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Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!

You dropped part of your doughnut Violet!

Sister duo Violet and Seraphina Affleck spend time with their mom, Jennifer Garner and grandmother Chris Affleck at an apple orchard on Tuesday (September 29) near Boston, Mass.

Violet, 3 1/2, and Seraphina, 8 months, seemed to really enjoy their time outside and event went on a hayride! Seraphina is getting bigger everyday!

FYI: Jen is using her Lascal baby carrier!

DO YOU THINK Seraphina looks more like Jen or Ben?

15+ pictures of Violet and Seraphina Affleck, apples to apples sisters…

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violet seraphina affleck apples 01
violet seraphina affleck apples 02
violet seraphina affleck apples 03
violet seraphina affleck apples 04
violet seraphina affleck apples 05
violet seraphina affleck apples 06
violet seraphina affleck apples 07
violet seraphina affleck apples 08
violet seraphina affleck apples 09
violet seraphina affleck apples 10
violet seraphina affleck apples 11
violet seraphina affleck apples 12
violet seraphina affleck apples 13
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104 Responses to “Violet & Seraphina Affleck: Apples to Apples!”

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  1. 76
    Bev Says:

    Jen called the paps.

  2. 77
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    ive really been giving her the benefit of the doubt lately with how she looks but she needs 2 step it up before she bores me again
    you can still be a good mom and look cute

  3. 78
    wow Says:

    @Familyfan: well…THEY ARE PEOPLE. im jsut stating a fact GET OVER YOURSELF. and also..ill get help if you get help first!!

  4. 79
    golly gee Says:


    I don’t doubt it. Celebrities do it all the time. They’ll complain publically, but behind the scences their PR people are tipping off paps. Being a sought after acress/actor means keeping yourself in the public eye. There are many new, younger ,up and coming actors/actresses, and fame is fleeting in Hollywood. The only thing selling Jennifer Garner right now is her image, marriage and kids, because outside of Alias her movies are less than medicore.

  5. 80
    she shall remain nameless Says:

    Aww little Seraphina is soooo freakin cute! Both her and Violet have mommy’s good skin, but the littlest one may look a little more like Ben.

  6. 81
    y Says:

    working mother who have two children, there are no time
    to think about such pup, seems jen is not a person like that.
    the time is too short to do with her children. summer time they
    can play on the beach to feel seawind, to learn about shell,
    in autumn it’s a good season to hike, cooking with daughters,
    reading many books for them, painting with them, hearing
    good music with them. what a funny and beautiful time with
    own children. the time with children is too short.

  7. 82
    Pippi Says:

    Just Jared I hereby request that you remove comments #63 and 64 as they were posted by an imposter. Those two comments do not belong to the rightful owner of that user name and should be removed ASAP. Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter.

  8. 83
    Pippi Says:

    This is in response to @64 Pippi imposter, I beg to differ with your comment that JLo doesn’t pimp her kids. Did you conveniently forget her appearance on the cover of People and the million dollar photo shoot inside of her twins and the whole over the top spread. Think before you type such erroneous comments especially when using an unauthorized user name. Crap like that could very well come back to bite you in the butt.

    People have been sued for less but of course you have no fears in that area inasmuch as you are as poor as Job’s turkey and in no danger of losing anything.

  9. 84
    Pippi Says:

    no one cares about jennifer garner enough to put her kids on the cover of a magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nor does anyone wanna pay her money for it. ICK!

  10. 85
    anonymous Says:

    How cute are Violet and Seraphina! They truly are like two little dolls. They seem to be having a nice day out with their mum and grandmother. Seraphina has grown so much. She looks a lot like her mum just like Violet. The only difference between the sisters is their haircolor. Otherwise they´re like two peas in the pod. Jen and Ben are letting their little girls be just like any other children. That´s why I admire them so much. The Afflecks and the Jolie-Pitts are my favorite celeb families because both families are letting their children be like any other children. I don´t mean to sound cruel but Suri Cruise looks like a little fashion doll with all those designer clothes she´s wearing. Nothing wrong with that either but why can´t she wear just jeans and a T-shirt for a change. Can´t imagine the Affleck girls or JP girls wearing designer clothes.

  11. 86
    autumnm Says:

    The baby is cute, Jen not so much. Always thought she was homely looking and seeing this pic proves it once again. She is just fugly and manly looking.

  12. 87
    bekky Says:

    Seraphina looks more like Ben and Violet looks more like Victor Garber.

  13. 88
    GET JLO OUT Says:

    Do us a favor put Jen and Katie side by side and you will find neither
    wears any make up or cares about it either…THIS GOES FOR THE


  14. 89
    get lost negative press Says:

    When was the last time that Kat and Tom were on the cover of a mag.
    Not in a While either… Please if you do not like her don’t comment
    we do not need 4 pages of negative do we get the
    same about Kloe K or Kim who is famous father got O.J off for
    offing his wife and her friend…

  15. 90
    to the above #89 Says:

    TO: get lost negative press – its the same 14 year old who post different comments with different user names to make it sound like there is a whole bunch of them….its actually just one immature Vartan ho….

  16. 91
    what a gal Says:

    she’s hands down, the most normal celeb mom in HW. No doubt! reg. looking Gap kind of clothes on her/kids. She must be a great Mom, it sure shows. And imagine seeing her in a long black ughly dress going shopping? LMAO. Now, that’s NOT normal, unless you think your a Gothic queen or something. LOL. Hat off to Jen.

  17. 92
    Amy A. Says:

    Both girls are precious, as all children are. Can’t help but notice, though, that Jennifer doesn’t seem to have that easy connection to Seraphina that she’s always had with Violet. Just from looking at photos of Violet at that age and now Seraphina, it seems that Jennifer enjoyed Violet as a baby far more than she does Seraphina, but maybe that’s just the personality of one child sitting better with the parent. I guess it’s normal to prefer one over the other even if you love them both. Just saying.

  18. 93
    anja Says:

    @what a gal:

    And what’s wrong with gothic style?

  19. 94
    HA! Says:


    You are my hero.

    I will never understand why people think she calls the photogs. If she did, she’d probably – oh – put some make up on or appear as if she gave a sh*t that they were there, don’t you think? Get a clue people.

  20. 95
    HA! Says:


    Actually, it’s not really gothic style she’s talking about. It’s a lack of imagination regarding fashion, which is why she wears the same ugly, strapless, black garbage bag when she drags her kid to the store for the toy gun he just couldn’t live without.

  21. 96
    get lost negative press Says:

    I don’t even like MIchael …I only use one name no am I a ho
    You may be a nappy head ho.. but not me!!! Again if you do not
    like the comments change the website…

  22. 97
    Lillianne Says:

    @Ellie: haha Ellie. Some people . . .

  23. 98
    GIA Says:

    I have a feeling Jen and Ben will be end up like Phillipe and Witherspoon. (Soon to follow, Cruise and Holmes? )They both appear to be good parents but somethings missing in the marriage. I saw Jen on Martha Stewart and of all things, she came off defensive and a little flip with Stewart who for a change was just the opposite. I think Jen has a ‘bi**h side to her. Once these celebrities marry and begin producing children many of their careers go down the tubes. That’s when the troubles begin.

  24. 99
    s.i Says:

    sera looks exactly like jen when she was a little girl, but Im sure that she will grow up to be a pretty brunette and that she will look like both Ben and Jen! In this pic, she looks like Sera!

  25. 100
    shamrock7 Says:

    Who cares if she called the paps, maybe Violet did you peeps. The fact of the matter is, we have more photos of Jen, Violet, and Sera on another trip some place at some time in the day. I’m a BIG fan of Ben, but these photos are beyond same ol same ol. How about something different to spice up the family outings? It would be nice to see the whole familia together. It’s been a very long time and maybe doing something like visiting a baseball game, sight seeing Boston historical places, or maybe they can go on a beautiful trip all together like Matt Damon does so often with his troops.

    Anywho, good luck to Ben on the film. Look forward to seeing THE TOWN next year.*

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