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Jon Gosselin: I Was Going to Quit Before TLC Fired Me

Jon Gosselin: I Was Going to Quit Before TLC Fired Me

Jon Gosselin gave his side of the story to CNN interviewer Larry King on Thursday (October 1). Here’s what the 32-year-old reality TV dad shared:

On why he wants to pull the plug on Kate Plus 8:”It’s not healthy for my kids to be on the show… it’s detrimental to them. It’s my right as a parent and as a father of my kids to determine whether the show is good for my family. I don’t think it’s healthy for them because we’re going through a divorce right now. I don’t think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show.”

On why the change of heart: “I had an epiphany one day. I looked in the mirror and I said, ‘I don’t want to be this person anymore.’”

On if he regrets doing reality TV in the first place: “In the beginning, it was for financial purposes. I can’t tell you if I would have had a better life then or now. Would we have been better off? I don’t know.”

On learning from his past: “I’ve made mistakes, I’ve learned form my mistakes, I regret things. I have to move forward…I really didn’t mean despise. I regret saying that word. I was very emotional…sometimes you just say things you can’t really mean.”

Watch Jon‘s interview on Larry King Live below!

Jon Gosselin on “Larry King Live,” 10/1
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  • love derails

    I agree the show is bad for the kids but conveniently John did not think of this BEFORE the money came in. Both irresponsible parents and both fug. And the kids, don’t see the cuteness. Maybe I am too busy feeling sorry for how awful their lives seem to be under a microscope to see any cuteness. How did we as a nation come to focus on these losers anyway?

  • Stacy

    He’s such a douche bag. “IT’s not about the money” YEAH RIGHT!

  • sharah

    Jon, give me a break, do you think America is that stupid.

  • Lucas

    Bull Shit. Yeah I’m saying it. Bull Shit that he had an epiphany. it’s called being fired. He got told that his games had pissed off the bosses cause this was supposed to be a happy and (more or less) clean show and his stunts had dragged it into tabloid hell. TLC was done with it and was going to flip him and make it about a single mom raising her 8 kids (which likely means she was going to go for full custody and ownership of the house and control over all monies not going into trust for the kids etc). He got pissed and decided to pull a stunt to screw with them. it’s going to totally back fire on him cause the country and the network aren’t that stupid.

  • Joanne

    Jon makes me sick. He obviously didn’t have a problem profiting off his children before. Now TLC cuts him and suddenly filming is “detrimental to his children.” RIGHT. Nice try Jon, but you’re not fooling anyone.

  • Catalina

    Kate and her lawyer should demand a psychiatric test. This guy is totally off his rocker.

  • lissa

    I think he’s cute. Team Jon! Kate looks like his mother

  • joanne


  • Stacy

    ephiphany = some really good marijuana. Let’s just hope he didn’t end up in a potted plant.

  • Stacy

    @lissa: I’m guessing you’re a twenty something. From the sounds of it, Jon may be looking for his next victim, er.. girlfriend if you’re so inclined.

  • Lowest denominator

    What happen to no more “public statements?”
    Which part don’t these people understand?
    The “S,” the “T,” the “F,” or the “U,” part?

  • Hmmm

    If this is true on the show being pulled, then great!!! But I only think he did this because TLC wanted him off of the show, so he got mad and decided he was going to start being a dad again. Is he willing to go get a job now, since he pulled the plug on the show? (if one can be found). If this show is off the air, I hope its for good.

  • LuckyL

    No one changes that fast, especially a man his f*cking age.

  • pr person

    Ugghhhh! UBER DOUCHE!!!!! I can’t believe that Kate put up with this loser for 10 years…. She deserves a medal!

  • donna

    loser…loser…..loser! take the kids off the show if you must! and just see where are you going to get your $$ and then all those slezy babe will leave you now that you are pennyless! but kate will be ok in life because people like to be associated to positive person unlike twat like you… sound so illogical, childless and just plain stupid! oh…..can u just go and disapear!!!!!!!!

  • blah blah blah


    Kate is the one who is insane! Jon has more sense than she does.

  • blah blah blah

    KATE is the loser, not Jon. Open your eyes people! Kate is a witch. Check out GosselinsWithoutPity for the TRUTH.

  • Stacy

    @blah blah blah: Ugg. you’re one of THOSE loonies??? Or are you Aunt Jodi herself?

  • protectthe8exploitedfaces

    Jon will be LOSING money by doing this and you all think he’s the douche? Guess again! He has wanted to stop this show for a while (as evidenced by his comments at the end of season 4) but Kate said she was HAPPY.
    What about the kids?
    Regardless of what you all think of Jon, do you think it’s ok to have a child’s BOWEL IMPACTION shown on TV? This show needed to end 5 seasons ago.

  • smokingdate

    One less thing to worry about! :P

  • whatev

    jj is moderating/ blocking commenters that are pro jon. sad

  • LuckyL

    lol @ whoever is buying his PR campaign, trying to come out to be the “good” guy at such a convenient hour

  • shep

    These parents are a joke. They have and are using their children for fame and wealth and this is their karma for doing so. Although those kids are spoiled rotten I do feel bad for them because once they are old enough to understand what their parents have done they will be shocked and have awful relationships with Kate and Jon. “fame” has gone to their heads, and they really need a REAL reality check, not on a reality tv show. Disgusting.

  • danea

    I don’t even understand WHY they get so much media coverage when ONLY a little more than a 1 million people watch their show on tv. Wake up America!! There are devasting natural disasters happening around the globe right this second and the media wants to focus on this couple?!

  • whatev

    did anyone watch the video above or are all of you just bashing jon as soon as you see his name in the thread?? TLC is in BIG TROUBLE. they encouraged these people to est. a trust for these kids instead of doing it themselves which is law.
    child services will be all over this one.


    Please stop interviewing this fool, and maybe he will disappear forever.

  • jane

    It’s great that this is finally happening, and the show may be ending. The kids are being exploited. I think the film crew are a part of the kids lives, so they should be able to say good byes to the people that grew up around them. I do think Jon got p*ssed off, so he is doing this now. I guess if his wife is successful, then he can get some alimony from her, because I don’t see him making the big bucks. Kate has always been a bitch and rude mother/wife, but at least she is a go-getter.

  • Sue

    Jon made it clear at the end of season 4 that he was not interested in continuing the show because he was tired of only being known as Jon from “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Not once in this episode did he mention concern that his children were being exploited or that filming them was harmful. Jon is only looking out for himself. His actions are not, nor have they ever been, honorable.

  • tilds

    This guy is in a idiot!! You should never bite the hand that feeds you…. he hates the show, however, he doesnt hate the lifestyle that its enables him to lead. Reality is, he has 8 kids and your average american wage is going to be stretched by all means providing for 10 people.Like every parent you want to give your children the best possible life.. provide them with opportunites, be able to support them financially all of which they have been able to do as a result of their show. If you want whats best for your kids.. grow up, stop with the slandering & good-luck earning the $500,000 a year you get working 3 days a week.

  • ava rose

    @whatev: yeah, that’s how I feel too :(

  • anon

    Lol yeah sure you were going to quit.

    “You can’t dump me! I’m dumping you first! So there!Waaaaaahh”

  • nancy

    does this man realize how foolish he sounds everytime he opens his mouth? it amazing that he had an epiphany after he was fired. i want to know what kind of job this lazy loser is going to get to pay child support for 8 kids. and jon, nobody wants to see your divorced dads club. i cant figure out who the hell would put you & michael lohan on the same show. maybe it should be the biggest losers 2

  • pr person

    Who said that TLC encouraged them to set up a trust, instead of doing it themselves? Jon’s attorney did. Use some common sense.. TLC and Discovery are a giant, with a multitude of lawyers working for them whose job is to look into such things. Do you honestly think that TLC didn’t have said attorneys check and double check the law and the law as it may have pertained to this family, their money matters and their show? Please. It sounded more to me like Jon’s attorney is worming his way into getting his hands on some of TLC’s $186 million dollars (that was supposedly only made from the Gosslin show) He sure mentioned it enough times.

  • lINDA

    I absolutely agree with protectthe8exploitedfaces. Jon for a long while now has wanted to stop the show. Kate from the beginning is a bad mother and parent. Jon has done some dumb things but he finally sees that he needs to take the bull by the horns and put KATE in check! She has tried to run this pony show well now she can’t anymore. And to TLC, so many of us have been BEGGING you to pull this show for a while now and TLC is the ones who need a shrink if they EVEN consider giving Kate her own show in 2010, People seem to make Kate out to be the good one here. Does anyone see she does not even have anything to do with HER OWN FAMILY since the beginning???? Jon seems to come from a loving family and seems to be a caring father. Finally he is standing up to the B***H and hopefully she will STOP getting her way!!!!!!

  • blah blah blah

    Im sorry everyone, I was wrong. I take it back. I LOVE Kate and think she is the smart one, Jon is a total douche.

  • blah blah blah

    I am Aunt Jodi, I am crazy. In fact, me and Jon go to this mental institute where we have these special tests done to us. We are the definition of douche, or so they tell us…

  • Lekili

    This fool is getting caught up in his own lies. TLC needs to cancel the show and call it a day!






  • http://justjared jello

    So what if Jon is doing this because of TLC. Kate planned on filming until these kids into adulthood & they wouldn’t see a dime of the money. She plays the game real well to the public that it’s all for the kids BS!!! It’s all for her and to be in limelight because in her crazy mind she thinks she is a celebrity, actress, starlet & without the show she is a NOBODY which she is anyways. It’s time for her to be a real mother & not just when the camera’s are rolling. She is very, very well off & should be happy for that instead of being so damn greedy & wanting more. This country is in turmoil, no jobs, foreclosures, no health insurance etc. & greedy wants it all for herself!!!! like she deserves it because she has eight kids Please give me a break there are thousands of families with numerous kids and suffering and wondering where their next meal is coming from & this greedy thing has her million $ house, goes to the tanning salons every wk etc. & is still playing the “I need to support my children” BS!!!

  • J. Ryan

    i honestly don’t think jon gosselin is capable of ephiphonies. he doesn’t want to be that person anymore? does that mean he’s going to stop being a tool? think not. doest that mean he’s going to dump that 23 year old gold digger he’s been parading in front of his kids? not likely. you wanna talk about detrimental to your kids… my mom had a few boyfriends after my parent’s divorce that we never met because she didn’t want them to affect us and eventually she met someone who stuck. the 23 year old you stole from campus… is she really stepmom material? honestly, i’m not feeling it. team kate all the way.

    p.s. if the show was Jon Plus Eight he’d totally be on board. TOTAL TOOL!!!

  • OHMY

    It’s been funny to see the tide shift from Kate-haters to Jon-haters but anyway…I feel the show is totally unnecessary at this point in this family’s current situation. It can only serve to exploit the children and put them at the forefront of a horrific media circus. Divorce is difficult as it is. The kids are probably not able to fully express or understand how the show affects them both negatively or positively. That’s why kids have parents and hopefully, both Jon and Kate look past the financial benefit to really see if the show is, in any way, a detriment to their children. If it can be a harm in any way, then it should be a no-brainer. Regardless of the motives and the divorce relations, it’s about time everyone take a good hard look at whether or not this is good for those 8 kids. In the end, parents will always make mistakes but good ones try to do their best to correct and make changes according to experience.

  • Rhonda

    Fire Eileen O’neill she has made The Learning Channel and Discovery Network a bad joke. TLC probably made a lot of money on those two, but it ruined their entire network. jon and Kate belong on the “E” network between the Hef’s bunnys and the kardashian ho’s.

  • tERRY

    Both Jon and Kate are disgusting. The show should’ve been taken off long time ago. I was a big fan of the show mainly because the kids were cute and it was somewhat of a ‘real’ family dealing with the day to day issues. Now that its turned into a media fiasco with the parents fighting back and forth..I don’t understand how they can justify continuing with the show?!?!?!?! Jon should just shut the f up and ‘mediate’ with Kate in private, like he claims.

  • cat

    yeah, kate is the better parent and jon is the loser! money has a lot todo with his actions right now!..not because he cares for his kids give me a break jon you think that people are stupid?…

  • youbugme

    both Kate & Jon are nuts, but the kids are going to suffer from having cameras in their faces all their lives and parents who milked every minute of it.

    i was watching that show from day one and predicted this all…Kate was a biotch way back when, and I knew Jon would leave her eventually.

  • Eva

    Jon sounds so silly… I wish Kate all the best. This divorce cannot come soon enough.

  • melissa asherman

    He’s crazy. Kate is the sane one.

  • nicole


  • LovesIt

    No he wasnt going to quit.

    that is why he was fired.. and bitter now Obviously!

  • teri

    I could care less about that piece of chit Jon, he wanted his freedom without responsibility and he’s got it. He’s taken advantage of his freedom and he’s made a mockery out of himself. Him and that fling of his are despicable and just trashy. So what Kate was bossy towards Jon, look at him need I say more? He’s immature and a total ignorant chit for having kids that he doesn’t want. This SOB gets on TV and criticizes the mother of his 8 children not once but several times now. He’s acted like an immature buffoon and chose a drug infested ho to be around his children? for real?