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Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

You dropped part of your doughnut Violet!

Sister duo Violet and Seraphina Affleck spend time with their mom, Jennifer Garner and grandmother Chris Affleck at an apple orchard on Tuesday (September 29) near Boston, Mass.

Violet, 3 1/2, and Seraphina, 8 months, seemed to really enjoy their time outside and event went on a hayride! Seraphina is getting bigger everyday!

FYI: Jen is using her Lascal baby carrier!

DO YOU THINK Seraphina looks more like Jen or Ben?

15+ pictures of Violet and Seraphina Affleck, apples to apples sisters…

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violet seraphina affleck apples 01
violet seraphina affleck apples 02
violet seraphina affleck apples 03
violet seraphina affleck apples 04
violet seraphina affleck apples 05
violet seraphina affleck apples 06
violet seraphina affleck apples 07
violet seraphina affleck apples 08
violet seraphina affleck apples 09
violet seraphina affleck apples 10
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104 Responses to “Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!”

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  1. 51
    Pippi Says:

    Little Miss Violet is so cute eating her snack. She needs a hug from me and Sera needs a kiss. Not that she does but who could blame Jen if she pimped her kids out. They are sooo cute!

  2. 52
    Pippi Says:

    Please me @ #50 go find somebody to love. You are pathetic and your constant posting of hate material only shows how desperate you are. Isn’t their somebody somewhere in the world that you admire? You are such a basket case my friend. So sad.

  3. 53
    bebe Says:

    I Know Jen Is Sweet, But She Needs to Put In More Effort in Looking SEXY OR ATTRACTIVE again or else I see splitsville in her path with Hubby Ben.

  4. 54
    Killraw Says:

    She’s be my favorite celeb if she had a *****.

  5. 55
    lexy Says:

    Jen is out spending time with her kids. She doesn’t need to look like she’s going to a red carpet event to go apple picking.

    As for looking sexy or attractive to keep her man – oh please!!! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard.

    If Ben wanted some phoney, glammed up all the time even to go to the gym, media ***** he should have stuck with J-Lo. A woman who’s consumed with her looks (since her career isn’t really much). You don’t see J-Lo doing half the stuff you see Jen doing with her kids b/c Jen’s a hands-on down to earth mom.

    If Ben doesn’t like it, he can go back to J-Lo. I’m sure she’d take him back over her current husband and serial cheater Skeletor!

  6. 56
    liz Says:

    No one needs to be glam all of the time. Who in their right mind would go to pick apples with heels and full face of makeup. LOL. This week I am hosting a group of kids at a pumpkin patch and corn maze. No way will I look glam. Jeans, sturdy sneakers or boots and minimal makeup. She is a well educated woman with a beautiful family. Nice to see a Mum spending quality fun time with the kids and Ben’s Mum.

  7. 57
    mary Says:

    Does seraphina have blue eyes? Cuz u know two brown eyed people CAN make a blue eyed baby. My brother has one!!

  8. 58
    not leaving Says:

    bebe @ #53

    No one needs to get dressed up for a farm. That would be overkill, trying way to hard.

    As for Ben leaving if Jen doesn’t dress up. OK, guess you missed last week when Jen was dressed up several days in a row. For Leno she had a very sexy dress on.

    Besides we don’t know ( and I can do w/o the information) what Jen wears for Ben when they are at home.

  9. 59
    gray area Says:

    Farm or fame, doesn’t matter. Jennifer always looks dowdy, unless a swat team make her up for an event. Redundant topic. Doesn’t she ever stay home with her kids?

  10. 60
    mike Says:

    # 50 Me……

    didn’t you read above post- # 47 also?

    I guess you are an uneducated teen after all.

    Strange processing of your brain matter.

  11. 61

    Jen is wonderful down to earth natural mother and hands on with her kids as a working career woman. Unlike many Hollywood mothers… Bravo to her and look at her carrying all that stuff without an entourage of help.

  12. 62
    mimi Says:

    Do you honestly believe that pappz will follow her for a 45 min drive? She alerted the pappz that she will be there with her babies. She is a fame *****. Behind that sweet and cutesy smile is a calculating *****.

    Seraphina is the cutest among the two kids. Probably because she took after Ben and not her tranny mother.

  13. 63
    Pippi Says:

    What a bunch of pigs

  14. 64
    Pippi Says:

    @lexy: Um thats because JLo doesnt pimp her kids out like Jen does.

  15. 65
    Me Says:

    Violet-Jennifer Seraphina-Ben

  16. 66
    anon Says:

    It’s funny to read comments about how great a mother Jen is. How do you know? Because she’s photographed with her children, she’s a good mother. Heck by that standard every celeb in Hollywood and every mom who has ever taken a picture with their child is a good mother. I’m not saying she’s a bad mother but really it’s just speculation. And she is no different from any celeb in Hollywood when it comes to PR.

  17. 67
    anja Says:

    Great, she took Seraphina with them because she couldn’t explain to her mother-in-law why she hates her own daughter! Good job, keep pretendind

    I can understand her – Seraphina is disgusting baby

  18. 68
    cassie Says:

    @anon: So in your opinion does every celeb in Hollywood uses their kids for PR?. If not what celeb who is often photgraphed doesn’t do it for PR. I’m just curious

  19. 69
    Speckski Says:

    Who cares that she isn’t glammed up?!? In the real world mothers don’t wear Gucci and high heel shoes going to an orchard! All those other moms in H-wood claim they want their kids to grow up away from all the media and papz, but yet they go to places where the papz are camping out!!

  20. 70
    Josie Says:

    Seraphina is ADORABLE!!!!

  21. 71
    dazzle Says:

    i think sreaphina looks like ben.

  22. 72
    cris Says:

    i am by NO means a fan of this woman, but i do think it’s pretty gross when people pick on the kids….

  23. 73
    wm Says:

    She seems like a devoted mother and all around great person. I think Violet looks more like Jen and Seraphina like Ben. Hard to tell though. I don’t understand why some people have to post hateful comments on someone they don’t even know. At least she is the one out and about with her children and not a babysitter. She’s not pimping her kids, it’s the damn paparazzi that follow her around.

  24. 74
    wow Says:

    @cris: why? kids are people too!

  25. 75
    Familyfan Says:

    wow and anja – you are pathetic morons! nuff said. Go back to your own planet! Its for certain you are not people too – or cold hearted animals who deserve smypathy and pity I guess for your unfortunate state of being. Get help

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