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Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry is seen leaving a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Thursday (October 1).

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actress was seen pulling her rolling suitcase through LAX airport in Los angeles. Her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, walked beside her the whole time. Gabriel was seen giving Halle kisses on the lips while holding onto her backside. So sweet!

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry out and about in Hollywood Hills…

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86 Responses to “Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry”

  1. 1
    bullcrap Says:

    Do you work for Halle….why is this news! Why would would need to know that Gabriel is kissing a woman he has been allegedly dating for 4 years…proabably because they have something to prove….like that they are a real couple NOT!!!!! NO ONE BUYS IT!!!! PLEASE STOP WITH THIS PR Bullsh*t!

  2. 2
    gabriel please Says:

    MOST people think Gabriel is gay anyway…so why would he not like her back side!

  3. 3
    study halle Says:

    if you really sit down and study Halle’s past articles – you will see a pattern in her life and in her “stories”! Plus, it’s not really hating when folks are speaking the truth as it has been told to them or as they have seen it. It’s actually been mentioned behind the scenes that Gabriel is gay. That’s not a bad thing. If Halle needed a baby, she had to get it how she had to get it. I could understand why she would want to KNOW the guy she was having a baby with. PLUS, just put the logic into it — a few short months before she “met” Gabriel, she was asking Nate Berkus to help her have a baby. Nate is openly gay and she actually told him that she liked that he was gay. NOW you can’t say this is a “hater” story BECAUSE NATE actually told the story to the Oprah audience. He said point blank, that Halle asked him and mentioned how cute he was (he looks like a shorter version of Aubry) and how she liked him being gay because then SHE would be the main caretaker of the baby. NATE then mentioned to the Oprah audience that that part too him aback because “him being gay DOES NOT mean he would not want to be a part of the child’s life” — in other words, Halle was looking and looking hard. So NO Aubry being gay and “fronting” as her man DOES NOT surprise me. Halle is a PR machine. She has not had a good movie out in years, and yet there is an article about her every week or even day and it’s usually the same old recycled mess about her “not being pregnant” “being the most beautiful person in the world” — check it out and really study the business and Halle’s role in it. And read how she has treated men in the past after they either leave her or break her heart. THERE’S A PATTERN in the at least the WAY she tells the story. It’s not hating, it’s fact!

  4. 4
    Halle the liar Says:

    One question for Halle if you are reading this….why because of your poor choices in men do you feel the need to DISRESPECT black men in that Essence article you did!!!! It was because of black men that you even had the opportunity to cross over! Who supported you when you did REAL FILMS like “Jungle Fever” “Boomerang” “Strictly Business” — BLACK PEOPLE and BLACK MEN!!!! And did you forget about the WHITE GUY that sued you for 80,000 when you were married to David Justice. Who supported you through that, your black husband David Justice. And what about that hit and run when some of your white friends like Jay Leno (remember the skit he played) were ready to throw you under bus — who was as you called him your “rock” — wow! You black husband Eric Benet! Yeah he may have cheated on you — no excuse for that – but to be real more than 60% of marriages deal with that…things happen. Get over the victim role! AS today, I personally can’t stand you! I think you are the ultimate liar. You disrespected India by overexaggerating the problems you had with your marriage to Eric Benet – you did not take into account that she was a teenager who probably read the Internet and went to school and could probably be teased. You told the world she was like your real daughter, you knew her mother had died in a car accidet, and yet you dropped her when you no longer needed her for publicity. Eric finally cracked and told the public YOUR DARK SIDE (oh while…is that the name of your next flop of a movie lol!) Speaking of Eric…you mentioned you “longest relationship” has been with Gabriel…that’s a LIE!!!! Eric proposed to you in 1999 ON YOUR BIRTHDAY and you all had been dating for months before that — definitely adds up to more than 4 years you’ve been dating this flat butt, weak, can’t keep a restaurant open, white boy!

  5. 5
    muppet Says:

    @study halle: i really doubt if someone would put THAT much effort into misleading people, pr, whatever. we are talking about a child. maybe she turned gabriel straight? ha. all i’m saying is there’s a child involved and i doubt if halle would raise her child based on a whole bunch of lies. everybody just relax and let them live their lives.

  6. 6
    Halle the liar Says:

    THe point I’m trying to make is…Halle instead of saying that you “tried with black men” — how about just saying you found love where you found it. Someone’s race has nothing to do with love. BUT I forgot your cold and bitter and still can’t get over the fact that David LEFT YOU and Eric CHEATED on you.

  7. 7
    study halle Says:

    @muppet: The child will likely know Gabriel as her father…gay or straight. All Halle would have to do is tell her child that she and her daddy’s relationship did not work out. Folks have turned gay after years of marriage and children just accept it. And also, what do you mean people don’t keep things from their children. Diana Ross did not tell her eldest daughter who her REAL father was until she was 13 years old….Diana, likely similar to Halle, was trying to maintain an image and the child somehow got caught up in the facade.

    And it’s VERY true that Halle asked Nate to be her baby’s daddy…a very GAY NATE and she LIKED the gay part….so what would keep her from asking another “good looking” gay guy to father her baby. And she’s already said in EBONY that she is a control freak…so I’m sure instead of going to a sperm bank where you don’t have much control…she would have rathered known the father of her baby.

    And last but not least…don’t forget that Halle recently told a publication that she “does not believe in love being forever” so expect this little facade to end shortly.

  8. 8
    zema Says:

    very sexy click is CLICK CLICK

  9. 9
    muppet Says:

    @study halle: hey listen *hands up* i ain’t got a let to stand on, i know nothing about halle – i’m just taking things as i see them first hand.
    i was just trying to point out that there is a difference between somebody’s personal life and public perception.

  10. 10
    name Says:

    there’s similar discussion about jennifer aniston what’s real vs perception/facade. same thing?

  11. 11
    zema Says:


  12. 12
    anan Says:

    love halle

  13. 13
    anan Says:

  14. 14
    Jared stop the bs Says:

    @bullcrap: Amen! Jared stop the bs. No where any of the pix of their recent excursion to whereever (seriously doubt they were house hunting in SF–like them house hunting in Quebec-more bs) did it say they were kissing, he patted her rump to guide to move her along, the other two he doesn’t look thrilled to be seen with her, but at least he finally got a haircut.

    Jared quit making up crap! Are you on her payroll?

  15. 15
    #3 Says:

    @study halle: repeat pf your post on the last Halle thread.

  16. 16
    ugly Says:

    Halle B is hottttttttt

  17. 17
    #4 Says:

    @Halle the liar: More of Halle’s bs. Halle has always said how wonderful David and Eric were which can be found in numerous interviews and videos on her one of her fan’s website

    David called her on her **** re: the abuse allegations after he bailed her out of the dropped dentist extortion case, her racking up his credit cards taking other men out for meals/buying them gifts, him paying off Playboy to not show pictures of her, paying for her abortion etc. Then he’s caught in some prostitution sting. Halle later recants her statement and says he’s a nice guy.

    Pulled the same crap with Eric. She even had an affair w/Warren Beatty while doing Bullworth and was seen leaving his house while she was with Eric and she ******* about him cheating on her? Spreading lies about him suing her for support, adopting (never happend) her daughter, etc.

    SSDD with Aubry except he’s still in the picture for now. Who knows if he’s really Nahla’s father? One thing for sure is, he’s definitely afraid of her. All of this for selling his soul to the devil.

    Both of her relationship with David and Eric have been longer than with Aubry.

  18. 18
    #5 Says:

    @muppet: Hate to tell you if you’re gay, you can’t turn someone straight regardless of those fantantical church/other groups. Aubry being bi, don’t know. I’m sure he whacked in a cup for her. Since she was seen several times going to an IVF clinic carrying something with her. So, that part of the L &S article was true. Don’t be so gulliable-Halle’s entire career has been based on lies, what are you talking about. She keeps forgetting that it stopped being about her once she said she wanted a child.

  19. 19
    #6 Says:

    @Halle the liar: She previous comments. Thank you for your comments. Her comments to Essence while she meant them as a joke, she needs to be further coached by her PR chick or manager not to make dumbass statements to further alienate herself from the very same population who helped her career and who could have saved it for her. Also her bonehead statement that Aubry would have been with her at the Inauguration if he wasn’t working is total bs-Halle wasn’t going to buy him a ticket nor was Aubry going to buy one-get real, he’s not her husband. Plus, friends told me she ran into Eric and he gave her the cold shoulder. She probably asked him if he’d whack in a cup for her again-LOL.

  20. 20
    #7 Says:

    @study halle: See other comments. Still say Nahla is really Eric’s and he whacked in a cup for her. Kid looks more like his mother and Eric than Aubry. If true, why is Aubry fronting for her? Have been joking about the Eric/other comments in my post/s to liven things up.

    All just to get a failed restaurant, the Macy’s/CK deals, etc. He’s nothing more than a gay K-Fed. Halle doesn’t care about him if so, she would have stopped the gay rumors long ago. Me still thinks now that Aubry knows Halle’s a whack job, he’s scared of her. He’s as phony as she is. Maybe they are a perfect pair.

    The one who is suffering the most is Nahla. Hope she turns out okay.

    No matter of all of Halle’s publicity stunts with their numerous outings and family trips and staged almost pappi fights and other bullshyt, still doesn’t make a family. He still looks uncomfortable every time he holds and she generally looks uncomfortable when he holds her. Real bonding? If he is always there he would have bonding with the kid by now. Funny he once said in an interview that he wasn’t interesting in acting–good thing-because he definitely needs acting lessons if he’s going to pull off this charade.

    It will be interesting if Aubry will ever have the balls to stand up to Halle’s bullshyt. No wonder Hollywood won’t make her movies and she is always desperately looking for work.

    Red flag if she’s constantly looking for work, she’s not moving to SF, Canada etc and they’re not going to have any more kids anytime soon and her bonehead statement of her knowing it’s not going to last, tells me more that this whole thing is full of ****.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Halle planted that story w/ L & S so she can stay relevant and then go on Leno for attention or Aubry did it to try to get away from her. Love how he is always hiding and appears when she needs him to–another red flag—he’s not always working and not always there.

    Two problems with Halle: she believes her own hype and she tries too hard thus is her own worse enemy. If her arrangement with Aubry works out, great (not holding my breath), but for Nahla’s sake, get it together and do so quickly.

  21. 21
    wrong again JJ Says:

    Wrong again, JJ….Halle was in LA over the weekend w/o Aubry. Sources from their getaway trip have them at LAX yesterday. He was moving her along, not giving her a love tap and kissing her. Where do you get this tripe?

  22. 22
    Perez Jr. Says:

    JJ aka PerezJr.

  23. 23
    Love peace Says:

    Please explain to me, why do you always think Gabriel Aubry is gay?! Where is proof that Gabriel Aubry??

  24. 24
    nikomilinko Says:

    aubery is hot

  25. 25
    Bran Says:

    Why don’t you get with the trashy and lowlife men from her past.
    No one put a gun to their heads and said you must marry Ms Berry. They are resposible for their insecurities, adultry and emotional abuse of Ms Berry. Both of her jealous ex husbands sued her for money because they needed to take something away from her so they could feel better about themselves. Ms Berry is a better place because she is with a man who doesn’t NEED TO TEAR HER DOWN AND DEGRADE HER SO HE CAN FEEL IMPORTANT IN THE WORLD. The only reason people NEED to label her current partner as “gay” is to INVALIDATE THEIR REATIONSHIP and LOVE for each. IT’S EVIDENT HER EX HUSBANDS DIDN’T LOVE her or mean her any good BY THE WAY THEY TREATED HER. Therefore, GOOD RIDDANCE TO THEM AND LET THEM LOVE WHO THEY ARE ABLE TO LOVE.

  26. 26
    nICKY Says:

    come on guys, why are some of you so mean to Halle? do u know her personally? what’s up with the hating on this website.

  27. 27
    Pandora Says:

    @#23…Gabriel Aubry is as gay as the day is long! I am straight and female, but I have a lot of gay friends whose gaydar goes off as soon as they see/hear Aubry.

    As everyone stated above, and I’ve said many times, there is nothing wrong w/ having a child w/ a gay man. Some may disagree, but hetero men don’t have such a great track record as fathers.

    These two probably have more in common than you may think. Their greatest loves are themselves. They are both very aloof. Notice how Halle is looking less and less feminine these days and more boyish in every pic. Hmmm. Perhaps she does think she can convert Aubry. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed which is why she and a man 10 yrs her junior are on the same intellectual field.

  28. 28
    pellegrino Says:

    There is only one person making negative post on this thread. That troll posts here under multiple names over and over and just loiters in her cave until JustJared posts about Halle. Troll, we get it, you don’t like the interracial thing. You’ve been at this for months. Just stfu and get a life. You took up the entire first page and spent the second half agreeing with yourself. You’re a loser.

  29. 29
    pellegrino Says:

    @Halle the liar:


  30. 30
    pellegrino Says:



  31. 31
    pellegrino Says:

    @study halle:

    TROLL. If I threw a stick would you leave? Halle’s BLACK husband, huh?

  32. 32
    WOW/BRAN Says:

    Yep the trolls are out today: @bullcrap @halle’salair @studyhalle guess some folks like to stir things up?

    Do disagree with BRAN: Halle Berry is responsible for her insecurities etc noone else. Her exes didn’t sue her. David had his own money from his baseball and was the major bread winner even when Halle’s career started to take off. Eric swears up one side and down the other that he has never asked Halle for a dime implying it was more of Halle’s drama etc. She doesn’t pay him any alimony which she said in a past interview.

  33. 33
    4 Pandora Says:

    @Pandora: Don’t see what the big deal is either.

  34. 34
    4Pellegrino Says:

    Thank you!

  35. 35
    Mya Says:

    I don’t like her anymore, anyway she calls the press to tell them where she is going to be, they all do. Her career is so over and she picks the worst movie, she is the same character in all of them.

  36. 36
    Dread not Says:

    How come when Aubry does it to Halle, it’s considered “cute”. But when I walk up to women, put my hand on their ass and kiss them, at best, I get a full palm flush on the cheek. At worst, I end up handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser, after being tasered into submission? I just don’t understand the world anymore…

  37. 37
    muppet Says:

    @pellegrino: amen.

  38. 38
    hmm Says:

    Sounds like one VERY bitter person is leaving multiple comments suggesting Halle isn’t really with her daughters father and just “playing house. So what if she is? Who cares. If she’s happy then fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Eric the ex.

  39. 39
    lalalove Says:

    The woman is blessed.

  40. 40
    study halle Says:

    @#3: yep! and it needs to be said. Done on purpose homie!

  41. 41
    gabriel Says:

    @Love peace: look at him

  42. 42
    oh please Says:

    @Bran: And Halle is responsible for her vindictiveness and lies about them. They;ve already paid the price. It’s time for her to start paying. She was not perfect. Perhaps she’s paying now….because just about every movie she’s done has flopped!

  43. 43
    more like friends Says:

    @Pandora: you really just spoke the truth. I don’t think Halle is trying to convert him though. I think she likes that he’s gay because he’s not a headache to her and yet is around to help raise their child. They like shop for furniture and do interior design together (he is also an interior designer – WOW like Nate Berkus, the other gay guy she asked to donate sperm lol — oh the parallels are so obvious people WAKE UP!)…he’s probably a good friend of hers and they probably talk about men together. And don’t forget Halle is an actresss…look how she kissed Jamie on that stage….you would have thought they had something going on….don’t believe the hype!

  44. 44
    oh please Says:

    @pellegrino: well I’m fairly new to the site and I’ve added my two cents…so I guess that makes two trolls…whatever….people have the right to their opinions….Halle is not a perfect person but likes to play like she is. That’s the issue I have with her. Now the other folks, I can’t speak for them.

  45. 45
    probably not Says:

    @Dread not: @hmm: Eric has moved on….Halle was the one talking about him to every magazine up to 3 years after their divorce.

  46. 46
    pellegrino Says:

    @oh please:

    # 40-45 You are the SAME TROLL from before. Crawl back under your bridge. I’m sick of the same loser who hoovers over every Halle post claiming the same dumb crap that nobody is interested in. I wonder if you’re the same FREAK that posted that creepy post on a Halle Berry’s thread on that got you banned from that site a few years ago. You sound just as mentally disturbed. You get called out every time you come on here. Just get lost.

  47. 47
    James Says:

    This sad, pathetic troll truly has a boner for this woman! Ha! Ha! She is soooo sad it’s funny.

  48. 48
    jan Says:

    #35,42, you said a mouth full, she is so over, tire,played out, washed up, who cares, she puts out all those lies, talking about those men she was with, and not she is with a gay man, the only kind of man that can put up with her BS, those movies why mention them, don’t see any movie that she does, not worth it. She has always been phony. Who cares anymore about her looks, that is a joke now, what looks, she now is looking her age. Move on their are more interesting people out there, and younger looking. Old ****.

  49. 49
    sharon Says:

    she only had a baby with him only because of his so call looks, she is very vain, well looks fade away, dummy, he is gay, look it, act it, and is gay, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, you only fool yourself. not us, and what you said about black men, we want forget, don’t try and clean it up now, just for your so call movie career. You don’t have one, those movies stink.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  50. 50
    star Says:

    wow you people are just hating on her. and some of you need to get your fact straight.eric benet did try to get money from halle. if you go on smokeing and enter her name in the search area you will see the paper he fill to get money from her and you say that david justice is a nice guy. hay right his second wife ask halle to testify at thier custody hearing because he beat on his wife. and the statement on nate barke (sp) it was oprah that say he and halle would make good baby. not halle berry. before you judge her get your fact straight. and don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media because sometime it make up. until you hear from the acutal person. assh**e. Gabriel do make his own money. he didn’t have to be with her 24/7. then you say he don’t got a job and he spenting her money. please.

  51. 51
    Bran Says:

    Justice had his own money but in his own words he became threatened that she may one day make more than him. He said when he met her she didn’t have much. He thought and demonstrated in and horrific interview that tearing down a woman was a spectator sport people should root for. You can’t love a woman that you are jealous of and feel you must compete against.

  52. 52
    David needed a traditional Says:

    @Bran: David Justice in one of the few interviews he did on the subject and Halle did many…said that they just grew apart. And perhaps he did need a more traditional wife…oh well that’s his prerogative. But Halle made it seem like HE had other issues as opposed to just not wanting to be married to her anymore. He would always say, just let me move on…and she would never let it go! Eric ironically said the same things David said…”just let ME move on”

  53. 53
    David needed a traditional Says:

    @pellegrino: funny thing is though…your making assumptions. People outside of message boards say similar things about Halle…that’s SHE”S MENTALLY DISTURBED! You know you hear that everywhere….don’t act like you don’t. Just about every other person would say her head is not screwed on too tight. I’m sure there are some double posters on this site, but that does not negate the fact that Halle has problems, most people say she has problems, and that she plays the victim all the time. In the end, all of her men have moved on to other women WHOM for the most part they are still with.

  54. 54
    speak! Says:

    @sharon: AMEN!!! AMEN!!!! MAY THE CHURCH SAY AMEN!!!!!

  55. 55
    speak! Says:

    @sharon: what’s also crazy about that is Halle probably did want a father with blonde hair and blue eyes…that says a lot about MISS THING!

  56. 56
    oh please Says:

    @pellegrino: lol! Okay I’ll let you have your fantasy! But no I’m not a troll. I’m speaking truth and no I’m not signing on using different names and I’ve never been on Celebitcy or whatever….if you go on most sites about Halle….you will see the similar comments. People don’t really like her or her ways….sorry to burst your bubble.

  57. 57
    boycott Halle Berry Says:

    @jan: I will actually boycott Ms. Berry. I really was disappointed with what she said about black men in Essence. So if she’s threw with black men, then I guess they need to be threw with her! I agree don’t support Ms. Berry.

  58. 58
    Eric is cool Says:

    @star: Eric said that he simply wanted the money he made back, he did not want anything more than what he had before the marriage which in his words was not much. In the end, however, since Halle played hardball with him by exposing their marriage secrets to Oprah and just about every magazine in the world, he opted to not take any money from her. So you are both right and wrong, Eric did request SOME money, but in the end, he got nothing because he felt it was not worth it. ALSO, Eric has protected Halle quite a bit, during one interview he really could have thrown her under the bus, but he took the high road and has kept his mouth shut. Halle on the other hand, not so much….

  59. 59
    Halle is boring Says:

    this is hilarious! Amazing the discussion that comes up when Ms. Berry gets in and out of her car every week. This woman’s career is a joke!!!!!!! All she does is get paparazzi flashes doing nothing. Her man did not help her image either. But wow, the debates that start up just because justjared probably has a crush on Halle’s man because he always finds a way to talk about him although people could really care less and Halle getting out of her car for the millionth time!

  60. 60
    Halle is boring Says:

    @#4: sooooooo true! she and warren definitely had something going on before and during her marriage to Eric. To get her to do Bullworth, Halle talks about how he “took her out to dinner, walks, etc.” and then gave her the part. Since then he sponsored her during the Oscars…when Billy Crystal slammed her after her hit and run, Warren was the first guy she called to try to clean up her image in the media. And yet all of these folks want to support this crazy, lying, hypocritical woman. Can’t be serious!

  61. 61
    TY Oh Please Says:

    @oh please: pellegrino or whatever her/his name is always posts the same crap under different names accusing people of hating or being the same ones who print the same thing.

    Hun, I know you’re not a troll. Neither am I nor have I ever posted or been to celebitchy or whatever it’s called either. I did respond to some of the posts.

  62. 62
    TY Eric person... Says:

    @Eric is cool: Thank you for setting the record straight!

  63. 63
    oops typo Says:

    @TY Oh Please: @TY Oh Please: meant replied to some of the posts here.

  64. 64
    @star @Eric is cool Says: is a bogus site owned by the same folks who own had Eric’s dob wrong and other info.

    @Ericiscool: Eric said on Larry King Live when he was on concert tour for Hurricane when Halle started bashing him or the tabloids was rehashing her past comments that he never asked for any money and she hasn’t had anything to do with India bc she was some reference to that they still stayed in touch when she was dating Michael Early. Saw the piece. You could be right in your overall explanation of the situation. But I know what I heard him say. DNK if it’s still up on YouTube.

  65. 65
    racecae Says:

    just a little jelous and obbsessed are we?leave it to a yard ape like you to bring race into it,and you would be the first person to go on and on with comments on girls like kim kardashian saying ”once you black you never go back”and then beating your chest like a gorrilla talking about the black mans *****.sames goes for naomi campbell,rosario dawson,iman,and so forth who all date white men,no 1 cares who dates who,clearly because she dates a white guy and is considerd one of the most beuatifull black women you cant handle this.and just for your information,70% of black men abandon thier children,which means thier not men at all.

  66. 66
    pk Says:

    LOL at the comment that Gabriel is the gay K-Fed. That’s what everyone I know calls him.

    I can’t believe how stupid Halle thinks her fans are. She lied about adopting India. She hit somebody with her car and lied about it. She lied about her nose job. And now she’s going to stage making out with her “boyfriend” to make people believe he’s straight. Maybe there will be a leaked sex tape to really convince us.

  67. 67
    jezy Says:


    haha exactly. there is one very BITTER person out there… (cough cough study halle cough.)

    anywho…halle berry is gorgeous and talented. she could find a STRAIGHT handsome guy to impregnate her if she wanted in a second.
    Rather than this elaborate facade other nimwits are suggesting…

  68. 68
    angel Says:

    So much hate man very bitter hating on people that doesn’t even care what u guys think about them get a freaking life Holy crap

  69. 69
    star Says:

    angel you have the right idea. and #66 and #64 eric when on primetime and say that he went into that marries with no who the one is lying. erice change his story too. look it up on you tube.

  70. 70
    pellegrino Says:

    @oh please:

    TROLL, you took up posts #51-64 babbling back and forth with YOURSELF. Are these actual manifestations of your many personalities or do you think we can’t tell it’s you everytime? These nonsensical rantings go on and on in every Halle post on Justjared so I’m inclined to think you are the same TROLL who pollutes her threads with junk. I’d hate to think your brand of stupid isn’t exclusive to you. That would just be tragic.

  71. 71
    Eric is cool Says:

    @@star @Eric is cool: Gotchu! In the end, it should just be said that Eric pretty much took the high road and was not this greedy sex addicted feen that Halle desperately wanted the public to believe. In the end, Eric is a simple guy who loves his daughter. You can sense the aura of peace around them and unfortunately they got caught up in Halle’s superficial, paparrazi filled, PR scheming madness. I think David too was a simple guy when he married Halle, they lived in Atlanta, SHE wanted to move to LA. These guys are not villans. They just married the wrong beautiful woman….that obviously you can’t cross because she’ll go after you with a vengence, even if it means lying about your character. I’m glad to see that Eric did not break from Halle’s exaggerations, he cheated yes, but so do A LOT of people, it’s no excuse BUT it happens, it does not make someone a monster. He’s a positive person, doing positive things, and raising a beautiful smart nice young woman! That should overshadow his marital problems with a woman he probably should not have married. He’s too down to earth for Halle’s superficial world. She’s willing to lie to get her fame. That’s not Eric or India – they are better off and I think they know that now! One more thing, “Hunger” is my joint! Eric is so talented, you need to go out and BUY all of his tunes! “Be Myself Again” explains I believe all that he went through with Halle and that made up Hollywood world.

  72. 72
    Eric is cool Says:

    @jezy: yeah that ONE bitter person is Halle…do your homework and open your eyes.

  73. 73
    lol Says:

    @angel: oh Halle cares…you can believe that…

  74. 74
    theotherLiz Says:

    Why is it that when I visit a Halle Berry thread on it is seems to be the SAME people posting the same thing over and over again?

    Not being run.If you don’t agree fine. Is the childish banter, silly finger pointing, false accusations, who’s more knowledgeable on Halle trivia/gossip, etc., really necessary?

    I come to this site for entertainment and don’t take any of the content seriously. Why should you?

  75. 75
    Joey Says:

    This is the problem with our society, women would rather have a good looking man father their child than a real man or father that can provide and be in that kids life. This is the European culture we see, and all to often other ethnic groups join in on the ignorant hue and looks mentality. Gabriel is gay and because he happens to have qualities that Hollie likes she wants to have a child by him. regardless if the fathers love them or not, they want kids with qualities they never had or want.

    Hallie is a mixed kid herself so her words about black men are a moot point, but we see where her thought is at. Hallie talks as if her own relationship problems don’t stem from her and all the bad choices she makes. Now she wants to make it out like brothas were the problem rather than look herself in the mirror and realize that she has a problem with choosing black men. Hallie almost only exclusively dates good looking men which usually directs her to go after the brothas with alot of game. She sits back and wonders what happened when she cant seem to understand that her choices in men stem from her own unwillingness to change her view on who she dates. Like many mixed black women and lost black women in general they wanna make it a black male problem, but their choices of what type of brotha is the problem.

  76. 76
    Joel Says:

    Pelegrino your an idiot, there happen to be alot of people who understand what hallie whoever is talking about. I as a black man agree with him. Your post about multiple posters is silly, you just want to justify your idiocy by making a remark about multiple posters when you can tell who posts by how they write and articulate themselves. That person hallie who stated that she has a problem with men is correct. I saw no troll post coming from that post, Take if from a guy who knows trolls this guy who first wrote about Hallie disrespecting black males in her interview is correct, Hallie made a blanketed statement.

  77. 77
    don't go see her movies Says:

    thank you #60,55,59, and many more, she is a fake, phony, and can’t act, and made black men out to be something bad, she used some for her career, so call career, bad one, rotten movies, but anyway, all the a buck, her PR puts out where she will be to get that picture, who cares to see her doing nothing, she has no black hollywood friends, because they know she is a fake b…ch, I say if you don’t like her don’t go see her movies, don’t buy Revlon products, with that old picture of her on it, Those men she had in the past where good men, they just found out later she was a b….ch. She is just a vain person, only about looks, Eric Benet has a daughter that now looks 1,000 times better than her old ass. and can sing. Who cares anymore about this none acting person. give back that oscar, it should have went to someone who can act. Not for MAKE ME FEEL GOOD…………DON’T TRY TO FIND ANY BLACK HOLLYWOOD FRIENDS NOW, THEY KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

  78. 78
    Bran Says:

    One of Benet’s mistresses /(ex-girlfriends ) was paid by the rags and exposed their affair/relationship . It was Benet who lied to his wife and daughter and misreprsented himself. He wasn’t “True to his Family” was he?
    He is/was a playboy and thought he deseved some money.
    Justice had/has an ego bigger than the baseball fields he played on and he learned that all his money couldn’t buy him a new reputation. He couldn’t deal with the attention his ex-wife received. It’s unfortunate thet SOME men think that a woman’s success takes something away from them. BOTH MEN WERE BAD EGGS. PERIOD.

  79. 79
    Bran Says:


    If the show don’t fit ya don’t wear it.

  80. 80
    pellegrino Says:


    You’re talking to yourself again. Just do us the favor your mother never got around to doing and go find the hanger she should have used 9 months before you were born. Another sloven loser who can’t even spell the name of the person they’re posting about. It’s Halle, bottom feeder. Not Hallie.

  81. 81
    The Populist Says:

    I like Hally Berry, and I appreciate the coverage JustJared gives her. But damn people, every time there is a post about her this site people just pile on. I just don’t see what she has done to deserve all this crap.

    I don’t claim to know all the details of her hit and run, or her failed marriages. But I just don’t think she is the heartless b*tch that some people on this site try to make how out to be. If she truly didn’t give a damn, she wouldn’t suffer for her troubles, and I think she does.

    Ask yourselves this: Would some ice cold, heartless woman contemplate suicide?

    Think back two weeks. Remember, we all thought she was pregnant? The stories were beyond rumor, the media said she was pregnant, no ands, ifs, or buts about it.

    Here is a statement that was posted on various news outlets:

    “Halle is overjoyed,” says an insider close to Halle and the baby’s father, model Gabriel Aubry. “The first time, she struggled so much to get pregnant and eventually conceived through in vitro fertilization. This time, the baby was conceived through artificial insemination.”

    “She’s just ecstatic to be pregnant again,” the insider adds. “She wasn’t sure if she’d have another baby, so she’s very happy!”

    Now who was this “insider” that made this statement? Not only was it not true, but it went into detail about an artificial insemination that obviously did not happen! Think about how Halle must feel reading crap like that about herself?

    She had to go on Jay Leno and prove that she wasn’t pregnant. You people posting that she is some kind of media ***** manipulating her public image are just plain wrong. Anyway, thanks JJ for the coverage of Halle.

  82. 82
    Heather Settlers Says:

    Like I have stated before.I don’t got nothing against Halle. But sometimes I do believe she plays innocent role so some people came feel sorry. For example Halle had stated some many times that she hates the Paparzzi which is fine.But I questions sometime of how the Paparzzi know hers Whereabouts. Like they knew that Halle and the family was in Topanga Ca 4 months and Miami 3 months ago, How is that ? Seconds I have seen more pics of halle at Lax airports then either other Celebs. Third if Miss Halle doesn’t want the paps to follow her then maybe she should’t be going to places where the paps is going to be at.

  83. 83
    Siham Says:

    Nice haters just think about how much time will Halle Spend in writing about you and your useless lives….Zero

  84. 84
    Eric's moved on Says:

    @hmm: Good God, Eric has moved on. Seems like he’s doing well with him recent success with his cd from last year, enjoying being a daddy to Nahla and enjoying his dating Prince’s ex for several years. Why would he be bitter? He openly has said he has wished Halle well and would be a good mother.

  85. 85
    Meina Says:

    Why can’t people just accept the fact that whatever Halle and Gabriel do in private, or in public is their own business. The constant speculation and unwarranted ugliness directed at these two should be embarrassing to those who can’t seem to say anything nice about them. It’s funny how some people can’t stand to see other people living a happy life. If you don’t like what you see, then turn the channel, and don’t read the article. I applaud Halle for giving love another chance. Too often women get hurt and they live out their pain through bitterness towards other men. Luckily, she found love which produced a beautiful child, and for that I’d say she’s weathered the storm and finally got the love she’s always wanted. I’m happy for her and wish her all the best. Maybe these awful comments are from scorned jaded people who wish they had her life. Or, maybe these are just people who have nothing better to do but envy those who know how to live past their pain.

  86. 86
    Meina Says:

    @Heather Settlers: @The Populist:

    All it takes is one phone call to the media when someone makes a reservation and there you have it. People can’t keep quiet when it comes to anything celebrities do. These tips come from airline reservationists, personal assistance, you name it. If you knew you could make some easy money giving the whereabouts of a celebrity to the paparazzi no one else knows, you’d probably do it, too. These celebrities are easy targets for people who want to make quick money for the little information they know.

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