!

  25. 25
    peter Says:

    Suri’s looking more like Tom everyday.

    Her hair drives me nuts. Umm, has Katie heard of HAIRCLIPS ????

  26. 26
    g!na Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    your so wrong on so many levels! i just gave Suri a complement! Shiloh is just as cute as Suri! They both have hair that needs to be combed!

  27. 27
    lr Says:

    Suri’s hair is always in her eyes and she looks so unkept. Katie has her looking too grown up.

  28. 28
    pokeman Says:

    this kid will only want nothing but designer clothes at a very young age.

  29. 29
    carolina Says:

    she is so cute

  30. 30
    OK Says:

    Ah, yes, the infamous black and white striped leopard.

  31. 31
    anaïs Says:

    Her clothes’s are extremely cute, but i’m sorry SHE IS FAR TO BE BEAUTIFUL. And please stop this stupid war BOTH Suri and Shiloh are NOT beautiful.

  32. 32
    blah blah blah Says:

    Stop calling children ugly. How would you like it if someone said that to YOUR child?

    People need to think before they say something. Seriously.

  33. 33
    Susie#1 Says:

    Suri is not cute or pretty and is beginning to look “homeless”. Her mother already does.

  34. 34
    blah blah blah Says:


    Suri IS cute. Read what I just posted.

  35. 35
    . Says:

    @rainbow: totally agree. everyone finds the tiniest things to complain about.

  36. 36
    jim Says:

    Suri is dressed like a hooker! I guess she gets it from her mom who’s price was giving up her family, friends and faith for shopping and the name Cruise. lol

  37. 37
    torpedo Says:

    Seems that there are no barrettes because that is a wig to cover all the reconstructive surgery. Now she does look more like Tom. But I still don’t get that style of parenting.

  38. 38
    J Says:

    Suri is very cute! Though I’m pretty sure she’s quite spoiled…

  39. 39
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    boring as always
    they were gone for like a whole month and all of the sudden it’s back 2 a post on them everyday

  40. 40
    emmaa Says:

    Suri is so pretty. But Katie should dress her down a bit.

  41. 41
    wed mother Says:

    The 3 year old doesn’t need “styling”, she needs playmates her own age. She needs to get dirty, to rough house, to interact with youngsters, not just adults and scientologists.

  42. 42
    Word Says:

    That is one UGLY kid!

  43. 43
    jim Says:

    You better believe it #42…… When you look up the word “ugly” in the dictionary…shall I say more? lol

  44. 44
    - Says:

    suri has dumbo’s ears

  45. 45
    asdf Says:


  46. 46
    to #23 Says:

    Suri is Katie’s doll and her prop for photo op. She dresses her with high end clothes just to please everyone.

  47. 47
    pooter Says:

    # 15….how stupid a comment! Hope Katie is NOT pregnant because no child should be raised in a cult environment with two clueless parents.

    Also….so , now Suri, a 3 years old will start hoarding different purses for every day now. LOL. I read somewhere that her idiot parents have spent 3 million on her clothes alone! It’s so hilarious and crazy to spent that much money or clothes…regardless if they can afford it or not.

    One thing I do know. She will be a brat and a handful if not already.

  48. 48
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    @g!na: c’mon.. it’s angelina’s fault shiloh’s a dirty ugly tomboy.
    @-: and all her teeth. ahahahaha..
    @Susie#1: if suri looks homeless how does shiloh look?!? ahahahahaha..

  49. 49
    victoria #1 Says:

    @ NUMBERS # 4 AND # 37.. What are you two blabbing about?
    Are you that bored at work or home that you have to make something up
    to write about? You both are just ridiculous.

    @ EMMA #2..AGREE WITH YOU.. Don’t you get tired of the hair clip
    business? Is it such a frigging crime that some children do not like
    anything in their hair and will pull it out the minute it is placed in there.
    Tom mentioned this once on, last year, and said they
    finally gave up. Suri complained ” it hurt her hair. ” Katie packed up
    all her ‘ Beautiful bows, ” that had been given to her, and that Katie
    had bought.

    I had my long hair cut, because of the same reason. Hair barrettes and clips and pony tail holders, gave me an excrutiating headache, and it
    was not worth it. Let’s get over her hair, for goodness sakes, and her
    clothes. I’m more worried about finding a stupid, frigging job and paying
    bills, than what is going on their life and what they are wearing. Everyone needs to put things in perspective and realize what they are
    upset over. It is silly.

  50. 50
    anonymous Says:

    i’d rather have a toothless child who always smile and wears dirty clothes and ridiculous costumes but is enjoying it and having fun with it rather than to have a child who have a complete set of teeth who always look bored and wears clean clothes because she has no one to play dress up with and no playmate her age to get it dirty with. i’d rather have a child who gets to experience and enjoy being a child than to have an all dolled up child who never even gets to experience playing with a child her age.

  51. 51
    missbrattypugnose Says:

    # 49- victoria

    what are YOU blabbing about?

    It’s more likely that Suri has too much say in what she wants. She is too young to say things like…it hurts my hair, etc. Same thing..about potty training, etc… She rules the roost! If her idiot parents continue to let her get her way , every single time…..she will learn…if not already….that she can wrap them around her little bratty fingers.

    Time will tell and you TomKat supporters will swallow frogs! LOL

    Hey- this site has nothing to do with people that have no jobs, This post is regarding Suri. Get real.

    Nobody is upset over this brat or her idiot parents. gee!

  52. 52
    alexkziel Says:

    Suri is not cute, she looks…weird.

  53. 53
    IC envies shiloh deep inside Says:

    i like suri but i don’t get why number 23 is making a big deal out of shiloh’s one missing tooth? is shiloh the only child who experienced that? NO. is she the only one who will experience that? NO. suri will eventually knock her tooth off so what’s the big deal? NOTHING. you are just plainly childish and stupid. you don’ t have to put another child down just because you like the other one. don’t bother replying, a narrow minded, shallow and bitter person like you would never understand my point.

  54. 54
    bella Says:

    She is cute, but I agree with most of the comments about her hair. They need to put it back, she is always pushing it out of her face.

  55. 55
    anon Says:

    victoria #1 @ 09/29/2009 at 7:59 pm

    @ NUMBERS # 4 AND # 37.. What are you two blabbing about?
    Are you that bored at work or home that you have to make something up
    to write about? You both are just ridiculous.

    What do you mean at work? That’s what is wrong with the world. People stealing company time from the CEO to the mail room worker. People have no sense of right or wrong anymore.

  56. 56
    sarah Says:

    Suri is such a beautiful little girl! I can’t believe how big she’s getting! I do wish Katie and/or Tom would pin back some of her hair or pull it all into a ponytail or something every once and a while. Poor Suri’s always got it in her face and is constantly pushing it back, out of the way.

  57. 57
    sade Says:

    Good grief….would somebody either put a clip in this kid’s stringy mop or cut the awful mess off.

    Katie never brushed her hair when it was long. It always looked greasy and like a family of rats were living in it. Suri’s hair is starting to look the same way, thanks to her money-grubbing, cult-worshiping mother.

  58. 58
    April88 Says:

    #48 Infamously Cool-What a LAME screen name. Shiloh is not ugly and neither is Suri. So What if a 3 yr old wears hand-me-downs and plays dress-ups!! She will grow up to be a stunning woman and look back and laugh at her tomboy years. And I am sure that she will be more useful to the world and her family and friends than you ever be!
    You’re a parasite! Are you in your trailer looking at pics of liitle girls and getting off by critizing and being cruel. Karma to come back on you and yours!!!
    JARED-Your site is NOW disgusting,disturbing and cruel. WHAT HAPPENED-Do you have any looking after your threads???????

  59. 59
    ML Says:

    I think Suri is so gorgeous and quite the little star. It would be exciting to see her follow in her parents footsteps and do the movie star bit. Her name is made for it! And Katie was so pretty when she first got with Tom,before she let Hollywood pin thin friends influence her to change. She was much more appealing and a true star as a sweet,cheerful girl who didn’t worry about clothes ,just a natural radiance that all those other girls have to work for ,but she was born with! And Shiloh should get with Suri and rough her up with all her siblings and let her play in the mud and were just plain jeans and stick on tattoos! I love how Shiloh is a tomboy and likes to havefun. Suri needs that in her life,not that Scientology crap about treating kids like adults. Kids need to be kids!

  60. 60
    AQQ Says:

    I am sure most of the people making these judgements don’t have any kids at all. If you did you would know that 3&4 yr olds can be demanding and know what they like and don’t like. My nephew refuses to wear polo-neck shirts,so my sister just lets him wear plain T-shirts,no big deal. And for you people calling little girls ugly etc-does it make you fell like a big person-it makes me feel ill.

  61. 61
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l Says:

    @April88: ahahahahaaha.. um.. it’s not a “screen name”, twatface. ahahahahaha.. you’re not even worthy enough to date my feces. ew! aha!

  62. 62
    *** JAMIE *** Says:

    oh my! Katie looks amazing!

    Love her outfit so much

    and suris growing up so fast

    love this family

  63. 63
    More Stuffed Animals! Says:

    EVERY TIME a different new stuffed animal, none of which she is attatched. Why?

  64. 64
    to fug Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: what is shiloh doing here? you should compare suri with the type. There are many scientologist kids her

  65. 65
    it's cool Says:

    It looks like they are making shiloh a bench mark for the hollywood kids just like her parents are for the star couples. cool

  66. 66
    Henry Says:

    why can’t ya’all just leave the kid and mom alone, i bet if suri wears pants you’d whine and start pinkberrying about how katie couldn’t just let her daughter wear what she wants, letting her become a tomboy blah blah blah.

  67. 67
    Kates Kreepy Designs Says:

    This is part of the holmes & yang display at maxfield

  68. 68
    Yang's Classy Family Says:

  69. 69
    One Says:

    How can you say that about a little kid, #2?

    Who’s posing, #4? And she’s not in a party dress or anything so what are you complaining about?

    Quit telling other people how to raise their kids and looking for problems where none exist.

    Exactly, #9.

    Suri Cruise looks ANYTHING but homeless, #16. (You’re confusing her with that other kid born a month after her from another famous couple….)

    You’re sick, #19.

    Right, #24.

    So what, #28?

    Yes they are, #31.

    I know, #32.

    Read my comment to #16, #33.

    She’s most certainly not dressed like a hooker, #36. Holmes never gave anything up.

    You’re a moron, #37.

    Pretty sure, #38. OF COURSE she’s spoiled, #38!

    Why should she do that, #40?

    And how do you know she doesn’t already do and have all that, #41.

    You two are ugly on the inside as well as the outside, #42 and #43.

    And you’re just a dumbo, #44.

    How is calling her a doll and insult, #46? And she doesn’t need a little girl that doesn’t do anything to get her picture taken.

    How is she pleasing anyone? You all get mad for dressing her so well because you think she’s being spoiled and not allowed to get dirty. But even if she was that elf-consciuous, what’s so wrong about dressing her up nicely? Her daughter doesn’t mind and if her picture must be taken, she might as well dress well and not look so raggedy (like that other kid born a month after her from another famous couple).

    Correct, #49.

    Please tell me how you know that Suri Cruise has no playmates to play with, #50? How is that even possible for the daughter of a movie star that has many friends with young kids themselves? (And she doesn’t always look bored.) You’re really stretching here to defend Shiloh Jolie-Pitt against comparisons.

    It’s just a barrette, #51. Who cares? Not exactly much to claim she rules the roost.

    How so, #52?

    Suri Cruise is living like a kid, #59. Don’t believe everything you read.

    Which is ridiculous, #65. They’re just people like you and me.

    Agreed, #66. Catch-22s are a TomKat staple.

  70. 70
    g!na Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:

    you’re such an idiot! Suri & shiloh are both cute! very different personalities! grow up you perv!

  71. 71
    jill Says:

    Strange family

  72. 72
    Diane Says:

    Suri is just a plain little pie face girl. Not pretty at all.

  73. 73
    Linda Says:

    People stop lying. You know that child is not pretty. 99.99% of the children in the country look better than Suri. She is just nothing special. Plain looking.

    And Katie is weird as hell.

  74. 74
    haley Says:


    i agree! actually, i feel a lot of celebrity children are not attractive! WE like them because of their parents! These kids are growing up with a lot of money! Normal kids you see @ Wal mart are some very cute kids but since their not famous you don’t see pics of them all over the place!

  75. 75
    milan Says:

    pics of Shiloh dressing in boy’s clothes! with a baseball cap worn to the side! too much of a boy! :(

  76. 76
    haley g. Says:

    @milan: i can’t believe they let her dress so boyish! I get being a tomboy but i think Shiloh think’s she’s really a boy! She wants to be called John, it’s getting weird!

  77. 77
    canny Says:

    Shiloh refuses to be a girl! she has identity issues — “As you know Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are spending the last days of summer in France at their family’s new chateau in the South of the country with their huge brood of 6 kids! Angelina was spotted at a toy shop near their home with 3 of the kids Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt and little Shiloh. Yes that is little Shiloh dressed as a boy in camouflage gear and a sword! Her father Brad Pitt says she wants to be called either John or Peter at the moment and wants to be treated as a little boy! What a pretty little boy she makes too! Strange but cute!” As you know Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are spending the last days of summer in France at their family’s new chateau in the South of the country with their huge brood of 6 kids! Angelina was spotted at a toy shop near their home with 3 of the kids Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt, Zahara Jolie-Pitt and little Shiloh. Yes that is little Shiloh dressed as a boy in camouflage gear and a sword! Her father Brad Pitt says she wants to be called either John or Peter at the moment and wants to be treated as a little boy! What a pretty little boy she makes too! Strange but cute!

  78. 78
    :) Says:


  79. 79
    rachel Says:

    Katie and Suri are so pretty and precious.

  80. 80
    usa Says:

    I enjoy seeing the haters so crazy jealous and miserable as ever.

  81. 81
    someguy Says:

    #78,#79,#80 is that one crazy fan, posting under 3 different nicknames in less than 10 minutes.

  82. 82
    lol Says:

    @it’s cool: So true hahahahaha

  83. 83
    tania Says:

    Well, the white trash family is back in town. lol

  84. 84
    Jennifer Says:

    I can’t stand Katie Holmes and her Sci-Fi Crazy shrimp of a husband! They need to GO AWAY!

  85. 85
    Dara Says:

    Sorry, but this kid doesn´t look happy. Suri is always wearing a fancy dress but what is it worth when she is a lonely baby doll? I think they should allow her to take a little bike or get dirty, to give a pair of a normal jeans and let her live…or at least walk by herself. Katie usually carries her and it´s not good for a child of her age,

  86. 86
    IVonne Says:

    Suri has a big nase , she is not cute baby .

  87. 87
    mary Says:

    Suri is looking way adorable but i do have to say a couple things. Poor thing has her daddy’s huge nose. THe outfit doesn’t match all that well but the shoes are cool. And why doesn’t katie let her bodyguard hold all her shopping bags he/she is not being very polite or accomodating!!

  88. 88
    sonia0404 Says:

    @jim: I agree with you 100%.

  89. 89
    dani Says:

    Katie just premiered her Holmes/Yang line at Maxfield. Yet she continues to dress with absolutely no fashion sense at all. Why would anyone want to buy her line when she looks like a slob most of the time?
    Just askin.

  90. 90
    Crazy Cruise Said Says:

    He wants 10 kids. Whats the hold up? Oh yah, guess they would have to have sex in order to do that, AND he would have to not shoot blanks.

  91. 91
    ashley Says:

    Suri used to be cute. Now she looks ok with all the designer clothe. If without the designer clother, she looks plain ugly.

  92. 92
    crap Says:

    Katie has no taste in fashion. She looks miserable and dresses like a crap. Suri is not cute or beautiful at all. She has tom’s big nose.

  93. 93
    jaxon Says:

    I don’t know why you people are going on and on about Shiloh’s teeth. She did not lose her front tooth. They were playing pirates and painted black on her teeth with prop paint so it would LOOK like she was missing a tooth. Like a pirate.

  94. 94
    Soplover Says:

    Nothing is wrong with Suri or Shiloh.
    Shiloh lost her first tooth, just like everybody has or will. Whoever came up with that comment is a pathetic ******.
    Suri dresses fine. My God, you people should be glad she’s not wearing dresses anymore, since that’s what you used to complain about. Just because she’s not dressing like a homeless person doesn’t mean she’s “dolled up.” She’s wearing a simple top with leggings and ballet flats. Looks pretty comfortable to me.
    Shiloh’s clothes aren’t dirty, it’s just obvious she’s a tomboy.
    My little sister is the same as Suri, she hates wearing barretes or hairbows. I personally don’t like clips either. It feels like it’s tugging at my hair.
    Stop worrying about these precious girls, they’re fine.

  95. 95
    Soplover Says:

    I think a lot of celebrity kids are adorable, and I could care less about their parents. I’ve never watched a movie with Tom Cruise or Katie Holmes. I don’t think Katie Holmes is that good of an actress. But I love Suri, and I think she’s cute.
    I also like:
    Honor Warren (Never watched a Jessica Alba movie.)
    Harlow Madden (Good Charlotte is okay. Not a big fan of Nicole or Joel
    Liam and Stella McDermott (Can’t lie, I love Tori.)
    Shiloh (Love Angelina’ s movies, can’t lie)
    The point is, I don’t just like them because of their parents, usually the opposite, I don’t even like what movies they’re in/songs they sing.

  96. 96
    sclub Says:

    this is amazin…suri is so lucky…she wears one clothe n never wear them again n did u know her clothe costs about 2 million dam…image her shoes n heels n toys…the lucky kid

  97. 97
    Lollipop Says:

    She looks like a hooker child! Get some proper clothes on that kid that make her look 3 not 30!

  98. 98
    tOMKAT Says:

    UGLY mother & daughter :<

  99. 99
    ayj6m6l Says:

    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 09/29/2009 at 5:25 pm
    ..unlike shiloh suri actually wears clean girl clothing that fits her. ahahahaha.. and she has all her teeth.
    oh look, kate combs her hair too.
    LMAO. so true. lol

  100. 100
    One Says:

    Speak for yourselves, #72 and #73 and #74.
    How does she Not look happy here, #85?
    And you know she is lonely how? And how do you know that they don’t let her live?
    What is with this obsession of her being carried at all? She walks all the time and yet you still complain about a 3 year-old being carried whereas every other mother in the world does the same.
    You people are pathetic. You’re always nit-picking every single detail and making up stories to make TomKat look like bad parents simply so you can bash them and feign genuine concern. Right now, you really want Suri Cruise to be an isolated child and a spoiled brat along with being autistic to hate her parents more. It’s so dumb.
    Learn to spell, #86.
    Not polite or accommodating, #87? You people always complain about her bodyguards HOLDING her bags! Now you’re complaining about them NOT holding her bags???
    Shut up and mind your own business!
    What is wrong with people like #91 and #92?
    Exactly, #94. More people should mind their own kids more often.
    She looks NOTHING like that, #97.

  101. 101
    julia Says:

    I prefer her hair short! she’s soo cute!

  102. 102
    victoria #1 Says:

    @ NUMBER # 51..LOL. Good grief, Charlie Brown calm down. Did I say this site was about loss of jobs? I said it was silly how people made
    such a FRIGGING big deal over hair clips and a head of hair, when there are more pressing problems facing our poster’s on this site.

    You said, ” Suri was to young too talk and express herself by saying, ” it hurts her hair.” That is not true. My grand-daughter will be 3 years
    old next March and will let us immediately if we have pulled her hair
    to tightly in a pony tail, or if a barrett is pinching somewhere. She just
    says, ” nana that hurts my head, ” or ” take it down.”

    This is not a ” brangelina site either, or a ” shiloh or affeck site either”, but people will bring up other people or subjects. If Suri decides to
    ” rule the roost, then guess what?” That won’t be our problem either.

    @ ANON…Sorry!! I do agree with you. Did not mean to offend anyone
    about the working ” sentence.” I apologize on that.

    @NUMBER # 97..What in the world is a ” hooker child.? That is absolutely disgusting. You should be ashamed of youself. She has
    on normal clothes that are in all stores for her age group.

  103. 103
    Katie is no ange (thnk god) Says:

    # 9 this is the same group who kiss the ground angie/family walk on, the one with the long black rag (dirty looking too) dress that she wears to toy stores, food stores, what is she living in some gothic false reality? And her kids? Don’t even get me started, who is the boy, and who is the girls, you can’t tell. Katie and Suri? Normal! Adorable and CLEAN looking. So she’s a little ‘fasionista”…beats trying to be a little boy when your a little girl. (thanks to angie) Love Katie! she’s a doll…and in jeans and flats and normal shopping gear..can u see her in a black gown going to toys r us?? LOL but that’s the “norm’ for AJ.

  104. 104
    One Says:

    What #102 said.

  105. 105
    ladygagaisschizophrenia Says:

    sorry suri…im violet fan..even though she got bad teeth…but look very more pretty than suri…15 years later im sure both affleck girls(sera n violet)will be shine than other celebrity child…

  106. 106
    ladygagaisschizophrenia Says:

    @alexkziel: im 100% agree wit u

  107. 107
    Nay Says:

    I hope Suri doesn’t turn out all ****** and that. She does have a retarded Dad so who knows. /:

  108. 108
    eyes on my face Says:

    OK! this little girl is definitely not Tom`s daughter! Does anyone else thinks the same?

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