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Kate Beckinsale Covers Esquire November 2009

Kate Beckinsale Covers Esquire November 2009

Kate Beckinsale has been heralded as the Sexiest Women Alive in the November 2009 issue of Esquire. Check out the video of the sexy cover shoot below!

The 36-year-old British actress has been carrying around a new little pet pooch lately, a Maltese Chihuahua named Ingrid.

Over the weekend, Kate and her husband, director Len Wiseman, took her daughter Lily, 10, to a Los Angeles carnival.

Kate Beckinsale Covers Esquire November 2009
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  • sotos

    Erm… Who votes in that magazine???

    I mean I like her alright. I can’t bring a good movie of hers in mind (maybe Underworld 1) Sexiest Woman Alive? She is not it! Sorry I bet Esquire is getting paid by someone their sexiest woman alive is almost always a woman who is not the sexiest but simply a girl who stars in movies… I can’t understand it. Like Where did they dig up Kate from?

  • angel hair

    Undoubtedly, she is stunning… unfortunately the clip made her look like a glorified porn star.

  • helen

    Suck in Kate…LOL

  • TV show online

    She is so sexy. I’m in love :)

  • helen

    Why do they make them look cheap?I guess it`s a guy mag…But even guys like class.

  • T-pain

    Kate Beckinsale??

    She has as much sex appeal as broomstick with a wig on.

  • LuckyL

    Okay face, no real sensuality

  • Chrissy

    She’s pretty gorgeous

  • gap

    goes to show her career is in the tank

  • K.G.

    much hotter than alien face angelina jolie.

  • the_boyfriend

    She’s so Gorgeous and lately her candids are off the charts, I can’t think of anyone else who pulls together a look that’s so classic yet modern.

    I’m glad she got it rather than someone you’d expect.

  • Ladyb

    It takes 12 mins for me to work home from work. Within those 12 mins, I will spot atleast 5 girls more beautiful the Kate Bekinsale.

  • Ladyb

    I meant 5 more beautiful girls than KB

  • anthony

    Anyone who thinks she is anything but gorgeous has no taste at all, she is easily one of the most gorgeous actresses and women out there!!! Stunning and classy!

  • meh

    Um, no. Maybe in the 90s, but not now.

  • Mrs.Beady

    I love Kate. Always have. She’s one of the most beautiful in hollywood!

  • shamrock7

    BEAUTY definition in the dictionary defines Kate to a T. She has flawless skin, long luscious hair, a face of a doll, English accent with such proper pronunciation, and well an Oxford education to go with it. Also, Kate and her hubby Len have so much sex appeal together it’s beyond HOT. They are an amazing couple and stick together always for causes, events, films, children events, and just for fun because they are the REAL deal peeps.

    Go KATE!!!

    ciao bella~

  • bubbey


    Yea cuz women stop being hot beyond the age of 25, whats the point of even being alive. Who would want to sleep with that, like ewww, shes so old wrinkly and gross looking.

    Teenagers dont even have that kind of body…

  • Dieter

    Jared – I had a terrific hot wank on the ass of her’s. Totally came “!!!!!!

  • alicia

    Kate Beckinsale is gorgeous! All of the haters just need to stop.

  • http://JustJared soprano

    Looks good but I bet her lungs don’t.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s amazing
    i dont think she’s the sexiest but there is no doubt that she’s like top 5 material imo
    great video, i needed that, i kinda have been h8ing on her lately for being boring

  • Sarah May

    I love her. At least they didn’t choose Megan Fox. Kate is simply beautiful.

  • Jortiz

    If you have any doubt about Kate’s hottness, you are either gay or a self-concious women. There is no in between on this one people. Hot, hot, hot.

  • yter

    flawless beauty = sex
    go kate!

  • zoey

    She has an incredible body. Sheer perfection.

  • oh please

    I think Kate is attractive.. but the Sexiest Woman in the World… NO..not a chance.. Who votes for these things. I can’t say Who I would have given the title to. Not that many that come to mind. I mean there are some beautiful women out there.. but I am thinking of women with that IT.. that lasting IT.. that IT that will be remembered..

    Kate does not have IT.. she is beautiful though in a above average way.. but I just don’t get POW when I think of her.. I wonder how well this issue will sell..

  • male

    shes hot but she really needs to tone uo her thighs and butt

  • jr

    one word…beautiful.

  • jonac7

    you’re an idiot

  • jonac7

    can you say…meow?

  • jonac7

    spoken like a true…woman

  • jonac7

    I’m sure you’d know. Why don’t you lend her yours.

  • jonac7

    anyone who would use ‘ewww’ as a description doesn’t have a right
    to an opinion

  • jonac7

    you’re an ‘it’ and as you said it has yet to be determined what kind of it

  • jonac7

    by the way my comments above were directed to (in order)
    1. sotos
    2. helen
    3. t – pain
    4. lady b
    5. bubbey
    and last and just as least as the rest…….
    6. – oh please

    thank you

  • Chanel

    I love the heels but she’s not the sexiest.

  • avery

    Whatever happened to her career? One flop after another in recent years. I guess this is as good as it gets for her these days.

  • Yily

    Kate completely deserves the title as most sexiest. She’s beautiful!

  • Andy

    That’s a nice cover.

  • Kevin

    Well, she’s not and she will be the first to tell you she is.
    Very cocky woman.
    i agree with everyone, very pretty but not sexy.
    She annoys me, not really sure why, but she just does.

  • elle

    what a joke

  • another kate

    what a joke! she’s pretty but no way “sexiest woman alive” besides, all she does these days is show up at celeb events to get her picture taken. she’s so boring.

  • anna

    OMG SHE’S GOREGEOUS!!! SOO SEXY!! I wanna be her! lol

  • me

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    i think noah was killed
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