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Kanye West & Lady Gaga's Tour Canceled -- Fame Kills!

Kanye West & Lady Gaga's Tour Canceled -- Fame Kills!

Kanye West and Lady Gaga‘s “Fame Kills” tour has been canceled, according to the Associated Press.

The tour, scheduled to kick off next month in Phoenix, Ariz., was canceled earlier Thursday (October 1). Those who have already purchased concert tickets will receive refunds.

The bad news comes on the heels of Kanye receiving negative press for ruining Taylor Swift‘s VMAs win.

Lady Gaga recently spoke to Canadian Press about the situation. She said, “But at the end of the day, [Kanye] is a pioneer in hip-hop music, and he changed what hip-hop music means. And I think that it’s time for everyone to kind of take their heads out of the newspapers and remember that, in truth, Kanye‘s making most of the music we hear on the radio today.”

Kanye, I’ma let you finish!

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  • pete

    BUMMER :(

  • .

    So it got cancelled cause of what ???? I don’t get it !!!!

  • ann

    probably bad ticket sales. I figured this would happen.

  • Re:ann

    No silly. It because of Kanyes negative publicity recently. I’m sure they had no trouble selling tickets.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wonder why it was canceled

  • bean

    Lady Gaga is insane. Kanye West is a prick.



  • mickey

    Right, which is why most of what is on the radio today sounds like garbage. Canceling the tour is actual music to this music lovers ears.

  • Elvie

    so its canceled because of Taylor, sorry to say this Kanye didnt do anything that bad to get such negative press! I find Taylor really annoying.

  • for real

    Good enough. Open your big mouth again, Kanye.

  • rpatzfan

    lol poor Gaga

  • lauren

    @Re:ann: if they had no problem selling tickets then why are they worried about the stuff that happened at the vma´s, think about it.

    There’s no reason to cancell a tour if they’re selling the tickets… a good reason would be if kanye and gaga don’t get along…

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  • UHHH

    Kanye has decided to take some time off and get help. Ticket sales are no problem with him

  • ann


    I knew that. I just thought what happened at the VMA’s had an effect on the ticket sales. But I guess not.

  • V

    This SUCKS!! I don’t get it either but I was really looking forward to seeing Lady Gaga live… Even Kanye.

  • Meepzy

    Regardless of Kanye’s stupidity at that moment, the reason his tour is canceled is even more stupid than his VMA incident.


  • black beauty

    this sucks!!! i wanted to go

  • http://justjared style1

    my be they wanted more money

  • Goddess

    I do hope it is not because of the Taylor incident that the tour is being canceled. It would be so ridiculous! Damn, why so much negative press? I know what he did was awful. I would have spank him and hated him at the moment. Well, I’ve always hated him because of his huge ego but this is no reason to cancel a tour. So stupid. You people made such a big deal off this vma incident, it’s stupid. As much as I don’t like him or Gaga, canceling the tour was a bad idea. I hate it when an artist cancel a tour. It revolts me.

  • katie n

    I don’t think it is the VMA incident. Kanye is popular enough for people to forgive such stupidity fast. I hope it is because Kanye is taking some time out to grieve for his mother and deal with issues. I will buy tickets when they reschedule…

  • katie n

    And God bless him in his hour of need!!

  • taylor

    Um, I checked for Fame Kills Tour tickets several days ago and was surprised how many seats were still available. I figured it would only be nose bleed seats left. So yeah, maybe ticket sales were lagging. Gaga needs to just do her own tour, I didn’t really want to see Kanye and he was the reason why I was in no hurry to purchase tickets.

  • sillyme

    I’m really getting tired of these celebrities excusing the bad behavior of other celebrities because they’re talented. You see the same thing happening now with the Roman Polanski rape case, and how people want to excuse him because he’s “brilliant.”

    Kanye West was an ass before his mother died, so it’s kind of ridiculous to all of a sudden use that as an excuse.

  • cutie pie

    Kanye , your only mistake is going around white folks, if they dont like your music .. GOOD, you have enough folks who love you as a rapper/producer/entertainer.. they say they dont like your music good, i dont like their head banging stupid rock music and heavy metal bullcrap!! so ther you go! i dont listen to thAt crap and if you dont like Kanyes music dont effing listen!

  • The truth

    Kanye West ruined hip hop he made it electronic and pop instead. If compare his Kanye west songs Strongerand Heartless, to Tupacs songs Dear Mama and Notorious B.I.G’s song Hypnotized, you’ll get a huge difference because Kanye is using ElectroPoP and auto tunes while real hip hop artists are using real beats. RIP HipHop, you are now dead!

  • awurbii

    @cutie pie:

    This is not a racial affair. Don’t try and make it that. We are all people. The color of your skin does not determine the music you listen to.

  • T-pain






  • T-pain


  • thds

    Kanye is not a hip hop pioneer. sorry.

  • T-pain




  • Maria

    Poor ticket sales due to Kanye dissing Taylor. People have had enough with his ego racist self. He’s been blackballed and concert promoters don’t want to be associated with him. Lady GaGa will get her own tour next year in March or April of 2010.

    I’m glad concert promoters had enough of the Douche too!

  • Mike

    LOL Forever!!!

  • jess


  • donna

    Lady gaga! listen, it doesnt matter who or how talented you are in life but it does not justify you or give you the tickets or right to ruin/damage/interupt/rude to other people. at the end of the day, you are just another human being!!! dont get all mighty here, there are other people out there who done more and contribute more to the world than a talented musican! have you ever heard of mother therese among other???? get off your from your small little world and think like human for a change!

  • susan

    @Elvie: it was televised a few hours ago that it was cancelled because of ticket sales

  • susan

    The reason was announced. it was because of ticket sales

  • Rattlesnake

    people don’t want to pay to go listen to a jackass sing ! ! too many other choices out there to support who appreciate it ! !

  • Woohoo..

    wasn’t going anyways, although I would have liked to see it play out in the news.. Between ‘Lady GaGa’s’ ego & Kanye West’s ego it would have never worked there would’ve been huge fights between them two egos can’t be on the same stage.. they both suck anyways. I wish I lived in 1950′s – 1960′s when real good music was alive & well. When gimmick’s(like wearing no pants practically naked) &ego’s were cast aside and real good music was made.. or when Hip Hop first came on the seen.. I wish Tupac & Notorious B.I.G were still on the scene..there’s practically no good music any more I’m having to go back through old old vinyl records of my dad’s to find some listenable!

  • black

    ———pioneer in hip-hop music——————-hahaha—-irl mut be on soe stuff again.
    Just where does all this talk come from?
    Whatever—–about the tour, or well, Kanyes bad press—-I can´t believe that people still care about that crap. So he was an idiot- but hell- he didn´t kill or rape anybody—–why don´t people focus on the more serious issues in the world, instead of focusing one black rapper who enjoys listening to his own voice way too much.
    Lady Gaga is annoying however, and will fade away very soon.

  • black

    Please……don´t drag this in a category it does not belong……..I don´t like him, granted- but his music is still better than most of those “I´m hood, having it going on with whores….and whatnot”-crap.

    Eminem anyone?
    He had his share of black followers.

  • riri

    I think he did it for J Z. He is his boss and runs his career, so he used him to promote his wife.
    Byonce is an annoying diva. She wanted to make sure everyone will hear that her silly video was netter than Taylor and then be seen as gracious, after robbing her from her moment.
    It was all J Z and B, people.

  • Really?

    @Joey: Did you really just use the term “Negro?” Seriously…

  • Sunday


  • wes

    I’m so happy gaga isnt going to tour with Kanye! I wanted to go but did not want to see Kayne’s dumb a$$…
    Gaga got her own tour out of it!!
    lol, I’m there!!

  • xoxo

    taylor sucks !! i hate her right now ! and ya she is sooo annoying living in her own little world ! we get it she has class but wants 2 be more like rihanna ?

  • nyc_luva

    I think that the truth why fame kills was canceled is because of bad sellings. I mean the idea of that tour was made up long before the kanye/taylor scandal so they we expecting a huge crowd. but after what happened many ppl were pissed at kanye !even if all gaga fans were about to go …there would be still many free tickets.
    GaGa’s much better without him .I mean her fame ball tour was sold out everywhere …I wanted to buy tickets. like a long time before the concert and I didn’t get a ticket cause they were sold out.
    So I’m reaaaally excited for her next tour .(without kanye)

  • Pumice Miner

    If you think about it, the way this tour was structured, with it’s high ticket prices, it needed everything to go right for it to succeed, and everyone could see that wasn’t going to happen. For instance, Kanye ageed to reach out to a gay audience to get Lady Gaga, alienating some people, including some of his fellow Urban artists (and their followers.) It’s possible that when things began to go bad, he decided to backtrack on this commitment in order to rally his base, but Lady Gaga wouldn’t put up with that. Or she wanted out in any case, what with all the bad publicity. We don’t know. Maybe his tour sponsor, Live Nation, didn’t want to be associated with him either. Taylor Swift actually has an army of fans, and though the vast majority wouldn’t go see Kanye in any case, they can affect a sponsors wiilingness to partner with Kanye, like Citibank. The Taylor army has friends too. If you liked Kanye, but you worked for an entertainer who was friends with Taylor, would you feel you could tick off your employer and go to his concert? What if you worked for Taylors record label? I, myself, am a huge fan of a friend of Taylors, so I have to cross him off my list., This would probably have rubbed off on Lady Gaga too. Taylor, as a very young, sweet, and kind artist with an army of fans was probably the worst person Kanye could have chosen to mess with.

  • Count123

    @riri: I can see how you can come up with a conspiracy theory for one event, but Kanye did the same thing in Europe, only no one heard about it – because it was in Europe. Also, we’re not judging Beyonce on this one event. She has proven herself to have some class over and over again.

  • harpoonie-tunes

    “Fame Kills”
    How sad. Lady Gaga just made it to S-N-L and it was starring w/Madonna. I found this website by a girl named Aisha which has long lists and photo comparisons that portray Madonna as a plagiarist and con-artist, people are so mean and materialistic, Madonna’s not a capitalistic wanna-be or entertainment tyrant-she’s a mother of Christ or I mean the messiah, anyway its all confusing, I’m better off not saying anything more about this controversial subject matter. I guess though Lady Gaga gets booed off stage every once in awhile, maybe she shouldn’t perform live for people who understand music and art- she should stick to the New Kids On The Block fans and nursing homes she started playing at before MTV. Anyway- that mean old Kayne doesn’t like “gays”, he would have been uncomfortable with Gaga’s new fan base. We need to be nice, these are commercial success stories here.
    “Fame Kills”

  • roly

    @Elvie: is called ignorance, egotistical and disrespectful buddy!!! r u blind that u didnt see anything wrong????