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Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: A Steady Rain Premiere

Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: A Steady Rain Premiere

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman attend a press conference for the Broadway premiere of A Steady Rain at The Harvard Club on Tuesday (September 29) in New York City.

A Steady Rain is a new play that tells the story of two Chicago cops who are lifelong friends and whose differing accounts of a few harrowing days change their lives forever. The play runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes, with no intermission. Click here for information about getting tickets.

FYI: Hugh wore a charcoal grey 3-piece custom-made Ferragamo suit. Daniel is wearing Burberry.

30+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman on opening night of A Steady Rain

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daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 01
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 02
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 03
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 04
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 05
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 06
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 07
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 08
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 09
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 10
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 11
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 12
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 13
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 14
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 15
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 16
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 17
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 18
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 19
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 20
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 21
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 22
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 23
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 24
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 25
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 26
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 27
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 28
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 29
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 30
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 31
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 32
daniel craig hugh jackman steady rain premiere 33

Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, Joseph Marzullo/L.Gallo/WENN
Posted to: Daniel Craig, Deborra Lee Furness, Hugh Jackman, Satsuki Mitchell

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  • Guinness-Jez us ache crist

    The term you are referring to is BYE-S E X UAL, cuz he been with both teams–you would sooo know that if you were a true DAN fan… so stop asking and visit the kid vampire thread for juicier, teen adolescent hormones–this is middle-aged se x u a l prime-time here!!! ok. I am ok. surry. ok now. yes, update, thanks for swingin’ in for the update. he will be married with or to or by the purple celtic princess. damn, i need a drink.,,,,,,,,,,,

  • update

    Well in the word of show business anything is possible as we all know and many weird things are propelled around and talked about.
    No smoke without fire? ~ Don’t know. The gay question has surrounded him for such a long time and no evidence of such or any liasons have come to light.
    Satsuki = beard? Wouldn’t be the first time in the history of the business but clueless as to her.
    Just know she was hired initially by him and it turned ~ somewhere ~ into romance.
    I like to deal with cold hard facts and logical facts with this pair are few and far between. Free gallon of petrol to the one who gets any!

  • to update

    she clings to him because he cheated on her once so i have been been told by a good source and she doesn’t trust him, hardly a great relationship and some people say she still doesn’t trust him. that will be their downfall, lack of trust and he will get smothered and maybe reach out elsewhere

  • Mitzi

    Get out. I’m just a casual fan who likes the photos so I don’t know too much about him. I’ve heard that he might be gay but never took the rumors seriously since he had a girlfriend and was married before with a now adult child (I think). I always thought the gay rumors started because of some of his earlier film roles. Is there any fact to the rumor that he is bi? I never really took him for a cheater though. I wonder if that’s why his first marriage broke up? Once a cheater always a cheater – especially when you’re a famous multi-millionare with a rockin bod and tons of screaming fans.

  • mimi

    Has Daniel been linked to a man before? Anybody in the know?

    He did say on an Australian show years ago that “he would turn gay for Hugh” LOL. Now is the perfect opportunity.

  • Mitzi

    Mimi, I’d love to know that too. I wouldn’t be upset if Daniel were gay. I also remember him saying something about how Bond should have s*x with a man to bring the franchise into modern times. Maybe he says that to keep people guessing.

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    Men-doll does have a certain kink to it ;)

    Love the caption – yeah, Dan, do a play in London…yer will, yer will, yer will….

    “You gotta play the game…I couldn’t!!”

    No, me neither – I’d be so bored with those games, I’d end up skinny-dipping in a public fountain just to liven-up the scene, lol.

    Thanks update for your take on things.

  • mimi

    Is there a possibility Daniel is having a “thing” with his producer? They seem to have good chemistry together …

  • to 159-

    There are quite a few producers on Steady Rain, which one were you referring to, Barbara?
    It is well known that Barbara bid at a celeb silent auction for a kiss with Daniel and of course she was able to pay like 26,000 us dollars or some number around there, and she won the bid and of course I am sure they kissed- I am even thinking they may have done more…LOL! I mean for 26K, who isn’t going to want more and even ask for it?
    I will never forget reading about that auction.
    I am sure the gf was miserable throughout the night and for months afterwards! And there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.
    I think barbara may have done that to prove a point to the gf and show her who the Boss is!.

  • WSJ
  • Plumpy Babs

    @to 159-:

    Daniel would never touch Plumpy Babs — LOL.

    She is too bootylicious and boobylicious for him. He likes his women lean with little boobies. He did not touch plumpy.

  • Plumpy Babs

    @to 159-:

    Daniel would never touch Plumpy Babs — LOL.

    She is too bootylicious and boobylicious for him. He likes his women lean with little boobies. He did not touch plumpy.

  • Macho

    The new findings suggest hardmen like 007 star Daniel Craig may have their feminine side to thank for their enduring appeal to women.

  • Pat

    Nice photos :-) I have to say I became a big Hugh´s fan last week when I saw the play. I thought I will have problems to understand since I am not English native speaker but it was OK. They were both great but I have never been a fan of them. I liked both actors but not a real “fan”. Now I am. Hugh was fantastic. He was emotional, intense, and the final scene was so touching. He is absolutely amazing actor and I hope he will be nominated for some award for this. And Daniel, too, of course :-)

  • Terry

    A nice review – actors and the play seem great to this critic. Finally something entirely positive, a nice change:

  • dan’s the man

    Yes Terry, a positive review of the play and both actors. Its strange but when this play first opened in Chicago, it received rave reviews for its writing and for both actors, one of which (Denny), received an award for his performance. New York crirics don’t seem to relate to it in the same way.

  • manlygirlfriend

    why is daniel craig visiting a gay club?! we have seen already pics of him with gays in 2006. I mean he looves boobs but is he bi or something?!yuk..

  • Terry

    @dan’s the man:
    I don´t get it either. It seems that NY critics are just different. Some of them (like in talkin´ broadway review) understood the point, the characters, and perfectly described them both and praised it. But some of NY critics are writing it like they just “had to” go to the play and tend to write things like “two movie stars”, “action stars” and blah, blah. They should know that both actors are stage actors. I guess there is nothing we can do about it. So if we liked it, and audiences liked it (which looks like they really did) then it´s OK I guess

  • dan’s the man


    It seems to me that some NY critics are unaccepting of new plays, especially serious ones , and that they find it surprising that both Hugh and Dan can act. For Dan, I think he has struggled to shake off his Bond persona to get decent film work and I know when qos came out he said on Regis and Kelly that he would like to appear on Broadway,
    It may have already been in the pipe line. Its been his chance to show the American public that he can do more than Bond.
    I think Hugh jumped the chance to show that he can do a serious play.
    Everyone knows that he is a showman and is brilliant in musicals.

  • DC Girl

    Hello Guinness. I’m here. Just read some of he thread. We certainly have a lot of crazies here for sure. I thought your picture of Conan O’Brian was hoot. I could see some similrities for sure. Ha! I will be going to see the play on the 23rd of October. I have a ways to go yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Thanks to all who have posted the videos. Pretty tired today. I went out last night to a club in D.C. to hear my brother’s band play some Brazillian samba and jazz. The bartender fixed me a HUGE Gin nd tonic which I drank to the last drop. Then I had to wake up early as today I’m teaching my son’s kindergarten class with a hangover no less. Eek!

  • to dan’s the man

    Yes, I almost agree.
    Daniel succeeded to wipe out an image of the bond.
    However, I think that his many fans consider him as a sex symbols.–fans-wish-hed-clothes-off.html
    Daniel Craig survives Broadway show without any mobile interruptions… it’s only the praise of critics which rings out

  • Terry

    @dan’s the man:
    I am Hugh´s fan so I know what he is capable of, of course. The funny thing is that most of US audience knew him as Wolverine and were suprised he can sing and dance. Now he has to get rid of the “sing and dance man” thing. That musical is very difficult in many ways doesn´t seem important to some people. Shame.
    I was impressed by Daniel but I liked him very much a long time before James Bond. So I am glad they were able to show they can do something else. But the Wolverine/Bond stuff is something critics can´t just get over. *sigh*
    The only person I really feel sorry is Keith Huff. I think he wrote a really very good and unusual material. Maybe because it´s unusual is the main problem. I don´t know. But I am looking forward to the movie (I hope it will made), because Hugh and Daniel have just incredible chemistry on stage and off-stage.
    Read the talkin´ Braodway review -it´s great review and analysis and the guy who wrote it understood the play and the point of both characters.

  • lol

    D2d are in town! They say that Babs and Sats seats are now sold as rush ones. Maybe the last we’ll see of them (thank god).
    Apparently not one of them has succeeded this time to get a picture taken with him.

  • to Terry

    Neither Daniel nor Hugh have signed for the movie.
    It’s no sure that they will star in the movie.

  • to lol

    I bet they got tones of pics but don’t post them on the open forum.
    One member has removed all her stuff and I suppose they now use private messaging.

  • to lol

    typo: tons

  • re: 177

    I bet they got tones of pics but don’t post them on the open forum.
    One member has removed all her stuff and I suppose they now use private messaging.


    I can’t fathom why people can’t share pictures with the rest of his fans too especially the ones who are unable to make it to the play.

    It strikes me as being very territorial and a little belittling don’t you think, like “I could afford to got here but you couldn’t”.

  • lol to dan and hugh

    a wedding on st barths? LOL, you are an idiot. with the whole worlds press was watching then you mention a honeymoon???

    lol, yes they took a honeymoon with his daughter, her friend, a few family members, andy cohen with his b/f.

    pull the other one. the whole thing was a publicity stunt for satsuki, he had defiance coming out (remember they have to stay relevant in the press).
    if they did get married it was somewhere remote. they can take private holidays , they took one to Madagascar earlier sometime with NO pictures or press but no wedding certificate found there either.
    we don’t know half the places they can go too but again, NO application for a license has been found in the UK where they have to register no matter where they marry as they reside there, that’s there permanent base.

    use your intellect.

  • lol to dan and hugh – typos

    “their” permanent base

    they reside “there”

    before the nazi spelling police get me.

  • to 180

    Maybe they have very very good solicitors working on their behalf to cover everything up.
    Ever thought of that?
    Let’s face it: engagement ring appears 2006 (press don’t pick up on it until much later, Compass Premiere?) then a small wedding band appears in the last few months.

    There may not be a certificate (the cold hard facts as Update says, no offense) but how much more do you need to see?
    It’s get’s past the point of factual evidence to see what is in front of your eyes. Granted, I won’t 100% believe it until I see a certificate but I have to stick with what I see and put two and two together.
    Anyway, as Update said many times, do the press really care now to continue the search.
    Seems the not announcing the engagement to the press means that the press don’t print/believe anything until they get “official” news but surely even they can see what’s happened.

  • Terry

    @to Terry:
    I know. But they have first refusal right and I damn hope they will decide to do the movie.

  • deena

    I think when people are truly in love they show it, they say it, I have seen pics of dan and sat together, something is not right, the eyes don’t lie. hugh and his wife seem to be happy. but none of us know really what s going on.

  • Terry
  • Check it!

    Daniel set for Live with Regis and Kelly appearance on Friday, 9 October.

  • Guinness

    About dtd
    1. one of the people who deleted or tried to export all her stuff off dtd is the other person that got kicked off with me…she does send me pics…she is very good at finding rare pics…and we do share email
    2. they are smart women who have created a Danny world with info you can not find elsewhere–welll without 30 people on your team streaming infor every minute about him.
    3. they are creating a monopoly only they believe they can control with rules and regulation because they think Dan deserves his privacy…or it is just a control thing or they want to preserve what is their life’s work away from getting destoyed by hackers or naysayers such as myself. I think i was making fun of Sats too much…
    4. still wasn’t given the official word as to why i was banned, so it is subjective and they can kick off who they want.
    5; they dont have private messaging….nothing on the web has private anything-dont’ you know that by now??
    6. another person who was kicked off with me begged to go back and they let her. (so I guess groveling works for them!)i have my suspicions (s)he was a muse to encourage us to post negative things against sats & dan so we would get kicked off— i believe it was a set up. so watch your steps…that should make it better fun visiting over there!!!
    7. all the info they have compiled about Dan is public information, it just takes years to collect and post…this is quite extraordinary, almost what a library does, however, creating a “members only” is not becoming of what Dan actually stands for (as an intellegent blogger once posted here…who was that–can’t remember)…. Dan would not make it his official website because it is too much–way too much info even HE doesn’t remember doing probably.
    8. It is a shame it is not an “online museum” and now I am banned because I would like to visit and see the artwork Cal does, and see Dan’s latest work and see the work I did, and just to visit. so something is intrinsically wrong with such an abundance of information in one place and not being able to access it… others can for me, but it is a principal I have…. I refuse to infiltrate and possibly get caught doing it because that would negate my ethics….making fun of someone he may ditch in the future is not a reason to get kicked off.

    I guess if you create something, put it in the public eye with rules and regulations, you have a right to censor and control informaton that is not about YOU, but about someone you worship. hhhhmmmm…. what would Dan think?

  • to deena

    maybe sat is his beard, he has been seen with a number of gay men, and at a gay night club

    uh no sats is not his “beard”. daniel is very straight; he loves women. that you can take to the bank. as for going into a gay night club with gay men. did it not occur to you that daniel has male friends who just happen to be gay; it’s not unknown. also, i don’t know how it is where you live but the best night clubs here in new york just happen to have a lot of gay customers. for the record i’m straight as they come.

  • Mad Gina

    I seems stupid to me when one poster dreams about marriage and honeymoon for Daniel and Satsuki when these two couldn’t agree on their marriage all the time. Or how the poster supposes they got married only because Satsuki wears rings but in fact, it’s the same old rings and I don’t see new ring on her finger. If they got married they said it. It’s the biggest crap to keep secret about that you are married. So that, when Daniel said nothing he’s free still. I think the dreaming poster should get the fact Daniel is not emotionally sure and never will be even if there will be other women after Satsuki. Heike lived with him many years and had nothing of it. Fiona is the best woman what could wish but it didn’t work. I do strongly think if he’ll dump Satsuki and meet another woman so he will have problems with her too and always solve it with her together. Daniel’s women always are in tears.

  • to ezri

    @ 10/01/2009 at 7:41 pm

    you have to understand that there are people on this board who have met satsuki at one time or another. she was not very nice especially to his female fans. to quote one person i talked to in los angeles “satsuki was unforgivabely rude”. now maybe that’s what daniel wants. a girlfriend who will keep fans away by being rude and nasty. who knows; but if this is what he wants then all power to him.

  • Guinness-stay with me
  • to 180

    you are right; if daniel and satsuki got married outside of great britain they must have their marriage recognized under law. to do that they have to produce their foreign documents at the General Register Office in the UK so that the marriage is legally recorded. this is important especially for satsuki, a citizen of the united states. you’d be surprised how many people forget to follow this step. then when the foreign born partner leaves GB he/she can have a problems getting back in. since daniel and satsuki would not want to have any problems i would think that the two of them would have registered their marriage in great britain; that is if it took place.

  • mimi

    I am going to see the show Oct 10 and I am thankful for Broadway to have these two men together alive. They are great actors and consummate professionals with integrity.

    Daniel does not have the most impressive personality off screen. Whenever I hear him giving an interview, I fall sleep in the middle. But his onscreen presence is so brilliant and irresistible …

  • Guinness-nah-not Elliot

    they just have the same smirk with moostache!!

    DC girl!! sorry-just read your post…..ok, we have to do a countdown for you. and i stayed with my sister so I don’t have any place to give you to stay…are you going to do anything else while you are there? Did you read my review in the other thread? and definitely try to get his pic after the show coming out of the stage door.

    DAN IS HOT? You have a story to tell yet? oh, I think you said we have to wait until sunday. ok. aaahhh. I am hoping you got to bribe your honey-bunny!!!

    and i guess my “posted bait” earlier attracted no one. Does it sound like I am bitter? no, just sad and mad, but i will get over it. ok, moving on….. Mendel, do i have to make a pic for you to come out and play?? oh, friday night…why do i always have to work when you are playing!!!! I will make you something from the old pics…….hhhhmmmm

  • mendel

    to Guinness

    “what would Dan think?”

    Somehow I get a feeling he would use a few choice words and would be kicked off the site for using foul language, lol.

    to Terry

    thanks for the links to the reviews – they were really good and make me want to see the play even more!

  • mimi to 188

    Not that it matters or there is anything wrong with it, but I also think Daniel is probably mostly straight.

    Haven’t heard any persistent gay rumors about him from the gossip sites, unlike his costar, even though Daniel had played a lot of gay characters in film really well.

  • Guinness

    ahh. yes, my friend, he would be kicked off-I have guessed that time and again, very good. …cuz it isn’t his cup ‘o tea. mmmm. I would like him to have some ‘o Guinness instead!! ahhh. you doin any fun things on a friday? i got Dan Brown’s new book….same writing fashion, but he hooks you in… i just want to read the last 10 pages…. has dan endorsed any movies? he did see that pinapple express…has anyone? Seth is the Green Hornet! yikes. and i really am pulling for Dan and the Steady rain to go to the UK for you. Then i really have an excuse to get over there in my lifetime!

  • Guinness 4 u Man doll!!

    of course, do call me after you are done with him!!! I will gladly get in line!!!!

  • mendel

    to Guinness,

    oooh, I love that pic and the caption! Those eyes! I gladly take the seat and… :)

    I am having a quiet Friday for a change, and am just relaxing here with tea and toast.

    And you definitely have to come over here when Dan does another play at the West End – let it be Steady Rain, I so want to see it!

  • Guinness-t and t?

    hhmm..did i make post #200?? and you are having TEE AND TEE? toast and tea? um, isnt’ it like 2AM in london england!! eewww toast and tea? just like Father Ted….you Europeans….put some fricken jelly on it and some Brandy in the TEA…..or have you already? and yes, those eyes are definitely thinking something NAUGHTY!!

    your sofa better be comfy Mendel, cuz if he is goin to London theater (west end you call it?) then i am takin a boat!! dont’ like to fly…..wings too short. ciao, I am goin to bed, thinking about that look in that pic….mmmm

  • D.C. Girl

    Hey Guinness. We will probably stay at a hotel in Manhatten – the Milford. Not the swankiest, but have stayed there before and it’s reasonable and clean. We still may rent that loft in Soho and split the cost. My good friends don’t live in NY anymore, so can’t crash there. We are thinking about going to see the Barber of Seville at the Met Saturday night (Kching Kching $$$) and do the museums before during the day. Or maybe do lunch in Little Italy. I dunno. My mother who will join us wants to do lunch at the Tavern on the Green Sunday – but I’m really not into it. It’s pricey and I think the food is really not that good. Service stinks there too. A bit overrated really in my humble opinion..
    Regardless, whatever we do, I won’t be looking forward to my credit card bill.

    Loved your review. Thanks for posting it. Not sure I will submit myself to the frenzied crush to see him up close. But I might gawk from afar.

    But I will happily post my take on the play here if anyone really wants to hear it.


  • to Guinness

    I’m not talking about F. F has only posted mediocre screencaps, nothing really important. I’m talking about another member, who is active on DtD and she has tons of pics taken at ASR backstage.
    She has removed her stuff and I suppose she shares with active members via private messaging or emai. Dunno exactly why.