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Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

You dropped part of your doughnut Violet!

Sister duo Violet and Seraphina Affleck spend time with their mom, Jennifer Garner and grandmother Chris Affleck at an apple orchard on Tuesday (September 29) near Boston, Mass.

Violet, 3 1/2, and Seraphina, 8 months, seemed to really enjoy their time outside and event went on a hayride! Seraphina is getting bigger everyday!

FYI: Jen is using her Lascal baby carrier!

DO YOU THINK Seraphina looks more like Jen or Ben?

15+ pictures of Violet and Seraphina Affleck, apples to apples sisters…

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violet seraphina affleck apples 01
violet seraphina affleck apples 02
violet seraphina affleck apples 03
violet seraphina affleck apples 04
violet seraphina affleck apples 05
violet seraphina affleck apples 06
violet seraphina affleck apples 07
violet seraphina affleck apples 08
violet seraphina affleck apples 09
violet seraphina affleck apples 10
violet seraphina affleck apples 11
violet seraphina affleck apples 12
violet seraphina affleck apples 13
violet seraphina affleck apples 14
violet seraphina affleck apples 15

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  • Ah

    They went to Stowe, MA

  • weetiger

    I just knew it would be Honey Pot Hill Orchards! LOL

  • bubbey

    Cute baby, the mother, ehh not so much.

  • sooo

    violet got taller

  • lexy

    Jen’s so great! She does it all. She’s got her career, she’s involved in charities and politics, she’s very much into her family and children! Very hands-on mom!!!

    Go Jen!!!

  • zoey

    Girlfriend needs make-up stat. She is looking tranylicious. Baby is cute as are all babies.

  • *** JAMIE ***

    i think she looks wonderful

    very hands on down to earth mum

    violet looks like jen and seraphina looks like ben cute

  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest garner affleck fan

    its great to see jennifer with both of her girls aww Seraphina is such a cute baby she’s grown so big

  • alicia

    Why does everyone has such a problem with Jen? Oh wait I know becaus she isn’t glamorous. Good lord people grow up. She is a great mother to the girls and a good wife. I can’t wait to see what movies she does next.

  • boo

    Man does she look pissed off!!!!

  • Denise

    Jen is beautiful and natural (why dress up for an orchard?) and the kids are adorable. Nice to see a mom in Hollywood who loves and spends time with her children.

  • annie

    Jen is such a beautiful mother – Violet is very much like her Mum and Sera is like her Dad. Jen is such a wonderful Mum… day she’s splashing in puddles with Violet….the next day she takes her two adorable daughters to an apple orchard and animal farm….nothing expensive or flashy just good fun that her daughters will remember with love and laughter. Do you twits that critisise Jen expect her to walk around the orchard in stilettos and make up worrying about the cameras…..sorry you have her mixed up with Posh…..she couldn’t smile because her face would crack if she did and she is so far up herself she nearly chokes. Love you Jen… are fantastic and your family is beautiful.

  • an apple a day

    Seems like they had a fun day.

    To comments above? How much makeup are you suppose to wear to pick apples, and go on a hayride? Dress to the hilt to sit on some hay, really?

    Glad that Jen doesn’t care how we think she should dress for a day out with her children.

  • an apple a day

    to boo

    she doesn’t look pissed, she looks like she is carrying 2 big bags of apples, those things are heavy.

  • Amy

    Aww, Violet looks exactly like Jen and Seraphina looks like Ben. I love this family. Jen is a good role model. She’s a great mother, a great actress, involved in Save the Children, just an overall good person. ;)

  • Darya

    Jen is not happy the paps found her there. Too bad their day was ruined by those morons.

  • pepper

    Looks like a fun day in Boston. Another day of making fun memories. Way to go Mrs. Affleck.

  • Shara

    Darya @ 09/29/2009 at 10:20 pm Jen is not happy the paps found her there. Too bad their day was ruined by those morons.

    So true, hope the paps don’t find Violet’s school. It got to be so crazy in LA.

  • Ellie

    Zoey, I think your comments are hilarious. Yes, a mother of two kids under four should for sure be glammed up (like JHo, maybe) for a visit to an orchard. And she should strap on the five inch heels to go to the farmers market. And a padded bra for a hike in the hills. And show off a tramp stamp tattoo when she goes to pick up the little ones from a friend’s house. Are you high? Are you a parent? Are you serious?

  • Wondering

    So the paps followed her from her temporary home in Cambridge/Boston out to this apple orchard in Stow? I live right near Honeypot. It is “the” place to go apple picking. But how did the paps know to find her there (unless they followed her vehicle) from Cambridge/Boston (a solid 45 minute drive by the way).

  • Denise

    I suspect they just followed her car – it seems that the paps pretty much do anything for a photo.

  • office fan

    Jen looks beautiful, and the girls are too, too cute!

  • Matt

    Pimping out the kids again……..

  • Erica

    Gees she is desperate enought to alerting the paps.

  • pooter

    # 23- Matt

    you are so silly. Pimping out the kids? What an idiot thing to think.

    They are having a family outing. Why should they have to hide in their home 24/7? It’s the papaz. that bring you these photos and they are the ones that following celebs everywhere they go.

    pimping out? So stupid to even think that! Grow up

  • hey

    20, 23,24

    Yes, as a matter of fact the paps do follow them around. Ever seen one of the videos from the paps? You can hear them talking, all running to their cars, saying things like “follow, follow”.

    Check youtube, plenty of videos from paps are posted and you can hear them say it themselves.

    A lot of times there are pictures of stars leaving a place. Which means that while the star is at dinner, sporting event, going shopping, etc. someone that works there will call the paps. Even in Boston. The paps are all around. Stalking Tom and Katie, Ben and Jen, Cameron, and more. Go figure.

    If Ben and Jen need buzz then all they have to do is show up in the same spot. It would send the paps crazy in circles, add a kiss in public and the photo is worth more than some got paid for baby photos.

  • not pimping

    funny #26

    If they really wanted to give a money picture, then call Katie and let Violet and Suri have a playdate.

  • a realist

    The baby looks like Ben. How cute.

  • Jessica

    Cuties! Seraphina looks like Ben and Violet looks like mommy Jen.

  • anja

    they are cute =) very down to earth. and garner looks like a real woman not like a superstar
    i guess, seraphina looks like her daddy! =D

  • pooter

    # 27-

    I bet Tom and Katie won’t allow Suri to have playdates with non-cult members.

  • Ali

    That baby is a mini-BEN…wow. How many times have we seen him make that exact expression??

  • Marieme

    Oh my gosh…If that’s not the cutest baby! It’s a little girl Ben! Oh I just want to nom-nom that big, cute, round head. Too adorable.

  • meh

    jen and ben kind of look alike themselves.

  • Things that make you go hmmm?

    Violet looks like Victor, Sera looks like Ben. Both girls have Jen traits.

  • starry

    I love Jen and her family. They are so normal and the kids always look extremely happy. She’s a fantastic mom.

  • me

    I am so tired of how she uses her children.
    Jen is such a self -promoter. Give it a rest.
    and STOP acting like a stage-mom.

  • me

    Can Jen leave the house without calling the paparazi and telling them where she’d be?
    Just because she is so homely and tall, doesn’t mean she needs to exploit her girls for publicity.
    Not everybody was meant to be on the big screen.

  • ellie’

    What a beautiful family. One of the best in hollywood. Such loving parents always bonding with there children, and violet always smiling.
    Seraphina looks just like her daddy..and Violet looks just like her mommy..

  • meme

    snaggle tooth must be pissing in her pants cuz mom is not carrying her. JG loves when the paps follow her cuz she tells her publicist to alert them.

  • julie

    i love Jen and Ben, she is a great actress and Ben is a great actor, they are big stars, except it… people want to see them, the paps follow them because they are worth money, she is just trying to have a day with her children, what a normal sweet thing to do.

  • wow

    @ellie’: OMG you sound like you are having an O===sm over this family lol You need to get a life or a family of your own.

  • Jokergurl

    Cute bunch, I bet Jen Garner would love to Elektra on the paparazzi’s asses sometimes though.:)

  • canny shiloh as a boy! she refuses to dress lioke a girl! – interview – “Yes that is little Shiloh dressed as a boy in camouflage gear and a sword! Her father Brad Pitt says she wants to be called either John or Peter at the moment and wants to be treated as a little boy! What a pretty little boy she makes too! Strange but cute! “

  • Surprise!

    awwww theyre both really cute. Im beginning to really like the name seraphna…its unique yet very traditional. And she looks just like ben. Now they have one of each. Violet is a double on jenn and sera is a double of ben. So cute!

  • just me

    Hopefully she looks like Ben. Too bad Violet doesn’t look like Ben!! Jen is still the unwashed, greasy mess she always is. Poor Ben.

  • pooter

    To ‘Me”

    grow up! you are either a teen posting these stupid comments or perhaps you did not finish your education.

  • angel

    Those kids are so adorable!!!

  • Pippi

    Wow! Just when we think Jen can’t get any better she goes and proves just how amazing a mom she is. This woman is so unhollywood. Her beautiful little girls are so lucky to have her for a mom. Both Violet and Sera(phina) look just like Jen and Ben. They are absolutely adorable. I know their grandmother Chris is so happy to have little girls since until now she only had boys. Ben’s brother Casey has two boys and it’s nice to finally have little girls in the family.

    What a fun thing to do and these pics almost makes me feel sorry for Jen Garner haters. Jen is looking cute and comfy as usual while creating memories that will last a lifetime for her girls and bonding with her mother in law. I love them even more than before. What a great family!

  • me

    She is the most Hollywood possible- divorced and traded up men according to their fame and money.
    Jen goes with men according to their ability to get her name in the papers and get career opportunities.
    Unfortunately, she treats her children in the same manner, as publicity props.
    The only thing I am surprised about is how BEn allowing his children be used like that.