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James Franco: General Hospital's Latest Star!

James Franco: General Hospital's Latest Star!

James Franco has joined ABC soap opera General Hospital for a multi-episode arc starting Nov. 20.

The Associated Press reports 31-year-old movie star will take on the small screen as a “mystery person who comes to the soap opera’s town of Port Charles.”

Executive producer Jill Farren Phelps says it’s “an honor that an actor of Franco‘s caliber would choose to spend some of his valuable time in Port Charles.”

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch James Franco on a soap series General Hospital?

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  • meena

    i’m really confused as to why he’d do this, but between him and jonathan jackson coming back as lucky spencer i may start watching again!

  • luvd80s2

    @meena: same here, that show needs alot of improvement sick and tired of the mob and Carly!

  • mickey

    Is this like an April Fool’s Joke in October? He must be friends with someone involved with the show because why would James Franco do General Hospital?????? That is like MEGA weird.

  • H.

    Is he high? WTF?

  • berries

    I haven’t watched this show since I was 13 (I’m 35) and I am confused as to why a mega star like James Franco is lowering himself to this standard. Most people start off on soaps then branch out into movies…not vice versa!

  • lisa

    Yum, I will be setting the DVR.
    Gosh, I havent seen a soap since days in 1994.

  • LuckyL

    I’d watch and the only soaps I’ve ever watched are Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful

  • LuckyL

    And people, stop being such television actor snobs. I don’t think he’s lowering himself. You think all those sh*t movies with sh*t actors, i.e. Megan Fox and her latest bomb, should be hailed over the 20-year vets on some of these shows?? Please.

  • get a better cast bob Guza

    James Franco is a better improvement to the show..Get rid of Sarah
    Brown and her whiney character..Thanks Bob Guza for putting him
    on the show.. btw a lot movie stars are back to tv Lawerance Fishbourne came back to CSI ….etc…

  • Jezebel

    Wow this is so awesome! I love James Franco and GH is my favorite soap.

  • H.

    LuckyL, we’re not being television actor snobs. There are plenty of TV shows I like and TV actors. I am being a soap opera snob however. ;)

  • gabby

    Why is he back tracking?! Don’t stars usually start out on soaps and then work their way up?

  • Jezebel

    Back tracking? You mean like Glenn Close and all the others who have gone from movies to TV? He’s working in a different genre for a stint. It’s not like he joined the cast for years.

  • Bebe

    Maybe he is doing research on being a soap actor. Too bad he is going to learn from this cast. I feel bad for James. LOL

  • Katie

    Sucks that people are soap snobs most soap actors are theater actors or at least they were now that soaps are trying to get the younger viewer their hiring LA actors but some amazing talent has came from them Tommy Lee Jones, Demi Moore, Julianne Moore, just to name a few. Hey at least he’s not guesting on Jon and Kate plus 8.

  • LuckyL

    # 11 H. @ 10/01/2009 at 1:08 pm LuckyL, we’re not being television actor snobs. There are plenty of TV shows I like and TV actors. I am being a soap opera snob however. ;)
    Well I can see that, though I’ve read some pretty good arguments in defense of them. I’ll have to post it later–got to work y’all

  • DSant

    This is exciting. That God, they are getting of Claudia. I REALLY want them to bring Brenda back!!!!

  • sweetness

    This is definitely shocking but NOT in a bad way. He’s definitely a major screen star so by appearing on this famous soap opera is coup for this daytime drama. I think it is impressive for him to do this…because soap opera acting is definitely harder to do than being on the big screen in the technical aspect. Who is not going to watch this just for I can’t believe it factor.

  • lisa

    ^^ I agree with sweetness.

    And I thought the whole movie star /tv thing was so over like by 10 years. I mean when Sean Penn does a tv show, it is game for everyone!

  • Bitter

    Interesting that you would use a picture of an actor that was just fired to be replaced by the original aexexual actor and his tv dad that stabbed the actor in the back.

  • Alex

    I think this is great news. And also I hear that Vanessa Marcil may want to return as well for a short run. Well I have the perfect story line for a temp return. Kate Howard played by the amazing Megan Ward, needs a model for a major fashion layout in Crimson and everyone knows that Brenda is a model working overseas and so then she gets the gig with Crimson. not only would this be a great temp way to have Vanessa on for a short stay, but we can have her character interact with James Franco’s character. WE WANT MEGAN WARD BACK ON CONTRACT AND THATS IT BRING KATE HOWARD BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah

    How cool is that!?!? I read that James Franco is doing this recurring gig as research for a movie role. Works for me! JF on “GH” – that’s hot.

    And with Jonathan Jackson coming back, who thought this show could get this interesting again. Now if only Vanessa Marcil would mark her return too.

  • Another Spencer in the works?

    And he is going to school right now too.. so What do you really think
    that Academy Award winner actress Glen Close and how about singers on the soaps too.. those are losers… who make a arc appearance on One Life to Life and Days of our Lives…Is it another
    Spencer in the works since they show The kids and Dad…Where
    is the other son with Holly Luke Spencer…should be in this photo too

  • Mary

    I wish I could watch this – thank God for YouTube!

  • One

    Nothing wrong with TV, #13. But why did it have to be a soap opera?

  • Perri

    Is this a joke???????????????????? James Franco on GH???? LOL I haven’t watched in months (can’t stand the mob) but I would tune back in for him. I kind of dig that he is so different than his peers. However, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Maria

    Ummm, did everyone forget Elizabeth Taylor was the original Helena Cassadine on GH…I’m gonna go out on a limb and say she’s a bigger star than James Franco (who I LOVE, btw)…Besides , look at the talent that’s come from GH – off the top of my head, Vanessa Marcil, Demi Moore, Janine Turner, Antonio Sabato Jr., Amber Tamblyn, Eva Longoria (prior to Y&R), Ricky Martin – or just ABC in general (Kelly Ripa, Tommy Lee Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Judith Light, Marcia Cross, Josh Duhamel, Ryan Philippe, Nathan Fillion). And this is just ONE network…

    Shoot, Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman were both on soaps…I’m not sure which networks they were on though.

    I guess I don’t get why people think soap opera actors aren’t great. The actors that have “graduated” from soaps say that they worked so much harder on the soap than they do now. ::shrugs::

  • Jezebel

    #25 I think he wants the experience. Soaps are completely different from other forms of the medium. The way they are canceling them now, maybe he decided to try it out while there is still the opportunity. IIRC he’s working on an MFA. He might be someone who likes to explore all aspects of the acting experience. It looks like he’s going to put in a whopping 3 of so days or so of work, so it seems he’s just getting his feet wet. I’m glad he’s going to raise the profile of the genre, even if it’s just briefly. A lot of actors have cut their teeth on Daytime dramas.

  • NOLA

    Guys, he’s doing it as research for a role. That’s it.

  • the_boyfriend

    Yes! and i’ve never watched a daytime soap in my life..if i could hooked it’s all his fault.

  • Logan

    Yes, but Elizabeth Taylor was on in the heyday of soaps. GH was huge in the 80s, now, not so much. The other stars you mentioned got their start on a soap. It’s is uncommon that a big star goes back to a soap. James Franco is only there temporarily and for research, so no biggie. It is going to be odd seeing him on the show. I kind of love him more for doing this.

    I do agree that some of the actors are pretty good, some are terrible though. Many times it is the ridiculous material they have to work with.

  • erica

    WOW! Are you kidding? I am going to be glued to my tv screen when he’s on. They’re right, an actor of his caliber is doing that, that is amazing.

  • TV show online

    So good, I wan’t see this TV Show…. What channel??

  • REBe

    To Berries, you lower yourself by making such negative remarks about a show you don’t even watch. and James is an actor who wants to be out there acting and collecting a pay check. I have been watching GH since I was 16 and have continued to be a fan of the show and all of the actors that take part in making it one of the great soaps of all time.

  • gingerbreadmama

    I’m confused as to why he’d want to be on a soap but it’s great! And makes sense if it’s research. Soap actors work their tush off so it’ll be good for him to see that fast-paced side of the biz!

  • Katie

    Actually he’s not researching it for a role thats just a rumor his manager is the same as Steve Burtons (Jason GH) he just basically wants the experience he’s also going to school right now. Soaps are harder to do than people realize they put on a new show every day except for weekends so theres not much time to prep and if they screw up a scene they have to move on its much harder to do them than say Gossip Girl and I’m just gonna say this out of 5 of 7 soaps the acting is better also.

  • lexy

    Soaps are a lot of work and they don’t pay as well as primetime or movies but they are considered a downgrade in the acting world.

    Seeing as James’ career isn’t all that to begin with I don’t know why he’d want to join a soap (especially a poorly rated one). Maybe it’s his mom or grandma’s favorite soap and he’s doing it for one of them.

    Yes a lot of people start in soaps but they don’t go back to them – unless they are unemployed 80s tv show stars – they seem to end up on Y&R and B&B.

  • mary

    why in the eff is he doing this………i think i’d have a talk w/ his agent LOL

  • Jen

    I’ll watch and I dont think he is lowering his standards at all, I actually think it’s kinda cool he is doing it!

  • becky

    why don’t they bring back “antonio” and karen!!! may be he wasnt available!

  • lovely2c

    He’s a man of substance which is more than i can say for other

    actors. He is doing what he loves and that’s ACTING. It doesn’t matter

    if it’s on a soap opera, in a local theater or behing his grandmother’s

    house. Acting is more than just money for him. After all, he when back

    to school at the peak of his career. And it’s good to see that hollywood

    has not gone to his head.

  • Liza

    James has a great career right now! Pineapple Express and Milk were huge hits and he is currently filming a movie with Julia Roberts.

    I don’t buy the same agent thing at all. There has to be an ulterior motive to all this. I will faint when he hits the GH screen. LOL

  • Sophia

    Sounds interesting! Gonna watch… if it’s REALLY true.

  • Katie

    That’s what the ABC press release says you can buy the manager thing or not but everything everything I’ve read says that. It’s true Sophia ABC did a press release and its on there website.

  • Demi

    woo! so excited! soap opera acting is definitely much more difficult just cause they film one or even two episodes a day. it’s more fast pace. if you mess up the show goes on. so that will challenge him a bit. guza is finally realizing how much the show sucked before haha. it’s getting better and better every day. i’m really looking forward to seeing him on my tv screen! :)

  • Mary

    Loved this show, past tense! Stop watching when they wouldn’t let Elizabeth and Jason get together. Too much mob!!!!!!!!!

  • NOW I’m watching soaps?

    James Franco as a soap star? I hope he plays a Dr. because Dr. James Franco sounds delicious. He hasn’t lowered himself or his acting ability, the guy is smart, real smart. He’s testing every avenue of the business and whatever he does, he’s a perfectionist at it. That’s what his co-stars always say. The guy is good and he LOOKS GOOD doing it ALL…So Dr. Franco? Can you save daytime soaps? Tune in to find out.

  • lexy

    I wouldn’t say those movies were HUGE hits…I mean they aren’t making Will Smith money and JF wasn’t the star. I actually like him as an actor but the idea is to move up the career ladder – for any job – not just acting.

    I agree, acting is acting and if you’re right and his career is going so well, why do this? Most actors go do theater b/c it’s much more challenging.

    Women like Glenn Close and Holly Hunter go to TV b/c they get better roles. In movies they want them to play the grandmother to some young starlet while on TV they can play women with depth and emotion.

  • Larel

    Great news & so what maybe he likes the show or is friends with one of the guys & they asked him to do it & he decided too.

    He is not lowering himself, please he is a movie actor but it’s not freaking Pitt or Clooney taking on the role. lol

  • Katie

    He wants the experience which is cool a lot of soap stars are in theater to so maybe he’s getting two for the price of one. He’s not lowering himself he’s gaining knowledge.