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Suri Cruise: Read 'Em and Leap

Suri Cruise: Read 'Em and Leap

Suri Cruise leaps around papa Tom Cruise‘s trailer on the set of his new movie Wichita on Wednesday (September 30) in Boston, Mass.

Tom and co-star Cameron Diaz were seen shooting a car stunt. Mama Katie Holmes was later seen chatting with Cameron while visiting Tom on set.

On Sunday, Tom was seen signing autographs for fans before the NFL Football game between the Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. The Lions defeated the Redskins 19-14.

10+ pictures inside of leaping Suri Cruise

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suri cruise leaping 01
suri cruise leaping 02
suri cruise leaping 03
suri cruise leaping 04
suri cruise leaping 05
suri cruise leaping 06
suri cruise leaping 07
suri cruise leaping 08
suri cruise leaping 09
suri cruise leaping 10
suri cruise leaping 11
suri cruise leaping 12

Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Fame Pictures
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  • dani

    Oh great. Jared has started his constant TomKat/Suri posts again.

  • Saudia

    Suri is so cute .. I don’t know why, but she’s starting to look like a brat .. anyway who am I to judge that :) .. love the fam

  • annika hansen

    Love this family!

  • Suri is “Stimming”

    Suri often has her hands in fists or strained positions. That because she is stimming, an autistic behavior exhibited to calm a person (i.e., the person’s sense is hypersensitive). That is, the environment is too stimulating and the person is in a state of sensory-overload. As a result, the individual engages in these behaviors to block-out the over-stimulating environment; and his/her attention becomes focused inwardly.

  • Mr. Kate Cruise

    Why would Kate team up with the biggest MEN’S stylist, Jeanne Yang? I know that Kate has a male-ish body but do they really have to embrace this sloppy-unemployed-drinking-at-a-pub-every-night man look?

  • Tyler

    One day do not go by without them pimping out this child.


    OMG! They’re soooooooooo dark.

  • leigh

    Nothing wrong with being spoiled, but this child will have serious issues when she’s older because her parents are way over the top.. and do they seriously need to dress her up EVERY single day?

  • annika hansen

    I must admit even I’m begining to get worried about Suri having autisum. I seriously hope that she doesn’t because no-one deserves that but the curling up thing she does with her hand is in EVERY photo of her.

  • celine

    It’s nice to see Suri playing like a normal child. It must be tough for the poor kid considering the fact that both her parents are anything but normal. Cruise is a complete nut case and Holmes isn’t much better. Both are horrible parents who pimp out their child to the press regularly. It will be a miracle if Suri grows up to be sane.

  • allie

    i hope they get suri help. she’s clearly autistic.

  • ahha

    suri could pass as Damien’s twin.

  • Impossibly Sarcastic

    WTF is Katie wearing??!!?? Can someone please explain to me why she always look like a homeless person? She’s a miserable looking mess!

    And another thing…..why does that child constantly look even messier than her Mother??!!?? Don’t they have a nanny or someone to brush the baby’s hair cause Katie sure isn’t doing it!!

    My kids are so much neater looking than poor little Suri and you can’t blame the kid. It’s her idiotic parents that are to blame.

  • wtf

    Still a fugly kid.

  • Mary

    suri could pass as Damien’s twin.

    Don’t be mean to Suri # 12 ! It’s not her fault that she has crazy lunatics for parents. She’s just a child.

  • Jane

    Here comes Katie’s relatives, saturating the thread. As they always do to make it look like she is well like….bwahahahahaha

    You guys it never fails. You can tell it is Katie’s relatives, because you don’t get these syrupy comments on other celeb treads.

  • lana

    I’ll bet Katie is SOOOOOO JEALOUS of Cameron. Cameron’s got a career, Cameron gets paid top dollar, Cameron has a great body, Cameron is a free spirit.

    Katie is a robot!

  • wtf happened to suri?

    Suri has really turned into one ugly kid. Is she still wearing diapers?

    Nobody will be able to stand being around this kid…you can tell she’s already got a bad attitude and is arrogant,

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l so wishes she could have tom’s baby.

  • LuckyL

    She’s such an active girl forced to be in a constraining dress.

  • jim

    I wonder if Cameron and Cruise are doing “it”? I’ll bet they are….

    Katie is probably hanging out at the set every minute Tom is there. Katie is afraid her gravy train will disappear. Wow! What would Katie Holmes do if she didn’t have Tom Cruise’s money? I’m sure she only gets a small monthly allowance but it’s probably more than she could make on her own in a month. I’d guess he pays her about $10,000 per month….tops!

  • LuckyL

    Wait until she learns Tom’s rules to be “seen and not heard,” especially in those little dresses. She’s quickly learn you can’t jump around in those skirts and have to sit down cross-legged. She rules the roost though, so I’m sure she’ll choose pants soon once she knows they exist.

  • ca

    why does katie insist on wearing skin tight pants when her legs are so horrible. She’s got tree trunk legs with cankles, and that stupid hat, enough already it’s horrific. She has gone through so many damn fads and this one recently is the worst, day in and day out of tight pants, flannel type button downs and that hat is worn more often than not. She needs to go back to wearing jeans and a shirt…

  • Annika Hansen

    Has anyone else spotted the Stig in the second pic? LOL

  • Justjard-admin

    @Suri is “Stimming”:

    Dude you must have a sensory-overload and hypersensitive to come up with this crap. You need help.

    The Cruise family still is my favorite celebrity family.

  • Cristobal

    She is getting too big now to be picked up constantly.

  • http://tuti75 arlene

    just jared que aburrido estas fotos

  • Annika Hansen

    @Justjard-admin: Stop pretending to be a Just Jared admin, no-ones falling for it.

  • cammie

    Just another example/photos here that show she is obviously a brat, autsitic. It’s sad her parents are clueless. Here’s the info/link:

    They still carry this kid with a blanket…even pay $2 million dollars to dress her up. It’s hilarious and sick at the same time.

    lol….”Suri is very vocal…and often does not wear the same outfit twice”..

    vocal…the key word! Meaning: BRAT

  • peter

    Oh boy. There’s that stupid baby blanket again.
    When will Katie realize that baby blankets are for babies??

    And Katie should really stay away from skinny jeans. Her thighs are very large and her knees and toes turn inward like a pigeon’s.

  • Katie’s master baster

    Look at the dark circles under Suri’s eyes in the pic where Katie is holding her, as well as how pale she is.

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn katie is so boring
    i rather stare at pizza face cameron than katie because at least her face is interesting

  • john boy

    Katie looks like Suri’s grandmother. Get a load of the bags under Homely’s eyes.

    What a effin golddigger!

  • Susie q

    What is with that hat Katie wears??? I think it’s the Scientology equivalent to the one’s the Amish women wear!

  • *** JAMIE ***


  • jen

    i love katie i’ll never stop being a fan been a fan of her’s since the ice storm. she has become such a fabulous mother actress fashion icon. her daughter is just adorable. and of course tom. the family is just so fab!
    go team katie

  • jen

    i love katie i’ll never stop being a fan been a fan of her’s since the ice storm. she has become such a fabulous mother actress fashion icon. her daughter is just adorable. and of course tom. the family is just so fab!
    go team katie

  • Oh MY!!!!

    What in the world is wrong with that kid? Her hands are always odd and she hardly ever smiles. And what is up with Katie? Looking like crap all the time. Doesnt she have a fashion line? So much wrong here, I’ll let the rest of you take it over from here.

  • jealousy

    Katie has to be SOOO jealous of Cameron!!! NOT because she is filming with her gay/crazy husband, but because she is everything she is NOT! Free, pretty, and making movies. Ha-Ha Joey Potter, you got what you deserve!

  • lolly

    watsup with the bashing? jeezzzz……some people must have a sad life. only idiots will believe the autistic shi+. be careful of you say. Karma is a bi+ch and it will bite youin the AZZ.

  • Damien

    Damien looking, OMG…………………..And THOSE HANDS!

  • itsame

    Suri is only trying to fly like daddy can.

  • kathlyn s.

    Crazy, immature people on this site calling a child autistic they don’t know nor are medically qualified to diagnose. It seems that the posters here have nothing better to do than criticize little children and come across as if they definitely have emotional, psychological problems…better see a shrink as you’re the ones with problems not Suri lol!

  • Lauren cloud

    jealousy #39…why would Katie be jealous of Cameron? How old are you? Katie has a happy marriage in a loving, long lasting relationship, is married to one of Hollylwood’s biggest stars, has a gorgeous, happy child, travels the world and is well off financially. You are basing someone’s happiness on their looks? Cameron is a shallow, second rate actress, jumps from relationship to relationship, has no loving husband or children and an unstable life. Her looks will fade as the years go by and she will be lonely and have nothing else much in life. Grow up and stop judging people by appearance only.

  • Pat

    Suri has the same look that Jett Travolta had. And his hands and fingers look the same too. I think she is not normal at all.

  • aylin

    big hips cruise

  • Gabbs

    @Suri is “Stimming”: Thats why she aways with a blanket……

  • emma#2

    Suri is an adorable and pretty little girl, her clothes look adorable on her, in fact everything about her is adorable.
    Her mother is one hell of a good looking woman , and her father one hell of a good looking man, No matter what pathetic comments you lot come up with , you will never be able to take that away.
    Suri has so much energy, she has so much character, she has so much of everything, totally adorable, that no matter what you people say , it means nothing .
    This family is the best !
    By the way, I’m not related to them either!!

  • Suri’ hands are like Jett’s

    breaks my heart. his wasn’t as bad when he was 3. they need to get her help asap

  • jett travolta stimming