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Rachel Bilson Covers 'Lucky' November 2009

Rachel Bilson Covers 'Lucky' November 2009

Rachel Bilson is a true trendsetter in a Gary Graham military jacket and Marc Jacobs dress on the November 2009 cover of Lucky, on stands October 6th.

“I’m constantly trying new things and experimenting, so I never really settle on one style,” says the 28-year-old actress, who appears opposite her fiancé, Hayden Christensen, in this month’s romantic drama New York, I Love You. “By the time I figure out how to define my look, I’m usually ready to move on to something else.”

Case in point: Rachel wowed everyone on set at Lucky‘s Hollywood shoot when she showed up looking flawless in a fashion-forward silky Helmut Lang jumpsuit and simple leather flip-flops. “The trick is rolling the legs so you see some ankle,” she explained.

Check out the behind-the-scenes video from her cover shoot and enter to win Rachel‘s cover look at!

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  • dundies

    …and you do what for a living

  • Jennifer

    Why is she on the cover?

  • britney i love you

    who is she?

  • yep

    told ya, she has good PR team.

    to make someone so talentless, so worhtless relevant?


  • lexy

    Thank God I cancelled my subscription to Lucky! If they think she’s fashion forward they’re idiots.

    It’s funny that JJ is the only place using RB to promote NYILU. Other publications mention the STARS of the movie – not someone who could be an extra.

  • fdfs

    shes great i love her!


    Funny she is a editor for Instyle yet they don’t offer to put her on the cover reason is b/c she has nothing to really offer anyone. No acting job and this NYILU the reviews coming out only claim she is a forgettable performance.

  • sharon

    @VIPER: Have you read her input on what she recommends to wear and the prices?? Sorry but not everybody can afford the pieces of crap she suggested and I love the quote,By the time I figure out how to define my look, I’m usually ready to move on to something else.” Well maybe she needs to take her advice and move on.

  • lexy

    Lucky is pretty high end in general.

    I actually feel kind of bad for Rachel. She’s been on the cover a few times and normally most people aren’t. Lucky usually puts people who are up in coming – usually their careeers take off and they are too big for Lucky. They end up on the covers of Cosmo, Glamour, People, etc…

    But since Rachel’s career didn’t take off and her star has actually fallen she’ll continue to have to grab whatever opps she can get for a cover. I mean she’s not Britney or Natalie or even that Kristen Stewart girl – those are super stars. I guess they feel sorry for her at Lucky. I mean Jessica Alba is more of a celeb fashion plate with a slightly better career but she’s too big for Lucky.

    She’s probably do a cover of Guns and Ammo if they asked her!

  • Saudia

    she looks really pretty.. love her

  • Whateva

    wow, so many people take the time to comment on a “has been”. I wont say “never was” because obviously we all know who she is. I think she’s absolutely adorable & great and why there are so many haters is beyond me. I wouldnt bother to comment on someone I hated. Who hates people they dont know anyway?


    Trust me I know how stupid her imput on her INSYLE article is. I don’t know too many people that can afford the Ray Bands, Wafare, Jimmy Choo etc One has to wonder who she is thinks she is writing for but, sure as hell it’s not the regular person’s income. I also remember hearding her Uncle writes for one of these magazines she is always featured in. Guess it’s nice to have family connections.

  • Lacey

    First off, her style is not all that great. I wish people would stop blowing her head up about that. She dresses like a lot of people, she’s not unique. And that jumpsuit she wore? People have been wearing the jumpsuit trend for months, the trend started late last year. Yet people ohhh and ahhh over her wearing one and she’s fashion forward for finally catching on to the trend? And wearing it with flip flops. Wow, that’s NEVER been done before. BUT, she did look great at that AMFAR event. It’s amazing what a stylist, hair and makeup team can do for a person. And her hair looked really pretty for once.

  • Sara


    So, you’re a saint and have never, not once hated on someone? Wow, it must be nice being so perfect that you can pass judgement on people who comment on a celebrity gossip board, lol.

    Rachel looks really good on the cover

  • Bojana

    Your kidding me?!! It never ceases to amaze what air brushing, hair extensions and photoshopping can do for magazine covers to make a short girl look tall and thin. I have seen the girl in person. She is an ugly greasy looking midget. Glad I gave up my subscription to Lucky magazine as well.

  • pepto

    Why is she on the cover of Lucky? Because it’s a magazine about shopping, and that’s basically all Rachel knows how to do. And to #9–Guns and Ammo? ROFLMAO

  • lexy

    She is truly a moron…

    When JJ showed her in the Tressme hair care booth they did her hair and paid her to endorse their products. There’s a 6-page Tressme advertisement promoting Rachel in Lucky however when Lucky asked her what products she uses (b/c they always ask celebs) does she say Tressme – no she says how she uses this Davine hair care stuff for the frizz!!!

    The poor people at Tressme – they pay this moron to promote their product, land her a magazine cover (b/c that big ad of there’s wasn’t cheap) and she goes on to promote some OTHER brand of hair care!!!

    So much for her endorsement career!

  • Anakin


    You sure are anal retentive when it comes to Rachel

  • lakers fan in boston

    amazing pics, i dont really understand the hate, even i, a constant hater, can agree when the person i hate looks good
    and rachel does look really nice, so i dont really get it
    good cover, she doesnt look obsessively photoshopped
    now if only she could get working on her movie career, even if it’s something low

  • Anakin


    And it’s TRESemme

  • xo

    cute… real cute

  • lexy

    It’s OK for me to spell it wrong Anakin – they aren’t signing my pay checks.

    When Hayden P. was on the cover she told us how great Neutrogena (the company that pays her salary) products were. Do you think Loreal would like it if Eva Longoria went out and told the public how great Pantene is when Loreal is paying her salary???

  • lexy

    PS – you want to see anal retentive go to a thread about Jennifer Garner where she’s with her kids. See threads where people call Jen and her kids all kinds of awful names and complain that Jen’s kid wears diapers…or that Jen should dress up for to please her man…apparently she should take her kids to the park in heels and a tube dress and full make-up.

    I actually post in other threads about other celebs – there are quite a few I like – like Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman, even Kristin Bell – it’s always refreshing to see them on the board.

  • me

    And why is she on this magazine again after all these years?Wasn’t she on there when she was on the O.C.?And promoting the movie NyI lu she play with another actor who directed the five minute film and others was in it too. About hayden you have been putting her on here by herself.stop changing it.You know than he hardly be with her so stop selling us on that they are a couple all the time.Rachel has many men that we don’t know why hasn’t hayden been seem with her In LA lately?Must have a new boyfriend that we don’t know about so stick with the subject at hand like her on the cover and not who she suppose to be dating.

  • antwacky

    @15 – It never ceases to amaze what air brushing, hair extensions and photoshopping can do for magazine covers to make a short girl look tall and thin

    Yah Thanks a bunch for it for a nobody who looks like BilPuke!

  • sharon

    @lexy: Speaking of endorsments what happened to the Jergens natural glow ?? She was doing that for skin cancer right ….seems she is trying too hard and getting no where.

  • ness17

    her stylist dresses her and seriously, WHY the heck is she still famous????

  • @Whateva

    Umm, comments here very tame n few, isn’t hate here, more like disinterest. You want hate, go see AJ post or JG post. That’s hate. This is more like ‘can’t give a two way toss bout this waste of space’. Ppl here don’t hate, just don’t care to like. Difference. She don’t have enuff personality for ppl to hate her much.

  • chris23

    Are there no credible actresses out there??? Instead they put an untalented dimwit on their cover. That’s just sad, and so is she.

  • http://VERYSEXY sharyllee

    I am getting tired of you, Rachel! Where is your boyfriend?

  • Ryan

    Why do they refer to her as Hayden’s fiancee? I don’t think they’ve ever actually confirmed that they are engaged.

  • annmarie

    people are insanely jealous of any one who is slim and beautiful – admit it all you commentars you are all fat and ugly

  • ana

    She looks cute in this cover. She and Hayden are a cute couple.