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David Letterman Extortion Plot Unravels, Joe Halderman Indicted

David Letterman Extortion Plot Unravels, Joe Halderman Indicted

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has released a statement in regard to the extortion plot involving David Letterman .

The statement released to ET states: “The defendant Robert Joel Halderman, a.k.a. Joe Halderman, [who] is 51 years old of Norwalk, CT, was indicted on an attempted grand larceny charge. The crimes charged in the indictment occurred between September 9th and September 30th of 2009.

“The investigation leading to today’s indictment reveal[s] that Halderman waited outside Letterman‘s Manhattan home at 6 a.m. on September 9th to deliver a letter and other materials to him as he was leaving for work.

Halderman wrote that he needed to ‘make a large chunk of money’ by selling Letterman a so-called ‘screenplay treatment.’ The one page screenplay treatment attached to the letter referred to Mr. Letterman‘s great professional success and … his ‘beautiful and loving son.’ The document then related that Mr. Letterman‘s ‘world is about to collapse around him’ as information about his private life is disclosed leading to a ‘ruined reputation’ and severe damage to his professional and family lives.

“The package contained other materials supporting the screenplay treatment and directed Mr. Letterman to call him by 8 a.m. to make a deal. Mr. Letterman immediately contacted his attorney, who arranged an initial meeting with Halderman. During this initial meeting, Halderman demanded to be paid 2 million dollars to avoid the disclosure of the private information in his so-called screenplay treatment.

Halderman, a long time employee of CBS, currently works for the program 48 Hours Mystery. He was arrested yesterday outside the CBS offices on West 57th street and will be arraigned today in state Supreme Court.

“A search warrant was executed in Connecticut yesterday and the investigation is continuing.”

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  • dani

    I admire the way David Letterman handled this. No excuses. Facts. Didn’t cry drugs or alcohol dependency and he has to go to rehab. Owned up.
    Just wishmore of these celebutards had as much spine instead of insulting the public with their lame as*s stories.

  • michaela

    Another icon bites the dust, eh11?

  • gunnfan

    I agree. What he does in his personal life doesn’t concern me, and I really admire the way he has handled it. It’s out there and over with (except for the trial). The tabs will be brutal, but those bottom-feeders usually are.

  • G

    Kudos for the way Letterman told the truth without excuses or apologies. More men can be like this – honest and self-aware.

    As for the extortion racket, hopefully this will deter other people. The public should realize that secrets are really not so bad that you have to keel to the thief. The general public may not be happy with certain revelations, especially sexual ones, but they are more understanding than people would think.

  • wendy

    Agreed! He did own up, which is rare in the celeb world, so respect, however it does not excuse the fact that i think his actions are disgusting. At least he took the blame, no bs!

  • What about Palin’s kids?

    FIRST up,Leterman did not to see which kid was with Palin at the game. It was not then grown adult woman,the18yr.old (18 is a the legal age) who is famous in her own right ( Candies shoe offer and Peoplemag coverstory and interview), but the14yr. old.Ok,Palin made static.The jokester apologized. Leno,Conan,also made the same jokes pretty much,but letterman got just got caught.
    I have to bring this up because Palin’s fans here will.
    I do NOT like Letterman.Ido not watchhimunlesssomebody ison I want to see .I watch Jimmy Kimmel.
    Letterman had sex.So many people are uptight about people having sex .Guess co’s they don’t get none.
    Letterman is an old man.When has this man not been old?
    He had sex with consenting adult women.
    He was not married. He is rich but likes plain Jane looking women.
    He is a pastor or politican .and he was not married then.
    When you are married,you’re married. When your’re not, your’re not married legally yet.
    Letterman is smart so he probably has eivdence to show to the contrary,just in case somebody says,sexual harrassment.General rule from the rulebook; You don’t shi t where you eat.
    Yeah,letterman handled it right. Don’t cave in to extortion. Tell your audience the whole story.
    Halderman is going down. Halderman
    talking about Letterms’s son,threatening a 6yr.old.,bad news.

  • Dorothy


    How are David’s Letterman’s actions digusting?

  • Rhonda

    He’s just lucky he’s part of the entertainment crowd, in the real world workplace he’d be DONE!

    In the entertainment world, you can drug a 13 year old and sodomize her and everyone thinks your a big deal.

    Entertainment people are classless, know it alls, Karma is a beautiful thing!

    That big ass woman he’s married to has got to be the most shamed wife since Hillary Clinton.

  • DLGoodFriend

    David always tells it like it is. He is one of the few show busness figures that have owned up to this kind of behavior at the start. I watch Mr. Letterman every night, that is if its not a rerun. Hate reruns. You go David kick butt and make us proud. Show everyone thay can not be pushed around or blackmailed. We all have wrongs we have to make right.

  • DLGoodFriend

    @Rhonda: What are you doing looking at her ass? My goodness aren’t we getting off the subject.

  • Rhonda


    Have you seen his wife, one ugly bitch! Yes, her ass is big! David likes to run other people’s families down, its good he gets his share.

  • sheryl

    Nail the would-be scumbag extortnionist’s ass to the wall! These people are lower than anybody having sex.

    And for the record, I’m sure the sex was consensual. Quit making it like women are victims. If it’s harrassment, yes. If they consented to sex (apart from their jobs being in jeapardy, of course, which is harassment), then it’s nobody’s business but David, the sex partner, and the girlfriend. I like how people always assume that the poor little women are being victimized by the celebrities. You don’t think women can be sexually forward as well? Please.

  • Pandora

    It’s not all about him. He was living w/ his current wife at the time. Couples don’t live together and screw outside of the rel’ship (unless it’s an open one, and if that were the case, this loser wouldn’t have plotted the extortion scheme). So I do feel sorry for her.

    Letterman is good at what he does but he’s never been an attractive man. The only thing these women found attractive was his bank account. There is something very odd about the man. I can recall when he asked Ricky Lake out (this was years ago) and she was thinking “He’s an old man!”. He even said he’d ask her father’s permission. That, folks, is bizarre. Really.

    You’d think a producer would make enough money that he wouldn’t have to come up w/ this cacamamy scheme. What an idiot.

  • LuckyL

    He owned up because he had to and this is a brilliant PR campaign. Americans are stupid.

  • LuckyL

    It was all win-win for Letterman to be ahead of the leak. How is this honorable? It’s simply “SMRT”

  • Vic

    Letterman was between a rock and a hard place. Despicable conduct? Yeah. But he owned up to it. How his actions play out in his personal life is none of our business, but the fact that he went to his attorney and followed legal procedure, and owned up to his mid-conduct on air speaks volumes. Kudos for taking it on the chin, Dave. Shame on you for sexual misconduct.

  • LuckyL

    ^Why the f*ck are you acting like he broke the law and brought himself into custody?? He simply went to the police to catch the criminal doing acts AGAINST him. In no way does that relate to his sleeping around on the job. Scum move and a brilliant PR campaign. Jesus Christ.

  • LuckyL

    He’s not son “good ole boy” who turned himself in for stealing candy. He simply said this before the press could so he could look like an “upstanding scout” by saying it first. Please, he had to. It’s brilliant, brilliant PR and this country has bought it hook, line, and sinker. Tired of people glamorizing a campaign to look “upstanding.” I’m sure he and his wife are in an open relationship so I could really care less but this “hero worship” is f*cking ridiculous.

  • LuckyL

    The extortionist is obviously a scumbag as well but he’s getting his.

  • troy

    Well I think making a living of making fun of guys like spitzer and other losers f-ing around is kind of weird if you in way behave like a cheat yourself. I like the Letterman show but I thought he had more class.
    Hope the a-hole who tried to get money from him is locked up for a while.

  • Rhonda

    Nobody cares who Letterman screws accept his doormat wife and perhaps CBS if they get sued for sexual harrassment.

    When you diss other peoples family, Karma comes back and thats a good thing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    who cares anymore, it’s already boring
    he’s probably gonna get more ppl watching with this now, and he doesnt appear as the bad guy since she was being extorted
    i agree with others win-win for him

  • alison

    Letterman had a common law marriage for twenty years. He was living with Regina Lasko when he had this long time affair. If he cared so much about protecting his family, why in God’s name did he have this affair in the first place?

    Sounds egomaniacal and needy to me. Doesn’t anyone have any morals anymore? How do you think his wife and son are feeling about this right now?

  • alison

    Letterman had a common law marriage for twenty years. He was living with Regina Lasko when he had this long time affair. If he cared so much about protecting his family, why in God’s name did he have this affair in the first place?

    Sounds egomaniacal and needy to me. Doesn’t anyone have any morals anymore? How do you think his wife and son are feeling about this right now?

  • Jaded

    No one here can really comment on his relationship with his girlfriend as they are not part of that relationship, and don’t know what they had agreed to or didn’t agree to.
    Secondly, I don’t think that anyone should blackmail anyone for any reason and get away with it. Morally the affair may be wrong, but that doesn’t mean that you can then commit a felony because you disagree.
    This guy must be really dumb if he thought he was going to get away with this, how many other people have tried to blackmail celebs and gotten nailed for it John Travolta, Cameron Diaz, Madonna.

  • Morgan

    I love these sanctimonious, judgemental people on here. they are probably the same ones that voted Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Larry Craig, David Vitter, John Ensign and so on.

  • steve gnosis

    noone is above reproach,
    not alderman not letterman,
    the truth will have out.

  • TJ

    I admire and have so much respect for the way Letterman handled this whole ordeal. This Joe Halderma is disgusting scum.
    No one should let scum extort money from them.

  • Halli


    Right on!

  • xxx

    I love Dave. Hope he gets to keep his job!

  • jude

    So what! Doctors and Nurses do it, teachers do it and it takes two to agree to a sexual relationship. Dave is just a normal man and I’m sure the woman were agreeable. I just wish he would stop with the Palin jokes already. I’m just tired of hearing them and leave her alone and she might go away.

  • John

    I accidentally found this site. What a bunch of psychos. Nearly Everyone says that David Letterman is a great man! That he is so worthy, so honorable by putting it all out there.Nearly everyone defends him. What creepy class of people do we have here?

  • Davleigh

    Letterman you old dog!

  • victoria #1

    Only time will tell what CBS decides to do, and what statement’s will
    be made. The audience at first thought he was joking with them, I heard. ( did not watch myself ).
    David Letterman has now found himself in a sad and stressful
    situation, one he is usually on the other side of making jokes over
    at someone else’s expense. Plus, the other women and their families
    if they are married or have children. What will they do or say, or will
    everyone be bought off?
    David’s wife and himself are extremely protective and private over their son. I’m sure all of this will be handled as
    quickly and efficiently as possible with alot of buy-outs, ( hush money )
    to protect this child from any undue stress and unwanted publicity.

    Knowing David Letterman and his personality he will take vacation time
    and then come back ready to go like before. We all make terrible mistakes, and yes, this is more than a ” mistake “, but the public is
    usually forgiving with certain stars after a time.