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David Letterman Admits Affair, Faced Extortion Plot

David Letterman Admits Affair, Faced Extortion Plot

David Letterman admitted on Thursday that he had sexual relations with female members of his staff and was the victim of a $2 million extortion attempt because of it.

Here’s what the 62-year-old star said on Thursday’s Late Show:

On giving a testimony: “This morning, I did something I’ve never done in my life. I had to go downtown and testify before a grand jury.”

On admitting to engaging in sexual relationships with staff members: “My response to that is, yes I have. Would it be embarrassing if it were made public? Perhaps it would.”

On why he testified: “I feel like I need to protect these people – I need to certainly protect my family.”

With the help of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Special Prosecution Bureau, Letterman participated in a sting operation that included David handing a counterfeit $2 million check to the extortionist, who was arrested on Thursday.

Letterman married longtime girlfriend Regina Lasko in March (they’ve been dating since 1986). They have a son, Harry, who turns 6 next month.

UPDATE: Robert Halderman, a producer for CBS, has been arrested for extorting Letterman. Radar reports he lived with the woman who Letterman was involved with. The affair happened before his son was born but Letterman was living with his wife-to-be at the time.

David Letterman Admits Affair, Faced Extortion Plot
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# 1

and wow.. david letterman. did not expect that.

# 2

wow. I bet he has a lot of skeletons in the closet. I would have never guessed.

# 3

Agreed, unexpected. Having a kid at 56 is gross too.

# 4

never would have guessed. god does every man cheat in hollywood?

# 5

Not good…… on all levels.

# 7

Someone needs to tell this man that Mad Men is about workplace in of the early 60′s, the past. It’s not about today. Er well maybe it is….

# 8

oooooh. dramz.. yes, brings up the question, is it possible for ANY man to not cheat? Has it ever happened? I wonder. I wonder if there is a man alive who has not or does not cheat. I wonder.

# 9

You guys may consider Jay Leno boring but he’s been married to his wife for like 30 years and SEEMS to have a solid, faithful marriage. I am susprised about Letterman… would not have expected that!

I’m watching the show right now on the East Coast

En(e)ma Wattsun @ 10/01/2009 at 11:45 pm

I always regarded Letterman as a talentless bore and now he seems to be a sleazy klutz. How wonderful it would be if NBC (or is it CBS?) would dump him. He serves no useful purpose.

Didn’t he just get married for the first time? I mean when did these “relationships” take place? He’s only been married for a year

Not a big deal:
a) Letterman’s a comedian, not a poltician. He can laugh this off.

b) An obsessed stalker once broke into his home when he wasn’t there and killed herself. And another man tried to kidnap his son Harry in hopes of taking him for ransome. Remember Letterman makes about $30 million a year!

c) He is known for having many lady-friends. He probably has an open marriage so his wife probably doesn’t care,

d) David is the victim in this. No one deserves their private lives being looked into by anyone and than

d) David is the victim in this. No one deserves their private lives being looked into by anyone and than be blackmailed for it.

DallasDude @ 10/01/2009 at 11:51 pm

So he had an affair. It was a relationship between consenting adults. I don’t see why anyone would really care all that much about his private life. To me he is an entertainer, and I judge him on his ability to entertain me. Americans are so backwards when it comes to sexual relations.

Didn’t anybody tell this creep you don’t sh*t where you eat?

Dave, always talking sh*t about others, mean while he is cheating on his baby-mama; fcuking the help. What an assh*le!


You’re right ..David can laugh this off — His family and most Americans can’t and won’t.

Wow. Letterman is such a prick to so many of his guests. And to think he had all these skeletons in his closet. I never could stand him. Bye, bye Davie Boy.

It’s a disgrace. I’m ashamed at him. Never cared for his talk show though. He talks too much!

Dear Dallas. I would never condone blackmail, but for heaven’s sake who knows if it was really ‘consenting’ adults, especially in today’s economy. It could be more like sexual harassment of employees. Screw the boss or get fired. Sorry to be so backward when it comes to that.

It is hard for celebrities to stay true to one when they have all sorts of ladies or for woman celebs. gentlemen flaunting over them. They are only human and give in to temptations. At least he admitted it and hid nothing from his fans and I respect that.

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 12:09 am

He’s an entertainer people, not God! So he had an affair. Why should anyone care other than those closest to him? Americans need to start moving towards a more progressive way of life, or we will be overshadowed by the new world order.

Well, he’d done it prior to being married…although this means that he cheated on his girlfriend at the time….well…I’m over it already….

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 12:14 am

If it was not consenting, or a forced situation, that is a different story. But none of that has been disclosed. The fact is this affaire took place many years ago, and he’s not being blackmailed by the women, nor has she left his employment. All signs say it was between consenting adults, it ended and people moved on with their lives.

I’m glad he didn’t succumb to the blackmail. There are very few men (and women) in Hollywood/celebs, sports etc. that haven’t cheated on their spouse or companion. If you think that is a false statement, you are very naive. The saddest part of cheating is when the spouse actually thinks his/her companion is being faithful. However, most of the sports wives and hollywood wives know if they want to maintain their lifestyle then cheating is part of it.
So I wouldn’t feel to sorry for anyone in this mess. David Letterman has a good reputation as a boss. What would be surprising is if he coerced the women into sex.

With several of his staff members?!? WTF Dave Letterman.

Karma is a BEAUTIFUL thing!

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 12:22 am

The difference b/w Letterman and Palin is simple: he was not running for public office on a platform that enforced “moral standards” as set by some Middle-Age thinking. I don’t want my leaders preaching to me my moral code. As for entertainers, I could care less what they did in their private life as long as it’s not criminal.

DAve had sex @ 10/02/2009 at 12:23 am

Film @ 11.

2 adults, not like he screwed a 13 year old.

We don’t know if he “cheated” on his girlfriend. We don’t know what their relationship was before Harry was born. Most people wouldn’t even been able to name Harry’s mom before or know that Dave had a long time girlfriend.

Whatever the relationship was; ended years ago.

The only further discussion of the subject should be between the DA charging the guy for blackmail, between Dave and his wife, and maybe his current staff. Other than that…………his show doesn’t need to be canceled, Dave fired, or anything like that.

Good on David for exposing the ******* that tried to extort money from him. That’s worse than anything David did. And people, it’s not just celebrities that get themselves into extra-relationship..uh …relationships…it happens to the regular guys and gals, too. And most times, the significant other is the very last to know, so I wouldn’t go feeling too smug about myself. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity for anything to happen.

i kinda always thought david was cute in a weird way. and he is funny as heck. he was involved with his wife for years – living together – before he married her. these things happen. i commend him for talking about it on his show. i still watch only your late night show david. ur funny but yes, you have been a bad boy ..tsk tsk tsk!

… While he was doing that he called Angie a homewrecker.LMAO what dirty old man. Oprha a cheater he a cheater…but they call people names…..Bhahahahahahahhahah

Let they who are without any sin cast the first stone. Dave was being attacked by an extortionist and did the only thing he could- turn him in. What was Robert thinking- that he was going to get away clean with $2Million.. seriously?! An Indian Chief once told my unruly little brother- and it stuck with me as words of wisdom do- “If you’re gonna be dum, you better be tough.” It was direct and succinct, commanding due respect. I say bravo Dave! Robert woke a sleeping dog and it bit him- tragic, but he was greedy and blackmailing; the joke is on him… Of course, it’ll be less difficult to convince Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien or Bill Maher of this than the ex employee girlfriend. As the saying goes everywhere, all’s fair in Love & War… tuff bananas!

karma eating Polanski and now Letterman(comeuppance for how he treated Palin)….beware perverted Hollywood condoning all this

Lowest denominator @ 10/02/2009 at 12:50 am

I only watch Letterman for particular guests, not him, but —

If we’re gonna start banning/boycotting/firing celebrities who lie/cheat then Hollywood is going to become a GHOST TOWN.

Only adults are involved (no kids ruined, no vows betrayed), no other lawsuits so far, so like stated before — unless it gets more lurid, then duly noted, moving on…

This is Mrs. Letterman’s worry, not mine. The wife, not his mom.

This buffoon had several affairs, not just one. While living with his girlfriend I might add. What an a$$. Guess Palin is having a good laugh. I know I would.

Chuckie babby @ 10/02/2009 at 1:19 am

I hope people now make jokes about him and his faimily as he has done to others. Freakin hypocrite; he’s got skeletons too. I guess everybody else is messed up, but him….no of course not. Love to see him squirm. Everybody just clapped for his affair though. Makes me wonder about folks.

gross. i always knew david letterman was a sleazy a-hole. but wow that is some serious drama… sounds like something right out of a soap opera.

@Jill: I believe it’s: “You don’t s.h.i.t. on your own doorstep.

Chuckie babby @ 10/02/2009 at 1:22 am

Yes, DallasDude….nobody said it was rape. But he was invloved with the now mother of his child and wife at the time of the affair. Not a wonderful thing that he did.

This made me lose all respect for him and see him in a completely different light.

Dave has made so much fun of A-Rod’s divorce and relationships and the Palin’s CHILD. Now David has to admit he is a dirty old man. RETIRE DAVE and quit sleeping with the help. Joy, don’t let Regis play with David anymore!!!!

so this is why he married. guilt. jerk.

groundcontrol @ 10/02/2009 at 1:38 am

It’s just sex. He didn’t rob a bank or cut someone’s arm off.
Sex makes the world go round. It’s as natural as breathing. I’m laughing at the tsk tskers. I never understand why anyone things they have right to discuss someone else’s sex life. Why do they even care?

Monogamy is not natural. When will the rest of the planet accept this and allow polygamous bestial intermarriage/breeding between men, women and animals? . It seems here in Wales, we are very culturally progressive. Catch up world.

good 4 letterman @ 10/02/2009 at 1:49 am

glad they arrested the blackmailer. that guy must’ve been desperate to blackmail letterman on something that happened years ago (before the birth of his son). he didn’t have to admit to the affairs but at least he’s man enough to do so. kudos for that.

I think that nearly every man in Hollywood cheats. It’s as normal and natural as breathing to them.

The least he could have done though was to pay the $2mill to spare his wife this public humiliation. I hope she goes out on HUGE shopping spree. Or, even better, hire a cute pool boy. She deserves to fool around a bit.

David has been single for years Yes, he was living with his girlfriend at the time but who knows the true story on that, maybe they weren’t getting along or she wasn’t even there in the house the entire time. Dave is a guy and guys see things differently than women. I still like him and think he is funny. The guy who tried to extort him is the jerk & now he’s the one sitting behind bars & will have his career destroyed & all for being greedy and stupid!!

What is this a Joke?

Talk about shocking and disappointing……………is he gonna get fired for all the hanky panky going on behind close doors at his show…..of all places………DUMB…………talk about the line of women at his work that could file sexual harassment charges………….OH, NO DAVE U DIDNT

@Halli: goes with the job!

Who is saying anything about sexual harassment. Letterman had affairs with women he worked with. Consentual affairs. He didnt rape. He didn’t force. It was consentual sex between two adults.

Big deal. Adults have sex. Adults also have sex with co-workers. Was it the smartest idea? No.

He is the victim of an extortionist.

I am proud of Letterman for getting some action. Good work David.

@DallasDude: backwards, david has made his living off making jokes out of this type of situations. now for our top ten? how many stds have david letterman given away? name david’s favorite positions? what are david’s favorite code words to meet? david’s favorite out to lunch places? harry name the top ten ways daddy disrespects mommy? how many were men and how many women?

@l.boot: Nope, David was to cheap to pay! He doesn’t care about his wife!

The sad part in all this is how he’s turned depraved behvior into a joke. What’s even sadder is the fact that his live audience applauded his affairs. Welcome to the America of hope and change.

dallas dallas @ 10/02/2009 at 8:01 am

@DallasDude: david wouldn’t let any other well know person move on without how many jokes and top tens!!!!!!

on the money @ 10/02/2009 at 8:03 am

@Jan: you are so on the money

Maybe now his wife will leave him and take Harry. Run Regina, no telling what else he has done!

I n F a m o u s l y C o o l @ 10/02/2009 at 8:12 am

unexpected?!? what do you mean?!?!?! david letterman’s a huge fcuking douchebag. that’s no secret. he’s one of the biggest sarcastic ass hole douchebags around.
dude fcuked countless females that work(ed) for him.. do you know how many of those females probably ONLY did it because they feared they might lose their job? c’mon.. i don’t feel sorry for this ass hole. for years he’s been cracking on peoples business and now look at him.. even dirtier than them.
i wonder how his wife feels. ahahaha..
karma’s a fcuking bish, you old ass *******. leno still owns you.

The only way this would be a big deal is if he had the affairs while carrying on his relationship with his longtime girlfriend who is now his wife. And, even then… should only be a big deal to HER. Why is this such HUGE news?????? The most sordid part of all is the person who tried to gain 2 million dollars from it. Maybe that is what all the whoop-dee-do is about. Anyway, let’s move on.

It’s usually the guy that ridicules everyone else and their children that has the most skeletons, this guy is a douche, carrying on with his employees what a creep, Sorry Hollywood this guy takes the cake…

How would you like having a boss like this hypicrite, I hope FOX NEWS has a field day with this one, what goes around comes right back around LMAO!!!!!

I feel bad for him, but I don’t think it’s legal to sleep with your employee.
Especially if that female wanted a promotion and then it could be considered sexual harrassment.

for real he would @ 10/02/2009 at 8:49 am

@riri: feelbad for letterman? look at how many people he has made fun of doing the same thing! he would be making fun of the person and the extortion! at the expense of the other person and their families without batting an eye.

David can’t even spill his guts without people cracking up, what a weird world we live in

I can’t imagine why anyone should feel bad for him. Anyone who has an affair knows the risks and potential consequences.

He is making a mockery out of the institution of marriage and of the family. He said he wants to protect his family – what a joke. He knowingly has made his family a victim of his infidelity. His son will be scarred for life.

He shows his selfishness with a monologue that does nothing but depict himself as a victim. If he wants to go public with this, where is his apology to his wife? Where is his apology to his son? Where is his apology to his fans? Where is his apology to the Lutheran’s? In the words of my long deceased grandmother, “He ought to have his bag slit and his leg ran through it.”


Take your religious and sanctimonius bullsh1t and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

Funny how alot of these people posting are fans of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. These two were messing around on set. Ha, ha to hypocrites everywhere. Palin was a politician. Big difference people!

@Anakin: It is no surprise that his ilk would support him.

FYI, marriage is an institution of God, hence the religious context.

Not surprised @ 10/02/2009 at 9:34 am

Not surprised. Who cares anyway. Tell me this is Jimmy Kimmel not funnier than all of these talentless late night host anyway?? He is definitely better than Fallon, Craig Ferguson, Carson Daly, Leno aint too sure about Conan. Yet his ratings are behind them all. You cant possibly find Fallon funnier comeonnnnn.

for real he would @ 10/02/2009 at 9:37 am

@Anakin: wow, what’s up? lol. hpaugh has a lot of good points. now for our top ten…………..

Cellphone @ 10/02/2009 at 9:42 am


Agreed. No scandal here.
Good for David stand up to this legally instead of pay.
And these sexacpades happened before he and Lasko married.

Ok Conan time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 10:01 am

In case you haven’t come into the real world, folks, we don’t stone people any longer for having affairs. Unless other information comes out that proves he forced these women to have sex, this is strictly a private matter that he chose to make public before the tabloids turned it into sordid gossip. I can easily think of a Top 10 list of other worse offenses.

And again, he is an entertainer with a shtick for cracking jokes and interviewing people. His comments about others are to get a laugh. The whole Palin episode was totally overblown by Palin herself. She should have just said she didn’t like the “joke” but remind people that he’s an entertainer and it’s his job to make fun. Instead, she turned the whole episode into a political and social tirade. That alone would make me doubt her realistic view of life today.

@Halli: People wonder why he is attacking Palin constantly? She stands for values and he has none.


What infidelity, we don’t know for certain the timeline of his affairs, according to the article, Dave wasn’t married to his girlfriend at the time he had an affair with the alleged extortionist’s girlfriend. So far the only thing he’s guilty of is cheating on his girlfriend. And it isn’t against the law to have affairs with your suboordinates, bad taste, ethically wrong, yes, but not against the law.

Marriage may be an institution of God, but with the failure rate of most marriages, it isn’t much of one.

Apology to the Lutherans?, when you’ve got pedophile priests, sex offenders who become priests (i thought it was the other way around), and pastors who cheat on their wives, they and their ilk are the last who should demand apologies.

@Big buck:

But he doesn’t preach from a high horse of moral values like that wingnut Palin, that is the difference.

hello dude @ 10/02/2009 at 10:10 am

@DallasDude: now let’s have some fun at dave’s and his family expense! Top Ten: Harry how many times has your father cheated on your mother during their marriage. Harry what does it feel like to be a ***tard – that was for dallas dude since it doesn’t matter because it’s just entertainment , Name Letterman’s stds……

I love Dave and I would totally do him. Now I get to imagine some women actually got to.

@Anakin: Anakin, you mix Lutherans with Catholics with Episcopalians, etc.. Nothing was said about Letterman being a pedophile. Do you know something the rest of us don’t – like you know when he did and didn’t have his affairs. Your support for your arguments are full of holes and contrivances.

I bid you adieu – Proverbs 26:4


You didn’t mention the part about pastors cheating on their wives…Selective reading perhaps?

Let he who is without sin…cast the first stone, I doubt you and your cotemporaries can honestly cast anything, more like people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Anakin 3:16

@Anakin: Stop deflecting this isn’t about Palin it is about David Letterman! He has spent his entire career making jokes, monlogues, top ten at other’s expense… now Letterman himself is a sleeze. karma, that is what it is!!!!!!!!!!!

what are you saying @ 10/02/2009 at 10:51 am

@Halli: then he shouldn’t be in show biz! so you shouldn’t have pictures and these sites shouldn’t be here is that what you are saying?

SHAME ON DAVE @ 10/02/2009 at 10:53 am

I notice he never apologized to his wife who had been his live in girlfriend for about 25 years at the time. I don’t believe he’s sorry, only sorry he got caught.

leave hpaugh alone @ 10/02/2009 at 10:55 am

@Anakin: are we talking about pastors or Letterman! I didn’t read about any pastors in the article. you (hpaugh and anakin) could be one in the same with your scriptures.

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 11:00 am

Most likely, he apologized to his wife in private, and probably a long time ago. Firstly, it happened before they were married. Secondly, it was a very known thing that he dated one of his writers for quite awhile in the 80s. Obviously, his now wife has either forgiven him, or didn’t count it against him to begin with. Not all affairs are sordid. That’s a belief system instilled upon us by outsiders. If your belief says it’s bad, then so be it. But there are many people who probably see this as strictly a personal matter, and one that does not really concern them.

DallasDude @ 10/02/2009 at 11:06 am

Oh, and BTW, I do belief in total separation of Church and State. I do not want to abolish religious study, but I do not want it to be part of our civic discourse. I can elect leaders who belief in faith, but not ones that preach it as law.

LOL……always thought he was a jerk.

but….someone on this post said Palin had values.

LOL LOL LoL./……..i could go on and on!

Gave me a big laugh today

Who cares? He’s very unattractive and he’s an entertainer, not a religious or political figure.

@leave hpaugh alone:

We’re talking about people from the religious right saying Dave owes an apology to them, considering all the cr@p that’s been going on in their churchs over the years, they are the last people who should be owed one. And I doubt very much hpaugh and I are the same with our scriptures. hpaugh needs to get off his high horse, the fall could be pretty hard.

En(e)ma Wattsun @ 10/02/2009 at 12:01 pm

He’s an “entertainer” who isn’t very entertaining. What he really is is a stupid smuck who has gotten into a mess. For the national good I hope this ruins him. Prolly won’t since there are lots of people as stupid as he who take comfort in his existence.

never liked him and never will

Leave David alone!! Let even one of you cast the first stone…as if you can say….You have never sinned!! He has a little boy & wife to think of now, so let him get on with his life! He has faced a lot with the heart problem, someone trying to kidnap harry. Dave is human ….just like the rest of us!

I just saw the segment fully, what an arrogant son of a *****. Unbelievable, sexual exploitation in the workplace is not funny at all.

Well!!! I for one don’t care who’s fuc^ing who, as long as it’s not rape ..
there are many different sides to doing the DO.. all were adults (I hope)
As for the sleazy extorter, good for Letterman, finally using his head
.. Ooops!! no pun intended. ( ;

Ewwww…. Who was that desperate to have sex with that man? For the women’s part, it’s got to be more than the act of sex; something tells me it’s about your boss telling to do certain things and you are obligated to do it. Letterman should be fired for having a sexual relationship with his subordinates as anybody would be if he works for a company.

Well, his big confession didn’t work for me! II was only tendered to keep the scandal sheets from breaking it. He was much too smug for me and actually came across as bragging & proud of the whole thing especially his role as staunch crimefighter……..Way to go superman, another victory in Metropolis!

It sucks that has happened to David but really? What do you expect when you’re famous and you’re sleeping around. Though he and his wife were just married, they were together since 1986. Yes they were not married at the time he cheated but they were still together. Just because there is not a ring on the finger does not give permission to cheat.

i personally dont care
ive never really cared for his comedy so whatever
altho i will say it’s kinda shocking

now, david will get a real taste of his own medicine. maybe he’ll be a little bit nicer and more sensitive next time to someone else’s misfortune, accident, hardship, failure! he’s always been kind of acidic compared to other late night tv jokesters out there. lessons learned here for him i hope, then maybe he show will be number one for a change after all these years being second rated.

best way to handle extortion attempts!

simpleman @ 10/02/2009 at 9:14 pm

What Letterman said. He said many American women are whores.

simpleman @ 10/02/2009 at 9:28 pm


The audience applauded his affairs. Amazing isn’t it? Welcome to the real America. The land of so many stupid people. I was surprised to see so many stupid people in this wonderful too.

christine @ 10/03/2009 at 2:07 am


you can't be serious @ 10/03/2009 at 10:17 am

@DallasDude: like letterman on arod, palin, clinton or any one else?? he is in the entertainment world ! so by that he made it everyone business! just like he does every one else! no class

Anyone that had sex with Letterman had to have been forced!

This guy is so yesterday it’s not funny. He’s been a puppet for the democratic party for years and has had an agenda with each and every monologue. He’s a bitter, angry washed up two bit *****.

Ever wonder why so much controversy and mayhem surrounds this man? There are many skeletons yet to be unveiled!

I am glad he put it on the table and didn’t let the media “discover” his affairs.

He wasn’t married, and the women were adults and it was consensual. The power of a rich man is very alluring for some women. Don Imus called this “a hiccup” for Letterman. Worse things have happened, and the insulating world of being a very well paid celebrity will protect him from any damage. The women he was with are not complaining, or suing him, are they? Nope. After all, he paid college tuition for Stephanie B. Who’d complain?

If anything, he’ll walk away with higher ratings!

I don’t blame him for having sex outside the marriage.
He’s charming, sexy, elegant, intelligent, can have whoever he wants.
I’m so sorry for all this.
I kind like watching his talk show, he has a great sense of humour. I think he’s a brilliant comedian!

I always thought he was a weirdo. Same thing with Larry King. unfunny douche.

@emmy jay: Is he divorced? Oh. Anyway, I’m sorry for him.

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