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Kate Gosselin Plus Eight Minus Jon

Kate Gosselin Plus Eight Minus Jon

On this episode of Kate Plus 8! (Doesn’t have the same ring to it, eh?)

Kate Gosselin appears to be having a ball while taking her kids to Prestige Gymnastics on Tuesday (September 29) in Lancaster, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother-of-eight will be headlining the show, starting November 1st with the title of Kate Plus 8. Ratings have dropped significantly the past few weeks with only 1.7 million tuning in last week vs. 4.2 million at the beginning of August.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin plus eight, minus Jon…

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  • blah blah blah

    Stop covering her! Nobody wants to see her, seriously.

  • blah blah blah


    How would you like it if someone called YOUR kids ugly?

  • jake

    A bit slow Jared. This news is old. But I still love ur site. And to answer your question the show is getting revamped and reworked. On this episode of will probably be reworked as well. They are smart, once November comes we will all be tuning in to see how the show looks and bodes. to Haley above, why so mean, they are just kids. its good they dont look really good when they are young they will definitely grow into their looks as we all have. you are bitter and unhappy. Happy people dont go out of their way to attack other peoples kids.

  • haley

    @blah blah blah: I don’t have kids & never will! lol.

  • milan

    Those kids are very unattractive! When a family is doing TV, shouldn’t the family be attractive looking? those kids looks so retarded!

  • jake

    p.s, its sad that Kate didn’t keep her hair from The View. She should’ve gotten tips on how to do it the way they did on the View. Sucks when you don’t know how to do your hair. They have some pretty good hairstylist at the View. Call them up Kate

  • jake


    Karma is a bitch people.


    That explains alot. A women like you should not be commenting on other kids since you forgoed your womanly right to bear children.

  • haley

    @jake: since you’re a guy most likely ,you have no right to comment on anything to do with my uterus!

  • milan

    @jake: you’re probably butt ugly! so karma was a b*itch for you dude!

  • ashi JIJI


  • Julie

    I am so happy that this no good person is finally off the show. You saved some face TLC, good bye Jon and have a great life.

  • black beauty


  • just me

    I love the kids and they are all ADORABLE!! As far as Kate-she is a b*tch and ran Jon off. Too bad she coudn’t have been all smiley and sweet when he was around. She is just doing it now for sympathy. Can’t stand her and I understand why Jon went a little crazy once he got away from her.

  • Jan

    KATE PLUS 8 will inspire single moms with kids and entertain the rest of us. Kate always has been a devoted mother. Jon just stood around and Kate had to give him direction. He cannot communicate and is not very intelligent. He has really been a jerk for the cameras these last 4 months. He sold the scoop to In Touch Magazine that he is delaying his divorce to take CONTROL of his family. Jon will pull anything for MONEY. He does not care about his family. Jon loves Jon.


    Damn this lady is sooooo annoying. I hate her hair!

  • Anakin

    Jon was winning the PR war until he started acting like a playboy, doesn’t matter anyways, this show is dying a slow painful death and soon after the kids can start their therapy. And Kate is still annoying, Jon or no Jon, TLC is trying to squeeze every last ounce from this show, they know the end is near.

    Btw Jon should be the next Bachelor, though I think it just might be just a little difficult to find women who could potentially be a stepmother to 8 kids and also look past his gut. But imagine the ratings…

  • Anakin


    I don’t have kids & never will! lol.

    Maybe because you’re afraid they’ll look like you, quite understandable

  • cat

    i love the kids they’re so cute!..yeah, kate will do better without jon…she’s looking better go girl!!!

  • Nana

    I noticed in two of the shots, the girls are holding their arms and are obviously cold.
    But Kate has her sweater on that day. She always takes care of herself.

  • nativenyker

    I wish this heifer would go away!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Houston

    It should be called TLC plus 8 and it looks like Kate is pretty happy that all the attention will go to her now. What they need to do is remove both parents and just let people watch the kids grow up but that’s not what the show is about… is it?

  • FaithLynette

    …Kate is probably ECSTATIC…that Jon is bumped from the show so it can FINALLY be more about her…Her…HER!!!
    I don’t admire HER as a mother/woman/person ~ I’ve seen the ‘REAL’ struggles that some single/divorced/widowed MOMS go through ~ and it’s done “graciously/with great determination/with hard work and sacrifice”— without the big paychecks, pimping their children, large mansion, haughty/condescending attitude, etc… *THOSE* ARE THE ‘MOMS’ I ADMIRE!! BUT–WHEN IT ALL COMES DOWN TO IT: KATE DOESN’T HAVE TO ANSWER TO ME AND WORRY ABOUT “my opinions” OF HER ~ WHEN IT’S ALL SAID AND DONE ~ SHE *WILL* HAVE TO ANSWER TO HER 8 CHILDREN AND LIVE WITH THE DECISIONS SHE’S MADE A LONG THE WAY AND THE RESULTS OF THOSE DECISIONS. I continue to wish the children..all the best ~ may they grow up happy/healthy/and well-adjusted!

  • toni

    I’m not watching, there’s a lot better tv on other channels.

  • Dominicanbirth

    i think that you people need to get a life, non of you all knew what went down in jon and kate relationship so stop the negative comments and get a life , jon and kate are two adults and have to work out there diffrences .

    true carribbean woman

  • amy

    @Jan: And you know this because…

  • pp

    Jon regains a little of his privacy, still gets paid for working and doesn’t have to deal with an out of control egomaniac. Who wouldn’t take that deal. ————–won’t watch- boring – I do the same things with my children.

  • amy

    Ughhhhhhh paleezzzz make this egotistic woman go away……..

  • Danni

    The twins look like they will be stumpy like Jon (and at least one will have a personality disorder like Kate).

  • mary

    Jared, the name of the heading for this post should be the title of kate’s new show. LOL fer sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Corn on the cob

    Jon and Kate love their kids,but they also love being celebrities.

  • Corn on the cob


    How so?

  • M

    Honestly, both of these parents are the most pitiful excuses for such. Anyone in their right mind would know it’s just not healthy to parade your kids around on a repeated basis in front of cameras. The court should step in and stop the parents from pimping out their children. I just wonder in their heart of hearts if they felt it was truly worth it selling selling their kids souls to TLC!!!

  • Fran

    Kate the sociopath has ruined every relationship of importance up this point and the last one, the only one left, will be with her kids.
    She will seek an individual career in television and further alienate herself from her children.
    She is on a collision course with life and she WILL hit the wall sooner or later.

  • just saying

    Smile….your on camera….that would explain the kool aid grin

  • Corn on the cob

    You know no matter what the truth is and it is right before your eyes, Kate lovers-her target audience/market of old women,bitter women, ditched women ,lonely sinlgle women, divorced women who are bitter will watch this show. TLC is a company looking for money. Care,respect for those kids is the last thing by TLC. That is not TLC’s job.
    Kate and Jon purposely made 8 kids like Octomom did too.
    Kate and Jon have had a good run in media and in making huge profits for the kids,TLC,and themselves.

    Jon and Kate will make more money on this show.Yeah,Jon gets the profits because his kids are used and he owns1/2 of the kids.
    Kate is geting her check because she is on the show and she then she owns 1/2 of the kids.
    Kate ‘s target market will continue to buy what she is selling-her 8 kids.
    kate will do well in writiing more books,speaking engagments,her new show with Paula Deen, writing for mags like Parents, the sky is the limit for her.
    Jon needs to cut loose these young girlfriends. Stay out of the party press.
    Be at the home with the kids as Kate will only be home for a few days a month.
    He could do speaking engagments.He willnot cont. to make millions of dollars like Kate,but he can earn millions in his conscience and that of his kids by being their principal parent and caretaker.

  • just saying

    Those kids appear to be cold but yet mommy remembered to bring her sweater…..ummmm….hmmmmmmm

  • hehehe

    1.7 million…………..falling bomb

  • hunchback

    -looks as if Kate’s back hump is growing quite large : )

  • shelby

    She is got a grin from one ear to the next, oh she is on camera filming her reality show, that would explain it

  • marianne minick

    Of course she looks happy silly! TLC is filming the whole thing. She’s getting paid to take her little ones to gymnastics AND she gets to be on camera.

  • 1.7million

    Those who can honestly believe Kate is like the Osmond’s Mother, be real. You probably believe the sun revolves around the Earth too.
    It is hard to google about these people some facts and read and see what is really there.
    Anyway,the minvan population is behind Kate100%. She has enough viewers to ride this show until the kids get to their teen years.
    She has a big enough fan base to keep her earning millions.
    So be it. They are buying what she is selling, Bullsh it!
    The market dictates what is to be sold.
    Best thing Jon can do after winning the pr campaign early summer and then losing it,is stay off cameras, lease NYC apt.,build home on,get some kind of job behind the scenes,and parent up.
    God knows those kids need a parentwhen the cameras are not rolling and Kate is gone most of the month.
    Just think,those poor kidshve a teamof nannies and housekeepers with them when Jon and Kate are away being celebrities.

  • shelby

    Only smiles when the story is about her or when the camera lens is pointing at her….lol

  • pitiful

    - they are not in school in order to work on a Tuesday morning
    Please excuse my children from school yesterday as work was more important than education.
    Kate Gosselin

  • sharah

    With the twins headed for private boarding schools, this leaves the 6 for a small window of time to be on TV, which works for the agenda of Kate’s personal brand. TLC and Kate are both great businesses.

  • shelby

    @pitiful: That would explain why 5 in a half year olds are still in pre/k…dumb a$$ parents only care about the dollars and how to get the 6 cash cows to perform…Kates the ring leader at the circus of 8 perform….lmao

  • Jill

    I am glad that Kate has something to smile about. Too bad her emotionally damaged children are going to have to continue working so Kate can get her ugly face on TV. Do you people that watch this show care about those children. Every time Mady starts acting up Kate says ” Oh that’s just Mady being Mady”. No, Kate that is not normal behavior for an eight year old. Kate will you please stop thinking of yourself and get some help for your children. I see the damage a divorce does to children every day. I can’t imagine how much harder it is in front of cameras. Children in these situations need extra emotional support. They need at least one parent that is willing put extra effort into helping the child cope with the change in the family.

  • VanM

    I am excited to see what the Kate plus 8 show will bring to it’s faithful viewers….Kate is beautiful and so are the children…..Keep smiling Kate it’s a good look for you……..Still trying to figure out why Jon wants to delay the divorce, I read somethng on another site…..where he said ( Even though we were heading for a divorce, it appeared that Kate had been suffering from this divorce as much as I had. That’s why I asked my attorney to put the brakes on this divorce so I could try to regain control over the future of our family. So Kate and I could join on a cooperative course that would benefit our family — not destroy it…I regret my conduct since Kate and I separated [on June 22]. I used poor judgment in publicly socializing with other women so soon.)…..Hmmmmmm I don’t thnk he is going to be able to regain control of anything and I hope Kate has hired an a** kicking attorney cuz it seems as though Jon is going to do everything he can to hold on…….Ahhhhh KARMA……..

  • mmh

    I just have to say as a mother of a 15 year old that I’ve raised alone since age two without child support and without every-other-weekend visitation and without nannies and babysitters. It’s pisses me off for TLC to make such a big deal of Kate being a single mother. There are plenty of single mothers all over the world who are doing it on their own without a hit TV show, nannies, babysitters, and a fat 6 figure paycheck. Big deal, so she put some burgers on the grill, so what.

  • dumber than a rock fans

    Who actually watches this show and what is the IQ level of the viewers?

  • Lauren

    To those of you who “hate” Jon and Kate and TLC and whatever else you feel like yammering on about that day – think about this. If you click on the story and comment on it, it tells the people who decide what stories to put on these entertainment sites that stories about Jon and Kate will get people to their site. If you are against this or any other media storyline, keep away and the stories will stop. Good luck!