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Kate Gosselin: Saddened By Jon's Actions

Kate Gosselin: Saddened By Jon's Actions

A sign is hung on the front gate of the Gosselin family home in Reading, Pennsylvania following Jon Gosselin shutting down production of Kate Plus 8.

The sign reads: “Notice: No film crew or production staff from TLC is permitted on this property under penelty of trespass Johnathon Gosselin”. (The misspellings and grammar mistakes are all included!)

Mama Kate Gosselin is speaking out against her estranged husband: “I’m saddened and confused by Jon’s public media statements. Jon has never expressed any concerns to me about our children being involved in the show and, in fact, is on the record as saying he believes the show benefits our children and was taping on Friday with the kids.”

The 34-year-old reality TV mom continued, “I check in regularly with each of the kids to be sure they want to participate in and continue with the show and will continue to do so. I do the show for my family because I believe it provides us opportunities we wouldn’t otherwise have. Jon used to share that belief until as recently as the day the network announced the name change of the show and indicated that Jon would have a lesser role in the show. It appears that Jon‘s priority is Jon and his interests. My priority remains our children and their well being.”

On Saturday, Jon is expected to make an appearance and create his very own milkshake at the West Hollywood shake shop Millions of Milkshakes.

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  • Rhonda

    She was all smiles yesterday when TLC changed the name of the show to Kate + 8, that why they call it war Kate, both sides get to fight!

    Make a show with the former star Paula Deen and cry and moan about your single mama status, sounds perfect for you. to bad for Paula.

  • 9

    This whole scenario is just so sad, when will it end?

  • boo

    She is seriously full of sh$% like I have never seen before. Saddened???? What a stupid trite thing to say and why did she even open her fug mouth about it to the public? Of course he didn’t say anything to her; They don’t communicate. She is extremely passive aggressive. At least Jon is somewhat transparent in his actions.

    I think he made a really good move.

  • Nicole

    John sucks.

  • Cathey

    WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    THEY BOTH DO THIS SHOW FOR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    NOT FOR THE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lalala

    John Gosselin = fail of the YEAR/all time/forever/etc.etc.

  • J. Ryan

    Rhonda you’ve got to be kidding. If anybody is in the wrong here its that tool Jon. He’s dating at 23 year old college student. He’s in the tabloids much more than Kate and also had a fling with that Kate Majors… she quit her job for him and he threw her to the curb. Of course TLC can see that Kate is the more stable of the 2. And again she’s not the one flaunting a new girlfriend in their children’s faces.

  • Lenno

    Kate, do what Farrah did in the late 70′s-do Playboy without any nudity!!
    It will increase your exposure as you move on to bigger and better things. Hef offered you the chance now go for it!!!!! He would not have offered you the chance if you were not hot!!!

    Your ex can now make commercials for “The Clapper” for money.

  • J. Ryan


    seriously he’s just pissed off because TLC decided to give him and his girlfriend a backseat to Kate. Nothing more. If it turned in to a show about him being a single father he would have no problem with it. (but to be fair Kate and Eight rhyme lol)

  • ed3206

    Grammer? As in Kelsey Grammer? Or

  • madi

    I usually don’t have much to say about this situation because I like the show, regardless of all these people protesting not to watch it(by the way, i don’t know why you bother). However, I’m with Nicole on this one.. Jon sucks!! He’s acting like Maddy on a bad day. I don’t know about the rest of the world, but his concern is the kids? I don’t buy it. A few months ago he was stating that his kids love filming, the crew, the show itself. Now he’s suddenly concerned with their well being? Give me a break. The only person who should have a say in their well being is Kate because she seems to be the only one taking on parental duties. Jon is just upset that he wont be making the cash to buy his girlfriend boobs.

  • loyal

    Kate has been very clear that the show provides opportunities for the family that they never would of had otherwise. What is wrong with this? It happens people, get over yourselves. What is wrong with it? Do you really believe Kate doesn’t care about her children? Because she chose to take the benefits for her family of doing a show, does that make her a bad mother? Of course not. You can bet each of those children has a more sizeable bank account than any of you. John on the other hand is a jerk. He uses his fame for sleazy affairs. Kate uses her fame to benefit family. Good for her. She is going to need those resources now more than ever. Is John going to get a job and pay child support? And really, that house is hers and the kids. What divorced couple do you know shares a house? I would never let my ex in my house, especially when he has brought in his sleeping partners. Lay off Kate. She obviously had to be the strong one for good reason. I hope she gets full physical and John gets the shirt on his back.

  • SubSub

    Both are at fault. Jon and Kate are the kids. The only ones acting like adults are the eight children being put through all of this. This show needs to be canceled, so these children can no longer be exploited and put through their parents’ shenanigans.

  • lisa

    Will people stop accusing Kate of being greedy–she has EIGHT kids– she needs the money from the show to support them! She isn’t running around in Vuitton and Chanel, she is saving money for her children. Jon is in NYC blowing all of their cash on parties and girlfriends.

  • diane

    jon is a fat ugly dick. If i were Kate i would say fine im done. no more filming. Jon you better get yourself a job because im staying home and taking care of my kids. go pimp yourself out fatty.

  • JJ

    Penelty. Smart.

  • sue

    She is a liar… Jon has expressed it on the show and all along that he hates the fact that they are making this show… Give them a normal life.. She is saddened because no filming equals no money!!

  • Emily

    Madi- are you kidding me?! Why do you think their ratings have dropped so much and the show is in jeopardy?! Because people have chosen not to watch it. I personally stopped watching as soon as all of this started to go down and have checked to the ratings often to see that I am making a difference. You should try it.

  • kate

    I must said he’s acting like an a$$
    just because you got chopped from the show that does not give you the right to cut the production. neverless they are both money hungry people,

  • teresa

    Jon is a liar, cheater! He is now trying to pretend that he is doing this to save his marriage and keep the children safe!

    I’m sorry but doesn’t he live in NYC and spend all his time chasing young women, drinking, buying toys for her gal-pal?

    He wants a guaranteed pay-check to authorize the new show..that’s what this is all about. He wants his name on the show, so he can still claim to be America’s favorite dad.

    I predict that if he thinks he is going to score big with the public by these latest moves by his new attorney, he is dead wrong. The backlash will be strong. He may have doomed any chance for a new TV show, endorsements, guest-appearances. He has shown himself to be a cry-baby and vindictive. So TLC let him off his contract. Maybe he’ll get a show on public access TV.

    I can’t wait for one of the trashy women he slept with and promised jobs, money, TV shows to sue him ….
    Loser, Loser, Loser.

  • missy

    @J. Ryan:

    its obvious you never watched that show. If you had you would know there was never a more hag-like, bully, whiney, critical, miserable mother and wife on the planet.

  • christina

    Jared, it’s grammar not grammer! If you’re going to make fun of it, you have to spell it correctly or we laugh at you too!

  • anon

    So if Jon was filming with the kids on Friday, why did they fire him? Enough with this child exploiting show, enough with this freebie begging show! Kate and Jon Gosselin get jobs and support your kids, get a clue and down-size your lives…everyone else does it.
    Kate quit acting like a diva, you don’t need your body guard who thinks he Rambo, he’s manipulating you for money too, fool. TLC manipulates everyone for money. It is time innocent children quit the Truman Show and get some counseling for the last few years of their lives. Their mom is narcissistic and they will need it.
    TLC is the The Lying Channel.

  • lisali

    I don’t care if Jon is getting the kids off TV for spite or whatever, I’m just glad the kids are off TV.
    No child should be scrutinized and exploited like these children are. Kate is using the kids and thats a fact.

  • lisa

    publicity stunt … their ratings are really low, thankfully!

  • madi

    Emily- Good for you, and good for those who have stopped watching it. What is your point? I wasn’t talking about ratings, nor was I trying to prove anything with ratings. I just said I still watch the show regardless of people constantly protesting not to watch it.

  • Katie

    Just further confirmation that Jon is a total douche–kate is so well rid of that moronic punk. Kate may not be the warmest person, but she pretty much single-handedly held a very tough operation together. I’m sure being married to the equivalent of another child was not easy. He should appreciate her hard work, not trash her. Too bad for him that she’s the talent.

  • alycia

    haha jons just pissed because his names not in the title and he won’t be on the show much…jon grow the eff up.go hangout with lindsay lohan’s dad.

  • daphne

    I agree with Missy. I’ve watched the show and all Kate does is scream at John. “John this or john do that or don’t do that.” She humiliated him and put down his morale. I mean in the beginning he worked very hard. He was passive and just took all the verbal abuse Kate gave him. If John was a woman, this would all be different. I think that John is acting out in a way he knows how. I don’t agree with his behavior but I do understand why he’d act that way. I think Kate should take responsibility of her own actions. I feel like all she does is blame John. I am one to support a struggling mother and all, but I will not give Kate my sympathy. If she wanted to hold on to her family she’d reevaluate how she treats her “loved” ones.

  • erica

    Jon is evil, Kate is not much better, but Jon is just unbelievably sad and disgusting.

  • nicole

    it’s grammar not grammer! If you’re going to make fun of it, you have to spell it correctly or we laugh at you too!

  • Lisa2

    Jon has acted in the past that “he” doesnt want to do the show, nothing was mentioned about the kids. John is just mad because they fired him. He should be getting his resume together and get a “real” job and then support his 8 kids. If they take the show off the air, what is he going to do to support them? He is so stupid because like could be so much more harder for him if he had to find a “real” job. Looks like Kate is going to have to support their children on her own. The whole situation is just sad. Hopefully Kate will one day will know that getting rid of Jon is the best thing for her? It must be hard to raise 8 children on her own, but at least she won’t have to deal with Jon too much and let her lawyers do it now.

  • Mena

    Notice how it specifies no camera crew or production from TLC is permitted. I bet he’ll allow another production crew to come film him and his kids in an attempt to make himself look good.

  • Lisa2

    Mena…. Yeah, you think they would turn someone from the “Today” show, if Jon was there to do an interview with Jon. What about if Oprah decided to stop by? Hmmmm….. Jon is an ass…..

  • kristi ann

    don’t you mean “grammar” jared?

  • tiffany

    he is such an idiot. I am glad they got rid of him

  • Rhonda

    Jon said a few days ago, he was going to take back his family, we have probably got this backwards. TLC probably changed the name AFTER they got BOOTED! sounds like a judge might be involved now!

  • helen

    Finally, the children will be left alone. But there will a fight and a court battle ahead…

  • Lucas

    @J. Ryan: i have to agree and disagree. I think that Jon has every right to question if the show should continue, with or without him. HOWEVER what isn’t cool is that he was all smiles and ‘go team’ one day and then suddenly shuts things down without warning cause his feelings are hurt. It is clear that what Kate said is more true than false. Jon is thinking of Jon and his bank account. When he was making the big bucks, no worries. but now that he’s being cut back and/or shut out, no one should do it.

  • Lucas

    @J. Ryan: let’s not forget that Jon has said repeatedly that he wasn’t sure he wanted to stay on the show. continue it, sure, but just not with him. they gave him what he wanted. then he realized the hit his money would take.

  • ally

    Here goes…Jon is after money of course..what he’s really saying is stop production until I get a bigger cut of the show & more money more money more money! He was fine with taping the kids up until the TLC folks said: Jon we are weeding you out slowly and giving Kate a bigger role!! So he even puts a hold on the DIVORCE for 90 days!! Honestly, do you think we believe he is JUST NOW concerned about the kids on camera…REALLY? SOLUTION for you Jon and Kate fans..TLC offer him more money and a piece of show to walk away and watch the magic!
    PS I don’t see Kate in Vegas with trash ho’s all around looking sweaty & sleazy in a nightclub..BUT I do see Jon doing that! Kate drop this loser and good luck with everything you do.

  • Lucas

    @Rhonda: they announced on the 29th they were doing this so they probably told him a day or two before. which is how he got the sign up and the letter written the same day as the announcement.

  • Lekili

    The time has come for TLC to cancel this show once and for all. The writing has been on the walls for months now, do the right thing for those children.

  • these people blow

    Kate is saddened because bank balance is not increasing. Greedy witch.

  • Jan


    I think the sign is a plant and the “errors” were made on purpose. More fodder. They’re probably laughing themselves silly.

  • get a new line

    I’d like to be the thousandth mental midget to call Jon a douche. Thanx.

  • Rhonda

    Any way this goes it can’t be good for THE LEARNING CHANNEL and Discovery channel, they have ruined their reputations on these two.

  • Jan

    @get a new line:

    That was funny, get a new line.

  • nikomilinko
  • TransParent Kate

    Oh how Kate loves to hide behind her children.