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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Kora Couple

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: Kora Couple

Miranda Kerr and boyfriend Orlando Bloom link arms as they stroll the streets of Paris, France on Tuesday (September 29).

Orly, 32, wears Calvin Klein underwear!

Miranda, 26, has her very own organic skincare line coming out next month called Kora.

Earlier this month, Miranda was seen dancing with actor pal Lukas Haas (Leo DiCaprio‘s BFF) at NYC hotspot Jane Hotel. Jared Followill from Kings of Leon was also in the house.

FYI: Orly is wearing a Burberry trench.

20+ pictures inside of Kora couple Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 01
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 02
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 03
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 04
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 05
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 06
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 07
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 08
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 09
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 10
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 11
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 12
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 13
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 14
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 15
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 16
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 17
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 18
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 19
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 20
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 21
orlando bloom miranda kerr kora 22

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  • Tanga

    Her legs are going to snap!

  • KJ

    this guy is fugly

  • tsk

    He looks well.
    She does the model posing thing as usual. Nothing new there.

  • Erika FONSECA

    I was missing Bloom… he looks good as always… Well like tsk said nothing new to Kerr.

    Please keep us informed about Mr. Bloom.



  • All Women Stalker

    I would never look as good wearing wayfarers, tsk tsk.


  • citylove

    Orly ! It have been a while ! I missed him XD Looking good as always this couple !

  • WOW

    They make such a gorgeous couple. And not just on the outside. Both do a lot of work with children’s charities. Orlando, especially!
    Love both of them.
    And Orlando is looking especially scrumptious.

  • anon

    at wow, you are a suck up. if you are living your life waiting for news about these two, then you dont know how to live. grow up and stop kissing up to people.

  • @anon

    Isn’t it worse to live your life waiting for comments of people who wait for news about these two?

  • @Anon

    Do you have a life? Why do you go on all Miranda Kerr’s posts and write comments criticizing others for giving complements. Seriously go get a life! You must be pretty sad if go on her posts and you don’t even like her. I think you need to grow up.

  • @Anon

    Do you have a life? Why do you go on all Miranda Kerr’s posts and write comments criticizing others for giving complements. Seriously go get a life! You must be pretty sad if go on her posts and you don’t even like her. I think you need to grow up.

  • pepepep

    wowowowo she looks so good!! Must hit the trendmill now! I think Orlando is a badddd actor. But they make a good pair!

  • #1 couple

    Love these two together and missed them. They both look great!

    And #5, I bet you would look wonderful wearing Wayfarers, I wear them all the time, they are just the best glasses, but I like the unisex smaller ones, I don’t care for the giant women’s sunglasses, I think they make you look like a bug!

    And to #8 you need to get your own life and don’t worry about anyone else.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn dude she looks amazing!!
    she’s seriously my favorite celeb chick now
    alot of ppl say her legs r 2 skinny but i love em, i got a craving for chicken legs =D
    but i agree she could do with gaining 5-10 lbs, then she might have a cuter little butt and make her even better!!

  • annoying as hell

    these two annoy the hell out of me… I used to like her, but now she annoys me and Orlando too..

  • peter pan

    @ anon

    They kiss ass because they think that Orlando and Miranda would even care.

    It took Orlando long enough to join her. It’s not like he is actually working at the moment. Although he is suppose to be in Los Angeles to be on the Ellen Degeneres show on October 6, unless they already filmed it.

    I could see him not showing up though to film the episode. His ego has gotten so big it’s a wonder his head hasn’t exploded yet.


    I wonder how much she is paying JJ to take notice of her. I wonder too if people have eyes to see. If they are in love, I would hate to see them hate each other. In the pictures where they are looping arms, you can see how much love he has for her – his hands are shoved in his pocket while she is smiling that goofy smile of hers.

    All she does is pose as if she’s the cutest trick going. New book on skin care?? Puhleaze – how about 10 ways to use an actor’s name.

    Yeah, I know you guys wont like my comments as if I care.

  • Orlando and mirand

    I like Orlando and Miranda just because I do and I certainly don’t think
    Orlando or Miranda read this stuff and really could care less if they do or don’t. I don’t think anyone is kissing their ass because they happen to be fans. That is just plain ol’ silly.

  • bluchip

    On the big picture above, Orlando and Miranda looked very beautiful and quite an elegant couple!

    And since JJ mentioned Calvin Klein, some of these pictures remind me of Gabriel Aubry and Doutzen Kroes’s CK Wish Commercial when they’re walking down the street……….. except that Gabriel was the one who’s holding Doutzen’s arms!

    This picture is probably one of my most fave from them, just cute and beautiful!

  • bluchip

    Oooops sorry it was Doutzen who’s holding Gabriel’s arms as well.

    With Orlando’s get up, i just can’t help to be reminded of that sweet and elegant commercial especially when JJ mentioned about CK:)

  • LOL!

    It didn’t take you idiot haters long, did it?
    Pics of Miranda placing her hand on a guy’s shoulder for support while going down stairs = TORRID AFFAIR!! SHE’S CHEATING ON ORLI!!!!
    Orlando and Miranda strolling the streets of Paris after he flew in to be with her = SEE YOU CAN TELL THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT EACH OTHER!!!!
    And Peter Pan, just because you use fairy dust to fly, doesn’t mean that everyone does. The last time I checked, it didn’t take a week to fly from Paris to LA.
    And ego?? Orlando?? LOLOLOL!!
    That’s just stupid hater spin.
    I’m sure that he has a healthy ego. He wouldn’t be an actor if he didn’t. But he is WELL KNOWN as being one of the most humble and down to earth people in the business. IF his plans change, it won’t be because of ego.
    And I guess that we have a new hater line of *cough* reasoning. If you like someone, you are “kissing their asses”.
    Well, what does it mean when your life revolves around following celebs that you claim not to like? Spending every moment searching the web for news, just to insult them, or their fans? I guess that I would call that…wait for it….
    P A T H E T I C!
    You guys make this soooo easy.

  • baby Gone
  • http://justjared HE IS ALIVE

    I missed him he looks great can’t believe he will be 33 YEARS OLD this years and still he puts actors half his age to shame .

    Love Orlando so happy to see him and Miranda looks great too but I don’t get why did she mess with her hair again her hair colour looked great why did she have to change it again ?

  • talan

    Is she blonde again?! She is changing hair color every week and very soon she is going to need some of her organic cosmetics to prevent balding. Now she has her own cosmetic skincare line, last year she was talking about book she is going to publish this year. For girls to treasure themselves. No book so far, now it is skincare line. What is next ? She is talking and talking, smiling and smiling, always the same pose. And her and Bloom, like two empty shells – also always the same – his hands in his pockets, no smile. Can you see the emotions or passion on that photos? There are more emotions on his face during shopping in the shoe shop. They look like very old couple married for forty years. They are walking together automatically. People who are in love don’t have to grab each others ass in public, but love can be visible from many little signs. Can you find any on this few photos?

  • wow!

    They both look fantastic!
    I love them together!

  • @24

    I guess that you don’t consider flying to be with each other a clear “sign” of affection? Uhmmm, OK.
    And if they were all over each other, you would say that they were doing it for the cameras.
    People who claim to be able to read emotions through a picture are beyond ridiculous.
    PS: He is smiling in the big picture. Just for the record.

    And Miranda’s book will be coming out in February. She seems to be a very constructive and busy young woman. A very successful young woman, I might add. Is that a bad thing now, too?

  • stunning and Wow

    she is just so stunning and anyone that says any different is just a fat jellus hater..

    its a shame she doesn’t have her embezzled shoes on though, I’ve missed seeing them

    I wonder if he’s proposed again, it must be hard on him having to be with such a stunning girl and be turned down by her time after time, poor boy….

  • talan

    @@24: Smiling?! On the big one? If you call this grimace a smile, than he is smiling. Maybe they were flying to be seen with each other -it is possible for sure. I am curious and waiting for her book. Let us see what is going to be in February. Busy, constructive and successful young woman- this is very good. Bur she is not the only one. There are a lot of them out there- but they are not so highly, intensively and every day promoted by JJ.

  • poor boy LOL

    @talan: You are ridiculous and pathetic. The one you are calling poor boy is still the famous movie star and she is “his girlfriend”.

  • poor boy LOL

    @stunning and Wow: You are ridiculous and pathetic. The one you are calling poor boy is still the famous movie star and she is “his girlfriend”.

  • @poor boy LOL

    @poor boy LOL:
    but wouldn’t you call anyone thats so in love with someone they ask them to marry them two times and get turned down “poor boy”…..

    I know if i was turned down that many times I would deffinately be the poorer…. he must be desparate to marry her….

    Don’t be so sensitive, I’ve already said how stunning she is…. and i didn’t think it needed spelling out that Orlando is a famous movie star…. why else would he (or indeed she) be on here in the first place?

  • lucy

    I’m agree with every thing you say!! Her hair are already ruined!!They are flaxen hair!! And..why she wears two type of shoes???Normal boot before and elegant CL boot after???Of course,she saw paparazzi and she changed them!!!EhEh!!…There are more interesting people of these two but anybody talks about them,…again of course…those are really reserved.

  • …you folks are psychic

    …you don’t know when and where they’re coming or going to…but she changed her shoes for no reason. You know he proposed to her twice and she turned him down…because you read it somewhere. You know they’re not happy…because they’re not smiling enough at a given time. You know they’re not in love…because they’re not affectionate enough in public. You know they’re not in love when they are smiling and affectionate…because they’re doing it just for the show. You know they’re not in love….because they’ve been playing some silly game for your amusement for the past, what, two years now.

    You should get off the net and put your talents to better use…maybe you could rule the world!

    Get over your imaginations…they look great – they’re in love and in Paris or wherever the world will take them. Good for them.

  • lucy

    Another thing: I hope few girls buy her book…What kind of advice can she give to them about nutrition????? She’s almost anorexic!!! No one shoud publish her book!!! And NO ONE should buy it!

  • lucy

    @…you folks are psychic:
    I only think that they should be more reserved…They can love each other but they are everywhere!!

  • The Incomparable Natasha Poly

    @talan, stunning and Wow, lucy

    Hey you guys focus on your faves instead of continuously disliking others! I know you guys have reasons for maybe disliking O and M, like i do……. but trust me you’ll be more happy and at peace if you’ll just ignore the ill feeling for others you dislike or maybe hate!

    Be Happy:)

  • lucy

    @The Incomparable Natasha Poly:
    I’m happy!! :) I don’t hate somebody and above all, I don’t INSULT people of this sort of blog! PEACE TO EVERYONE!!! …(I just tell you my opinion!) ;-)

  • lucy

    SORRY!!! …On MK fan website there’s the meaning of the two type of boots:two different days!!!…….Of course…paparazzi every day!!!
    Ahahah!!! :-)

  • tsk

    The marriage proposal rumours were untrue according to MK in a Grazia magazine interview. And I can’t imagine any bloke doing that to himself, way too humiliating.

  • The Incomparable Natasha Poly


    Ok, you said so!

    Peace to everyone:)

  • baby Gone


    Of course they were untrue! If the question was popped she would say ‘yes’ immediately!

  • @33

    I love you!
    OK, so first, they don’t care about each other because they aren’t all over each other, now you want them to be “more reserved”?
    And “they are all over”???
    We haven’t seen them together in a while, and you call that “all over”??

  • lol!

    poor sad haters
    they have no love in their lives, so they don’t want anyone else to be happy
    poor poor haters

  • lucy

    There’s love in my life!! Probably the”poor sad haters” see the difference between love …and???… Let’s time tell us!! OB dates her in the same way he did with Kate Bosw. …There’s no proposal…there’s no the idea of marriage …They say that!! however, they have a strange behaviour with paparazzi: he runs away leaving her often behind himself or drags her for a marathon!! She always watches camera behind her sunglasses or smiles..but why??Why she doesn’t simply look somewhere? When she was with her ex bf, and she was not much known, she was spontaneous.

  • @44

    You seem quite the observer of Orlando and Miranda’s behavior with their exes. Interesting. Perhaps she is a more guarded due to the increased attention being with Orlando has brought her or maybe she knows you are studying her behavior so intently.

    How do you know there is no problem, no idea of marriage – that would require some mind reading to know what ideas someone has. They could be married for all we know – my wedding invitation might have gotten lost in the mail.

  • lucy

    @@44: All things that I see on JJ!! And if you say they could be married, ..they could be not lovers…. You are right..we don’t know.

  • Ha!

    I know this has been said before many times, but it’s beyond ridiculous to see proof for love or lack thereof in some pictures taken during five minutes of their lives. Flying to meet each other even when the other person is on the other side of the globe is evidence for wanting to spend time together. Your subjective interpretation of pictures is just a load of baloney, and you make it even more stupid when you previously set the rules in order to see what you want to see.
    And honestly, what’s this shit that they must have wedding plans to be together and happy?

  • @44

    Anyone who really believes that you can ‘see’ love in a photograph, has read too many romance novels.

  • baby Gone

    A flight from London to Paris takes an hour…no big deal…

  • peter pan

    @ Ha!

    or wanting to see if she was still in love with him after she was spotted being seen with other guys in New York? with pics to prove it?

    et tu possible?

    or see if she was just using him all this time?

    The thing here is that it is very obvious one feels something while the other one does not.