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Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry

Halle Berry is seen leaving a friend’s house in the Hollywood Hills on Thursday (October 1).

Over the weekend, the 43-year-old actress was seen pulling her rolling suitcase through LAX airport in Los angeles. Her boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubry, walked beside her the whole time. Gabriel was seen giving Halle kisses on the lips while holding onto her backside. So sweet!

10+ pictures inside of Halle Berry out and about in Hollywood Hills…

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86 Responses to “Halle Berry's Backside: Touched By An Aubry”

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  1. 26
    nICKY Says:

    come on guys, why are some of you so mean to Halle? do u know her personally? what’s up with the hating on this website.

  2. 27
    Pandora Says:

    @#23…Gabriel Aubry is as gay as the day is long! I am straight and female, but I have a lot of gay friends whose gaydar goes off as soon as they see/hear Aubry.

    As everyone stated above, and I’ve said many times, there is nothing wrong w/ having a child w/ a gay man. Some may disagree, but hetero men don’t have such a great track record as fathers.

    These two probably have more in common than you may think. Their greatest loves are themselves. They are both very aloof. Notice how Halle is looking less and less feminine these days and more boyish in every pic. Hmmm. Perhaps she does think she can convert Aubry. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed which is why she and a man 10 yrs her junior are on the same intellectual field.

  3. 28
    pellegrino Says:

    There is only one person making negative post on this thread. That troll posts here under multiple names over and over and just loiters in her cave until JustJared posts about Halle. Troll, we get it, you don’t like the interracial thing. You’ve been at this for months. Just stfu and get a life. You took up the entire first page and spent the second half agreeing with yourself. You’re a loser.

  4. 29
    pellegrino Says:

    @Halle the liar:


  5. 30
    pellegrino Says:



  6. 31
    pellegrino Says:

    @study halle:

    TROLL. If I threw a stick would you leave? Halle’s BLACK husband, huh?

  7. 32
    WOW/BRAN Says:

    Yep the trolls are out today: @bullcrap @halle’salair @studyhalle guess some folks like to stir things up?

    Do disagree with BRAN: Halle Berry is responsible for her insecurities etc noone else. Her exes didn’t sue her. David had his own money from his baseball and was the major bread winner even when Halle’s career started to take off. Eric swears up one side and down the other that he has never asked Halle for a dime implying it was more of Halle’s drama etc. She doesn’t pay him any alimony which she said in a past interview.

  8. 33
    4 Pandora Says:

    @Pandora: Don’t see what the big deal is either.

  9. 34
    4Pellegrino Says:

    Thank you!

  10. 35
    Mya Says:

    I don’t like her anymore, anyway she calls the press to tell them where she is going to be, they all do. Her career is so over and she picks the worst movie, she is the same character in all of them.

  11. 36
    Dread not Says:

    How come when Aubry does it to Halle, it’s considered “cute”. But when I walk up to women, put my hand on their ass and kiss them, at best, I get a full palm flush on the cheek. At worst, I end up handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser, after being tasered into submission? I just don’t understand the world anymore…

  12. 37
    muppet Says:

    @pellegrino: amen.

  13. 38
    hmm Says:

    Sounds like one VERY bitter person is leaving multiple comments suggesting Halle isn’t really with her daughters father and just “playing house. So what if she is? Who cares. If she’s happy then fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Eric the ex.

  14. 39
    lalalove Says:

    The woman is blessed.

  15. 40
    study halle Says:

    @#3: yep! and it needs to be said. Done on purpose homie!

  16. 41
    gabriel Says:

    @Love peace: look at him

  17. 42
    oh please Says:

    @Bran: And Halle is responsible for her vindictiveness and lies about them. They;ve already paid the price. It’s time for her to start paying. She was not perfect. Perhaps she’s paying now….because just about every movie she’s done has flopped!

  18. 43
    more like friends Says:

    @Pandora: you really just spoke the truth. I don’t think Halle is trying to convert him though. I think she likes that he’s gay because he’s not a headache to her and yet is around to help raise their child. They like shop for furniture and do interior design together (he is also an interior designer – WOW like Nate Berkus, the other gay guy she asked to donate sperm lol — oh the parallels are so obvious people WAKE UP!)…he’s probably a good friend of hers and they probably talk about men together. And don’t forget Halle is an actresss…look how she kissed Jamie on that stage….you would have thought they had something going on….don’t believe the hype!

  19. 44
    oh please Says:

    @pellegrino: well I’m fairly new to the site and I’ve added my two cents…so I guess that makes two trolls…whatever….people have the right to their opinions….Halle is not a perfect person but likes to play like she is. That’s the issue I have with her. Now the other folks, I can’t speak for them.

  20. 45
    probably not Says:

    @Dread not: @hmm: Eric has moved on….Halle was the one talking about him to every magazine up to 3 years after their divorce.

  21. 46
    pellegrino Says:

    @oh please:

    # 40-45 You are the SAME TROLL from before. Crawl back under your bridge. I’m sick of the same loser who hoovers over every Halle post claiming the same dumb crap that nobody is interested in. I wonder if you’re the same FREAK that posted that creepy post on a Halle Berry’s thread on that got you banned from that site a few years ago. You sound just as mentally disturbed. You get called out every time you come on here. Just get lost.

  22. 47
    James Says:

    This sad, pathetic troll truly has a boner for this woman! Ha! Ha! She is soooo sad it’s funny.

  23. 48
    jan Says:

    #35,42, you said a mouth full, she is so over, tire,played out, washed up, who cares, she puts out all those lies, talking about those men she was with, and not she is with a gay man, the only kind of man that can put up with her BS, those movies why mention them, don’t see any movie that she does, not worth it. She has always been phony. Who cares anymore about her looks, that is a joke now, what looks, she now is looking her age. Move on their are more interesting people out there, and younger looking. Old ****.

  24. 49
    sharon Says:

    she only had a baby with him only because of his so call looks, she is very vain, well looks fade away, dummy, he is gay, look it, act it, and is gay, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, you only fool yourself. not us, and what you said about black men, we want forget, don’t try and clean it up now, just for your so call movie career. You don’t have one, those movies stink.kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  25. 50
    star Says:

    wow you people are just hating on her. and some of you need to get your fact straight.eric benet did try to get money from halle. if you go on smokeing and enter her name in the search area you will see the paper he fill to get money from her and you say that david justice is a nice guy. hay right his second wife ask halle to testify at thier custody hearing because he beat on his wife. and the statement on nate barke (sp) it was oprah that say he and halle would make good baby. not halle berry. before you judge her get your fact straight. and don’t believe everything you read or hear in the media because sometime it make up. until you hear from the acutal person. assh**e. Gabriel do make his own money. he didn’t have to be with her 24/7. then you say he don’t got a job and he spenting her money. please.

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