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Khloe Kardashian's Wedding Pictures -- First Look

Khloe Kardashian's Wedding Pictures -- First Look

Newlywed Khloe Kardashian and her two older sisters and bridesmaids Kim and Kourtney Kardashian take the latest cover of OK! Magazine.

Khloe 25, tied the knot with her L.A. Laker love, Lamar Odom, 29, on September 27 at family friend and music mogul Irving Azoff‘s Beverly Hills mansion.

“It was truly a special day,” says the new Mrs. Odom. Khloe‘s wedding will air @ 9PM on Sunday, Nov. 8 on Keeping Up With the Kardashians on E!.

More than 250 guests attended the swank event including Keeping Up producer Ryan Seacrest, Kelly Osbourne, Odom‘s Laker teammate Kobe Bryant, with his wife Vanessa, and TV personalities Chelsea Handler, Lara Spencer, Brittny Gastineau and Lala Vazquez.

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  • Jen

    She looks great. I wish her the best on her marriage.

  • Gasol16

    Lamar has the funnest smile! Congratulations and I do hope it lasts.

  • 1.7million

    Her dream wedding. Their dream marriage to because you know this won’t last past Dec.
    They are not married yet either because in rich/famous people,the realmarriage ceremony ,the legal one is done when the prenups are signed. They have not reached an agreement on theprenup.
    This old guy has two kiids from one previous relationship.
    This is all for pr.
    Odom is ugly too.Why didnt she find a good looking mixed guy like Kendra Wilkinson husband, Hank Baskett. Now,he is cute.

  • Rhonda

    The wedding was a fake, a non-committment ceremony. Just for the reality show people. not real!

  • madi

    What was she thinking?! Married after a month of dating? Yikes. I always thought celebrities jump straight to the point quite fast, but this is just bazaar.

  • sillyme

    This is obviously just for show…and for ratings. And, they’ve got to be one of the ugliest couples I’ve seen.

    And, I used to think Khloe was the smart one. Guess I was wrong.

  • black beauty

    congrats to the happy couple

  • kate

    there’s better be a prenup or else he’s fvcked!

  • Valerie

    Why are Kim & Kourtney on the cover with them?? That’s weird, I don’t care how close they are as a family!!

  • Dana

    Mariah and Nick only knew each other for a month before they got married and they are still together and in love.

    My parents only knew each other for 6 weeks before getting married and they are now celebrating their 33rd anniversary next month.

    So even though it is rare, it can happen.

  • elia

    Lamar i feel sorry for you

    you are married a man not a girl

    i think she have a dick so watch you back dude

  • Angelheart

    Leave de people an dem nar! However they turn out will be their problem… not y’all own. If you don’t have anything good to say… say nothing cuz none of you would appreciate bad stuff to be wished on you!!

  • Anna

    Can’t wait for her 15 seconds to be up. The only thing that disgusts me more is the “momager” who’s giddy with excitement that her daughters are “famous.” Pimping out her kids. The whole thing is ridiculous. They won’t last a year.

  • Kim K

    fred Drust just gor divorced after three months of marriage, I’ll give this one six tops! Khloe is after the fame and money.

  • tina

    @1.7million: This does seem sorta like a joke wedding, something not quite right. where were his kids?

  • tina

    @1.7million: This does seem sorta like a joke wedding, something not quite right. where were his kids?

  • love derails

    michael jordan: now that is a FINE basketball player. kobe bryant: fine. so many hot players..why lamar? lamar is one of the nicest guys in basketball though. this is a fact. he is like “walk all over him” nice. so i feel bad for him. i don’t think this is for ratings, i mean who would invite all those stars and go thru all that for ratings? i think she might be preggers. my theory. the pregnant sis is stunning.

  • robo cop

    I swear this family will do anything for publicity and money, all planned by pimp momma Kris Jenner

  • dundies

    was seacrest paid to show up

  • Frida

    Wow, her new HUSBAND sure doesn’t get a lot of space on that cover…

  • g!na

    omg! what a joke! khloe is such an immature guy(dyke)! her mom 7 sisters said she never dated boys! maybe she’s a closet homosexual who married to make us think she’s not! This wedding is such a freakin joke! so stupid! HEY I MET A GUY LAST WEEK, MAYBE I SHOULD MARRY HIM NOW! LOL.

  • Cristobal

    Wow. People will do anything for the cameras.

  • melissa

    ewww they dont make a good couple :/

  • H.

    She looks like a shemale.

  • jess

    They married after only a month of dating?

  • Lulu

    LOL, i noticed it too!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    horrible photoshop.
    fake wedding all for the show. if you believe this was a real wedding you’re a dcik. ahahahahahaha..

  • andy

    Congrats to them the cover pic makes it look he married all there of

  • LuckyL

    Jesus Christ, Lamar’s the one who got married–why are the sister’s blocking his entire body? Publicity stunt.

  • Anne

    Wow.. I feel sorry for people like that who don’t live in the real world. I mean seriously, I wouldn’t trade all of their money and fame just to be made fun of in the press constantly. I think they really believe us “common folk” worship them and want to be them, but in reality most of them are so unhappy… I wish them peace, not fame and fortunte.

  • another mockery of marriage

    It’s a mistake to marry any ballplayer in the NBA unless he’s a true born-again Christian like A.C. Green is and maybe a few others in the history of the game. NBA players are the biggest horndogs on the planet. They have women in every state they play in. Michael Jordan may be great, but he’s the biggest dog of them all. Vanessa Williams learned the truth and this poor girl will too unless she’s the type to turn her head and live in La-La land.

  • Lisa2

    sillyme…. I agree with you, I too thought Khloe was the smart one??? In all the photos which are so few since they have only known each other a month, they don’t look like a couple “in love”. I don’t understand why the sisters are on the cover of the magazine anyway? Lamar looks like he is photoshopped in the back of picture….lol.. Also, Khloe is the first one to judge Kourtney when she got back with Scott when he was her boyfriend for years. Maybe Khloe is starving for attention from her sisters anyway she can get it???

  • karen

    Have not read all the comments so somebody else may have commented on this too… This is really a terrible cover.. Why does Lamar look as if he is sneaking in the shot.. I mean it looks like a picture of the three sisters and he was photoshopped in.. Why are Kim and Kourtney front and center.. Not the GROOM.. They shoud have been in the background… NOT HIM.. Just made me LOL..

    It just looked so NOT LEGIT.. if you know what I mean.. the sisters should not have been on the cover at all..

    Just a really quick marriage. and most of these Hollywierd marriages that happen this fast.. end just as quickly.. But maybe it will work.. Time will tell.

    But that is a crappy cover…

  • Kimberly

    I’d give them a few months before they split…

  • Pie

    Ok! knew it wouldn’t sell with just Khloe & Odom on the cover so they threw Kim on there..the cover of these mags r soooo FAKE!! They look like wax figures!

  • lakers fan in boston

    o plz stfu
    ive totally lost respect for lamar marrying a tranny
    not only that but she hasnt even gotten a pre-nupt yet, they’re supposedly working on 1 but watch when it comes tome 2 sign somethings gonna happen
    f ur marriage, hope it fails

  • *** JAMIE ***

    this is clearly not real

    just for the show

  • ME

    Who gives a rat’s shitty ass about these fricken idiots!!! They are all ugly people, inside and out. That whole family should just F OFF!! and fade away!

  • fifa

    DAMN!!!!! man looks like a cerial rapist.

  • Avalon

    Trying to upstage the pregnant sister. She looks like a dude!

  • razor

    ugh i used to like khloe but really? if it’s fake I”m going to be pissed. just like how disgusting it is that kourtney is going to have scott’s child how UGH.

  • hALENA

    Take a good look at the pictures, it’s not even romantic, like they just posing that’s not the look of a couple in love that just got married, that family just love publicity, from the plastic surgery father,not one of them is talented, what are they famous for owning a boutique, or having a big butt that every other female have,lmao. too funny that’s why Kim man cheat on her they are so fake.

  • hALENA

    Take a good look at the pictures, it’s not even romantic, like they just posing that’s not the look of a couple in love that just got married, that family just love publicity, from the plastic surgery father,not one of them is talented, what are they famous for owning a boutique, or having a big butt that every other female have,lmao. too funny that’s why Kim man cheat on her they are so fake.

  • hALENA

    Could someone please tell me how these people became celebrities, what movie did they act in,what award did they win,oh yes the famous sex tape, did you not see how the little sister started dressing with makeup and skin showing already what role-models,.their future is already laid out, and Chris need to stop acting like a teenager, she is so fake. I guess Brody refuse to attend the wedding as he is also tired of them making a fool of themselves on TV

  • alicia

    Why do all the girls have parts in the middle of their hair. That’s strange. Should’ve got better do’s ! LMAO

  • raquel

    Her new husband has a weird crooked smile!!!!! He’s one ugly dude!s

  • mina

    Khloe is a beautiful girl she is too good looking for him. Hey if she is happy with him that what matter.

  • hotmami2

    God Bless them ,stop being HATERS……… The Kardashian ROCK….and always will..

  • http://jared Cindi

    I have to agree that the photo is in poor taste but saying she is ugly or looks like a tranny. WTF? She is neither. I think there are a lot of jealous people out there. She along with her sisters have a show. They entertain. If you think they are ugly, gross or disgusting you are not forced to watch them or read about them. Don’t look. MYOB!!!! They certainly are not online posting comments stating that you are ugly or a tranny or for that matter a loser. Some people comment that he is old. old? he is 29 and she is 25. thats only 4 year difference. The person who wrote that comment must be 12 if they think 29 is old. I think they have a great show. Maybe some of up should try keeping up with the Kardashians.

  • Melly

    Guys Khloe is beautiful,,, maybe it is a publicity stunt maybe not but all in all if you have ever watched a kardashian show or K an K take miami Khloe is not a love me love me wisk me away person, sure every girl loves the idea but not all women/girls are all about that. So the wedding does not look super romantic so what!! I am sure there were plenty of tears and happy romantic moments that we havent even seen yet. I am alot like Khloe personality wise and I can tell you the idea of romance is great but I dont thrive on it or need it to survive Khloe is a strong beautiful woman she dosent either. I am sure they have plenty of romantic moments. And I gotta be honest, I’m 29 and I still get asked to show Id for a pack of matches 29 is not old!!! Cindi your right that person probably was 12 LOL. As for all the rest of the people that make rude judging comments here is one for you go back to school and learn how to spell and why your there get some lessons on grammar and punctuation. Khloe you are beautiful dont listen to what any of these insecure people say 80% of them are probably just jealous because they would love to be in your shoes. congrats on your wedding I wish you the very best!! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone you are who you are beautiful, funny as hell, smart and very strong minded. Good luck you deserve it.