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Jude Law: August in October!

Jude Law: August in October!

Jude Law and his BFF assistant Ben Jackson grab Regional European fare at August restaurant in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City on Thursday afternoon (October 1).

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old actor was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He recited the lyrics to Lady Gaga‘s hit song “Poker Face” as if he was at a poetry reading. Jude also had a sword fight with Jimmy before the segment’s end. Check it out below!

FYI: Jude is wearing a pair of charcoal cotton chino pants from the Prps FW09 collection and a Fluxus “Nomad” scarf in charcoal.

Jude Law – “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, 9/29

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Credit: Anderson/Vila, Tom Meinelt; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • pickles

    I love Jude Law. I hope the BBC will air it on TV in the future or make it available on DVD. I know it is a stage play, but They could tape it some people who couldn’t go to London or NYC can still get to see it. I think Jude is one of the greats!

  • http://www. amy

    he has many children

  • gemma

    He has 3 biological children. 1 stepson and a supposed daughter that he’s waiting DNA test results. How is that alot?

    Loved Jude in Hamlet in London & NY. Saw him every night I was there and he was so gracious and attentive to his fans. He looks you straight in the eyes when he talks to you and he listens when you talk to him. He’s a wonderful person.

    Jude – lose the beanie – it doesn’t do a thing for your hairline.

    Luv & Hugs!

  • dolorescraeg

    thanks jared…it’s illegal for anyone to look that sexy and gorgeous and be able to walk around the big apple. how come i never bumped into the beautiful mr. law when i was in the village. no one ever looked like that. thanks for the video. he was amazing and so funny on jimmy fallon’s… great guest and what a sense of humour. keep giving us jude. he’s like a delicious dessert.

  • sheryl

    Dayum…it can’t be that chilly in NYC with THAT piece of hotness walking around loose like that. When I’m in NYC next week, my friends can roam from one end of Manhattan island to the other if that want…me, I’ll be roaming the Village. If I see this walking by, I’ll follow it until it turns and shoos me away.
    Can’t wait to see Hamlet!
    *winks at Jude*

  • sheryl

    @gemma: Noooo, I love the beanie!!!! Hahaha

  • lalalove

    So hot…

    *sign* They don’t make them like him anymore…SADNESS.

  • sheryl

    I forgot to say, love LOVED him on Fallon! “Poker Face” and the swordfight…..insane!

  • dolorescraeg

    you are so right. when this vision was created they threw away the mold. nobody has the look of the law ‘cept jude….

  • Mozzarella

    Please vote for Mozzarella as the cutest dog in the cutest dog competition! It will really mean a lot to us! :)

  • Sara ☼

    @gemma: I’m with you. I love Jude showing it off.

  • Daphne

    Oh how does he make a beanie & scarf combo look so hot and stylish? *guh*

  • Eloisa

    He is so hot, down to earth and interesting…….. i just love him! thanks JJ.

  • lauren

    dang he is so hot

  • natalie herslag

    Loved his POKER FACE reading. He’s so talented.
    I can’t wait to see him as HAMLET in Broadway, Oct 6, the opening, yay!!
    My friends said he’s amazing.

    Jude <3 love your style

  • Ruth

    Sorry, I don’t think he looks sexy or attractive in these pics – just the opposite in fact. The look does nothing for him but each to his own.

    Jude is an excellent actor, very versatile, and I just hope that he can get his private life more under control. Having a child after a two day stand isn’t very mature. Btw, I don’t think that he has asked for DNA Testing which is rather strange but who knows – perhaps she has threatened to go public with pics and he prefers to acknowledge the baby.

  • Team Maniston

    Hot, hot, and wow, very hot!! He and Jimmy are great in that video.

  • kate

    He looks cute in these pictures!!!

  • animal world

    sorry, but in these pictures he looks like a weasel. Not flattering, not cool, kind of cheap. Jude, you can do so much better, I know you can.

  • elle

    thanks jared:)

  • Anakin

    Wasn’t it Jude’s swordplay and thrusting that got him into trouble in the first place?

  • lizzie

    i dont know why i dislike him, cant find no reason, i just do lol

  • Isa

    Its too much sexiness for my poor body :D)

  • Brenda

    DILF, as always.

  • Sara ☼

    @Brenda: a DILF, definitely. Looking so sexy in the new outfit! *drool*

  • Sara ☼

    I’d love to take off this beanie myself. I’m just wild about Jude!

  • Isa

    @Sara ☼: OK, maybe I`m slow … but I will have to ask: What is DILF..??

  • Isa

    He will be on Charlie Rose tonight!
    Gorgeous Jude!

  • elizabeth

    ommggg, yummm he is sooooo hottt ! <3

  • Sara ☼

    @Isa: LOL Isa! DILF – Dad I’d like to f… you

  • Sara ☼

    Or… dad I’d like to find… a polite way to say. ;)

  • British latin American

    Poor Jude – having to put up with that awful woman for the rest of his life.

  • Fiona

    If only I was his Personal Assistant…..l’d be at his beck and call I can tell you! Liking the scarf…he always looks smart, love him!

  • lalalove


    Haha. Tell me about it.

  • Pole

    My gosh – it is me or is it getting really hot here??! Wow. What a sight.. DILF and sooo hot too. Yum!

    (But ditch the beanie Jude. It ain’t doing you any favours).

  • animal world

    guess it does him one favor: keeps him warm since he cannot afford a cold.
    By the way, Ju, ditch your clothes, they don’t do you any favors…. drool…

  • illuminatea

    Haha, that was a great interview. Hilarious.

  • vinnyblue

    so hot!!!
    LOVE IT.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    He is so hot! Just love you, Jude. xoxo

  • Sara ☼

    Jude’s like whiskey – Hot whiskey – tempting and just gets better with age ♥
    *whoa and I’d love to be his little whiskey girl* Haha.
    Love Jude *-*

  • carrienae

    Such a sport! Love their chemistry there.

  • dolorescraeg

    considering that jude is a serious actor his straight faced interpretation of lady gaga’s “masterpiece” is hillarious…what a great guest he is…always willing to do whatever he’s asked. this man does not take himself seriously. love his outfit. jude coming at you looking like that is like being run over by a truck. some impact…WHEW!!!!!

  • Sara ☼

    @dolorescraeg: he’s my man!

  • sheryl

    Jude’s interview with Charlie Rose tonight, talking about Hamlet, was awesome! Jude’s 5th time on the show, and this was my favorite yet. Nobody can say this was vain use of a celebrity to sell tickets…the London critics might have expressed this sentiment before he stepped onto the stage that first night back in May, but Jude has certainly squelched that presumptuous assessment many times over. Jude has obviously put a great amount of thought, energy, and commitment into researching and bringing forth this character and conveys a great love and passion for it when speaking about it. Great interview.

  • lourdes

    Mmm, he wears a lot of black, gray, and blues, you think he owns a yellow t-shirt, lol its interesting to see man putting more thought in the way they dress nowadays, that t-shirt and jeans stuff is kind of boring.

  • dolorescraeg

    i have read somewhere that jude is color blind…hence the greys might be easier……as long as we are not color blind and can gaze into those grey, green blue eyes all is well. :

  • azlyn

    hotness….i miss a heart beat just looking at him..i stayed away during ramadhan (fasting month for muslims) in case my looking at him takes me far n away from just looking n not feeling anything stirring inside of me..tee hee.hotness..also when hubby is away..i stay away cos i aint got nothing but the pillow to pounce case…..hahaha!

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    no Charlie Rose on PSB last night. WHY? Will it be shown on Monday?

  • isabella

    oh yeh, he had to recite the lyrics of poker face! I can imagine him doing a gay interpretation… lol :D
    and why he always have to wear those outfit?! He’s looking like a pigeon!! sorry jude but that’s a grotesque style… as well as your behaviour!

  • Law & Order

    @isabella: That’s absurd. What’s a jerk like you doing here?