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Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry is seen leaving a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Thursday (October 1).

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actress was seen pulling her rolling suitcase through LAX airport in Los angeles. Her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, walked beside her the whole time. Gabriel was seen giving Halle kisses on the lips while holding onto her backside. So sweet!

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry out and about in Hollywood Hills…

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86 Responses to “Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry”

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  1. 1
    bullcrap Says:

    Do you work for Halle….why is this news! Why would would need to know that Gabriel is kissing a woman he has been allegedly dating for 4 years…proabably because they have something to prove….like that they are a real couple NOT!!!!! NO ONE BUYS IT!!!! PLEASE STOP WITH THIS PR Bullsh*t!

  2. 2
    gabriel please Says:

    MOST people think Gabriel is gay anyway…so why would he not like her back side!

  3. 3
    study halle Says:

    if you really sit down and study Halle’s past articles – you will see a pattern in her life and in her “stories”! Plus, it’s not really hating when folks are speaking the truth as it has been told to them or as they have seen it. It’s actually been mentioned behind the scenes that Gabriel is gay. That’s not a bad thing. If Halle needed a baby, she had to get it how she had to get it. I could understand why she would want to KNOW the guy she was having a baby with. PLUS, just put the logic into it — a few short months before she “met” Gabriel, she was asking Nate Berkus to help her have a baby. Nate is openly gay and she actually told him that she liked that he was gay. NOW you can’t say this is a “hater” story BECAUSE NATE actually told the story to the Oprah audience. He said point blank, that Halle asked him and mentioned how cute he was (he looks like a shorter version of Aubry) and how she liked him being gay because then SHE would be the main caretaker of the baby. NATE then mentioned to the Oprah audience that that part too him aback because “him being gay DOES NOT mean he would not want to be a part of the child’s life” — in other words, Halle was looking and looking hard. So NO Aubry being gay and “fronting” as her man DOES NOT surprise me. Halle is a PR machine. She has not had a good movie out in years, and yet there is an article about her every week or even day and it’s usually the same old recycled mess about her “not being pregnant” “being the most beautiful person in the world” — check it out and really study the business and Halle’s role in it. And read how she has treated men in the past after they either leave her or break her heart. THERE’S A PATTERN in the at least the WAY she tells the story. It’s not hating, it’s fact!

  4. 4
    Halle the liar Says:

    One question for Halle if you are reading this….why because of your poor choices in men do you feel the need to DISRESPECT black men in that Essence article you did!!!! It was because of black men that you even had the opportunity to cross over! Who supported you when you did REAL FILMS like “Jungle Fever” “Boomerang” “Strictly Business” — BLACK PEOPLE and BLACK MEN!!!! And did you forget about the WHITE GUY that sued you for 80,000 when you were married to David Justice. Who supported you through that, your black husband David Justice. And what about that hit and run when some of your white friends like Jay Leno (remember the skit he played) were ready to throw you under bus — who was as you called him your “rock” — wow! You black husband Eric Benet! Yeah he may have cheated on you — no excuse for that – but to be real more than 60% of marriages deal with that…things happen. Get over the victim role! AS today, I personally can’t stand you! I think you are the ultimate liar. You disrespected India by overexaggerating the problems you had with your marriage to Eric Benet – you did not take into account that she was a teenager who probably read the Internet and went to school and could probably be teased. You told the world she was like your real daughter, you knew her mother had died in a car accidet, and yet you dropped her when you no longer needed her for publicity. Eric finally cracked and told the public YOUR DARK SIDE (oh while…is that the name of your next flop of a movie lol!) Speaking of Eric…you mentioned you “longest relationship” has been with Gabriel…that’s a LIE!!!! Eric proposed to you in 1999 ON YOUR BIRTHDAY and you all had been dating for months before that — definitely adds up to more than 4 years you’ve been dating this flat butt, weak, can’t keep a restaurant open, white boy!

  5. 5
    muppet Says:

    @study halle: i really doubt if someone would put THAT much effort into misleading people, pr, whatever. we are talking about a child. maybe she turned gabriel straight? ha. all i’m saying is there’s a child involved and i doubt if halle would raise her child based on a whole bunch of lies. everybody just relax and let them live their lives.

  6. 6
    Halle the liar Says:

    THe point I’m trying to make is…Halle instead of saying that you “tried with black men” — how about just saying you found love where you found it. Someone’s race has nothing to do with love. BUT I forgot your cold and bitter and still can’t get over the fact that David LEFT YOU and Eric CHEATED on you.

  7. 7
    study halle Says:

    @muppet: The child will likely know Gabriel as her father…gay or straight. All Halle would have to do is tell her child that she and her daddy’s relationship did not work out. Folks have turned gay after years of marriage and children just accept it. And also, what do you mean people don’t keep things from their children. Diana Ross did not tell her eldest daughter who her REAL father was until she was 13 years old….Diana, likely similar to Halle, was trying to maintain an image and the child somehow got caught up in the facade.

    And it’s VERY true that Halle asked Nate to be her baby’s daddy…a very GAY NATE and she LIKED the gay part….so what would keep her from asking another “good looking” gay guy to father her baby. And she’s already said in EBONY that she is a control freak…so I’m sure instead of going to a sperm bank where you don’t have much control…she would have rathered known the father of her baby.

    And last but not least…don’t forget that Halle recently told a publication that she “does not believe in love being forever” so expect this little facade to end shortly.

  8. 8
    zema Says:

    very sexy click is CLICK CLICK

  9. 9
    muppet Says:

    @study halle: hey listen *hands up* i ain’t got a let to stand on, i know nothing about halle – i’m just taking things as i see them first hand.
    i was just trying to point out that there is a difference between somebody’s personal life and public perception.

  10. 10
    name Says:

    there’s similar discussion about jennifer aniston what’s real vs perception/facade. same thing?

  11. 11
    zema Says:


  12. 12
    anan Says:

    love halle

  13. 13
    anan Says:

  14. 14
    Jared stop the bs Says:

    @bullcrap: Amen! Jared stop the bs. No where any of the pix of their recent excursion to whereever (seriously doubt they were house hunting in SF–like them house hunting in Quebec-more bs) did it say they were kissing, he patted her rump to guide to move her along, the other two he doesn’t look thrilled to be seen with her, but at least he finally got a haircut.

    Jared quit making up crap! Are you on her payroll?

  15. 15
    #3 Says:

    @study halle: repeat pf your post on the last Halle thread.

  16. 16
    ugly Says:

    Halle B is hottttttttt

  17. 17
    #4 Says:

    @Halle the liar: More of Halle’s bs. Halle has always said how wonderful David and Eric were which can be found in numerous interviews and videos on her one of her fan’s website

    David called her on her **** re: the abuse allegations after he bailed her out of the dropped dentist extortion case, her racking up his credit cards taking other men out for meals/buying them gifts, him paying off Playboy to not show pictures of her, paying for her abortion etc. Then he’s caught in some prostitution sting. Halle later recants her statement and says he’s a nice guy.

    Pulled the same crap with Eric. She even had an affair w/Warren Beatty while doing Bullworth and was seen leaving his house while she was with Eric and she ******* about him cheating on her? Spreading lies about him suing her for support, adopting (never happend) her daughter, etc.

    SSDD with Aubry except he’s still in the picture for now. Who knows if he’s really Nahla’s father? One thing for sure is, he’s definitely afraid of her. All of this for selling his soul to the devil.

    Both of her relationship with David and Eric have been longer than with Aubry.

  18. 18
    #5 Says:

    @muppet: Hate to tell you if you’re gay, you can’t turn someone straight regardless of those fantantical church/other groups. Aubry being bi, don’t know. I’m sure he whacked in a cup for her. Since she was seen several times going to an IVF clinic carrying something with her. So, that part of the L &S article was true. Don’t be so gulliable-Halle’s entire career has been based on lies, what are you talking about. She keeps forgetting that it stopped being about her once she said she wanted a child.

  19. 19
    #6 Says:

    @Halle the liar: She previous comments. Thank you for your comments. Her comments to Essence while she meant them as a joke, she needs to be further coached by her PR chick or manager not to make dumbass statements to further alienate herself from the very same population who helped her career and who could have saved it for her. Also her bonehead statement that Aubry would have been with her at the Inauguration if he wasn’t working is total bs-Halle wasn’t going to buy him a ticket nor was Aubry going to buy one-get real, he’s not her husband. Plus, friends told me she ran into Eric and he gave her the cold shoulder. She probably asked him if he’d whack in a cup for her again-LOL.

  20. 20
    #7 Says:

    @study halle: See other comments. Still say Nahla is really Eric’s and he whacked in a cup for her. Kid looks more like his mother and Eric than Aubry. If true, why is Aubry fronting for her? Have been joking about the Eric/other comments in my post/s to liven things up.

    All just to get a failed restaurant, the Macy’s/CK deals, etc. He’s nothing more than a gay K-Fed. Halle doesn’t care about him if so, she would have stopped the gay rumors long ago. Me still thinks now that Aubry knows Halle’s a whack job, he’s scared of her. He’s as phony as she is. Maybe they are a perfect pair.

    The one who is suffering the most is Nahla. Hope she turns out okay.

    No matter of all of Halle’s publicity stunts with their numerous outings and family trips and staged almost pappi fights and other bullshyt, still doesn’t make a family. He still looks uncomfortable every time he holds and she generally looks uncomfortable when he holds her. Real bonding? If he is always there he would have bonding with the kid by now. Funny he once said in an interview that he wasn’t interesting in acting–good thing-because he definitely needs acting lessons if he’s going to pull off this charade.

    It will be interesting if Aubry will ever have the balls to stand up to Halle’s bullshyt. No wonder Hollywood won’t make her movies and she is always desperately looking for work.

    Red flag if she’s constantly looking for work, she’s not moving to SF, Canada etc and they’re not going to have any more kids anytime soon and her bonehead statement of her knowing it’s not going to last, tells me more that this whole thing is full of ****.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Halle planted that story w/ L & S so she can stay relevant and then go on Leno for attention or Aubry did it to try to get away from her. Love how he is always hiding and appears when she needs him to–another red flag—he’s not always working and not always there.

    Two problems with Halle: she believes her own hype and she tries too hard thus is her own worse enemy. If her arrangement with Aubry works out, great (not holding my breath), but for Nahla’s sake, get it together and do so quickly.

  21. 21
    wrong again JJ Says:

    Wrong again, JJ….Halle was in LA over the weekend w/o Aubry. Sources from their getaway trip have them at LAX yesterday. He was moving her along, not giving her a love tap and kissing her. Where do you get this tripe?

  22. 22
    Perez Jr. Says:

    JJ aka PerezJr.

  23. 23
    Love peace Says:

    Please explain to me, why do you always think Gabriel Aubry is gay?! Where is proof that Gabriel Aubry??

  24. 24
    nikomilinko Says:

    aubery is hot

  25. 25
    Bran Says:

    Why don’t you get with the trashy and lowlife men from her past.
    No one put a gun to their heads and said you must marry Ms Berry. They are resposible for their insecurities, adultry and emotional abuse of Ms Berry. Both of her jealous ex husbands sued her for money because they needed to take something away from her so they could feel better about themselves. Ms Berry is a better place because she is with a man who doesn’t NEED TO TEAR HER DOWN AND DEGRADE HER SO HE CAN FEEL IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD. The only reason people NEED to label her current partner as “gay” is to INVALIDATE THEIR REATIONSHIP and LOVE for each. IT’S EVIDENT HER EX HUSBANDS DIDN’T LOVE her or mean her any good BY THE WAY THEY TREATED HER. Therefore, GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM AND LET THEM LOVE WHO THEY ARE ABLE TO LOVE.

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