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Kate Gosselin Picks Up 8 From School

Kate Gosselin Picks Up 8 From School

Kate Gosselin picks up her children from the school bus in Reading, Pennsylvania on Wednesday (September 30).

On Tuesday, Jon Gosselin announced he intended to “put the brakes” on the pair’s planned divorce, in order to “regain control over the future of (their) family.”

But an insider revealed to Radar Online that, “Kate sees no reason to wait and drag this out. She doesn’t think Jon is being sincere in his comments. She thinks it’s all a publicity stunt,” the source said. “If he meant any of it, he could have easily told her in person or on the phone. Jon is trying to repair his public image.”

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  • nikomilinko
  • shawn

    BS,,,, this is a lawyers stunt not a PR stunt, and the battle is over future earnings and control……. by delaying present business

  • Liverwurst

    She looks good…sill shoes for picking up the kids but she looks good for a woman who has 8 children and an awal husband.

  • TLC is a joke

    I no longer watch the immoral corporate TLC. PURE TRASH for the tiny American mind.. Learning ??………haaaaaaaaaa… Channel

  • Khate

    why does she insist on showing her ugly pig’s feet?

  • Jill

    Would these two please just divorce each other and disappear?

  • joi

    #3 Liverwurst- I agree with you.

  • alycia

    i think she seems alot nicer and happier without jon’s like she had 9 kids with him around.jon just wants money…thats why he’s slowing the process down.dbag.

  • Anakin
  • linda

    this is PR for Kate’s sinking ratings and buzz for her new show, in order to rope in the delusional man hating hags that are her fans . And. You can’t be awol, away without leave, when your wife tells you, “It’s over”, though you did have the the miitary part right.

  • Anakin


    It’s AWOL

    Second, J and K deserve one another, they’re both insufferable, and TLC should mean “Teach Lotsa Cr@p”

  • bandit

    Skinny jeans are not a friend of Kate’s bum.

  • cop

    Kate couldn’t stand living in hotels while Jon was with the kids with nannies he was sleeping with. He ruined the show and he knows it. He’s afraid he will be cut out of the future cash cow money, so sad but these two are living off their kids, cancel this show please TLC.

  • Tori

    I hope these parents invested well because this show is doomed. They should have enough to raise the kids comfortably after 5 years of pimping them out.

  • Ruth

    I don’t like either of these people but I think that his announcement
    that ‘he intended to “put the brakes” on the pair’s planned divorce, in order to “regain control over the future of (their) family’ is outrageously cynical.

    Is he completely stupid or has he just realized that his money-making machine is slipping away from him?

    I cannot understand how such reality programs are allowed in the US, i.e. 8 small children being forced to live their lives as a reality show, instead of within a normal family, in order to enrich their parents.

    Jon, lay off all the women and the high-life and get a job.

    Kate, you are obviously intelligent and capable – let your children grow up normally and find another way to finance your life.

  • boo

    @bandit: I thought it was my computer screen. She’s a dumb shit.

  • barbara

    Jon saying he wants to halt the filiming of the children is just bs. He stated (through his lawyer) that it is a train wreck well who caused most of the train wreck with his stupid assinine behavior these past months? Scramble away Jon, your behavior ruined your chances, and of course you want the filming to stop because your piece of the pie has been eaten, and future pieces are in doubt. Also sole custody to Kate means you won’t get child support and alimony since you can’t grow up and get a “real” job and haven’t really had a “real job” your entire life. Kate barrel ahead w/the divorce…. time to take the trash to the dump.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?


    My post is awaiting for sitemoderation.

    Yeah,Ihave posted against Kate.It upsets many Kate lovers by insulting their role model.


    Youhave people posting here using racial slurs.Their post are fine.Post up something about the Obama’s and it is open flood gate behind the keyboard.
    People have thrown insults at others and thier posts are up.

  • HEllo, is anyone home?


    You guys are saying both of these people are repulsive.Saying Kate is better or Jon isbetter is like saying which cough syrup taste good.

  • bethany

    In the beginning I felt bad for Jon, having put up with Kate humiliating him week after week right in front of our eyes. But after watching him each week alone with the kids, I no longer feel bad for him at all. It is HE who is humiliating his children ! Such as the week he took them fishing, trudging along through cow manure infested mud, whereas Joel started to cry. Jon responded by saying “Figures, you’re nothing but a wimp.” So now Jon is treating his children the way Kate teated him. Why would he do this ? Right then and there I could no longer stand him. Not only for his running around with young women, but humiliating his kids in front of the camera. Can you imagine what he says to them when he is alone ? Kate NEVER does this, and I always see her hugging and kissing them AND SMILING ! Which Jon very rarely does. The only reason Jon now doesn’t want a divorce is because TLC is re-naming the show “Kate Plus Eight.” Jon will no longer be able to be paid by TLC. Unemployed !
    Kate, PLEASE don’t take this creep back !

  • Shelly_2

    Hey, did you guys see that Jon is wanting to stop production of the show now that he’s been dropped? if production/camera crews go to the house, he will call the cops. Does he really think he’s not as transparent as saran wrap? Oh well, he’s showing just how ignorant he really is and giving Kate more and more ammo for the settlement. I’d miss seeing the little kids (M & C are beyond the cute stage and YES I can say that because I have an 8-yr-old and his cuteness doesn’t stop him from getting in trouble….LOL) but for the sake of those kids, the show needs to stop.

  • Shelly_2


    LOL Very true but if I was as skinny at Kate, I might try to pull it off too!! :o)

  • HEllo, is anyone home?

    Barabra,I am a fan of Jon,Kate or this show.

    However,Jon does not want the show halted.
    He signed,with Kate to have his kids on the show and he will get some profits.
    Both parents have to sign for minors to be on the show.Charlie Sheen wasn’t going to sign for the kids to be on Denise’s Richard’s show. She went to court and got him to sign.

    Keith Sweat will not sign for ex Lisa Wu to put their kids on that Atl.Houswives show.

    I don’t see how Jon or Kate could claim child support or alimony from each other.
    Both have made millions off of the show off of their kids.
    The Penn house is worth 1.1million.
    I would think that would be put in their wills for the kids. Jon has hisNYC apt.Kate has her home in Maryland(near Steve).
    Jon and Kate each bought new SUV’s this summer.They each have several autos.
    Maybe Jon got a cut from Kate’s two books.They were married, at least on paper, then.

    The books were written about the marital asset which are the 8 kids. They each own 1/2 of the business which are the 8 kids.

    Who pays for the kids schooling, nannies, secuirty, house bills like utility, housekeepers, ground maintenance, the dogs, etc.?

    I assume the kids pay?

    I am not a lawyer or Jon and Kate’s lawyer.
    I doubt Jon and Kate are paying child support to each other.
    Jon paying Kate child support,….? No way. He does not have as much money as she does. She has joint custody . He has joint cusotdy.
    I assme custody is like this.Kate is away many days of the month.Jon is too.He is supposed to be there when she is off being a a celebrity,but sometimes it conflicts with his celebrity time like it did this month when both f these famewhores were being celebrities instead of parents.

  • bri

    Jon should just disappear from the limelight ,enjoy his money,and date. Let Kate continue to screw her children’s lives up.

  • lee

    So she picked up her kids at the bus stop….again …woohooo…hey when is open toe season end…she has some fugly feet

  • Avalon

    Free the Gosselin 8! Surely they’ve made enough money now. BTW it’s the kids money. It’s the kids who earned 75k an episode and earned that million dollar house. A show about a couple struggling to raise 8 kids my ***!

  • HEllo, is anyone home?


    He said that.That is awful. Sad.
    Awful. What a jerk.

    That is just like when Kate told her daughter no to water.Yet,Kate askes for a bottle and just drank it in frontof the kid.
    Yeah,you pass out water to all 8 kids when ohhh,they had a tv interview to do would have been too long,Katecould have handled it differently.

    Jon and Kate are BOTH famehwores,let fame and fortune go to their heads and are narcisstic. Seflish.

    Karma is a Biotch.
    Those kids are,Mady and Cara,are 5-6yrs. short years away from the tweenteen years. I read here they are off to boarding school.

    When were they at home? Alone?Normal life? Mom,dad,siblings.No cameras.hardly ever.

  • sharah

    Well with Jon now eating humble pie, it will be interesting to see the D actor he becomes. A few reality TV shows here and there, DWTS has to be next, while I think Kate will carve out a real lasting profession. With this said, I don’t think either one of them deserve this great lifestyle, however, as the entertainers that they have become and enlisted their children to become, they obviously have staying power.

  • ahhme


  • nikomilinko
  • whatev

    I hope jon takes kate to the cleaners or at least stop her from making money off their children. with the help of tlc, kate will be the soul benefactor of the children. john can argue in court that if kate makes money off the kids so should he.

  • amy

    well, well, heard Jon finally is stepping up and stopping production from TLC to film his kids at the house. Yeah!!!! Now we won’t have to see her pretending to be a mother for tv sake. I knew he would finally put a hault on thie ridiculous show and do the right thing for his 8 little faces. Go Jon finally doing something smart other then leaving that b@@ch. Never liked her

  • van

    Now that the show is stopped cause of Jon pulling the plug what are the old hags going to talk about now??? Maybe their cats. lol

  • Sick & TIRED

    Money grabbing w***e. Just get a real job like normal people. Yeah, 8 kids aren’t easy to take care of and there are enormous costs involved, but not every struggling blue-collar worker or starving African has a reality TV show either. No one seems to care any more, so suck it up.

  • dee

    How come no one ever puts down the parents of child star and their parents. How do you think they get some of their money. Their kids that are doing the acting. I am sure that TLC has made sure that there is a trust set up for these kids as well. I think Kate is doing just fine.

  • anon

    The divorce/family court judges need to call for the show halted and/or the children to stop being exploited, profits put into a trust for each Gosselin child, and for BOTH Gosselin parents to get a job that doesn’t involve exploiting, mentioning, writing and/or scrap-booking their kids’ lives for pedophiles’ pleasure or TLC greed.

  • anon


  • Shakirakitten

    Jon lost control of his family when he lost control of his pecker. Dimwit.

  • VanM

    hahahahaha…….So now Jon is going back on what he told ABC in his interview with CC…Now the filming is not good for the kids all of a sudden…….I can’t believe that he actually thought everyone was stupid enough to believe that he really cared about his kids. I have always said that Kate could have been nicer but the more I see and hear this guy the more I believe that Jon has always been a Douche, but we see more of what Jon is really like everyday.. Did anyone see the video of him coming out of a restaurant last night He was really enjoying the attention….He may as well enjoy it wile he still has it, attention that is..He thought everyone was going to think it was ok for him to run around with different ho’s and we would all just turn the other cheek…I’m sure he is kicking himself for it now .I wonder what his SOULMATE thinks about all of this……

  • VanM

    @ Is Anyone Home…Why do you feel like you have to comment on others people’s post?????? I for one am tired of you….And the more I see your rants the more it seems that you must be Hailey……Can you just post your own comment without worrying about how anyone else feels………..

  • VanM

    @ Is Anyone Home….Why don’t you just create your own blog that way you can be in control of what is written…You are a douchenaga…..I can’t wait to see Jon burn what is left of his bridge, and have to go back to being an IT tech that is if anyone will hire hm, maybe…..You can support him

  • LauraLeigh

    I don’t watch anymore and I really feel sorry for those precious children.
    “Fame & Fortune only magnify who you truly are.” O Winfrey
    So true in their case.

  • nettie

    jealous people

  • ava rose

    whatever kate and you really don’t think you crying in front of the house, calling the police is a PR stunt? you don’t think goin on larry king, the view, people magazine isn’t publicity??? WOW. HYPOCRITE!!

    you would constantly tell jon, “stop playing victim” but you need to look i the mirror yourself and stop playing these PR wars

  • how long is your trailer?

    Go to bed and brush your tooth VanM.

  • Lucas

    @linda: more like the other way around. Jon’s just found out that he’s being cut and thus he’ll have to go and find real work (gasp) and he doesn’t want that. so he figures if they don’t get divorced he can make TLC keep him on. Or with this current stunt make them pay him a huge amount of money for access to the home that he currently has joint ownership of, even if they don’t film him.
    which is why I suspect that Kate and TLC will file to block his little stunt and when the divorce goes through Kate will ask for full ownership of the house and the primary vehicle as well as the kids being placed with her full time with jon being allowed to come visit on the weekends and if he comes up with a suitable place of his own, they can go see him for extended periods etc.

    and with Jon’s pattern of behavior, Kate will likely win her demands.

  • Lucas

    @Avalon: that’s the catch. Unlike CA that has protection laws, Pennsylvania made not. there might be no requirement to put that money in the bank. or even a major part of it (in CA the law only requires 15%). hopefully some money was put aside but the bulk of it likely was not. because it would be ‘needed’ to raise the kids.
    and even without that issue, Jon was likely making just as much and he’ll lose it if he’s cut from the show. and Kate will likely ask for full custody and the house etc. so he can’t even use his ownership of that as a way to make money off the show.

  • marianne


    Of course you do. TLC is trying to remake her image. Someone needs to tell her she doesn’t look good in skinny jeans. And those shoes! Oi!

  • Eva

    Kate is looking great!

    Jon is dragging the divorce out in order to gain more cash. He will likely try to claim part of any deals she may make on her own, but before the divorce is final…He has destroyed his credibility and I cannot see how he could get a job in the entertainment industry…

  • Lenno

    Eva you are correct!!! I wish I had someone like Kate picking me up from school than the old witch neighbor of mine who picked me up in the 1960′s when I was in grade school. (I used to make faces at her behind her back.)

    Kate will always look great because she has natural beauty.