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TLC: Jon Gosselin is Self-Destructive, Unprofessional and Opportunistic

TLC: Jon Gosselin is Self-Destructive, Unprofessional and Opportunistic

Jon Gosselin‘s legal team has been telling TLC lawyers that he “unequivocally believes that his children’s continued participation in your client’s television production is ‘detrimental‘ to his children. Accordingly, Jon expects that your client will cease and desist from any and all further production which includes his eight children.”

TLC is firing back with their own lawyers in a statement obtained by “We are aware of Jon Gosselin‘s recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin‘s repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC. Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents.”

And the claws are out, people!!

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  • zzzz

    Yes, for once he’s right. How can TLC think the filming of the show isn’t detrimental for the kids?

  • haaaaa

    Now it’s on! You knew these two were going to get nasty and this is just the start !
    Next? I hope Jon spills the beans on Kate the freak.

  • Kristin

    Jon does realize that without the show someone is going to need to put food in those babies mouths? Does he plan on working again? Perhaps his attorney will help explain in terms he understands: No TLC show = less Ed Hardy shirts…

  • Rhonda

    the last line is the most important: Jon remains under contract to TLC and direct filming of the children has been suspended, ITS IN THE COURTS NOW! its starting to make sense now, KATE NEEDS A NEW SHOW ASAP

  • Puddin

    I could care less why Jon is doing this; I just hope this gets the ball rolling in the right direction!

  • hohum

    Jon’s lawyers take an extreme position in order to get a more favorable outcome for him when they eventually meet in the middle with Kate’s representation. typical..

  • [marie]

    I’m still trying to figure out who the F^&% are these people and why do we care…?

  • elle

    HE IS A NUT JOB!!!!

  • ava rose

    GO JON! He finally has a smart lawyer. Don’t care what people’s opinions are now. most of the public is just mean to jon b/c of ignorance…they’ll believe anything written in the media. If jon is the bad guy, we’ll hate him. if jon is portrayed as good, he may be good. This guy may be slow, not the brightest bulb out there BUT he expressed how he wanted to end last season. Jon and kate were on the couch in “conflict” whether to continue the show – jon was done, kate wasn’t.

    the world is cruel. they can turn their backs on you and you’ll see the ugliest things. once everything clears out and things are turning right, the world will embrace you again….we live in a hypocritical world

  • Darya

    Put yourself in Jon’s shoes. Who wouldn’t be pissed to be thrown off the gravy train! I hope he gets what he wants. Why should Kate rake in all the money off the kids?!!! Either they both exploit them or none. That’s what is fair.


    Jon has stepped up to the plate, Someone needs to take control and demand that the cameras are removed from the house so that the children can quit working. TLC and Kate seem to have no qualms about exploiting the children. No doubt they are already writing scripts for episodes that will take place away from the house. Except for the sheeples, it is difficult to understand why anyone would criticize Jon for finally doing the right thing.

  • Angel

    Kate was stupid enough to think SHE was the attraction of the show and they could just drop Jon…more money for her. I’m glad Jon is finally showing some balls and has stopped being her doormat and so passive. This show was never about the kids…it was about making money…period! Jon was always the more involved parent…Kate just sat back moaning and groaning about everything and shouting out orders.

  • jane


    because people like you read about them and take the time to comment.

  • joanne

    I’ll say it again! END THIS DAMN SHOW ALREADY!! they have enough money to raise their kids, let them live in peace TLC

  • TLC

    Jon ,You are an UNPROFESSIONAL PIMP,,,,,,,,,ouch : (

  • anon

    It is Kate Gosselin that put HER name on a scrap-book of her children (and loved having her children in the shower or having BMs) that any pedophile could pick up…$$$$…exploitative…..$$$ …..TLC. TLC encourages fertility drugs and makes millions off of the exploitation of children, obese, disabled, deformed, dwarfs, the weak.

    TLC is no longer the “The Learning Channel”. They script, lie, manipulate already narcissistic, neurotic greedy parents into pimping their children for their greedy profit. Shame on TLC’s sponsors for continuing to support them.

  • wm

    I wish both Jon and Kate would go away FOREVER!!!

  • Harry

    WHO CARES about this fatfuk?

  • ll

    “TLC: Jon Gosselin is Self-Destructive, Unprofessional and Opportunistic”
    translation: get outda way jon, we wants our monies

  • sayitaintso…

    Posts #9, 10 & 11…. Thank you!!! refreshing to see that there are logical people on here. Say what you want about how he is acting but place yourself in his shoes people. If your spouse cut you out of a project that involved your kids and monies coming in and a lot of it wouldn’t you want a piece of the pie and wouldn’t you also be screaming if you weren’t. It’s nor moral but it’s their reality right now. Afterall, the show is about the kids and he is apart of the kids. If Kate has been given the “gift of gab” she should also have no problem stopping the show and proceed with her OWN project, not involving the children and go from there. But, until that happens and the kids are needed for the income this is going to become a very bitter divorce. How sad though…. it’s bitter not because of how they were to each other over the years but because of a PRODUCTION COMPANY! who could give a rats a.. about them! Again, corporate America at its finest!

  • Sue

    @ava rose:

    Jon may have said he wanted to be done with filming but NOT because filming had a detrimental effect upon his children. His desire to be done with the show sprang from wanting to be seen as an individual and not as Jon of “Jon & Kate + 8.” In fact, prior to this, he has repeatedly stated filming was not harmful to the kids.

    Jon’s actions have, especially in the last several months, been completely self-motivated: he pursues his desires and damned with who he hurts or what his kids may see. Obviously his actions now are no different. Don’t give this guy credit for having values he most definitely lacks.

  • fresh

    lol I finally agree with this guy. Take the kids off the show—their lives will be screwed up if you dont.

  • ann

    he’s a douchebag

  • Honeybunn

    TLC needs to cancel this freak show.

    The People who continue to watch this show, are same people who drive slowly pass car accidents. They want to see all the damage. Take it all in for their personal enjoyment.

    I feel sorry for the kids. It is hard enough to deal with ones parents getting divorce. Now they have to deal with a Network, Mother, and a Father out to make money off of them.

    These kids will never know what life is with out a camera following them around. When the Lights and Camera men finally go away will these kids know what the real world is really like? No staged outings so they can have a show. No TV interviews. No free stuff given to them.

    Kate go back to nursing. A real job.
    Jon get another job in IT. A real job.
    TLC cancel this show ASAP. Get out of the Tabloid business.

  • sue

    They both displayed erratic behavior but Jon was followed and photographed everywhere and Kate was seldom if ever intruded upon when she was on her own without the kids. I suspect TLC had something to do with this (as has been said on these threads before).

  • ava rose

    also you have to remember that this is also an “ego thing”. I don’t think jon cared if he was on any future episodes…just as long as it was still called “jon and kate plus 8″. Once his name was taken off, there’s such an impact and significance behind it – in some ways, it’s almost as if he’s been kicked out of the family (despite being separated from kate). The irony of that is though we all know that reality tv is not real…the people who are in it, “portraying their lives” do not have any clear boundaries of what “reality” vs. reality. Men have very very fragile egos (right, ladies) and if I were a guy, waking up to hear on the news that i’m not part of a family (even if it is a title), I would be very upset.

    jon seems to be a peace loving guy – only fight when you have to. Be a pushover if you have to, just don’t bring drama. This guy may not be perfect but he’s human. I think he’s finally doing all these things now b/c the straw broke the camel’s back. 2 weeks ago, this couldn’t be possible. He couldn’t “out of nowhere” just halt production…he’s fighting back and it’s not just about the moneys. He’s got very smart lawyers and to me, this seems like a well orchestrated plan. KUDOS to jon’s lawyers and to him to…for listening! hahaha

  • Kelly

    Who are these two ugly people with 8 kids that look like the VA Tech shooter?

  • anon

    Everyone else that goes through a divorce standard of living falls (at least for awhile)….why should Jon and Kate and their children be any different? Kate knew the marriage was failing….she certainly did…why purchase a 1.1 million dollar home if you know you are getting divorced? You down-size, the Gosselins think they don’t have to follow the rules…especially Kate. The begging and freebie train should have ended years ago but TLC enabled it, TLC should have paid these children for the child slaves they made them into….TLC exploits children and the different…plain and simple. Wonder how cozy Kate and Eileen really are?

  • ava rose
  • ava rose
  • anon

    kelly, why are you a racist?

  • yea

    Take her to the cleaners Jon and make her life miserable. She deserves it.
    & Give the kids a friggin’ break.

  • Ken

    This the right thing to do… I love how you said is he planning to work again to support his kids but you didn’t say anything about Kate working. You must be a Kate fan…

  • Catalina

    He is self destructing before our very eyes. He is the one who wanted off the show. He is the one who said filming is not detrimental to his children. He is the one who said he loved Hailey more than Kate and he was happy. He was the one who wanted to pursue other interests.

    He bit the hand that fed him and continues to feed him. I’ll enjoy him going back to work to support his 8 children and his soon to be ex wife. They have been accustomed to the high living and will need to continue living that way.

    Better start getting the resume ready Jon.

  • Jan


    He may have stepped up to the plate, but he walked awfully slowly to get there.

  • senya

    i think tlc should scrap the show already and think about the kids best future ,but it seems like this channel is exploiting the kids for the best of their company and so are both parents. i suggest tlc should make a show about kate with out her children involved. do you think this is possible? or tlc and kate just want to milk it while it’s hot but i hope they think about the children’s future ,privacy and normalcy. why not the owner of tlc or producer of this show put a camera in their house and have some strangers follow them around everyday?….this is more about profits for the company and more money in kates pockets . i am wondering ,sometimes she go to parties or a night out and book signing tour- is the money from the show and freebies they collected for a long while not enough?……..and the kids left with nannies?…………and claims she takes care of her kids or so the show claims. the show is fooling people who watch it.

  • WHAT!

    “REALITY” “STARS” are such turds! plz stop this coverage, no more reality turds, pleaaaaaaaaaase Jared!

  • VanM

    Kate is a go-getter…She has proven that she can write books that are interesting enough to be on the best seller list she is a good speaker and can share her tips with a lot of women and she has an RN license and at the very least has a career she can fall back on if needed. Kate will be just fine with-or w-out the show…Now douchenaga aka Jon, on the other hand has proven that he is lazy and can’t hold down a job. Like I said before…Jon may have won the battle but Kate will most definately win the war…….

  • Jan


    I doubt Kate could cut him out, it would have to be TLC. Jon stated at one point that he didn’t want to participate in filming.

    In any case, I hope they go their separate ways, continue to earn good livings, and the children have some peace in their lives.

  • ava rose

    Oh! and don’t forget: jon wasn’t allowed to do this b/c even back then, (through all his antics), he was still under contract w. TLC; therefore he couldn’t say anything against them, any concerns, allegations. He was still “owned” my TLC and now that he’s finally free fr, it, I’m not surprised he’s starting the attacks.

  • glug glug

    Kate has just sent out for a another case of Vodka

  • Lauren

    Bottom line – you signed a contract to have your family filmed on your property. I’m pretty sure there was no “take-back” clause for when you lost your mind. You are such a joke.

  • hawker

    The show has NOT been about the kids for some time now. They have become props – the real show has become the poor behavior of both Jon and Kate. She’s traipsing all over the country, behaving badly as far as being rude to people, promoting herself – like anyone wants to take advice from her? Her 15 minutes of fame has come and gone. Shut the program down. They’re going to have a heck of time getting their lives back – and I don’t think it will ever be normal for any of them. They ALL need counseling – big time. I think Jon has behaved poorly and irresponsibly – that’s evident. So I’m not excusing him. Jon, Kate and TLC are to be held responsible for this train wreck that is happening right now. There goes the fancy and expensive toys and probably the New York apartment and the huge house. oh, so sad – not.

  • Rachel

    although he’s probably right about the show harming his children I don’t think he’s doing this out of concern for them he’s doing it out of vengance because as previously announced the show is being renamed Kate plus 8 I’m sure he’s not to happy about that and the whole suspending the divorce thing this is all to improve his public image if he was truly concerned about the kids he would have halted filming years ago.

  • Lucas

    @ava rose: the state is watching what happens with the kids very closely. Jon wanted out, TLC gave him what he wanted. and then he realized that that meant no more money. he’s trying to use his joint ownership of the house (which Kate will certainly ask for along with full custody of the kids) as a way to make money. or barring that, end all of it. which isn’t really fair to the kids who do cost a lot even in public schools with Target clothes cause hey there are 8 of them. and could potentially cost the state of Pennsylvania if they have to go on welfare of any kind.

  • $$$$$$

    If this show ends these 8 kids will be of no use to Ms. Kate.

  • Lucas

    @LILLIBET: oh please. Jon had no qualms about it until he found out he was being cut, which means no more money for him. then suddenly it is bad for the kids. this isn’t about them. it’s about his checkbook

  • Kanye

    You guys do realize all this stuff is an extension of the show itself. They are like the cartoon characters that you see in the amusement parks.

  • Ruth

    Kate may not be pleasant but she is a responsible parent and an intelligent woman. I am sure that she will be able to support herself and the children even without the show – as a writer, interviewer etc.

    Jon may be very charming and clever as well but since the separation all we have seen is a father of eight children behaving like a 25 year old bachelor – women, women and more women. He behaved very disrespectfully to his estranged wife and family and made a complete fool of himself.

    I hope that the show is cancelled and that these eight sweet kids will be able to live normal lives without supporting their two parents. I hope that the parents start thinking about their children instead of their own egos and find alternative employment.

  • pp

    Jon got himself a sharp Jewish lawyer …no surprise here