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Madonna to Kanye West: Put A Lid On It

Madonna to Kanye West: Put A Lid On It

Madonna had all sorts of things to say on radio show On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday (October 1).

Here’s what the 51-year-old Material Mom had to say while being flirted with by Seacrest:

On 34-year-old Ryan Seacrest being a suitor for her: “Honey, you’re kind of old for me (laughs).”

On how young she likes her guys: “You have to be old enough to dress yourself… Younger people are generally more adventurous – they’re more open, more fun – have you met many guys my age? Guys my age are married or divorced or grumpy, fat and balding.”

On her self-image: “My body is part of my job. If I’m not in good shape, then how can I dance around on stage with my butt hanging out, right? I look in the mirror and go ‘hmm-mm. Less cake, more work.’”

On Kanye West: “Yeah, he’s a bit impulsive. I would’ve given him a good talking to. He needs to put a lid on it. I do think he’s very talented but he gets confused sometimes.”

On having famous guests at her concerts: “I was getting super-sharp looks from [Jennifer Lopez]. Her ponytail distracted me. Whenever artists come to see my show, they’re studying me.”

On how her music will be impacted by her new life: “It just means it’s gonna get better ’cause I’m happier.”

On getting married again: “I think I’d rather get run over by a train.” (She actually said this on Letterman last night.)

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  • =)=)=)

    shes teling him 2 cover his mouth while she cant cover her ass !
    i think its time 4 her 2 move on ! madonna grow up your 51 !

  • black

    Oh my………………………….

    Can anyone be any less amusing while trying very hard to be?

    Seriously, girl- you´re annoying.

  • nn

    she is amazing.ur missing some points ofthe interview.ryan seacrest was flirting her all the time,by saying how sexy she is .was so much madonna even more.and yes she is happier.just look at her on letterman

  • Rhonda

    I wish Madonna and her pal Gwennie would go to England and STAY!

  • jonas

    @black: shut up man.the interviw was hilarious.thhis is only some parts.she was actually very gently.he was always saying he wants to date her and stuff like that,she actually behave really good. she sayd he is very old to date her cause of his sign on kabbalah.she was joking.what a sense of humour u guys have

  • diogo

    @black: annoing is ur mom

  • diogo

    @Rhonda: listen madonna is a smart woman.she deserves respect.hear the entire interview and u will see how funny she is.he was always saying how sexy she is.she was playing around.look at her on sexy and smart.she looks good.she is happy.she is the what

  • lol

    she is right about kanye.he is such a loser.madonna would give him a good talk.lolol
    love her personality since i saw her on sassy

  • fresh

    Madge is looking pretty good. Her plastic surgery has settled well.

  • Jeff

    lol @ “Her ponytail distracted me”

  • xoxo

    that old cow is sexy wow ! and people get over it she is still alive last time i checked

  • whatev

    put a lid on it? pretty rich coming from a woman who made her career by being a loud mouth confused non-singing sloot. she just can’t stand the competition. she’s old now

  • Hugo Hurley

    She is soooo full of herself… Get a grip!!!

  • just sayin

    @Jeff: lol, she must have been scoping Jlo to notice the ponytail, that s#it was so funny to me. She had a concert to do and had no business getting distracted by Jlo lol.

  • anon

    That’s funny Madonna, because I’d rather you got hit by a train too

  • lakers fan in boston

    lmao, who the f does madonna think she is
    she’s acting like if she’s some kind of trophy
    i dont no who the f is telling her she looks good, they’re lying
    f madonna!!

  • cosi

    ‘her ponytail distracted me’ – that’s so effin’ funny in this context, it should be on a t-shirt.

  • AMEN Madonna

    Madonna is so right. Men her age look worse than the women. Women have babies, lose their shape and cater s much to men that they don’t have time to always looks good. What are mens’ excuses? By the forties, most men are overweight with a big ol belly and luv handles. They grow hair in odd places and stop cutting their fingernails. Gross. There are very few older men who really take care of themselves. Madonna is great. She looks super and she’s hip. I love her style and her workout clothes. They’re so cool. She’s beautiful and one of our truest superstars.

  • Ocipital

    i love J.lo and Mad

  • Rhonda


    jj is a very bad mood today! lot of moderation going on.

  • Rhonda

    I think he’s real upset about the end of Jon and Kate!

  • mickey

    Oh, I love Madge interviews. Is she still British?

  • Denise

    I actually think most men look better than women when they hit 50. Gray hair and facial lines tend to accent a mans good looks, not so much a womans.

    As far as what she said about Kanye, I’m not a fan of hers – but I still like it!

  • Jennifer

    Madonna is a C*NT. STFU BIT*H.
    50+ year old women are disgusting and ugly.

  • Lenny

    Should have ask Madonna if it’s okay for her 13 year daughter to have anal sex with a 44 year old man. Whoopi doesn’t have a problem with it and most of Hollywood agree with her.

  • lily

    i am not really a madonna fan but i thought this interview was funny. LOL at jennifer lopez comment and im glad that she says that about old men- cause its nice for a change to see older women go for younger men instead of old nasty men go for younger girls-yuck!

  • g!na

    i didn’t know she had a good body! lol. she’s delusional! keep your clothes on! i’m sick of seeing your old crotch- stinking self all over the place

  • rosie 89

    She and Heather Locklear are morphing into each other. They both have had the same amount of plastic surgery and filler in their faces. Seriously, I can’t tell them apart!

  • sunny

    THAT was Madonna on Letterman last night?????

    I didn’t even recognize her – what with the gigantic tennis balls substituting for cheek bones and the gigantic Leno-like chin and the way her neck and face are getting pulled back like the cat lady or joan rivers.

    wow!! it looked like she was wearing a mask!!

    Poor ‘ol Madge…heading the way of Michael Jackson — she must really secretly despise herself, too.

  • notice

    oh puhlease the only reason younger women like old men is for MONEY. They do get fat, old and slow. Madonna is old and rich she should do just like men.

  • Kat

    @Jennifer: And your mom’s the most disgusting, ugliest c*nt of them all. As is your future self, ha! But my mom is neither ugly nor disgusting, and I won’t be either. And neither is the Queen Madonna. So, I guess it’s just you and your nasty family then, sk*nk. Sorry about your life.

  • nicoletta

    love her. she’s the GHB (grand high bitch)!

  • Jennifer

    @Kat #32
    I think i fed you and your mom hay through a fence.

  • Marieme

    Look who’s talking about putting a lid on it. *roll eyes”

    She has always had one of the biggest mouths. The world would have been much better had she stuck a sock in it then and now. Her music is laaame. Such a vain hypocrite.

  • Lily

    Madonna is The Queen! She’s fabulous! Love her music! I love her!

  • Rachel

    they both should shut it. and maddona’s bf or whatevr is just looking way to you for her

  • Rachel

    i meant way too young

  • Rachel

    i meant way too young

  • Allan

    @xoxo: Say what?

  • Allan

    @Lenny: you’re sick.

  • Madonna Is Morphing

    Everytime you look at her, there’s something about her appearance that’s more and more “off”. She looks strangely puffy alot of times.

  • Allan

    @Rhonda: I wish you would go there to.

  • Allan

    @black: No girl. You are.

  • Mena

    Israel has bought the airwaves for her and she still needs to ride this scandal to sustain her career? Articifial life.

  • Mena

    Israel has bought the airwaves for her and she still needs to ride this scandal to sustain a career? All the artificial life can’t help what was dead from the start.

  • markus

    Madonna is the greatest funniest wittiest female music icon, and the thing she said about Jlo is funny, i think Jlo wouldn’t mind for she knows Madonna’s style when she’s in a slapstic conversation, she’s like a cannonball clown and doesn’t mean to be rude. They’ve patched things up so let’s keep it cool. Remember SNL with Lady Gaga? it was like that. For a POP Queen, Madonna can trully juggle classy with bitchy funny.

    With Kanye, Madge can talk him to respect women, Kanye worsens his career like Chris Brown.