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Jon Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Is Going Down!

Jon Gosselin: 'Kate Plus 8' Is Going Down!

After news hit that TLC retitled Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin has been trying to shut down production on the show by not allowing his children to be videotaped.

His attorney fired off a letter to TLC, saying, “Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon‘s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers.’ ”

The Insider reports, “Jon found out about the name change the same way we all did — through The Associated Press. He and his attorney assert to ‘The Insider’ they’ve been in discussions to pull the plug on the program and take the kids off the show for weeks prior to (Tuesday’s) announcement.”

What a mess and a half!

TELL JJ: Now that Jon isn’t part of the show anyone, do you think he has the right to shut down production on Kate Plus 8?

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  • ri23

    I. Don’t. Care.

  • Rhonda

    No, this is what Jon has been working on for months. He and his kids want off that show and Kate can go be a star without them. Jon didn’t get kicked off, he kicked the show off his property, sounds like the JUDGE is going along with JON!

  • g!na

    John’s mad because he will not get any money , so he wants to make it diffcult for Kate! IT WASN’THARD FOR HIM TO EXPLOIT HIS KIDS WHEN A CHECK WAS COMING TO HIM! TOOL!

  • joanne

    end the show. TLC is dragging this on, with the help of Kate

  • Melissa

    Jon is a cry baby, he has not been trying to end this for months, he only did this when TLC dropped him, Get your info straight.

  • Lillianne

    @g!na: Jon is under contract with TLC and will be paid accordingly. He will also receive residuals for as long as they rerun the show and if you ever turn on TLC there’s a J&K+8 running. Did it ever occur to you he might be protecting the rights of his children?

  • katerocks

    You are crazy if you think that jon “wants off the show”. You don’t think he is enjoying the money from that cash cow?? New Nissan, ugly ed hardy clothes, LOTS of shopping, lots of trips out with his nasty “girlfriend”… for no work on his part?? c’mon, give me a break. The only reason he is “wanting out” now, is because they dropped his sorry butt, and this was the only thing he could do to retaliate. He has ALWAYS said, even before the drama, that he would only stop filming when his kids didn’t want to…. haven’t seen that happen…. just looks like daddy is mad that he doesnt have a way to pay for little miss new boobs. Hey Jon– celebrity fit club called– put that hot dog down!

  • Jill

    This is great news. The children can now be like other children. They can go to events, play sports, have friends, run and play without cameras in their face. Please, please be true.
    FOR THE KIDS….thank you ……………………….


    Bitter Jon? What’s the matter, won’t have that check to spend on yourself or girlfriends from TLC anymore??? No other prospects to make money. NO ONE WANTS YOU AROUND ANYMORE?

    All this guy does is WHINE, WHINE, WHINE and BASH TLC, KATE and anyone who DARES question his behavior. The guy really need to grow up. I can’t believe HOW STUPID he really is. I can see how much Kate was frustrated with him when they were married.

  • katerocks

    oh– and why all of a sudden is it “marital property”? I thought when it was “their” week, they could do whatever they want?? Stephanie the babysitter ringing any bells?? Why is it that when kate thought that she was an unfit babysitter and offered to watch her own kids instead… jon got nasty and malicious because it was HIS week… I say Kate should be able to allow cameras or whatever she wants during HER time at the house— JUST saying!


    He really should just shut his mouth once and for all because everyone realizes how stupid he really is and this latest is all BS!!!! He was fine with the show until last week but now that HE won’t be in the spotlight he’s bitter. HE IS SUCH A LIAR!!

  • brooklyn

    Oh my god Jon is such an idiot, loser, stupid person. I can’t stand him anymore, just go away Jon with your horrible gf Hailey.

  • katerocks

    Honestly Jill? What’s so great about being like “other children?” Isn’t that what most people complain about and sit in therapy for years to recover from? lol– They have a great life– 50% of marriages end in divorce, so they ARE like other children– they just get the benefit of having lots of money and nice things and super fun stuff to do!

  • Cristobal

    Who even cares? This has gone on for too long making unnecessary family drama into unwanted television.

  • Rhonda

    Jon’s getting his own show!

  • VanM

    Oh…So now he is protecting his children….Seriously just last month he was saying in a tv interview that the kids loved being on the show and they weren’t being forced to do anything…Let’s just call it like it is. Jon is angry because he is being let go from the show but isn’t this what HE said HE wanted…..I gues the grass (no pun intended) isn’t greener on the other side afterall. Jon brought all this upon himself when he decided to run around with different women and make up for what he felt he lost out on by getting married and having kids at a young age….No one forced him to do get married it wasn’t like Kate was pregnant and they had to, he made a decision and like every decision you make there are consequences. So stop blaming TLC and admit that you Fu**ed yourself over…….

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    if you care.. you’re a loser.

  • Rhonda

    the bitch is getting a show and Jon is getting a show and the kids are FREE!

  • JEM

    Sore loser. Kate will now have to be famous on her own and not at the expense of her children. People get so wrapped up in what is going on with Jon and Kate that they never OPEN THEIR EYES and see eight children that never look happy. What you see on TV IS edited for your entertainment. If they are not happy on TV; How happy are they in REAL LIFE. . Stop making this about YOU. This is not the only show on TV.

  • Lauren

    Well, I guess it is better late than never. I agree it is all about money. It was not exploitation a few weeks ago ago when he said his kids loved filming.

  • Jan

    NO JON DOES NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT. KATE IS UNDER CONTRACT WITH TLC. When it is Kate’s time with the children she is in charge of the home and the kids. Jon locked Kate out of the fence when she volunteered to babysit the kids as they told her daddy was going out and leaving them with the gal he met at the bar. The police made Kate leave and Jon bragged about his rights when he is at the house and that he could hire anyone he chose when it is his time.NOW, Jon is claiming Kate has no rights when she is at the house. Jon agreed to the filming for YEARS!!! He is only doing this as he is angry at TLC and JEALOUS OF KATE. The reason he cheated on Kate is he is jealous of Kate’s success.

  • Kate rocks

    Jon is just vindictive. He got partially dropped, and now wants to get back at Kate and tlc. He didn’t have a problem when his kids were being filmed before he got dropped. He knows the money train is slowing down for him, and he don’t like it. Maybe Jon should take some lying lessons, cause he isn’t very good at it.

    and, who the heck is gonna watch a show with him and that other loser lohan in it?

  • CrazyOldie

    they are his kids and great pawns for him to try and get back into the show or show the public he cares about the kids all along unlike the mullet of the family (so win/win in his eyes).

  • Rhonda

    Everybody WINS! you love the bitch, you can watch the bitch. You like Jon, you get to watch Jon, I think its gonna be about the Dad’s point of view (we’ve never seen a show from daddys point of view) (just bitchy, whiney momma point of view) and the kids, get to be kids.

  • Rachel

    I think the kids should be taken away from both of them. Neither of em deserve fricken kids. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? Both of the parents want to be celebrities and no one cares. So they can stop there little cherade now.

  • amber

    The show has tanked. It’s not interesting anymore. It should be over. Everyone is over them or should be. They should move on to living their lives away from the spotlight. I don’t care what either them have to say or what they’re doing. i wish their kids the best. The end.

  • Meg

    Two months ago he was saying the show is good for his kids, the film crew is like family and his kids are not working. The only thing that seems to have changed to me is that Jon got kicked off of the show. Hmmm… What a coincidence!

  • Jan

    @Rhonda: Jon just said in an interview with the paps a few weeks ago, that Kate has her filming crew and I HAVE MY FILMING CREW and it is better for the kids if we film separately etc etc. JON HAS NOT BEEN PLANNING THIS. HE IS ANGRY AT TLC FOR CUTTING BACK HIS HOURS. Jon is listening to an attorney that Michael Lohan used and is spending huge sums of money on his PR reps, NEW attorney etc. When he is broke, they will dump Jon also. Jon ran to the NYC crowd and they are taking his money faster than leaves are falling in October. Jon will be broke soon.


    @Lillianne: NOPE! Your suggestion is just ridiculous.

  • river

    If the cease & desist is denied and the show continues with Kate and the kids, how long do you think Jon’s little ho will stick around when she no longer has her cash cow?



  • Jordasche Bledsoe

    What an idiot. We all know this guy is WAY to lame to be able to take care of those kids like HE should be doing. The fact that he got kicked off and is now trying to make it to where Kate and the kids can’t prosper either is just stupid. If he ruins this show he may just ruin his kids life. As an after thought, don’t you remember Jon saying not to long ago he wanted ‘a regular 9-5 job”? Well that’s what he asked for and now that’s what he’s going to have to go out and get.

  • Rhonda


    I guess we will just have to wait and see. Looks like the judge and lawyers are going to decide “the best interest of the children”

  • loyal

    He is an idiot. What is he going to live off? He needs TLC money or he will have to go back and get a job! Kate needs the money for her children. That isn’t anyone’s business. She loves those kids and isn’t hurting them. Those of you who pretend you know better for that family are just as stupid. Kate is capable of making those decisions just fine.

  • tawi-tawi

    oh, so now he is going to pay childcare, and not live off his children’s money…right!
    i wonder who is paying for his lawyer…

  • sue

    Its about time Jon has looked out for his kids. All you Kate lovers out there need to stop reading the tabloids. She is a money hungry bi^%$ that plays it up for the camera. We have all seen her talk to him like a dog and NO One deserves anything like that. Jon is doing what is righ for those kids. They should not be on TV until they are old enough to make that choice. This attention is going to hurt those kids in the future. Im glad the show is under a cease and desist order right now… JON is so good to see you past the honeymoon phase of your break up.. Now get angry and do what you know is right, Walk away from it all….. Kate deserves nothing

  • Shelly_2

    Go check out the incorrect spelling of his name and penAlty on the sign that was posted on the gate. Class Jon Gosselin.

  • JULS

    Jon DID want to end the show ages ago! IF you have watched last seasons Jon and kate plus 8, when jon and kate were presumably STILL together, the season finale Jon said he wasnt sure about continuing and suggested that he didnt want to do the show anymore, but Kate said she was really happy with the way it was going and how her life is with the show.

  • happypeople

    Thank GOD, somebody is trying to stop the show, even if its out of spite…..

  • mary

    I am on Jon’s side. Kate is a money hungry woman, she doesn’t care about the kids. I hope they cancel the show!!

  • CoryS

    I’m so sick of Jon and Kate. Can’t get a break without hearing about them. Hate Kate even more, she already has that new show with Paula Dean, that should be enough media for her, but I guess she wants to really excel and be a well rounded media whore.

  • sayitaintso…

    I don’t care for either… however, it was only a few months ago that the perception of Jon was different and has now changed. Why was that? He was, for many years, the poster boy father UNTIL he said at the end of season 4 that he no longer wanted to do the show because of the TOLL it was taking on his family!!!!

    I doubt that most of you Kate supporters have watched the show from the beginning because you would be a little more sympathetic toward Jon and not just him from the last 6 months but from the prior years. Kate may be taking the high road now as she states but that does not change what she allowed us viewers to see of her personality in the past. She is cunning and calculating! In business that is fine, but not with family. Think about it supporters – the children have no grandparents (on her side) that interact with the children, no aunts/uncles (on her side) that interact with her children, etc. WHY… because she doesn’t allow them to. How is that of the benefit for the chlildren? A production crew doesn’t have the childrens best interest at heart! They (kids) are a paycheck to them! If the show stops, guess what? So does their paycheck! There’s no loyalty and Kate will see that when the show does stop and TLC pulls all the babysitters, chefs, crew, promoters, bodyguards and cut her off. Only after that and when they are gone will Kate realize that she is all alone. She only has YES people around her now because her family is a cash cow to TLC and its entities.
    Has Jon changed? Who knows… we only saw what TLC edited. However, I find it hard to believe that he had become this big womanizer in the last 6 months. He has stated on the show in the past that he is a people person and loved to be outdoors doing stuff but Kate prefers to be inside. I don’t agree with Hailey but I also don’t believe he was with these other women – remember, they are making $$$$ off of saying anything about him.

    This negative media of Jon has only been since he said he didn’t want to do the show anymore back in April ’09 and everyone was blogging that he was the hero because at least one of them was looking out for the kids best interest. But, now & since because of that he has been a media target (mostly negative) and suddently Kate is the martyr. People, this is media manipulation at it’s best!

  • barron797

    There goes their meal ticket!

  • kool

    Shut Kate DOWN..put her in a straight jacket …. and lock her in the basement closet with the other cockroaches.

  • Juli

    GOOD GOOD – hope the show gets cancelled. Why does TLC even want to be bothered with this crap. There are other families out there..goseelins are not the only family with alot of kids…hello! They are just contraversial thats all…both are trainwrecks. Do we forger how abuser Kate is!

  • pr person

    Ok… douce bag. Ditch TLC and go and get your ugly, fat, whiny a$$ a job. The child support payments will more than likely be pretty hefty… so you better make sure that it is a decent, well paying job. Oh! And most caring, concerned fathers don’t pick up their childrens ‘babysitters’ at the bar and then screw them while their children sleep. Jon, only now… trying to act like HE is the parent that wants what is best for his children is laughable and a tad scary.

  • sara

    Angry Kate’s backwards mullet is spinning around on her head as we speak. She has got to be pissed. Maybe she’ll take her SUV out again and hit 95mph———— then flip it.

  • jon is a coward

    Jon is mad because the money train for him is OVER. First trying to stop the divorce and after that didn’t work he pulls this stunt. what a coward! Thankfully for the kids Kate has another job lined up. What happened toJon’s divorced dad reality show?

  • really


    Yes, Jon did make the comment and gave negative facial gestures while stating that he wanted to quit the show, BUT he didn’t want to quit the show for the sake of the kids. He no longer liked being known as “Jon from Jon & Kate Plus Eight”. He didn’t like going out in public and people recognizing him and shoving cameras in his face. (Obviously, he knew he was eventually going to get caught with his pants down – and he did.) Not once did he mention the well-being of his children when he gave those comments on the final episode of last season. It was all about him. I hope the judges deny his request. He obviously wasn’t concerned about his kids when he hired some random young bartender from the local bar to be the babysitter for his kids.

  • ava rose

    you guys have to remember to it’s an ego thing. i don’t think jon minds being taken off the air but having it be “kate plus 8″? the name change makes you feel as if TLC can easily kick you out of the family. If I was jon and find out through the media (like everyone else) i’m not part of my family anymore (despite being separated fr. my wife), I would be upset….very upset. I know it’s only a rename in change but i would feel personally kicked out of the family