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Hilary Duff: 'Gossip Girl' Interview!

Hilary Duff: 'Gossip Girl' Interview!

Hilary Duff and Tyra Banks sound off on their guest-starring roles on Gossip Girl. Watch the interviews below and don’t miss the new episode on Monday, October 5 @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW!

Tyra shares, “Most of my scenes are with Blake Lively. She is so cool and normal! The scene’s at the Ziegfeld theater at the movie premiere for [my character] Ursula. Our green room was all the same room. I would think that Blake‘s the star of the show, why does she want to sit in the room the guest stars and everyone else? She was right there, eating Greek food, hanging out, playing with her dog, and laying on the couch with rollers in her hair right next to everybody. I was really touched by that and was like, she’s a real girl. And I always knew it because I met her before. But to see her in her environment and her turf and to see her that down to earth is pretty amazing.”

Hilary Duff – “Gossip Girl” Interview

Tyra Banks – “Gossip Girl” Interview
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  • wow

    she has gained some weight!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heya

    Umm…How’s is Blake the star of the show? I still don’t get that, her character has had the same story line for the entire show. No development in any way, shape or form.

  • julia

    why is she idolyzing blake? she’s a MUCH bigger star!

  • sdfs

    blake is not the star of the show.
    they’re all equal.
    P.S. Leighton rocks

  • moondirty

    hilary is kinda weird , i like her but gained some weight and can’t talkk normal meks me ah ,i can’t stand her

  • love gossip girl forever

    i love blake ,she is a really nice and sweet girl

  • luce

    seeing as the intro to the show is still all about Serena I understand her thinking Blake is the star. also Blake out of all of them is the one going places (in terms of movies). i get where Tyra is coming from

  • S

    Blake’s character – Serena is def the most main of the show, shes always at the centre of things even if they don’t involve her – soooo besides this show is about a bad it girl trying to be good, everything else happens around it :) and blake’s the biggest star in the bunch – in terms of fame and other projects adn she’s not idolizing blake – she’s appreciating her which is something you can do for anyone – less famous or more

  • Mozzarella

    Please vote for Mozzarella as the cutest dog in the cutest dog competition! It will really mean a lot to us! :)

  • anna

    Leighton is the star of the show!

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    only leighton’s fans think Leighton is the star of the show

    Tyra Rocks

    Tyra i love you

  • notice

    CDFU mmmmm you are so right!! I love when totally unrelated celebs have nice things to say about each other. I love Blake. When they say star I always thought the Serena character was the catalyst for the books and the show. Blake also gets top billing. Even the head writer says the overall stories always have and always will revolve around Serena and Blair.

  • tina

    Aw. Such nice words about Blake. So nice to hear that.

  • notice

    Has anyone else noticed that Blake fans can appreciate the other actors but Leighton fans hate everyone but her and if you dare like anyone esle they attack you. Leighton’s fans are starting to make me dislike her when she actually rocks.

  • lexi

    To me ,Serena/Blake is the star of the show

    Happy to hear the sweetness of Blake ,she is the best

    I love Tyra too,ATNM<3333333333

  • meh

    Well Blake’s name credits do appear first… but I agree that it is an ensemble cast. Great to hear Blake is really down-to-earth, she seems like a cool chick.

  • Cynthiia

    Tyra is so funny i love her !!
    and i love blake!!!

  • Jillian

    This is Chuck and Blair show. This is only reason I wantch this show.

  • amy

    Tyra per usual does not have a clue what she’s talking about.Blake is not the star of the show. She can’t act. TayMom is far more talented than her and she’s so young. But I guess showing your boobs is what is considered as talent.

  • elena

    Tyra showed of her boobs for years being a lingerie model. She can relate with blake on boob base. That’s why she thinks Lively is the biggest boob.. pardon star of the show.

  • jane

    Some very bitter Meester fans here, haha

    Very nice words from Tyra, Blake is such a lovely girl, everyone loves her, well, maybe except some bitter people posted above.

  • lUCAS


  • Mia

    You people drive me nuts. It doesn’t matter who you THINK is the star of the show. Blake is the face of Gossip Girl. Live with it.

  • Lucy


    Totally agree. I have nothing against Leighton, Blair is my favorite character, but I am getting sick of everyone acting like she walks on water and no one else can do anything right. Someone can’t even give Blake a COMPLIMENT or they get in a huff.

  • hello.

    1. blake’s name is first in the credits because when the show first started she was the only who was already a star, and really known to the public. that brings people in. plus, serena actually had a good story line in season 1
    2. now, it seems as if leighton is taking over the show. she has grown tremendously as an actress over these past years, and her and ed are definitely getting the better story lines. I, personally think leighton and ed should be the highest paid because they are really the best actors on the show. blake is the highest paid because she was already famous and known before the show started.
    3. i have nothing against blake. I actually think she is a very sweet girl. I just feel like she gets all the credit for everything just because she was the one that was known. But, now that all of the other actors are dabbling in movies and what not (leighton- date night, the roommate. chace- footloose, 12. ed-wuthering heights.), people will give the other actors the credit they deserve. BECAUSE THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER TO CARRY THE SHOW. (well, at least i feel that ed, leighton, blake, and chace carry the show together)

  • Ally

    I completely agree! No leighton fan EVER compliments blake, its almost like an insecurity issue, and secondly you get paid on what it takes to keep you on the show, clearly without gossip girl where were ed and leighton? unknown. GG gave them the platform and they’re fantastic but blake was big with or without it and can still be so to keep her on the show they do have to pay more. Secondly there is so much more to blake than just boobs, clearly you haven’t seen her other movies, or read her co-stars praising her, she’s fab – but you guys are just too narrow minded :) get your mind out of the gutter.

  • Lucy

    It is just because Leighton fans are insecure. They think that putting down Blake makes Leighton look better. It’s bad logic.

  • asdf


  • sophie

    blake was the star of the show now its even so you all can shut up ps im on team serena /blake , you leighton fans are getting out of control ,and you seem to hate every one on the show so please be more fair ,all the cast like each other so why cant us be nice to each other be .

  • sophie

    @Lucy: im a fan of both i have a compleiment for blake she very pretty,funny and she has a sweet laught sorry for poor spelling

  • Missy

    I love Blake an yes maybe her performance in gossip girl is not worthy of an oscar or emmy whatever, but Blake is talented and I’m sure her qualities get better over time. I love all the cast of GG but especially Blake and Chace have my heart. Leighton is a great actress the same about Ed, but all the fans of ‘Chair’ are really annoying me with his lack of objectivity on the show and their offenses to other characters and couples.

  • lexi

    Leighton fans make me hate Leighton

    They are the most annoying and stupid human in the world

  • lexi

    Blake and Chace always my fav .
    I also like Penn ,Taylor and Jessica
    i only dislike Leighton and Ed b/c their crazy fans

  • xoxo-g.g.

    as tyra said… its true that blake is the star of the show.. aside from her name comes first from the cast, blake and chace are the highest paid in the show…
    blake’s character are wide and depth…they can play with her character. she can be sweet and loving serena or a total blonde bitch.
    leighton’s character is sweet good bitch, i watch her interview and she said that its amazing that her character is a good sweet girl and a manipulative bitch in one.
    i love blake and leighton.

    i hope the cast end up with:

    chuck and blair

    nate and serena

    dan and vanessa.

    i love blair more than blake

    and i hate vanessa… i dunno why but i just dont like her!

    btw, only four of them carry the show serena, blair, chuck, and nate.. they are the real gossip girl upper east side..
    no outsider please…. lol

    no outsider please… lol